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Trusting Records

Author : H. MacNeil
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A trustworthy record is one that is both an accurate statement of facts and a genuine manifestation of those facts. Record trustworthiness thus has two qualitative dimensions: reliability and authenticity. Reliability means that the record is capable of standing for the facts to which it attests, while authenticity means that the record is what it claims to be. This study explores the evolution of the principles and methods for determining record trustworthiness from antiquity to the digital age, and from the perspectives of law and history. It also examines recent efforts undertaken by researchers in the field of archival science to develop methods for ensuring the trustworthiness of records created and maintained in electronic systems. Audience: The target audience for this study is legal scholars working in the field of evidence law, historians working in the field of historical methodology, and recordkeeping professionals (records managers, information technology specialists, archivists) working on the design and implementation of contemporary organizational recordkeeping systems.

Trusting Records in the Cloud

Author : Luciana Duranti
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Published in association with the Society of American Archivists Trusting Records in the Cloud presents key findings of InterPARES Trust, an international research project that has investigated issues of trust in, and trustworthiness of records and data online, with respect to privacy, accessibility, portability, metadata and ownership. The project has produced theoretical and methodological frameworks for the development of local, national and international policies, procedures, regulations, standards and legislation, to ensure public trust grounded on evidence of good governance, strong digital economy and persistent digital memory. Topics include: - risks and remedies to the contracts the public must enter into with service providers - implementing retention and disposition schedules in the cloud - understanding the role of metadata in cloud services for chain of custody - rethinking issues of appraisal, arrangement and description - preservation as a series of services implementable by a variety of preservation actors - information governance, risk management, and authentication practices and technologies. This book is essential reading for records and archives managers, information professionals and organizations that are using or intend to use the cloud for the creation, management and preservation of their information; records and archives students and educators; individuals working in the academic, government and private sectors, and members of the public concerned about their personal information in the cloud.

Trusting Records the Evolution of Legal Historical and Diplomatic Methods of Assessing the Trustworthiness of Records from Antiquity to the Digital Age

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Re envisioning the MLS

Author : Johnna Percell
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At the heart of any discussion about the future of libraries is the future of librarians—and how well our instructional programs, especially the Master of Library Science (MLS) degree, prepare them for their careers. This book continues the critical conversations around preparing future librarians.

Protecting Data Privacy Beyond the Trusted System of Record

Author : Bill White
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To help you safeguard your sensitive data and provide ease of auditability and control, IBM introduced a new capability for IBM Z® called IBM Data Privacy Passports. It can help minimize the risk and impact of data loss and privacy breaches when collecting and storing sensitive data. Data Privacy Passports can manage how data is shared securely through a central control of user access. Data Privacy Passports can protect data wherever it goes. Security policies are kept and honored whenever the data is accessed. Future data access may be revoked remotely via Data Privacy Passports, long after data leaves the system of record, and sensitive data may even be made unusable simply by destroying its encryption key. Data Privacy Passports is designed to help reduce the time that is spent by staff to protect data and ensure privacy throughout its lifecycle via a central point of control. This IBM Redguide presents a business view of Data Privacy Passports, including how data privacy and protection concerns are addressed. We also explore how value is gained through various business model examples.

Trust and Records in an Open Digital Environment

Author : Hrvoje Stancic
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Trust and Records in an Open Digital Environment explores issues that arise when digital records are entrusted to the cloud and will help professionals to make informed choices in the context of a rapidly changing digital economy. Showing that records need to ensure public trust, especially in the era of alternative truths, this volume argues that reliable resources, which are openly accessible from governmental institutions, e-services, archival institutions, digital repositories, and cloud-based digital archives, are the key to an open digital environment. The book also demonstrates that current established practices need to be reviewed and amended to include the networked nature of the cloud-based records, to investigate the role of new players, like cloud service providers (CSP), and assess the potential for implementing new, disruptive technologies like blockchain. Stančic and the contributors address these challenges by taking three themes - state, citizens, and documentary form - and discussing their interaction in the context of open government, open access, recordkeeping, and digital preservation. Exploring what is needed to enable the establishment of an open digital environment, Trust and Records in an Open Digital Environment should be essential reading for data, information, document, and records management professionals. It will also be a key text for archivists, librarians, professors, and students working in the information sciences and other related fields.

Trusted Computing Platforms

Author : Sean W. Smith
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From early prototypes and proposed applications, this book surveys the longer history of amplifying small amounts of hardware security into broader system security Including real case study experience with security architecture and applications on multiple types of platforms. Examines the theory, design, implementation of the IBM 4758 secure coprocessor platform and discusses real case study applications that exploit the unique capabilities of this platform. Examines more recent cutting-edge experimental work in this area. Written for security architects, application designers, and the general computer scientist interested in the evolution and use of this emerging technology.

