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Twisting My Melon

Author : Shaun Ryder
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Shaun Ryder has lived a life of glorious highs and desolate lows. As lead singer of the Happy Mondays, he turned Manchester into Madchester, combining all the excesses of a true rock'n'roll star with music and lyrics that led impresario Tony Wilson to describe him as 'the greatest poet since Yeats'. The young scally who left school at fifteen without ever learning his alphabet had come a very long way indeed. Huge chart success and a Glastonbury headline slot followed, plus numerous arrests and world tours - then Shaun's drug addiction reached its height, Factory Records was brought to its knees and the Mondays split. But was this the end for Shaun Ryder? Not by a long shot. Two years later he was back with new band Black Grape, and their groundbreaking debut album topped the charts in possibly the greatest comeback of all time. Even his continuing struggle with drugs did not stem the tide of critically acclaimed tracks and collaborations as he went on to prove his musical genius time and again. And then there was the jungle... Rock'n'roll legend, reality TV star, drug-dealer, poet, film star, heroin addict, son, brother, father, husband, foul-mouthed anthropologist and straight-talking survivor, Shaun Ryder has been a cultural icon and a 24-hour party person for a quarter of a century. Told in his own words, this is his story.

Wrote For Luck

Author : Shaun Ryder
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In the mid-1980s the Happy Mondays emerged as the prime mischief makers on the Madchester scene. Chief protagonist was Shaun Ryder, a man whose lyrical street swagger in songs like Kinky Afro, 24 Hour Party People and Performance, would come to define a generation. Here collected and edited for the first time, in trade and special editions, are his unforgettable lyrics.

The Killing Jar

Author : Nicola Monaghan
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In her stunning debut, Nicola Monaghan lays bare the gritty underbelly of life in Nottingham, England. Very early on, Kerrie-Ann begins to dream of the world beyond the rough council estate where she lives. Her father is nowhere to be found, her mother is a junkie, and she is left to care for her little brother. Clever, brave, and frighteningly independent, Kerrie-Ann has an unbreakable will to survive. She befriends her eccentric, elderly neighbor, who teaches her about butterflies, the Amazon, and life outside of her tough neighborhood. But even as Kerrie-Ann dreams of a better life she becomes further entangled in the cycles of violence and drugs that rule the estate. Brilliant, brutal, and tender, The Killing Jar introduces a brave new voice in fiction. Nicola Monaghan's devastating prose tells an unforgettable story of violence, love, and hope.

What Planet Am I On

Author : Shaun Ryder
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'I think anyone who doesn't believe there is life out there will eventually end up looking as ignorant as those people who used to think that the earth was flat and if you went too far out to sea in your boat you'd fall off the end of the world. Ridiculous.' Shaun Ryder goes in search of his secret passion: extra-terrestrials. Travelling the world over to discover the truth about UFOs, and whether there really is life out there, Shaun encounters ancient tribes, fellow believers and leading specialists, all the while attempting to detect fact from fiction. Ever since he saw a UFO at the age of fifteen, Ryder has been a fervent believer. He begins with the spike in paranormal activity which Manchester experienced during his childhood in the late 70s. From his hometown Shaun travels to the top secret Area 51, to the Mayan ruins of Peru and Chile and to aboriginal caves in Australia, exploring the UFO capitals of the world. He also speaks to experts like Professor Steven Hawking, and famous UFO enthusiasts like Robbie Williams and Dan Ackroyd. A deeply funny, revelatory travelogue, Shaun Ryder on UFOs is a unique personal insight into a fantastic journey of discovery. Praise for Twisting My Melon: 'Intoxicating: swaggering, cringing, furious, vulnerable, chaotic, bilious, funny, mad. A seamless, authentic, exhilarating read, without a single slack paragraph.' Sunday Times. 'At once poignant and hilarious.' Word Magazine. 'Highly entertaining.'Independent on Sunday. 'A welcome contrast to the current trend of macho post-rehab confessions by tedious hard-rock narcissists.' Guardian.

When Mr Dog Bites

Author : Brian Conaghan
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Funny, clever, poignant, rude and absolutely brilliant - Brian Conaghan's gobsmackingly original novel does for Tourette's syndrome what The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time did for Asperger's. An awesome, life-affirming read which makes you see the world through different eyes.

The Secrets We Keep

Author : Jonathan Harvey
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It's hard being that woman, the one whose husband disappeared. It's made me quite famous. I just wish it was for something else. He went out five years ago for a pint of milk and never came back. So here I am with a daughter who blames me for all that's wrong in the world, a son trying his best to pick up the pieces and a gaggle of new neighbours who are over friendly, and incredibly nosy. Then I find a left luggage ticket in the pocket of one of his old coats and suddenly I'm thinking... What's if he's not dead? What if he's still out there somewhere? You think you have the perfect life, the perfect kids, and then it's all turned inside out. What if I don't like what I find? And is it a chance I'm willing to take?


