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Triumphs and Tragedy

Author : Ramón Eduardo Ruiz
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Chronicles the history of Mexico from the Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations through the arrival of the Spanish in the sixteenth century and their subsequent domination of the Indians, to the religious transformations and the revolutions that laid thef

Triumph and Tragedy

Author : Winston Churchill
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The British statesman's account of the political and military theories and events which culminated World War II and solidified East-West conflicts


Author : Robert Bud
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Penicillin is the drug of the twentieth century. It was the first of the antibiotics that, for decades after the Second World War, underpinned a popular belief that the threat of infectious disease had at last met its match. With the emergence of 'superbugs' these hopes have faded. Robert Bud pulls these different but conjoined stories into a compelling narrative: using a wealth of new research, he sets the discovery and use of penicillin in the broader context of social and cultural change across the world. His book will be of great interest to historians, scientists, and anyone wishing to understand this drug's seismic impact on our lives.

Argentina and the Fund

Author : Michael Mussa
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The catastrophic crisis of late 2001 and early 2002 marks the tragic end to Argentina's initially successful, decade-long experiment with sound money and market-oriented economic reform. The IMF consistently Supported Argentina's stabilization and reform efforts in the decade leading up to the current crisis and often pointed to many of Argentina's policies as examples for other emerging-market economies to emulate. In this policy analysis, former IMF Chief Economist Michael Mussa addresses the obvious question: What went wrong in Argentina and what important errors did the IMF make in either supporting inappropriate policies or in failing to press for alternatives that might have avoided catastrophe? He emphasizes that the persistent inability of the Argentine authorities at all levels to run a responsible fiscal policy--even when the Argentine economy was performing very well--was the primary avoidable cause of the country's catastrophic financial collapse. The IMF failed to press aggressively for a more responsible fiscal policy. Mussa also addresses the role of the Convertibility Plan, which linked the Argentine peso rigidly at parity with the US dollar and played a central role in both the initial success and ultimate collapse of Argentina's stabilization and reform efforts. While the IMF accepted this plan as a basic policy choice of the Argentine authorities so long as it remained viable, it erred in the summer of 2001 by extending further massive support for unsustainable policies, rather than insisting on a new policy strategy that might have mitigated some of the damage from a crisis that had become unavoidable. Mussa lays out what needs to be done to restore economic andfinancial stability in Argentina and begin the process of recovery, including the proper role of the IMF and the international community. He also examines what the IMF can do to avoid repeating the types of mistakes it made in t

Byzantium Its Triumphs and Tragedy

Author : René Guerdan
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Survey of the ideas and institutions that dominated the history of Byzantine and their impact on the Western world.

Triumph and Tragedy

Author : Emil Henry
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Triumph and Tragedy: the Life of Edward Whymper is an engrossing account of the extraordinary life of Edward Whymper (1840-1911), the best known but perhaps least understood mountain climber of the 19th century. Acclaimed as the first to scale the Matterhorn, Whymper personifies the spirited amateurism of the Golden Age of Mountaineering (1854-1865).Triumph and Tragedy accompanies a young but supremely confident Whymper on exhilarating ascents and narrow escapes amid beautiful, often dangerous Alpine peaks. The book lays bare the trauma of his companions’ deaths on the Matterhorn, and empathizes with him during the intense pressures of the accident’s aftermath. Emil Henry’s thoroughly researched biography then moves on to Whymper’s post-Matterhorn years. Following the publication of his classic Scrambles Amongst the Alps, Whymper travels first to Greenland’s unexplored interior and then to the high Andes mountains of South America where he becomes the first westerner to reach a 20,000 foot summit. In later life he is recognized as a noted explorer and the author of two best-selling books illustrated with drawings from a sketch-pad kept always in his shirt pocket. Triumph and Tragedy: the Life of Edward Whymper offers new and refreshing insights into the life of this notable Victorian personality. Spread throughout the book are examples of Whymper’s accomplishments as an author, artist, natural scientist, pioneering photographer, lecturer, and raconteur.


