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Two Strange Tales

Author : Mircea Eliade
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andquot;No event in our world is real, my friend. Everything that occurs in this universe is illusory... And in a world of appearances, in which no thing and no event has any permanence, any reality of its ownandmdash;whoever is master of certain forces can do anything he wishes...andquot; So speaks a character in Two Strange Tales, a pair of novellas in which Westerners are caught up in the uncanny realm of Eastern religion and magic. In andquot;Nights at Serampore,andquot; three European scholars, traveling deep into the forests of Bengal, are inexplicably cast into another time and space where they witness the violent murder of a young Hindu wife. In andquot;The Secret of Dr. Honingberger,andquot; a respectable Rumanian physician vanishes without a trace after experimenting with yogic techniques in his quest for the legendary invisible world called Shambhala. In Two Strange Tales, author Mircea Eliade combined yogic folklore with the literary genre of the supernatural suspense tale so as to reveal dimensions of experience that are inaccessible to other intellectual approaches. These well-crafted stories will appeal to both lovers of the supernatural and those fascinated by mysticism of the East.

Strange Tales

Author : Jason W. Bullard
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This book continues with John Henderson, in Pet II, who seeks revenge. Going on a journey, with a group of friends, turns into chaos. Can one dream turn to murder for Jimmy Falcon? This book contains tales of monsters, ghosts, and murders for you to enjoy.

Two Strange Tales

Author : Mahsa Sedaghatian
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In the short story Deadly Investment, real estate rarely encounters a deathly listing. However, in the loosely connected world of one agent; one realty property becomes a dwelling of ghastly horrors. As a mediocre home, is temporarily rented to lure prospected buyers into signing more than the owner's agreement. In A Scorned Woman's Fury, one stunningly beautiful young woman realizes that good looks and charm are not all it is cracked up to be, as she becomes aware early in life that beauty is only skin deep. So just like anybody else, she discovers life is a cruel and unforgiving jungle meant only for those who are willing to take anything and everything at any cost. And in the end, even beauty can cause create great consternation on behalf of a repulsive interior.

Two Strange Tales from Ditcheat Reprinted from the Somerset Year Book William Kingston armless man The Headless Bear An account of A true discourse of a woman Margaret Cooper possessed with the Deuill

Author : Douglas MacMillan
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Strange tales

Author : Isabel Reaney
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Strange tales from humble life

Author : John Ashworth
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Yoshitoshi s Strange Tales

Author : John Stevenson
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Tais Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) was fascinated by the supernatural, and some of his best work concerns ghosts, monsters, and charming animal transmutations. Yoshitoshi s strange tales presents two series (with full page illustrations) that focus on his depictions of the weird and magical world of the transformed. The first series is One Hundred Tales of Japan and China (Wakan hyaku monogatari, 1865) and it is based on a game in which people told short scary ghost tales in a darkened room, extinguishing a candle as each tale ended. New Forms of Thirty-six Strange Things (Shinken sanj rokkaisen) of 1889-92 illustrates stories from Japan s rich heritage of legends in more serene and objective ways."

Strange Tales from Liaozhai Vol 2

Author : Pu Songling
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The weird and whimsical short stories in Strange Tales from Liaozhai show their author, Pu Songling (1640-1715), to be both an explorer of the macabre, like Edgar Allan Poe, and a moralist, like Aesop. In this first complete translation of the collection's 494 stories into English, readers will encounter supernatural creatures, natural disasters, magical aspects of Buddhist and Daoist spirituality, and a wide range of Chinese folklore. Annotations are provided to clarify unfamiliar references or cultural allusions, and introductory essays have been included to explain facets of Pu Songling's work and to provide context for some of the unique qualities of his uncanny tales. This is the second of 6 volumes.

Short stories selections from Simple records and Strange tales

Author : John Ashworth
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More Strange Tales of the Civil War

Author : Michael Sanders
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Wounded soldiers fight off hungry hogs on the Wheatfield at Gettysburg. After participating in Sherman's famous March to the Sea, a soldier witnesses a murder in a dream months before it happens. During the Battle of Antietam the position of a gun saves Lee and Longstreet and changes the course of history. These stories and more are featured in this second installment of tales of the unusual, bizarre, and peculiar from America's greatest conflict.

