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Two faced Russian Monster

Author : Murder Laboratory
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Two-Faced Russian Monster: The True Story Of Andrei Chikatilo He was more than just a cold blooded killer; through intimacy issues and sexual desire, Andrei sexually assaulted and mutilated his victims. It was not uncommon to find victims with their eyes stabbed or gouged out. He even took to removing and sometimes eating his victim's sexual organs. To describe him as a monster barely seems to do him justice. Download your E book "Two-Faced Russian Monster: The True Story Of Andrei Chikatilo" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

Russia and Western Man

Author : Walter Schubart
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Knowing Demons Knowing Spirits in the Early Modern Period

Author : Michelle D. Brock
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This book explores the manifold ways of knowing—and knowing about— preternatural beings such as demons, angels, fairies, and other spirits that inhabited and were believed to act in early modern European worlds. Its contributors examine how people across the social spectrum assayed the various types of spiritual entities that they believed dwelled invisibly but meaningfully in the spaces just beyond (and occasionally within) the limits of human perception. Collectively, the volume demonstrates that an awareness and understanding of the nature and capabilities of spirits—whether benevolent or malevolent—was fundamental to the knowledge-making practices that characterize the years between ca. 1500 and 1750. This is, therefore, a book about how epistemological and experiential knowledge of spirits persisted and evolved in concert with the wider intellectual changes of the early modern period, such as the Protestant Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment.

Poets of Hope and Despair

Author : Ben Hellman
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an account of the response of the Russian Symbolist poets to the Great War and the Russian revolutions of 1917.

World Affairs Report

Author : California Institute of International Studies
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Vanished Kingdoms

Author : Norman Davies
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'The past is a foreign country' has become a truism, yet the past differs from the present in many unfamiliar ways and historical memory is extraordinarily imperfect. The degree to which we think of the European past as the history of France, Germany, Britain, Russia and so on, actually obstructs our view of former reality, and blunts our sensitivity to the ever-changing political landscape. Europe's past is littered with kingdoms, empires and republics which no longer exist but which were some of the most important entities of their day - 'the Empire of Aragon', which dominated the western Mediterranean in the thirteenth century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the largest country in Europe for part of the eighteenth century. This book shows the reader how to peer through the cracks of mainstream history-writing, and to catch a glimpse of the 'Five, Six or Seven Kingdoms of Burgundy'. How long will it be before the USSR, until recently one of the world's two superpowers, is wholly or half-forgotten as most of these? The histories of the lost echo across the centuries, mixed in with more familiar sounds. One of the purposes of this book is to help us hear them again more clearly, and appreciate where they came from. As in his earlier celebrated books Europe and The Isles, Norman Davies aims to subvert our established view what looks familiar in history and urges us to look and think again. This stimulating book, full of unexpected stories, observations and connections, gives us a fresh and original perspective on European history.

Education of Foreign Revolutionaries in the USSR

Author : Aclan Sayılgan
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Mothers Monsters Whores

Author : Laura Sjoberg
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A woman did that? The general reaction to women's political violence is still one of shock and incomprehension. Mothers, Monsters, Whores provides an empirical study of women's violence in global politics. The book looks at military women who engage in torture; the Chechen 'Black Widows'; Middle Eastern suicide bombers; and the women who directed and participated in genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda. Sjoberg & Gentry analyse the biological, psychological and sexualized stereotypes through which these women are conventionally depicted, arguing that these are rooted in assumptions about what is 'appropriate' female behaviour. What these stereotypes have in common is that they all perceive women as having no agency in any sphere of life, from everyday choices to global political events. This book is a major feminist re-evaluation of women's motivations and actions as perpetrators of political violence.

The Ivan Spruce

Author : Gordon Zima
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A woman steps out of a steamy Yellowstone panorama into the perspective of another fisherman. She is Marta Senkova, daughter of high level Soviet officials. He is Jonathon Masters, New York engineering entrepreneur. Their fly rods, and then the intrigue of his special trout fly, are the first threads of the bond that draws him toward this beautiful, mercurial, girl. This bond will also pull him, and his men, into an orbit with her diplomat father that takes them inside a brotherhood of Western style expediters, a hidden vitality of the Soviets since Lenin, and then onto a central stage of the perestroika. Marta will also be in this collaboration of talents, and in a way that reawakens the bond between her father, Ivan Senkov, and her mother—the redoubtable Marta prototype, Natalia Senkova. This nose-poke of the Masters’ crew will provoke a massively impetuous put up or shut up gauntlet from the subterranean Soviet talents it has bumped into—a challenge that Jon Masters can’t untangle from the new trends Russian woman who matched him on a trout stream, and now is exercising her other intrigues on behalf of this new challenge—and love for the American man.

