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The Tunnels

Author : Greg Mitchell
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The Cyclist -- Two Italians and a German -- The Recruits -- The President -- The Correspondent -- The Leaks -- Schorr and the Secretary -- Kiefholz Strasse -- Interrogations -- The Intruder -- The Martyr -- Coming Up Short -- Schonholzer Strasse -- Underground Film -- Threats -- The Buried Tunnel -- Sabotage -- Coming Up for Air -- Epilogue -- Cast of Characters

The Tunnels of Cu Chi

Author : Tom Mangold
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The campaign in the tunnels of Cu Chi was fought with cunning and savagery between Viet Cong guerrillas and special teams of US infantrymen called 'Tunnel Rats'. The location: the 200-mile labyrinth of underground tunnels and secret chambers that the Viet Cong had dug around Saigon. The Tunnel Rats were GIs of legendary skill and courage. Armed only with knives and pistols, they fought hand-to-hand against a cruel and ingenious enemy inside the booby-trapped blackness of the tunnels. For the Viet Cong the tunnel network became their battlefield, their barracks, their arms factories and their hospitals, as the ground above was pounded to dust by American shells and bombs.

Tunnels 1 Tunnels

Author : Roderick Gordon
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The New York Times Bestseller! The story of an outcast boy, his eccentric dad, and the scary underground world they discover through secret TUNNELS. 14-year-old Will Burrows has little in common with his strange, dysfunctional family. In fact, the only bond he shares with his eccentric father is a passion for archaeological excavation. So when Dad mysteriously vanishes, Will is compelled to dig up the truth behind his disappearance. He unearths the unbelievable: a secret subterranean society. "The Colony" has existed unchanged for a century, but it's no benign time capsule of a bygone era--because the Colony is ruled by a cultlike overclass, the Styx. Before long--before he can find his father--Will is their prisoner....

Building Tunnels

Author : Rebecca Stefoff
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Tunnels allow people to cut through tall mountains or even travel deep underwater. Discover the engineering behind tunnels.

The Tunnels

Author : Greg Mitchell
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Author : Robyn Hardyman
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In this informative book, readers dig into the history of tunnels and expand their cultural awareness as they explore famous tunnels across the globe. They’ll also discover other technologies that play a role in tunnels, such as the invention of dynamite and ancient aqueducts! Record-breaking tunnels will amaze even reluctant readers, and stunning photographs illuminate key concepts. The concluding engineering activity will give readers the chance to apply their knowledge through hands-on construction. This versatile work explains the historical importance and science of tunnels, helping readers understand connections between subject areas.

Tunnel Engineering Handbook

Author : Thomas R. Kuesel
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The Tunnel Engineering Handbook, Second Edition provides, in a single convenient volume, comprehensive coverage of the state of the art in the design, construction, and rehabilitation of tunnels. It brings together essential information on all the principal classifications of tunnels, including soft ground, hard rock, immersed tube and cut-and-cover, with comparisons of their relative advantages and suitability. The broad coverage found in the Tunnel Engineering Handbook enables engineers to address such critical questions as how tunnels are planned and laid out, how the design of tunnels depends on site and ground conditions, and which types of tunnels and construction methods are best suited to different conditions. Written by the leading engineers in the fields, this second edition features major revisions from the first, including: * Complete updating of all chapters from the first edition * Seven completely new chapters covering tunnel stabilization and lining, difficult ground, deep shafts, water conveyance tunnels, small diameter tunnels, fire life safety, tunnel rehabilitation and tunnel construction contracting *New coverage of the modern philosophy and techniques of tunnel design and tunnel construction contracting The comprehensive coverage of the Tunnel Engineering Handbook makes it an essential resource for all practicing engineers engaged in the design of tunnels and underground construction. In addition, the book contains a wealth of information that government administrators and planners and transportation officials will use in the planning and management of tunnels.

Building Tunnels

Author : Samantha S. Bell
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Explores the engineering challenges behind building tunnels, as well as the creative solutions found to overcome those challenges. Accessible text, vibrant photos, and an engineering activity for readers provide a well-rounded introduction to the engineering process.

Beneath the Neon

Author : Matthew O'Brien
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Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas chronicles O’Brien’s adventures in subterranean Las Vegas. He follows the footsteps of a psycho killer. He braces against a raging flood. He parties with naked crackheads. He learns how to make meth, that art is most beautiful where it’s least expected, that in many ways, he prefers underground Las Vegas to aboveground Las Vegas, and that there are no pots of gold under the neon rainbow.

The Mole People

Author : Jennifer Toth
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Explores the underground communities beneath New York City, examining the people that live there, the factors that influenced their decision to move below ground, and the sense of identity individuals find in this alternative world