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Translating Cultures

Author : David Katan
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As the 21st century gets into stride so does the call for a discipline combining culture and translation. This second edition of Translating Cultures retains its original aim of putting some rigour and coherence into these fashionable words and lays the foundation for such a discipline. This edition has not only been thoroughly revised, but it has also been expanded. In particular, a new chapter has been added which focuses specifically on training translators for translational and intercultural competencies. The core of the book provides a model for teaching culture to translators, interpreters and other mediators. It introduces the reader to current understanding about culture and aims to raise awareness of the fundamental role of culture in constructing, perceiving and translating reality. Culture is perceived throughout as a system for orienting experience, and a basic presupposition is that the organization of experience is not 'reality', but rather a simplified model and a 'distortion' which varies from culture to culture. Each culture acts as a frame within which external signs or 'reality' are interpreted. The approach is interdisciplinary, taking ideas from contemporary translation theory, anthropology, Bateson's logical typing and metamessage theories, Bandler and Grinder's NLP meta-model theory, and Hallidayan functional grammar. Authentic texts and translations are offered to illustrate the various strategies that a cultural mediator can adopt in order to make the different cultural frames he or she is mediating between more explicit.

Translating Cultures

Author : Abraham Rosman
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The task of the anthropologist is to take ideas, concepts and beliefs from one culture and translate them into first another language, and then into the language of anthropology. This process is both fascinating and complex. Not only does it raise questions about the limitations of language, but it also challenges the ability of the anthropologist to communicate culture accurately. In recent years, postmodern theories have tended to call into question the legitimacy of translation altogether. This book acknowledges the problems involved, but shows definitively that ‘translating cultures' can successfully be achieved. The way we talk, write, read and interpret are all part of a translation process. Many of us are not aware of translation in our everyday lives, but for those living outside their native culture, surrounded by cultural difference, the ability to translate experiences and thoughts becomes a major issue. Drawing on case studies and theories from a wide range of disciplines -including anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, art history, folk theory, and religious studies - this book systematically interrogates the meaning, complexities and importance of translation in anthropology and answers a wide range of provocative questions, such as: - Can we unravel the true meaning of the Christian doctrine of trinity when there have been so many translations? - What impact do colonial and postcolonial power structures have on our understanding of other cultures? - How can we use art as a means of transgressing the limitations of linguistic translation? Translating Cultures: Perspectives on Translation and Anthropology is the first book fully to address translation in anthropology. It combines textual and ethnographic analysis to produce a benchmark publication that will be of great importance to anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, historians, and cultural theorists alike.

Postcolonial Approaches to the European Middle Ages

Author : Ananya Jahanara Kabir
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A collection of original essays exploring the intersections between medieval and postcolonial studies.

Translating Words Translating Cultures

Author : Lorna Hardwick
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Examines the literary and cultural environment underlying various kinds of translations

Translating Catechisms Translating Cultures

Author : Antje Flüchter
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Translating Cultures

Author : Charles Forsdick
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Translating Literatures Translating Cultures

Author : Kurt Mueller-Vollmer
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This volume has a dual purpose: to acquaint American readers and academic communities with some of the most important trends in European and Israeli translation studies, and to bring together this work with that of American scholars who have begun to participate in this field.

Translating Lives

Author : Mary Besemeres
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Translating Livesis a book of revelations. It is a journey through an Australia composed of a multiplicity of languages and, therefore, many inner worlds. The journey moves, in a series of personal encounters, from indigenous languages, many of which were tragically lost, to the languages of our newest arrivals from all continents of the globe. Through embracing, nurturing and retrieving its many languages and linguistic hybrids, Australia can be re-imagined and transformed into a nation of countless dreamings. - Arnold Zable

Between Languages and Cultures

Author : Anuradha Dingwaney
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Translated texts are often either uncritically consumed by readers, teacher, and scholars or seen to represent an ineluctable loss, a diminishing of original texts. Translation, however, is a cultural practice, influenced also by social and political imperatives, which can open more doors than it closes. The essays in this book show how the act of translation, when vigilantly and critically attended to, becomes a means for active interrogation.