Author : Albert Nothlit
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Will the eight survivors find the answers they need at the isolated shrine in the desert of omnipotent AI Kyrios?

Smoke in the Wind

Author : Tony May
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From the oilfields of the Alaskan high Arctic to the sultry hostile jungles of Indonesia, from the war-torn desert of Kuwait to tumultuous Thailand, West Texas oilfield engineer Bubba Cottonmill is thrown into a kind of turmoil he's never experienced before. It's the early 90s, and he's been immersed into an international oil field construction industry that creates power and starts wars - a place of murder, corruption, and assassination. Bubba battles to survive on the job as he is confronted with spear throwing jungle warriors, the 1991 Gulf War devastation and its hundreds of uncontrolled oil well fires, boobytraps, and land mines.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Author : Russell Brand
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'They say cometh the hour cometh the man. This means when a situation demands it, the right person - it could be a woman, despite what Sexist Dave would tell you - will appear. This was the hour and in this case the man was a Piper. A Pied Piper.' You'll be enchanted and revolted in equal measure by the host of characters you meet in Russell Brand's Hamelin: the anarchic rats, the arrogant townspeople, sharp-eyed Sam and of course the Pied Piper himself, all brought to life in Brand's inimitable style and with the illustrations of Children's Laureate Chris Riddell.


Author : Christopher Sandford
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This is the definitive story of the complex man behind the icon of cool.

The Prodigals

Author : Frank Burton
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A Better Ambition

Author : Tim Farron
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I am passionate about my country and angry at the mendacity that has led to the appalling situation in which the UK and our people are heading for relative poverty and insignificance while our politics is offering bitter, unpalatable extremes. There has to be something better. In the absence of something better, we will have to build it.’ Tim Farron Writing with warmth, humour and compelling honesty, Tim Farron charts his rise to the leadership of the Liberal Democrats – from his childhood in Preston to his central role during the Conservative–Lib Dem coalition of 2010–15. Farron speaks openly about his role as Party President and the intense experience of leading his party through the 2016 EU referendum and the snap general election of 2017. He also reflects on the scrutiny he received because of his religious beliefs. So, having reached the top of his career, what made him voluntarily relinquish that honour? What does Tim Farron’s experience mean for those who hold to a liberal vision? Are there lessons to be learned about the role of religion in public life? And what are the prospects for true liberalism in the UK today?

The Land Where My American Mother Died Palermo Sicily

Author : Bennett Fairorth
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Larry Abbott, 75, a widower and retired English teacher, takes a two-week tour of Italy and Sicily in the spring of 2002, hoping to visit his mother's grave in Palermo after two earlier attempts since 1990 failed.


Author : Penina Spiegel
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Traces the life and career of Steve McQueen, attempts to portray his complex personality, and recounts the filming of each major role

How to Be a Rock Star

Author : Shaun Ryder
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As lead singer of Happy Mondays and Black Grape, Shaun Ryder was the Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of his generation. A true rebel, who formed and led not one but two seminal bands, he's had number-one albums, headlined Glastonbury, toured the world numerous times, taken every drug under the sun, been through rehab - and come out the other side as a national treasure. Now, for the first time, Shaun lifts the lid on the real inside story of how to be a rock star. With insights from three decades touring the world, which took him from Salford to San Francisco, from playing working men's clubs to headlining Glastonbury and playing in front of the biggest festival crowd the world has ever seen, in Brazil, in the middle of thunderstorm. From recording your first demo tape to having a number-one album, Shaun gives a fly-on-the-wall look at the rock 'n' roll lifestyle - warts and all: how to be a rock star - and also how not to be a rock star. From numerous Top of the Pops appearances to being banned from live TV, from being a figurehead of the acid-house scene to hanging out backstage with the Rolling Stones, Shaun has seen it all. In this book he pulls the curtain back on the debauchery of the tour bus, ridiculous riders, run-ins with record companies, drug dealers and the mafia, and how he forged the most remarkable comeback of all time. 'There are enough stories about Happy Mondays to keep people talking about them forever. Bands live on through the myth really, myth and legend' (Steve Lamacq)

The Bottle

Author : Nirjay Mahindru
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A comic thriller looking at British Asian Londoners.

