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Author : Simon Blackburn
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We all like to think we value and abide by it - but what is `the truth'? Can one opinion be regarded as more `correct' than another - and if so, why? In a world overwhelmed with different beliefs, habits and values, can such a thing as truth even be said to really exist - or is everything relative? Here, Simon Blackburn explores the notion of truth, the philosophical wars that have been fought over it and whether such battles can ever be resolved. Both a compelling personal argument and a fascinating exploration of the way the concept has changed through the ages, Truth offers inspiring guidance to anyone who believes that the truth is out there, but doesn't know where to look.


Author : Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
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Written by a renowned Oxford historian, this fascinating volume presents a global history of truth. Sharp and authoritative, Truth manages to touch every period of human experience; it leaps from truth-telling technologies of "primitive" societies to the private mental worlds of great philosophers; from spiritualism to science and from New York to New Guinea. In clear, lucid prose, this little book takes on an enormous subject and makes it understandable to anyone.

Exam Prep for Truth A History and a Guide for the Perplexed

Author :
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Christian Experience or a Guide to the Perplexed

Author : Robert Philip
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Gadamer A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Chris Lawn
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Providing an account of Gadamer's hermeneutics, this book includes an exposition and analysis of such key terms as 'fusion of horizons', 'effective historical consciousness' and 'the logic of question and answer', as well as Gadamer's redefinition of such concepts as 'prejudice', 'authority' and 'tradition'.

Quine A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Gary Kemp
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Willard Van Orman Quine is one of the most influential analytic philosophers of the latter half of the twentieth century. This work offers an analysis of his writings and ideas in those areas of philosophy to which he contributed. It sets his work in its intellectual context, illuminating his connections to Russell, Carnap and logical positivism.

Tolstoy A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Jeff Love
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A concise but comprehensive guide to Tolstoy's literary and philosophical writings, focusing on aspects of his work that students find most difficult.

The Guide of the Perplexed

Author : Moses Maimonides
File Size : 58.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"The reissue of Guttmann's edition of Rabin's translation is a welcome event. There has long been a need for a readable, judicious edition, for classroom use, of this large and complex work." --Michael L. Morgan, Indiana University

Peirce A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Cornelis de Waal
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A clear and thorough account of Peirce's life and thought, his major works and ideas, providing an ideal guide to this important and complex thinker.

Arendt A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Karin A. Fry
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The author examines the most important theories of Hannah Arendt's work, as well as the main controversies surrounding it.

Derrida A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Julian Wolfreys
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Format : PDF
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This guide provides students with a clear, unintimidating introduction to Derrida, the key concepts and ideas associated with his work and the major subjects he addresses.

Kierkegaard A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Clare Carlisle
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Kierkegaard is an important literary and religious figure, as well a major philosopher whom students may have a difficult time comprehending- this guide provides a clear and concise understanding of his work

Heidegger A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : David R. Cerbone
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Continuum's Guides for the Perplexed are clear, concise and accessible introductions to thinkers, writers and subjects that students and readers can find especially challenging. Concentrating specifically on what it is that makes the subject difficult to fathom, these books explain and explore key themes and ideas, guiding the reader towards a thorough understanding of demanding material. Martin Heidegger is one of the twentieth century's most influential, controversial and challenging philosophers. His Being and Time is a landmark text in modern philosophy, required reading for anyone studying Continental thought. However, the concepts encountered in Heidegger are intricate and frequently confusing, while the language through which they are articulated is deliberately dense and obscure. Heidegger: A Guide for the Perplexed is a thorough, cogent and reliable account of Heidegger's philosophy, ideal for the student who needs to reach a sound understanding of this complex and important thinker. The book covers Heidegger's oeuvre in its entirety, offering not only exposition of Being and Time, but also his later work. His perspectives on, and contributions to, both ontology and phenomenology are explored in full, as is the concept of Dasein, Heidegger's term for the human way of existence. Geared toward the specific requirements of students who need to reach a sound understanding of Heidegger's philosophy, this is the ideal companion to the study of this most influential and challenging of twentieth century philosophers.

The Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Moses Maimonides
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Relativism A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Timothy M. Mosteller
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Relativism is a philosophical topic that has many dimensions and can mean many things. It is the view that one thing owes existence, truth, goodness or beauty to something else and is central to an understanding of any of the four traditional divisions of philosophy: ontology, epistemology, ethics and aesthetics. Relativism: A Guide for the Perplexed offers a concise introduction to relativism and how it applies to the different parts of the basic, foundational areas of philosophy and, indeed, to every area of human enquiry. Timothy Mosteller provides an overview of the topic across the discipline of philosophy, examining it in detail in its primary forms: ontological relativism, epistemological relativism, moral relativism and aesthetic relativism. The book concludes with a summary of the role of relativism in three other key academic disciplines: science, politics, and religion.

Husserl A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Matheson Russell
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Addresses directly the major points of difficulty faced by students of Husserl and leads them through the maze of complex ideas and language. In identifying and working through common sources of confusion arising from Husserl's philosophy, this book builds up a comprehensive overview of his thought and, more broadly, of phenomenology itself.

Balthasar A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Rodney Howsare
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A concise and helpful guide for students grappling with the main principles of Balthasar's thought.

Socrates A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Sara Ahbel-Rappe
File Size : 77.35 MB
Format : PDF
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An introduction to Socrates, ideal for undergraduate students taking courses in Ancient and Greek Philosophy. >

Kant A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : TK Seung
File Size : 85.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Clear, concise student guide to Kant' Philosophy that covers all of his major works.

Theological Anthropology A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Marc Cortez
File Size : 54.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A guide to the most challenging issues that face anyone studying theological anthropology.