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Transformative Management Education

Author : Ulrike Landfester
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Due to the recent global financial crises, academic business schools have come in for much criticism, having, in the eyes of the public, failed in their responsibility to society by teaching future managers only how to increase their personal gain without any consideration as to their actions’ social and cultural consequences. Realising that there is a pressing need to innovate their educational offers accordingly, business schools are beginning to turn to the humanities and social sciences to improve on the understanding and thus the teaching of management. This book is the result of an empirical study conducted at eight academic business schools that either already practise or are beginning to practise linking management education to the humanities and social sciences. Gathered mostly in interviews our research team conducted during site visits to these schools, the material presented shows three major fields of concern: how to shift the focus from instrumental to transformative learning, how to reframe the concept of disciplinary subject matter towards a more relational understanding of knowledge—especially in the light of the impact digitalisation is having on education—and how to address the organisational, as well as the political consequences of management education turning towards the inclusion of the humanities and social sciences strategically. The findings indicate that the humanities and social sciences indeed offer knowledge which can significantly help management education with meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century. Innovating management education by making it part of its program portfolios proves a challenge in and of itself in the face of a university system which still determinedly clings to disciplinary segregation. Reforming management education towards an engagement with fields of knowledge traditionally at best ignored and at worst vilified as being completely useless in the "real world" may therefore place academic business schools at the forefront of a movement that is beginning to reshape the educational landscape as a whole. This book will be of value to researchers, academics and students in the fields of business, management studies, organisational studies and education studies.

Towards Transformation in Management Education

Author : Elaine Louise Dunn
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This thesis focuses on the experiences of twelve senior managers who participated in postgraduate management education programmes embodying a transformative intent. It is informed by primary empirical research into the learners‟ perceptions of the emotions and changes in thinking attributed to their learning experiences and the emotions and changes in practice associated with transfer of learning into their workplace. The empirical research involved twelve research subjects over a two-year period, from the 2003-05 cohorts of the Exeter Masters in Leadership Studies and the Ashridge Masters in Organisational Consulting. . The context is the contemporary debate about the alleged failings of management education which focuses on instrumental failure, ethical failure, and a disconnection between teaching and practice. Scholars have recommended and experimented with new forms of management education which challenge conventional assumptions, problematise existing knowledge, surface values and interests, embody critical reflection and facilitate experiential learning. However, research into critical adult education in the US has fuelled speculation that managers might suffer disturbing practical and emotional consequences as a result of questioning deeply held beliefs and behaving contrary to organisational norms. Educators have been urged to understand these consequences, but to date there has been little research in this area. Previous research has focused primarily on the challenges faced by educators within the learning environment. This thesis finds that critical postgraduate management education can be a site for transformative learning, that the outcomes for managers can be positive if educators provide skilled support, but that these outcomes are not necessarily gender neutral. It is argued that critical management learning discourses and practices need to balance critique with the teaching of research-informed theories for managing and organising work. This means theories informed by a new paradigm which embodies a relational understanding of human individuality, behaviour and development.

Transformative Classroom Management

Author : John Shindler
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Transformative Classroom Management The natural condition of any classroom is harmonious, satisfying, and productive, so why do so many teachers struggle with problems of apathy, hostility, anxiety, inefficiency, and resistance? In this groundbreaking book, education expert John Shindler presents a powerful model, Transformative Classroom Management (TCM), that can be implemented by any teacher to restore the natural positive feelings in his or her classroom—the love of learning, collaboration, inspiration, and giving—and create a productive learning environment in which all students can achieve. Unlike other classroom management systems that view problems as something to be "handled," TCM offers suggestions for creating optimal conditions for learning, performance, motivation, and growth. This practical book shows teachers how to abandon ineffective short-term gimmicks, bribes, and punishments and adopt the proven management practices and new habits of mind that will transform their classrooms. Praise for Transformative Classroom Management "Transformative Classroom Management is a practical resource that explains the how and why of classroom management for novice and veteran teachers. Dr. Shindler recognizes the importance of preserving the teacher's sanity while ensuring the student's development of a personal sense of responsibility and a positive self-esteem." —EILEEN MATUS, principal, South Toms River Elementary School, New Jersey "I have read many other management books by other authors, but Transformative Classroom Management has been the best so far at demystifying the invisible forces in the classroom." —WILL McELROY, 4th grade teacher, Los Angeles United School District "This book was an invaluable tool for me during my student teaching. It served as a reference book that I found myself continually drawn to while struggling to find ways to effectively manage 29 first graders. The ideas, concepts and suggestions in the book were so innovative and helpful that even my Master Teacher found herself implementing some of the ideas! A must have for all student teachers!" —CAROL GILLON, student teacher, Seattle University "Insightful and thoroughly researched, Transformative Classroom Management is an invaluable tool to help teachers, newbies and veterans alike, develop fully functional and engaged learning communities." —LISA GAMACHE RODRIGUEZ, teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

