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Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas

Author : Amin Jaffer
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Published on the occasion of the extraordinary exhibition in Venice, the book allows readers to immerse themselves in the jewellery traditions of the Indian subcontinent, from the Mughal period to the modern day, installed within an evocative and ethereal setting. The evolution of gem-setting and jewellery is shown through over two hundred and seventy exceptional pieces from The Al Thani Collection, together with major works on loan from prestigious institutions and private collections. Famous historic Indian diamonds, spectacular precious objects and legendary pieces of jewellery are brought together to represent the evolution of taste and technique in India's jewelled arts over five centuries. From the Great Mughals to the Maharajas: Jewels from The Al Thani Collection also presents the major developments in Indian jewellery traditions, from the peak of 17th century Mughal imperial patronage through years of political chaos and colonisation from the 18th century onwards, to the age of the Durbar , great ceremonies that provided Indian sovereigns with a new setting in which to show off their jewels during the time of the British Raj.

Treasures from India Jewels from the Al Thani Collection

Author : Navina Najat Haidar
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India's rich heritage of jeweled artistry is expressed in extravagant and opulent creations that range from ornaments for every part of the body to ceremonial court objects such as boxes, daggers, and thrones. Treasures from India presents more than sixty iconic works from the renowned Al-Thani collection, including pieces created for the imperial Mughals in the seventeenth century, others made for the nizams of Hyderabad and the maharajas of the Rajput courts from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, Indian-inspired jewelry fashioned by Cartier and other Western firms, and contemporary designs. The lucid text discusses the significance of these objects within the history of Indian jeweled arts, demonstrating how they stand among the highest expressions of Indian culture.

Mughals Maharajas and the Mahatma

Author : K. R. N. Swamy
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Episodes based on Indian history, from Mogul period to Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948.

Made for Maharajas

Author : Amin Jaffer
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Based equally in the archives of firms such as Louis Vuitton, Boucheron, Chaumet and Hermès, and in palace and private collections, this book explores the role of maharajas in an age of high spending and fashion. It brings together original designs with surviving objects, exploring for the first time the creative dialogue between Indian princes and the skilled tradesmen who produced wonders for their delectation. Married to the objects themselves are the absorbing and often humourous accounts of how maharajas indulged their tastes with unparalleled extravagance and aplomb.

Heirloom Treasures The Cultural Tapestry of India

Author : Arunima Hoskote
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This book is an anthology of stories from the magazine India Beckons. We have picked up the best stories in the heritage, culture and travel space and made a volume on that. The stories talk about travel, culture, heritage, and traditions of Indians. India is a profoundly complex and beautiful country and, as you travel across the country, you can find some beautiful stories and places unravelling for the traveller. The book is for people who would like to learn more about India’s heritage and are looking for the right places in India to include in their travel plans. This book is also a good read for children who want to learn about the diverse traditional and cultural values that stitch into the very fabric of India, making it a popular tourist destination. From Pochampally Ikat sarees to the Kuchipudi dance form, from festivals like Ugadi to a recount of the life and teachings of Adi Shankaracharya, from the celebration of Lathmaar Holi in Mathura to the spiritual journey at the Kumbh Mela in Pragyaraj (which has been declared an intangible heritage by UNESCO), this book documents India's glorious and rich heritage thoroughly. The editor of the magazine endeavours to keep the readers engaged with novel and interesting articles.


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THE NATIONAL MUSEUM in New Delhi is one of the richest storehouses of the cultural in the world. A handy book of the type of 'The Treasures of the National Museum' was, therefore, a long felt necessity as much for the general visitor, as fir the students and scholars. The Publications Division has taken the laudable step to fill this lacuna. A book of this type cannot be exhaustive, nor can it be of the nature of a research work. The information has to be accurate as well as not too lengthy. I am grateful to the Publications Division for calling upon me to write this book.

Maharajas Jewels

Author : Katherine Prior
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With reference to India.

Asian Variations in Ramayana

Author : Kodaganallur R. Srinivasa Iyengar
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The Book Consists Of Papers Presented At The International Seminar On ýVariations In Ramayana In Asia: Their Cultural, Social And Anthropological Significance: New Delhi 1981.

Indian Art Treasures

Author : Kamal Giri
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Suresh Neotia, scion of one of India's well known industrial families fell in love with Indian art, and developed an insight for collecting rare and important specimens from the India subcontinent. This collection includes miniature paintings, stone sculptures from different parts of India, collections of coins, textiles, embroideries and others."