Social Trust and the Management of Risk

Author : George Cvetkovich
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Social trust is a crucial issue to many aspects of modern society. Policy makers continually aspire to winning it and corporations frequently run the risk of losing it. The 'trust deficit' raises vital questions and problems to which until recently there have been few answers or solutions. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic explore the importance for trust of various influences, from individual perceptions to organizational systems, and consider the conditions involved in building or undermining trust. Several authors examine practical hazard management issues, including medical vaccination programmes and popular participation in pollution control and waste management as strategies for enhancing social trust. This book provides insightful analysis for researchers and students of environmental and social sciences and is essential reading for those engaged in risk management in both the public and private sectors.

Record of the Convention for the Promotion of Scriptural Holiness Held at Brighton May 29th to June 7th 1875

Author : Convention for the Promotion of Scriptural Holiness (Brighton)
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Enterprise Content Management Records Management and Information Culture Amidst E Government Development

Author : Proscovia Svärd
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This book identifies key factors necessary for a well-functioning information infrastructure and explores how information culture impacts the management of public information, stressing the need for a proactive and holistic information management approach amidst e-Government development. In an effort to deal with an organization's scattered information resources, Enterprise Content Management, Records Management and Information Culture Amidst E-Government Development investigates the key differences between Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Records Management (RM), the impact of e-Government development on information management and the role of information in enhancing accountability and transparency of government institutions. The book hence identifies factors that contribute to a well-functioning information infrastructure and further explores how information culture impacts the management of public information. It highlights the Records Continuum Model (RCM) thinking as a more progressive way of managing digital information in an era of pluralization of government information. It also emphasizes the need for information/records management skills amidst e-Government development. Ideas about records, information, and content management have fundamentally changed and developed because of increasing digitalization. Though not fully harmonized, these new ideas commonly stress and underpin the need for a proactive and holistic information management approach. The proactive approach entails planning for the management of the entire information continuum before the information is created. For private enterprises and government institutions endeavoring to meet new information demands from customers, citizens and the society at large, such an approach is a prerequisite for accomplishing their missions. It could be argued that information is and has always been essential to all human activities and we are witnessing a transformation of the information landscape. Presents research with broad application based on archives and information science, but relevant for information systems, records management, information culture, and e-government Examines the differences between Enterprise Content Management and Records Management Bridges a gap between the proponents of Enterprise Content Management and information professionals, such as records managers and archivists

Journal of the Society of Archivists

Author :
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Autonomic and Trusted Computing

Author : Laurence T. Yang
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing, ATC 2006, held in Wuhan, China in September 2006. The 57 revised full papers presented together with two keynotes were carefully reviewed and selected from 208 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections.

Ensuring the Integrity of Electronic Health Records

Author : Orlando López
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Data integrity is a critical aspect to the design, implementation, and usage of any system which stores, processes, or retrieves data. The overall intent of any data integrity technique is the same: ensure data is recorded exactly as intended and, upon later retrieval, ensure the data is the same as it was when originally recorded. Any alternation to the data is then traced to the person who made the modification. The integrity of data in a patient’s electronic health record is critical to ensuring the safety of the patient. This book is relevant to production systems and quality control systems associated with the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical device products and updates the practical information to enable better understanding of the controls applicable to e-records. The book highlights the e-records suitability implementation and associated risk-assessed controls, and e-records handling. The book also provides updated regulatory standards from global regulatory organizations such as MHRA, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (UK); FDA, Food and Drug Administration (US); National Medical Products Association (China); TGA, Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia); SIMGP, Russia State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices; and the World Health Organization, to name a few.

Regulating the Cloud

Author : Christopher S. Yoo
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The emergence of the cloud as infrastructure: experts from a range of disciplines consider policy issues including reliability, privacy, consumer protection, national security, and copyright.


Author :
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Annual Review of Information Science and Technology

Author : Carlos A. Cuadra
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Advances in Intelligent Information Systems

Author : Zbigniew W Ras
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Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) can be defined as the next generation of Information Systems (IS) developed as a result of integration of AI and database (DB) technologies. IIS embody knowledge that allows them to exhibit intelligent behavior, allows them to cooperate with users and other systems in problem solving, discovery, retrieval, and manipulation of data and knowledge. For any IIS to serve its purpose, the information must be available when it is needed. This means that the computing systems used to store data and process the information, and the security controls used to protect it must be functioning correctly. This book covers some of the above topics and it is divided into four sections: Classification, Approximation and Data Security, Knowledge Management, and Application of IIS to medical and music domains.

The Journal of Christian Philosophy

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Includes: American Institute of Christian Philosophy. Proceedings of the American Institute of Christian Philosophy.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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Information Technology New Generations

Author : Shahram Latifi
File Size : 87.36 MB
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This volume presents a collection of peer-reviewed, scientific articles from the 15th International Conference on Information Technology – New Generations, held at Las Vegas. The collection addresses critical areas of Machine Learning, Networking and Wireless Communications, Cybersecurity, Data Mining, Software Engineering, High Performance Computing Architectures, Computer Vision, Health, Bioinformatics, and Education.