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Triumph and Tragedy

Author : Ida F. Campbell
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From his early beginnings as a cowboy and self-taught mining engineer in the 1870s, Thomas Lyons -- with partner Angus Campbell -- would build an unparalleled cattle empire in southwest New Mexico. According to a livestock trade journal of the time, at its peak the LC Ranches controlled 1.5 million acres of range, grazed some 60,000 cattle, and employed 100 wagons, 750 riding horses, 400 work horses, and 75 cowboys in season. But powerful men create powerful enemies. The murder of Tom Lyons in El Paso in 1917 remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of the olde Southwest. A man of myth until now, this thoroughly documented account is Tom Lyons and the LCs in history.

Titanic Triumph and Tragedy

Author : John P. Eaton
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An illustrated history of the sea tragedy recounts the life of the ship from its construction to the discovery and exploration of its wreckage

Jammu and Kashmir

Author : Balraj Puri
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Triumph and Tragedy in Travancore

Author : A. Sreedhara Memon
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Role and contribution of Sir Chetpat Pattabhirama Ramaswami Aiyar, 1879-1966, Diwan and legal advisor to ruler of Travancore State, in the making of modern Travancore during 1931-1947.

Triumph and Tragedy

Author : Alexander Canduci
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Triumph and Tragedy provides a superbly il


Author : Dmitriĭ Antonovich Volkogonov
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Based on archival research, personal letters, interviews, and previously secret files, the author presents a comprehensive biography of the life of Joseph Stalin

Triumph and Tragedy

Author : Stanford J. Shaw
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Triumph Or Tragedy

Author : Miles Hudson
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Author : Danny Alan Knudson
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Triumph and Tragedy 1953

Author : Winston S. Churchill
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Winston Churchill recounts the end of WWII and its aftermath, in the conclusion of his majestic six-volume history. In Triumph and Tragedy, British prime minister Winston Churchill provides in dramatic detail the endgame of the war and the uneasy meetings between himself, Stalin, and Truman to discuss plans for rebuilding Europe in the aftermath of devastation. Beginning with the invasion of Normandy, the heroic landing of the Allied armies and the most remarkable amphibious operation in military history, Churchill watches as the uneasy coalition that had knit itself together begins to fray at Potsdam, foreshadowing the birth of the Cold War. Triumph and Tragedy is part of the epic six-volume account of World War II told from the viewpoint of a man who led in the fight against tyranny, and enriched with extensive primary sources including memos, letters, orders, speeches, and telegrams, day-by-day accounts of reactions as the drama intensifies. Throughout these volumes, we listen as strategies and counterstrategies unfold in response to Hitler’s conquest of Europe, planned invasion of England, and assault on Russia, in a mesmerizing account of the crucial decisions made as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

America s Children

Author : Charles N. Oberg
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Byzantium Its Triumphs and Tragedy Translated by D L B Hartley With a Pref by Charles Diehl

Author : Rene Guerdan
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From Triumph to Tragedy

Author : Steven Bell
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From Triumph to Tragedy is the glorious, uplifting but ultimately tragic story of Chapecoense, the small-town Brazilian football club that made worldwide news following their meteoric rise from non-league to continental sensation. Yet the headlines that will be remembered centre on the air disaster en route to what should have been their greatest ever match. Less than ten years after the local mayor had intervened to save the club from liquidation, Associacao Chapecoense de Futebol had become champions of the Santa Catarina State Championship. At the summit of the Brazilian national league structure, they also qualified sensationally for the final of the Copa Sul Americana. The team of rejects and journeymen became heroes not just in their own city, but also to the whole nation. But the final was never to take place, as tragedy struck to render all those triumphant nights insignificant. Could the club now stage one more incredible recovery to allow Era Chape to continue, rather than to accept their fate as the tragic team beloved in fans' memories?