Yellow Skin White Masks

Author : Ken-fang Lee
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Translation and Culture

Author : Katherine M. Faull
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How we view the foreign, presented either in the interrelated forms of culture, language, or text, determines to a large degree the way in which we translate. This volume of essays examines the cultural politics of translation that have determined the production and dissemination of the foreign in domestic cultures as varied as contemporary North America, Europe, and Israel. The essays address from a variety of theoretical perspectives the question posed almost two hundred years ago by the German philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher of whether the translator should foreignize the domestic or domesticate the foreign.

Science in Translation

Author : Scott L. Montgomery
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Montgomery explores the roles that translation has played in the development of Western science from antiquity to the end of the 20th century. He presents case histories of science in translation from a variety of disciplines & cultural contexts.

Cultural Functions of Translation

Author : Christina Schäffner
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This book discusses the far-reaching effects that translated texts may have in the target culture and illustrates that translation as a culture-transcending process is an important way of forming cultural identities and of positioning cultures. Lawrence Venuti discusses the enormous power translation wields in constructing representations of foreign cultures. The conservative or transgressive effects of translation are illustrated by several translation projects from different periods: novels, philosophical texts, and religious texts. Candace Seguinot focuses on effects of globalisation for translating advertising. She argues that the marketing of goods and services across cultural boundaries involves an understanding of culture and semiotics that goes well beyond both language and design. Translation is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture. The translator, as the expert communicator, is at the crucial centre of a long chain of communication from the original initiator to the ultimate receiver of a message. The papers and the debates take up important related issues: translation strategies (foreignising vs. domesticating strategies; translation and marketing strategies); the knowledge required of translators as interlingual and intercultural mediators; ethical responsibilities; and consequences for translator training. Contributors to the debates include Mona Baker, Terry Hale, Paul Kussmaul, Kirsten Malmkjaer, Peter Newmark and Douglas Robinson.

Translating Ireland

Author : Michael Cronin
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"Translating Ireland explores centuries of translation activity during which the languages, cultures and literatures of Ireland have been affected by the work of Irish translators in Ireland and elsewhere. Translation in Ireland has functioned as a weapon of political propaganda, an agent of linguistic reform, and a catalyst for cultural renewal and yet the activity of translators during often controversial circumstances has remained unacknowledged." "In this pioneering study Michael Cronin examines the widespread translation activity in Ireland in the Middle Ages and argues for a re-evaluation of the work of translators from that period. He then examines the central role of translation in the political and cultural upheaval of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, particularly the theoretical responses of translators to changing political conditions. Antiquarianism, the Celtic Revival and emergent nationalism in the nineteenth century are all bound up with the act of translation and Translating Ireland analyses the tensions and competing cultural allegiances of translators in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Literary revival in both English and Irish looked to translation as a source of a creative energy and the new state saw translation as both necessary and desirable. There is an analysis of the fortunes of translation in Ireland in the twentieth century, both as pragmatic activity in an officially bilingual state and as a way of opening the languages and literatures of Ireland to the literatures and cultural experiences of other peoples." "Translating Ireland examines what happens in the contact zone between languages and how translation affects both the development of language and literature and the construction of identity. In a country that has witnessed radical changes in language use over the centuries, translation has become an important element in political, linguistic and cultural self-knowledge."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cultural Translation in Early Modern Europe

Author : Peter Burke
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This groundbreaking 2007 volume gathers an international team of historians to present the practice of translation as part of cultural history. Although translation is central to the transmission of ideas, the history of translation has generally been neglected by historians, who have left it to specialists in literature and language. This book seeks to achieve an understanding of the contribution of translation to the spread of information in early modern Europe. It focuses on non-fiction: the translation of books on religion, history, politics and especially on science, or 'natural philosophy', as it was generally known at this time. The chapters cover a wide range of languages, including Latin, Greek, Russian, Turkish and Chinese. The book will appeal to scholars and students of the early modern and later periods, to historians of science and of religion, as well as to anyone interested in translation studies.

On Translator Ethics

Author : Anthony Pym
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Based on seminars originally given at the College International de Philosophie in Paris, this translation from French has been fully revised by the author and extended to include highly critical commentaries on activist translation theory, non-professional translation, interventionist practices, and the impact of new translation technologies.


Author :
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School for American Grape Culture Translated from the German by E H Cutter

Author : Friedrich MUENCH (Miscellaneous Writer.)
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Vineyard Culture improved and cheapened Translated from the French by E and C Parker With notes and adaptations to American culture by J A Warder etc

Author : Alphonse Du Breuil
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Cultural Anthropology

Author : David Hicks
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