The Hustlers

Author : Douglas Thompson
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Invitations to John Aspinall and John Burke's illegal gambling parties were the most sought after in 1950s London - only the wealthy and well-connected were allowed past their door. When the police finally arrested them, Aspinall and Burke challenged the law - and won. As a result gambling was legalised. Which interested crime boss Billy Hill and his lieutenant Bobby McKew, because suddenly clubs sprang up everywhere and Billy had a foolproof way of fixing the cards. He also had his eye on the ultimate prize, Aspinall's exclusive new club, The Clermont... Revealing for the first time how Aspinall and Hill plotted to steal a fortune, based on testimony from Burke and McKew, The Hustlers is a riotous journey back to 50s and 60s London. With a cast of characters that ranges from safecracker Eddie Chapman to the reckless Earl of Derby, from croupier Louis the Rat to unlucky Lord Lucan, it vividly recreates the exploits of the gamblers and gangsters whose lives collided in the clubs and pubs of Mayfair. 'a fascinating glimpse into a bygone world . . . when chemmy parties took London by storm and toffs were often found to be rubbing shoulders with gangsters' Daily Express

Treasures of Islam

Author : Toby Falk
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Traces the history of Islamic art from the 7th to the 19th centuries & covers such subjects as the art of the book, lacquer & oil painting, ceramics, metalwork, arms & armor, carpets & textiles, architectural ornament, decorative arts, & coinage.

Mughal Religious Policies the Rajputs the Deccan

Author : Satish Chandra
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East Meets West

Author : Martin Chapman
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This stunning book focuses on four centuries of magnificent jewelry that resulted from the cultural exchange between India and Europe. From the dawn of the Mughal Empire through the end of the British Raj, exquisite pieces of jewelry from or inspired by India traveled between Europe and Asia. This book features more than 150 objects, including jewel-encrusted jades, famous gemstones, enameled gold, and other precious works of art that range in date from the 17th century to the 1930s, along with exquisite contemporary examples by JAR and Baghat that draw from earlier motifs. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, Indian jewelry and works of art developed Persian and Muslim influences brought over by the Mughal Empire while European styles and craftsmanship traveled to India via the British Raj. As illustrated in this elegant book, 20th-century influences flowed in the opposite direction when Indian jewelry inspired European designers to make pieces in the Indian style. East Meets West also showcases the significant role that gender played, as Indian men adorned themselves with treasures worn exclusively by women in Europe. With fascinating essays and beautiful photographs, this book illustrates the cultural and artistic conversations that resulted in some of the most gorgeous jewelry ever created.

Treasures of the National Museum

Author : N. R. Banerjee
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An overview of the National Museum of India.

Painted Delight

Author : Stella Kramrisch
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Art of the Land of Maharajas

Author : Eugene Sivachenko
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Magnificent objects of the arts of jewellery and weaponry from India immerse the viewer in a world of exquisite quality and delight in precious details. A selection of 100 pieces of jewellery and weaponry dating from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century document the great craftsmanship of Indian artisans in an impressive manner. The treasures that form the collection of Alexander Feldman provide a unique overview of jewellery and weaponry. The majority of the pieces were created in the traditions of Indo-Islamic art, which reached its pinnacle in the time of the Mughal Empire (1526–1858). This sumptuous volume introduces both object classes in two major chapters, and provides an insight into the cultural-historical context of the era and into the artistic and technical specificities of the objects under discussion. Detailed descriptions of each individual piece are juxtaposed with large-format reproductions. The terminology used in the texts is explained in the accompanying glossary.

Indian History

Author :
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Bejewelled Treasures from the Al Thani Collection

Author : Susan Stronge
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Published to accompany the V & A exhibition, 'Bejewelled Treasures: The Al-Thani Collection', 21 November 2015 to 28 March 2016. This sumptuous book invites the reader to examine in exquisite detail, spectacular jewelled and enamel objects, drawn from a single private collection, and to explore the broader themes of tradition and modernity in Indian jewellery. Highlights include a rare jewelled finial from the throne of Tipu Sultan, Mughal jades and a stunningly carved dagger owned by Shah Tajan. Featuring 100 objects, this book examines the origins of these precious artefacts from the treasury of the Mughal emperors and the courts of Hindustan. The author also looks at the influence that India had on avantgarde European jewellery made by Cartier and other leading houses and concludes with contemporary pieces made by JAR (hailed as the Faberge of our times) and Viren Bhagat, which are inspired by a creative fusion of Mughal motifs and Art Deco 'Indian' designs. 00Exhibition: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, (21.11.2015-28.03.2016).

Treasures from India

Author : Clive Museum
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In This Book For The First Time One Can Find The `Indian Curiosities` Assembled By Lord Clive And His Family Studies, Catalogued And The Greater Part Assembled In One Place.

Medieval India Mughal Empire 1526 1748

Author : Satish Chandra
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