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Translating Words Translating Cultures

Author : Lorna Hardwick
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Examines the literary and cultural environment underlying various kinds of translations

Translating Cultures

Author : David Katan
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As the 21st century gets into stride so does the call for a discipline combining culture and translation. This second edition of Translating Cultures retains its original aim of putting some rigour and coherence into these fashionable words and lays the foundation for such a discipline. This edition has not only been thoroughly revised, but it has also been expanded. In particular, a new chapter has been added which focuses specifically on training translators for translational and intercultural competencies. The core of the book provides a model for teaching culture to translators, interpreters and other mediators. It introduces the reader to current understanding about culture and aims to raise awareness of the fundamental role of culture in constructing, perceiving and translating reality. Culture is perceived throughout as a system for orienting experience, and a basic presupposition is that the organization of experience is not 'reality', but rather a simplified model and a 'distortion' which varies from culture to culture. Each culture acts as a frame within which external signs or 'reality' are interpreted. The approach is interdisciplinary, taking ideas from contemporary translation theory, anthropology, Bateson's logical typing and metamessage theories, Bandler and Grinder's NLP meta-model theory, and Hallidayan functional grammar. Authentic texts and translations are offered to illustrate the various strategies that a cultural mediator can adopt in order to make the different cultural frames he or she is mediating between more explicit.

Translating Catechisms Translating Cultures

Author : Antje Flüchter
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The Light of the Gods

Author : Eva Parisinou
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"The Light of the Gods shows that the involvement of light in Greek cult was a complex phenomenon which penetrated a great variety of ritual practices and religious beliefs surrounding the worship of gods in Archaic and Classical Greece. Extensively illustrated with photographs and line drawings, the book will be of interest to archaeologists at all levels, and also to students of Greek cultural history and religion."--BOOK JACKET.

A Companion to Classical Receptions

Author : Lorna Hardwick
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Examining the profusion of ways in which the arts, culture, and thought of Greece and Rome have been transmitted, interpreted, adapted and used, A Companion to Classical Receptions explores the impact of this phenomenon on both ancient and later societies. Provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of classical reception - the interpretation of classical art, culture, and thought in later centuries, and the fastest growing area in classics Brings together 34 essays by an international group of contributors focused on ancient and modern reception concepts and practices Combines close readings of key receptions with wider contextualization and discussion Explores the impact of Greek and Roman culture worldwide, including crucial new areas in Arabic literature, South African drama, the history of photography, and contemporary ethics

Translating Cultures

Author : Paula G. Rubel
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The way we talk, write, read and interpret are all part of a translation process. Many of us are not aware of translation in our everyday lives, but for those living outside their native culture, surrounded by cultural difference, the ability to translate experiences and thoughts becomes a major issue. Drawing on case studies and theories from a wide range of disciplines - including anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, art history, folk theory and religious studies - this book systematically interrogates the meaning, complexities and importance of translation in anthropology and answers a wide range of provocative questions, such as: can we unravel the true meaning of the Christian doctrine of trinity when there have been so many translations?; what impact do colonial and postcolonial power structures have on our understanding of other cultures?; and how can we use art as a means of transgressing the limitations of linguistic translation?

Translating Culture

Author : Issac Yu (余文章)
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本書以十九世紀晚期英國文學作品及其中譯本為研究對象, 辨析文本與文化的(不)可譯性。 所謂翻譯,就是把以一種文字寫成的文本以另一種文字解讀和詮釋,其定義往往離不開上述局限於語文層面上的二元解讀。《文化翻譯:十九世紀末英國文學的中譯》一書的主旨,乃是從上述架構以外的文化角度,探討文化此一概念對翻譯和一個文本的「可譯性」所帶來的影響。透過集中研讀十九世紀末英國的文學作品和其中譯本,並依據不同主題和體裁將之歸類,本書指出了文化與翻譯活動的因果關係,比一般想像來得緊密、細膩,並藉著以上的分析,進一步探討翻譯和文化之間的關係之餘,闡釋翻譯研究對文化研究所可以帶來的啟思。 The idea of translation is traditionally understood as a binary phenomenon—a process which re-interprets and re-presents an original text in one language for a different audience in another language. The aim of Translating Culture: Late-Victorian Literature into Chinese is to look at how the notion of culture convolutes this predominantly language-based practice and considers its implication on a text’s “untranslatability.” By focusing on literature of the late-Victorian period, grouping them into different themes and genres, and considering the way these texts have been translated into Chinese, an argument will be made that the idea of culture and the practice of translation are much more closely correlated than has been commonly assumed. In doing so, this book contributes to recent scholarship on translatology and cultural studies by examining the exactitude to which the process of translation must account for the concept of culture, as well as with how the former could help enhance our understanding of the latter.

Translating Culture Specific References on Television

Author : Irene Ranzato
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Translating Culture Specific References on Television provides a model for investigating the problems posed by culture specific references in translation, drawing on case studies that explore the translational norms of contemporary Italian dubbing practices. This monograph makes a distinctive contribution to the study of audiovisual translation and culture specific references in its focus on dubbing as opposed to subtitling, and on contemporary television series, rather than cinema. Irene Ranzato’s research involves detailed analysis of three TV series dubbed into Italian, drawing on a corpus of 95 hours that includes nearly 3,000 CSR translations. Ranzato proposes a new taxonomy of strategies for the translation of CSRs and explores the sociocultural, pragmatic and ideological implications of audiovisual translation for the small screen.

