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Two Dimensional Crystals

Author : A. G. Naumovets
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This is a self-contained, tutorial introduction to two-dimensional crystal science and technology. Including concise descriptions of experimental methods and results from fundamental theoretical concepts, this book covers a broad range of two-dimensional structures--from overlayers to freestanding films. All those with an active interest in surface science and statistical physics will find this book to be an essential reference work. Key Features * Presents a coherent overview of experimental methods and theoretical background of two-dimensional crystal physics * Provides a tutorial overview of continuous melting of two-dimensional crystals, roughening transitions, wetting phenomena, and commensurate-incommensurate transitions

Probing the Response of Two Dimensional Crystals by Optical Spectroscopy

Author : Yilei Li
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This thesis focuses on the study of the optical response of new atomically thin two-dimensional crystals, principally the family of transition metal dichalcogenides like MoS2. One central theme of the thesis is the precise treatment of the linear and second-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides. In addition to their significant scientific interest as fundamental material responses, these studies provide essential knowledge and convenient characterization tools for the application of these 2D materials in opto-electronic devices. Another important theme of the thesis is the valley physics of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides. It is shown that the degeneracy in the valley degree of freedom can be lifted and a valley polarization can be created using a magnetic field, which breaks time reversal symmetry in these materials. These findings enhance our basic understanding of the valley electronic states and open up new opportunities for valleytronic applications using two-dimensional materials.

Superconductivity in Two Dimensional Crystals

Author : Mohammed El-Bana
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This book would be exciting to people that their interests broadly encompass condensed matter physics as a whole but lie in particular in the area of graphene-like 2D materials and in the area of superconductivity. The discovery of graphene opens up the possibility of new and exciting physics in a new class of materials. It was exhibited that single layer graphene can carry significant proximity supercurrents. Fabrication of graphene Josephson junctions enabled me to study the rare intersection of relativity and superconductivity. This initial work was extended to investigate 2D superconducting crystals of NbSe2. Our developed new mechanical exfoliation protocol enabled fabrication and measurement of superconductivity in several 4-point NbSe2 FETs devices. Results obtained on both graphene/NbSe2-FETs were encouraging and naturally suggest a number of extensions to this work. I would be excited to try and explore the combination of graphene and other 2d crystals by fabricating and characterizing such innovative prototype hybrid structures of these graphene-like 2D materials. I do believe that this research could play an important role in exploring new physics and device applications

Liquid Crystals of One and Two dimensional Order

Author : Wolfgang Helfrich
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Liquid Crystals of One and Two Dimensional Order

Author : W. Helfrich
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This conference on liquid crystals of one- and two-dimensional order and their applications is the third in a series of European conferences devoted mainly to smectic liquid crystals. Its purpose was to bring together people working on the frontiers of the field of liquid crystals. Ordinary nematic liquid crystals were left out in order to limit the size of the meeting. The number of registered participants still reached 148. The conference shed new light on the classification of smectic mesophases, especially through the interaction of the Halle (GDR) and Hull (England) groups. It saw lively discussions on the famous blue phase of cholesterics. There were illuminating presentations on lyotropic nematic liquid crystals, on reentrant nematics, mesomorphic polymer phases, and related subjects. Much room was given to bilayers, monolayers, and interfaces, mostly to further the use of the concepts and methods of liquid crystal physics in exploring bio membranes. Other topics were device applications of smectic and cholesteric liquid crystals and nematic polymers, both of which hold promise of techno logical breakthroughs, apart from their scientific interest.

