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Triumph Dolomite

Author : Matthew Vale
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A model-by-model history of the popular Triumph Dolomite family, the range of quality sporting saloons that started with the Triumph 1300 and was in production from 1965-80. The Triumph 1300 was innovative, with front-wheel drive and a four-door body designed by Giovanni Michelotti. In 1970 the Triumph 1500 and the three-door Toledo were introduced, followed by the range-topping Dolomite in 1972, with Triumph's slant-4 overhead cam engine and rear-wheel drive. The fast Dolomite Sprint confirmed Triumph's position as the British 'BMW Beater' in 1973, with its powerful 16-valve engine and value achieved through clever engineering. In 1976 the whole range was renamed 'Dolomite' - and was a well-rounded model spread of four-door saloons, with engine sizes from 1300cc to 2 litres. With technical specifications and over 150 colour photographs, Triumph Dolomite - An Enthusiast's Guide also includes competition history, the Dolomites' ancestors, and a guide to buying and owning these iconic saloons. Fully illustrated with 161 colour photographs.

Triumph TR6

Author : David Knowles
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This book tells the life story of the much-loved Triumph TR6 in unprecedented detail, bringing to life the genesis and magnificent history of one of the most-loved British sports cars of its era. Covering the design, development and manufacture of the car as well as its motorsport history, it shows how this last bastion of traditional British sports car motoring went against the grain of troubled automotive times, outstripping its predecessors in sales and popularity. Triumph TR6 - The Complete Story is dedicated to the last traditional open-topped TR sports car - one of the most-loved British sports cars of its era and will be of great interest to motoring and Triumph enthusiasts. The book gives full details of the much-loved Triumph TR6 from 1969-1976, including design, development and manufacture as well as its motorsport history.Superbly illustrated with nearly 400 colour photographs.

Triumph Stag

Author : Matthew Vale
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The Triumph Stag was a two-door, four-seat, luxury touring car, designed to be Triumph's flagship model for the 1970s. Styled by prolific designer Giovanni Michelotti, and engineered by Harry Webster and Spen King, the Stag had no direct competitors throughout its production life and was the blueprint for the many four-seat convertibles on the market today. It was in production from 1970 through to 1977, but suffered from a lack of development and gained a reputation for engine problems caused by poor cooling. Triumph Stag - An Enthusiast's Guide explores the history, design and development of the car, taking a special look at the Stag's unique Triumph V8 engine - and how Stag owners today have largely solved the cooling problems. It also covers owners' experiences, specialist modifications and improvements, and the car clubs that help the Stag remain one of the most popular classic cars in the UK. Superbly illustrated with 121 colour photographs.

British Leyland

Author : James Taylor
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In 1968, British Leyland brought together many of Britain's motor manufacturers, with the intention of creating a robust unified group that could equal the strength of the big European conglomerates. But this was not to be. There have been many books about the politics and the business activities of British Leyland, but British Leyland - The Cars, 1968-1986 looks exclusively at the cars that came from the company, both the models it inherited and those it created. The eighteen years of the corporation's existence saw a confusing multitude of different car types, but this book resolves these confusions, clarifying who built what, and when. The book takes 1986 as its cut-off point because this was the year that the old British Leyland ceased to exist and what was left of the car and light commercial business was renamed the Rover Group. The book includes: Production histories and technical specifications of every major model; The special overseas models; Appendices on engines, code names, and factories; Buying guidance on the models built in Britain. This is the most comprehensive book so far to focus on the cars from British Leyland between 1968-1986 and it provides an overview of each model's production history, together with essential specification details. It is profusely illustrated with 178 colour and 63 b&w photographs.


Author : Dave Allen
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ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (1959): “ ... The Triumph Company has apparently always been in a hurry to get from one place to another. It began as a manufacturer of cycles back in the leisurely days of 1895. Triumph had established an excellent reputation for its motorcycles. Before World War I they had earned the rather apt sobriquet: “Frisky.” One can well imagine that with speedy, reliable motorcycles tooling about the countryside making a name for themselves, a light car would loom next on the horizon for Triumph. This was exactly the case. In 1931, the Triumph Cycle Company, having at last decided that they were in the automobile business for good, shortened their name to The Triumph Company...” The legendary TR series of sports cars, competition results, tuning and maintenance for everyday and racing.

Triumph TR7 TR8

Author : Roger Williams
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Don't buy a car without this unique illustrated guide! Expert advice will help you to find the best car for your money.

Original Triumph TR7 and TR8

Author : Bill Piggott
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When the TR7 was introduced, it was a complete contrast to Triumphs traditional TR sports cars. Whereas the former sported a traditional, British image, the newer model presented a modern profile. This book is guaranteed to come to the rescue of owners attempting to determine which parts, accessories, and colours will restore their vehicle to factory-original condition.

How to Improve Triumph TR7 TR7 V8 TR8

Author : Roger Williams
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Using his own wealth of hands-on experience combined with input from many owners & aided by the top TR7 & TR7 V8 specialists on both sides of the Atlantic, Roger Williams explains in great detail how to increase the performance & improve the aesthetics, handling & braking of the TR7, existing TR7-V8 conversions & the original TR7 V8. Balanced improvements for fast road, ultra fast road/rally, track-day or even more serious motorsport are all explored.

Triumph 2000

Author : Kevin Warrington
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The full story of the groundbreaking Triumph 2000 saloon

Triumph Sportscars

Author : Andrea Sparrow
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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Arial} A celebration of Triumph sportscars, from the Gloria in the 1930s through the TR, Spitfire and GT6 ranges, right up to the Stag launched in 1970. Superb original colour photographs combined with an informative and entertaining text. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Arial}