Transformation Management

Author : Ronnie Lessem
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The concept of transformation has long been known to the sciences and has been around in the popular vocabulary for several decades. Because it has never been fully developed as a managed process and applied to our organizations, the way in which we have been trying to deal with the complex issues we face today is looking increasingly inadequate. Transformation management, argue the authors of this inspirational book, now provides the opportunity for the application of the first significant world-wide innovation in the way we manage since Drucker put management itself on the map in the 1950s. In a book that draws on seminal theses and practical examples from the four corners of the world, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer provide leaders, students of leadership, managers and change agents with a trans-culturally tested, integrated approach to leadership and management. Only through a redefinition of what leadership, management and entrepreneurship amount to, say the authors, can organizations be transformed into sustainable enterprises capable of dealing with the burning issues of our time. Leaders are coming to realise that it is no longer possible for organizations to operate in any sort of isolation from the society and the wider world in which they exist, but paying lip service to notions of either social responsibility or globality is not good enough. From this indispensable book, those whose enterprises are to have any hope of becoming authentically socially responsible or authentically global will learn to understand and activate the process that dynamically links any organization with the society in which it is embedded and that links the local with the global. The practice of transformation management is about creating real value... for organizations, people, and society. This book, from the Transformation and Innovation Series, makes that practice possible.

Transformative Learning and Identity

Author : Knud Illeris
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In the current ever changing world – the liquid modernity – the most pressing psychological challenge to all of us is to create and maintain a personal balance between mental stability and mental flexibility. In Transformative Learning and Identity Knud Illeris, one of the leading thinkers on the way people learn, explores, updates and re-defines the concept and understanding of transformative learning while linking the concept of transformative learning to the concept of identity. He thoroughly discusses what transformative learning is or could be in a broader learning theoretical perspective, including various concepts of learning by change, as opposed to learning by addition, and ends up with a new, short and distinct definition. He also explores and discusses the concept of identity and presents a general model depicting the complexity of identities today. Building on the work of Mezirow, various perspectives of transformative learning are analysed and discussed, including; transformative learning in different life ages; progressive and regressive transformations; motivation and identity defence; development of identity; personality and competence, and transformative learning in school, education, working life, and in relation to current and future life conditions. This vital new book by one of the leading learning theorists of our time will prove of lasting interest to academics, teachers, instructors, leaders and researchers in the field of adult learning and education. It will also appeal to many students and researchers of psychology and sociology in general.

Transformative Perspectives and Processes in Higher Education

Author : Amber Dailey-Hebert
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This book aims to provide insight into the complexities confronting higher education today and to highlight tangible opportunities that exist to address such issues. We are in a constant state of flux and higher education needs to respond in more proactive, intentional and innovative ways to remain a relevant cornerstone to society and culture. The editors begin by asking how our collective reality might change if the complexity and uncertainty surrounding us were embraced and leveraged to serve the learner and society as a whole. They invite the reader to explore collaborative approaches to individualized learning pathways, networked learning and a reimagined ecosystem of academia. The chapters are arranged to inform the reader seeking knowledge on how to 1) reshape and redefine the 21st century university, with its evolving role in these transformative times; 2) design and implement courses that address the changing needs of the university and the non-traditional student; and 3) utilize research on innovative strategies with processes that promote organizational learning. The chapters profile the fluid nature of learning as it evolves in higher education and the workplace, often with a blurred line separating the two environments. Exciting ideas related to heutagogy, problem-based learning, innovative constructivist strategies, authentic learning and self-regulated learning all converge in this volume.

Teacher Education for Transformative Education

Author : Carina America
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Many teacher education programs globally are undergoing significant changes in response to government policy, imperatives driven by global competitiveness, as well as local conditions. This is particularly relevant in the South African context where teacher education seeks to navigate from the ravages of apartheid education towards addressing the developmental needs of the majority of its citizens. This book records and explores efforts by academic staff members within the Faculty of Education at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, responding to the demands of a new program in initial teacher education. It brings together diverse views seeking to present a coherent program in the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). It examines how curriculum design unfolds across disciplines in the program, and crucially, the commonalities in the presentation of course material. Lecturers examine the purpose, structure and content of their teaching as they engage with putting democratic policy goals into practice in the core, as well as subject-specific modules of the program.