Words Images and Performances in Translation

Author : Rita Wilson
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Beyond Borders

Author : Pekka Kujamäki
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This volume is a collection of articles presented at the conference Translation Studies: Moving In - Moving On in Joensuu, Finland, December 2009. The papers deal with the question of how and under what circumstances target cultures accept or reject concepts, ideas or linguistic features that cross cultural and linguistic borders through translation. The discussions rely on varying empirical data including advertisements, audiovisual translations, encyclopedia as well as translations of literary prose, drama and history texts. As the multiplicity of the data implies, the methodologies used also vary widely from corpus-linguistic methods to analysis of paratexts, and from crosslinguistic analysis of source and target texts to contextualization of target texts in their respective target cultures. The target cultures and languages dealt with in the articles include Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Hannu Kemppanen and Pekka Kujam ki are professors in Foreign Languages and Translation Studies at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu.Leena Kolehmainen and Esa Penttil work as post-doctoral research fellows at the same department.

Translating Culture

Author : Erik Egeberg
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Difficulties in Arabic English Translation

Author : Omar Jabak
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Translating Lives

Author : Mary Besemeres
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Translating Livesis a book of revelations. It is a journey through an Australia composed of a multiplicity of languages and, therefore, many inner worlds. The journey moves, in a series of personal encounters, from indigenous languages, many of which were tragically lost, to the languages of our newest arrivals from all continents of the globe. Through embracing, nurturing and retrieving its many languages and linguistic hybrids, Australia can be re-imagined and transformed into a nation of countless dreamings. - Arnold Zable

Translating Happiness

Author : Tim Lomas
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Western psychology is rooted in the philosophies and epistemologies of Western culture. But what of concepts and insights from outside this frame of reference? Certain terms not easily translatable into English - for example, nirvāṇa (from Sanskrit), or agápē (from Classical Greek), or turangawaewae (from Māori) - are rich with meaning but largely unavailable to English-speaking students and seekers of wellbeing. In this book, Tim Lomas argues that engaging with "untranslatable" terms related to well-being can enrich not only our understanding but also our experience. We can use these words, Lomas suggests, to understand and express feelings and experiences that were previously inexpressible. --

New Trends in Translation and Cultural Identity

Author : Micaela Muñoz-Calvo
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New Trends in Translation and Cultural Identity is a collection of thirty enlightening articles that will stimulate deep reflection for those interested in translation and cultural identity and will be an essential resource for scholars, teachers and students working in the field. From a broad range of different theoretical perspectives and frameworks, the authors provide a multicultural reflection on translation issues, fostering intercultural communication, knowledge and understanding, crucial to effective transfer and intercultural exchange within the “global village”.

Children in Greek Tragedy

Author : Emma M. Griffiths
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Astyanax is thrown from the walls of Troy; Medeia kills her children as an act of vengeance against her husband; Aias reflects with sorrow on his son's inheritance, yet kills himself and leaves Eurysakes vulnerable to his enemies. The pathos created by threats to children is a notable feature of Greek tragedy, but does not in itself explain the broad range of situations in which the ancient playwrights chose to employ such threats. Rather than casting children in tragedy as simple figures of pathos, this volume proposes a new paradigm to understand their roles, emphasizing their dangerous potential as the future adults of myth. Although they are largely silent, passive figures on stage, children exert a dramatic force that transcends their limited physical presence, and are in fact theatrically complex creations who pose a danger to the major characters. Their multiple projected lives create dramatic palimpsests which are paradoxically more significant than their immediate emotional effects: children are never killed because of their immediate weakness, but because of their potential strength. This re-evaluation of the significance of child characters in Greek tragedy draws on a fresh examination of the evidence for child actors in fifth-century Athens, which concludes that the physical presence of children was a significant factor in their presentation. However, child roles can only be fully appreciated as theatrical phenomena, utilizing the inherent ambiguities of drama: as such, case studies of particular plays and playwrights are underpinned by detailed analysis of staging considerations, opening up new avenues for interpretation and challenging traditional models of children in tragedy.

Voice Overs

Author : Daniel Balderston
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Writers, translators, and critics explore the cultural politics and transnational impact of Latin American literature.

Cultural Encounters in Translation from Arabic

Author : Dr. Said Faiq
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Translation is intercultural communication in its purest form. Its power in forming and/or deforming cultural identities has only recently been acknowledged, given the attention it deserves. The chapters in this unique volume assess translation from Arabic into other languages from different perspectives: the politics, economics, ethics, and poetics of translating from Arabic; a language often neglected in western mainstream translation studies.

Meaning in Translation

Author : Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
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.".. collection of selected articles from the joint International Maastricht-odz Duo Colloquia on Translation and Meaning ..."--Introduction.

Translation Linguistics Culture

Author : Dr. Nigel Armstrong
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This book takes a linguistic approach to translation issues, looking first at the structural view of language that explains the difficulty of translation and at theories of cultural non-equivalence. A subsequent chapter on text types, readership and the translator's role completes the theoretical framework. The linguistic levels of analysis are then discussed in ascending order, from morpheme up to sentence, while a summarising chapter considers various translation types and strategies, again considered in relation to text type, author and reader.