Melting Behaviour of Single Two dimensional Crystals

Author : Ruaidhri Grieve
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The Structure of Two dimensional Crystals Residing at the Air Solution Interface

Author : Sharon Grayer
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Structure Symmetry and Stability of Two Dimensional Crystals

Author : Katherine Elaine Plass
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Two dimensional Carbamate Crystals

Author : Kibum Kim
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Two Dimensional Crystals and Nanostructured Materials

Author : C. Eckhardt
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New organic amphiphiles were designed with cross-sectional shapes designed for the formation of crystalline monolayers that would conform to heretofore undiscovered two dimensional packings. The viability of the molecules was tested by atom-atom potential calculations. Those systems that were deemed promising for formation of new crystalline monolayers were subsequently synthesized thereby creating new types of amphiphiles. Further examination of the crystalline monolayers was provided by determination of surface istherms and atomic force microscopy. A racemic mixture of a tetracyclic alcohol was shown to undergo chiral phase separation upon transfer to a mica substrate. A trinorborance derivative showed within experimental error, the first static hexagonal packing of a monolayer. Molecules based on the tetracyclic alcohol exhibited surface pressures approaching that of water. These films do not appear to collapse at ambient temperature but demonstrate a hysteretic return to nearly the original low pressure areas after collapse.

Handbook of Stillinger Weber Potential Parameters for Two Dimensional Atomic Crystals

Author : Jin-Wu Jiang
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A large number of two-dimensional atomic crystals have emerged in recent years. The interatomic potential is a fundamental ingredient for the simulation of these atomic crystals. This book provides the parameters of the Stillinger-Weber potential for 156 two-dimensional atomic crystals, which will help readers to efficiently start up their simulations.

Electronic Properties of Graphene Tuned by Two dimensional Crystals

Author : Yu Han
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Pair Interaction of Dislocations in Two dimensional Crystals

Author :
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Influence of PH on Two dimensional Crystals of Streptavidin

Author : Michael Todd Yatcilla
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Two Dimensional Semiconductors

Author : Jingbo Li
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In-depth overview of two-dimensional semiconductors from theoretical studies, properties to emerging applications! Two-dimensional (2D) materials have attracted enormous attention due to their exotic properties deriving from their ultrathin dimensions. 2D materials, such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, transition metal oxides, black phosphorus and boron nitride, exhibit versatile optical, electronic, catalytic and mechanical properties, thus can be used in a wide range of applications, including electronics, optoelectronics and optical applications. Two-Dimensional Semiconductors: Synthesis, Physical Properties and Applications provides an in-depth view of 2D semiconductors from theoretical studies, properties to applications, taking into account the current state of research and development. It introduces various preparation methods and describes in detail the physical properties of 2D semiconductors including 2D alloys and heterostructures. The covered applications include, but are not limited to, field-effect transistors, spintronics, solar cells, photodetectors, light-emitting diode, sensors and bioelectronics. * Highly topical: 2D materials are a rapidly advancing field that attracts increasing attention * Concise overview: covers theoretical studies, preparation methods, physical properties, potential applications, the challenges and opportunities * Application oriented: focuses on 2D semiconductors that can be used in various applications such as field-effect transistors, solar cells, sensors and bioelectronics * Highly relevant: newcomers as well as experienced researchers in the field of 2D materials will benefit from this book Two-Dimensional Semiconductors: Synthesis, Physical Properties and Applications is written for materials scientists, semiconductor and solid state physicists, electrical engineers, and readers working in the semiconductor industry.

Large area Epitaxially Grown Two dimensional Crystals and Their Device Applications

Author : 林孟佑
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Classical motion in two dimensional crystals

Author : Burkhard Nobbe
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Superconductivity in Two dimensional Crystals

Author : Mohammed Sobhy El Sayed El Bana
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Two Dimensional Nanostructures for Energy Related Applications

Author : Kuan Yew Cheong
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This edited book focuses on the latest advances and development of utilizing two-dimensional nanostructures for energy and its related applications. Traditionally, the geometry of this material refers to "thin film" or "coating." The book covers three main parts, beginning with synthesis, processing, and property of two-dimensional nanostructures for active and passive layers followed by topics on characterization of the materials. It concludes with topics relating to utilization of the materials for usage in devises for energy and its related applications.

Self organized Defect Strings in Two dimensional Crystals

Author : Wolfgang Lechner
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