The Wisconsin Times

Author :
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Mapping the World of the Sorcerer s Apprentice

Author : Mercedes Lackey
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From the Dursleys as social commentary to a look at Snape's role in less than child-friendly fanfiction . . . from the parallels between Azkaban and Abu Ghraib to the role of religion at Hogwarts . . . from why Dumbledore had to die to why killing Harry never should have been part of Voldemort's plan to begin with . . . Mapping the World of the Sorcerer's Apprentice offers a comprehensive look at the Harry Potter series through the eyes of leading science fiction and fantasy writers and religion, psychology, and science experts. This book has not been authorized by J. K. Rowling, Warner Bros. or anyone associated with the Harry Potter books or films.

Monster Hunter Legion

Author : Larry Correia
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When hunters from around the world gather in Las Vegas for a conference, a creature left over from a World War Two weapons experiment wakes up and goes on a rampage across the desert. A not-so-friendly wager between the rival companies turns into a race to see who can bag the mysterious creature first. Only there is far more to this particular case than meets the eye, and as Hunters fall prey to their worst nightmares, Owen Zastava Pitt and the staff of Monster Hunter International have to stop an ancient god from turning Sin City into a literal hell on earth. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Monster Hill

Author : Dan Ferullo
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It's the early sixties, and the wife of Henry Sommers, the leader of the notorious Winter Hill Gang, is brutally murdered in her Boston hospital room, resulting in a gangland war lasting over thirty years and throwing a close-knit Irish family into a whirlpool of violence, deceit, and heartbreak. On Monster Hill, Henry's first reaction is to launch wholesale revenge against the man responsible for his wife's murder. But his somewhat level-headed lieutenant, Sammy Cunningham, convinces him getting even that way will only make things worse for him. Henry finally acquiesces. The problem is, he's already unleashed the northeast's most ruthless enforcer, Jay O'Malley, who'd do anything to please his boss, and, after discovering Sammy's begun an affair with his seventeen-year-old sister, Claire, to hurt Sammy.

The History and Lore of Freaks

Author : Charles John Samuel Thompson
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The Rise of the American Circus 1716 1899

Author : S.L. Kotar
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To both young and old, the circus remains an icon of American entertainment, a wholesome pastime untouched by the passing years. But the modern circus, with its three rings, ringmaster, animals, and acrobats, is the product of nearly three hundred years of evolution. This intriguing work chronicles the history of the American circus from its roots in England through its importation to America to the end of the nineteenth century. It introduces the early pioneers of the circus, addresses business concerns such as management and training, and discusses the development of the show itself, including the incorporation of menageries, the need for animal training and care, the addition of circus music, the use of the tent, and the unique attractions of side shows and “freaks.” Personal stories of those who made their lives under the “big top” are woven throughout the narrative, adding an intimate perspective to one of America’s most enduring entertainments.


Author : Clare Hollingworth
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Flying Magazine

Author :
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Horror Stars on Radio

Author : Ronald L. Smith
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This book chronicles the radio appearances of all prominent classic horror movie stars—Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, and two dozen more, including “scream queens” like Fay Wray. It contains script excerpts from radio shows as well as material from narrated albums and music singles. Each star’s appearances are listed by show and air date, with descriptions of the subject matter.

Marvel Monsters

Author : Kelly Knox
File Size : 48.66 MB
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All Super Heroes need a monster to fight, or a monstrous sidekick to help them. Some are even monsters themselves. This comprehensive field e-guide to Marvel flora, fauna, and beasts great and small shows off claws, teeth, tails, and wings in sumptuous, never-seen-before detail. From tyrannosaurus rexes from alternative worlds and genetically modified deinonychuses from the future, to purple cat-sized dragons and swamp monsters, the Marvel multiverse is brimming with creatures both heroic and villainous. Explore swamps and the Savage Lands and more. Discover aerial beasts, artificially created creatures, and even monster team ups. This anthology is a beautifully curated e-guide to the best and the worst and ensures you will never get Fin Fang Foom and Tim Boom Ba mixed up again! © 2021 MARVEL

Continental Plans for European Union 1939 1945

Author : Walter Lipgens
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