Strange Tales from the Strand

Author : Jack Adrian
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Containing twenty-nine stories of the weird and uncanny, all originally published in the Strand, this collection is an enthralling mix of horror and the supernatural, unnatural disasters, madness, and revenge. We read of a germ that turned the world blind in Edgar Wallace's "The Black Grippe." In "A Sense of the Future," the world supply of oil gives out, cars become obsolete, and after three months we have returned to the days of horse-drawn carriages. In other tales, a camera takes pictures of the future, and a 1971 newspaper is pushed through a mail slot forty years earlier. With spine-tingling stories from the likes of Sapper, Graham Greene, D.H. Lawrence, and Arthur Conan Doyle, and a comic fantasy by H.G. Wells, as well as two tales from the children's writer E. Nesbit, Strange Tales from the Strand provides a rich collection for all lovers of the macabre.

The Human Torch The Thing

Author : Stan Lee
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Collecting Strange Tales Annual #2 And Material From Strange Tales (1951) #101-134. After the Fantastic Four’s groundbreaking debut, readers couldn’t get enough of Marvel’s innovative new heroes — especially the Human Torch! So Stan Lee and Jack Kirby gave the fiery teen sensation his own series in the pages of STRANGE TALES! After a hot streak of solo stories, the Torch was joined by the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing, and the two teammates tackled some of the wildest ne’er-do-wells of the Silver Age: the Wizard, the Sandman, the Rabble Rouser, Plantman and the one and only Paste-Pot Pete! Also featuring Marvel’s first fire-and-ice battle between the Torch and the X-Men’s Iceman — and guest stars Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman!

Strange Tales from Virginia s Mountains The Norton Woodbooger The Missing Beale Treasure the Ghost Town of Lignite and More

Author : Denver Michaels
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The stunning mountains of Virginia offer spectacular views and endless outdoor activities, yet they also hold secrets. A nineteenth-century cache of gold is buried in the hills. Nine-foot giants once walked the ridges, pre-Columbian explorers built homes on isolated mountaintops and a ghost town lies deep in the Jefferson National Forest. The mountains conceal canines that walk upright, black panthers and a resurgent mountain lion population. The hide-and-seek champion of the world, Bigfoot, lurks in the dark hollows, phantom dogs pace the back roads and aggressive monkeys swing through the trees. UFOs crisscross the skies, and ghosts haunt the caverns below. Join Denver Michaels, local author and explorer of the unexplained, as he explores these mysteries and many more.

Strange Tales II

Author :
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Marvel's critically acclaimed indie anthology returns! The best, most exciting cartoonists working today re-imagine Marvel's greatest characters in three giant-sized issues! Get excited, folks. Comics absolutely do not get more awesome than this! Don't miss out on what's guaranteed to be one of the best reads of the year! Collecting: Strange Tales Vol. 2 #1-3

Very Strange Tales

Author : Bill Wannan
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Chapter 6 gives an account of the Myall Creek Massacre and retributions.

Back From the Edge

Author : Jason Brannon
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Valley Falls is a strange little town where the unlikely and unusual happens more often than you would think. It'sa place of secrets and sinners, mysteries and mayhem. Join S.T.A.L.K., Valley Falls' most popular ghost hunting group, and investigate......a strange night time game played on the streets of Valley Falls....a chess match played by two retirees that may or may not determine the fate of the abandoned radio station that still continues to broadcast....the tragic life of a circus old farm plagued by an ancient enemy.


Author : Lafcadio Hearn
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From America's great interpreter of all things Japanese — 20 supernatural tales teeming with undead samurais, man-eating goblins and other terrifying demons. Includes 22 illustrations.

Woman and the times we live in Second edition

Author : Mrs. Sarah Ann SEWELL
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Strange Tales from Ancient China

Author : Pu Sung-Ling
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Short stories which embrace tales of Taoist devilry and magic, the supernatural world and scenes of Chinese life.

Weird Tales Biographical notice The Cremona violin The fermata Signor Formica The sand man The entail

Author : Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
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