Noah s Pit Stop

Author : Simon Young
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Professor Leif Hansen, a wealthy Danish botanist, builds a pioneer ecovillage for scientists to begin research into lichen that could one day produce oxygen on Mars for future space missions. NASA agrees to help with the project and finds a suitable location for his research in Namibia, South West Africa, where he and his fellow ecovillagers can research permaculture, eco-living, and getting back in touch with Mother Nature. Unknown to him a cabal founded by surviving Nazis are planning World War Three and some of their members plan to take it by force as a haven. As the nuclear holocaust threatens their existence, the villagers resort to extreme measures to defend their precious oasis in the desert that they have strived for years to build, while battling both local militia and mercenaries. But what if the green revolution isn't what we think it is?

Northern Creatures Box Set One Books 1 3

Author : Kris Austen Radcliffe
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What happens when a man starts life as a corpse? Two hundred years ago, Frank Victorsson awoke as a semi-dead, monstrous abomination reanimated by his hubris-ridden father, Victor Frankenstein. But Frank refused to become the infernal hate his father spewed at the world. He walked away from his origins — and into a small, Minnesota town overflowing with magic. Enter the uniquely magical world of Northern Creatures with the first three stories: Monster Born: The Nordic elves of Frank’s new home call him family. The werewolves call him friend. And when the town’s vampires disappear and innocents die, Frank realizes the demon responsible might be the one force on Earth faster and stronger than him — and the one foe capable of pulling to the surface his long-suppressed rage. Vampire Cursed: Frank thought the demon vampire unleashed from The Land of the Dead had turned to ash. Then the horses vanished, and the corpses began to appear. When an inexplicable fog rolls into town, Frank realizes the evil infesting his town has grown deadlier than any monster his father created — and it wants to suck Frank dry.... Elf Raised: Werewolves, vampires, and witches have been allowed to cause problems in Arne Odinsson’s domain, and the other Elven Courts want an explanation. Arne and his people must defend themselves, but when Frank makes the mistake of offering his services to a trickster god, he and Remy Geroux must navigate not only angry spirits and elven politics, but also a horde worse than vampires—Las Vegas tourists.... Northern Creatures, where the man formerly known as Frankenstein’s Monster navigates Nordic elves, vampires, and technologically advanced fae as the world staggers toward the one thing no one wants: Ragnarok. Enjoy Northern Creatures, the lovechild of Penny Dreadful and American Gods raised by its doting Midwestern aunt, Fargo, today.

Ultimate Film

Author : Ryan Gilbey
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One of the most revealing snapshots of British cinema-going ever produced, The Ultimate Film is the definitive list of the all-time top 100 films based on UK cinema admissions. From the 1930s to the present, the chart shows the diverse tastes that come together to make up Britain's choice of film favourites. Is Harry Potter more popular than The Lord of the Rings? How does Bond compare with Bridget Jones? The Ultimate Film has the answers taking the reader from Carry on Nurse to A Clockwork Orange, South Pacific to Star Wars and Ben Hur all the way to Doctor Zhivago. Each film is looked at in turn. What did the critics think of it when it was released and, with the benefit of hindsight, were they right? Who were the stars and who directed the action? What happened behind the scenes? What other films were being lauded at the same time? What was happening in the country and the wider world that led the film to be made, and then made it so popular? Sure to provoke debate and discussion, this fascinating and lavishly illustrated book tells us much about our shared history, culture and attitudes and will undoubtedly rekindle memories and experiences as everyone will be able to point to their personal history, interwoven with some of these films. This is the first time a list has been compiled based on the films people have most wanted to see. Some of the results will come as a surprise and the list has much to tell us about how we once were, and how cinema going has played no small part in shaping our culture and helped make us the way we are today.

Devil in the Details

Author : Jennifer Traig
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Jennifer Traig's memoir Devil in the Details paints a portrait of a well-meaning Jewish girl and her good-natured parents, and takes a very funny, very sharp look back at growing up with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Recalling the agony of growing up an obsessive-compulsive religious fanatic, Traig fearlessly confesses the most peculiar behavior like tirelessly scrubbing her hands for a full half hour before dinner, feeding her stuffed animals before herself, and washing everything she owned because she thought it was contaminated by pork fumes. Jennifer's childhood mania was the result of her then undiagnosed OCD joining forces with her Hebrew studies-what psychiatrists call scrupulosity While preparing for her bat mitzvah, she was introduced to an entire set of arcane laws and quickly made it her mission to follow them perfectly. Her parents nipped her religious obsession in the bud early on, but as her teen years went by, her natural tendency toward the extreme led her down different paths of adolescent agony and mortification. Years later, Jennifer remembers these scenes with candor and humor. In the bestselling tradition of Running with Scissors and A Girl Named Zippy, Jennifer Traig tells an unforgettable story of youthful obsession.