Leading Change and Managing Transformation in Higher Education

Author :
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Transformative Curriculum Design in Health Sciences Education

Author : Halupa, Colleen
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A crucial element in ensuring patient safety and quality of care is the proper training of the next generation of doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff. To effectively serve their students, health science educators must first prepare themselves with competencies in pedagogy and curriculum design. Transformative Curriculum Design in Health Sciences Education provides information for faculty to learn how to translate technical competencies in medicine and healthcare into the development of both traditional and online learning environments. This book serves as a reference for health sciences undergraduate and graduate faculty interested in learning about the latest health sciences educational principles and curriculum design practices. This critical reference contains innovative chapters on transformative learning, curriculum design and development, the use of technology in healthcare training through hybrid and flipped classrooms, specific pedagogies, interprofessional education, and more.

Transformative Teacher Education

Author : Daniel Joseph Glisczinski
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Reimagining Christian Education

Author : Johannes M. Luetz
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This book is an arresting interdisciplinary publication on Christian education, comprising works by leading scholars, professionals and practitioners from around the globe. It focuses on the integrated approaches to Christian education that are both theoretically sound and practically beneficial, and identifies innovative pedagogical methods and tools that have been field-tested and practice-approved. It discusses topics such as exploring programmes and courses through different lenses; learning challenges and opportunities within organisational management; theology of business; Christian models of teaching in different contexts; job preparedness; developing different interpretive or meaning-making frameworks for working with social justice, people with disability, non-profit community organisations and in developing country contexts. It offers graduate students, teachers, school administrators, organisational leaders, theologians, researchers and education practitioners a fresh and inspiring reimagining of Christian education perspectives and practices and the ramifications of their application to life-long learning.

Educational Management

Author : Harry Tomlinson
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This collection explores historical and present-day issues in education management, the training and development of leaders, and their roles in leading people and managing resources, and provides a focus on the major management issues which are current throughout the education world.The articles reprinted here include the management of applied individual psychology; organizational psychology; individual, interpersonal and group interaction; personality theory; leadership theory and organization theory.

Higher Education Management and Policy

Author :
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Transformative Leadership

Author : Carolyn M. Shields
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This important, timely, and thought-provoking reader is a collection of original chapters by authors from five different countries, each of whom explores a facet of transformative leadership. Transformative leadership is fundamentally a critical approach to leadership that goes well beyond the tenets of most current leadership theories to focus on social transformation as the basis for both individual and collective achievement. The text clarifies and elaborates the concept, linking it to other theories including ways of thinking about curriculum and pedagogy to prepare leaders for a more transformative role. <I>Transformative Leadership: A Reader provides examples of studies conducted using the lens of transformative leadership as well as of research re-analyzed through its perspective.

Management Education for the World

Author : K. Muff
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Ô50+20 not only raises the sights for those charged with the development of our future leaders, but also provides a clear roadmap for delivering on that ambition. As such, it is an important contribution to a journey of transformation that affects not only the future of business, but the very planet itself.Õ Ð Paul Polman, Unilever, US ÔThe 50+20 initiative is an ambitious effort that highlights the urgent need for radical change in what we teach and how management education is delivered today. In a world that faces so many different and fast-evolving challenges, the initiative is indeed timely and needed.Õ Ð Peter Bakker, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland ÔWe now finally have a blueprint that can be used as a foundation for a new contract between business schools and society. Changing the way we educate our business leaders for tomorrow will change the world for the better.Õ Ð Rakesh Khurana, Harvard Business School, US For many years commentators have described what is wrong with business schools Ð characterizing them as the breeding grounds of a culture of greed and self-enrichment in global business at the expense of the rest of society and of nature. Management Education for the World is a response to this critique and a handbook for those seeking to educate and create knowledge for a new breed of business leaders. It presents a vision for the transformation of management education in service of the common good and explains how such a vision can be implemented in practice. The 50+20 vision, as it is also known, was developed through a collaborative initiative between the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, the World Business School Council for Sustainable Business and the U.N.-backed Principles of Responsible Management Education and draws on the expertise of sustainability scholars, business and business school leaders and thought leaders from many other walks of life. This book explores the 21st century agenda of management education, identifying three fundamental goals: educating and developing globally responsible leaders, enabling business organizations to serve the common good, and engaging in the transformation of business and the economy. It is a clarion call of service to society for a sector lost between the interests of faculty, business and the schools themselves at the expense of people and planet. It sees business education stepping up to the plate with the ability of holding and creating a space to provide responsible leadership for a sustainable world embodied in the central and unifying element of the 50+20 vision, the collaboratory. Management Education for the World is written for everyone concerned or passionate about the future of management education: consultants, facilitators, entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations of any kind, as well as policymakers and others with an interest in new and transformative thinking in the field. In particular, teachers, researchers, students and administrators will find it an invaluable resource on their journey.

Large Scale School Reform and Social Capital Building

Author : Ian R. Haslam
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This book introduces and explores the nature of large scale reform, and offers a fresh insight into the importance of social capital and professional development leadership for teachers and school management. It synthesizes research on the role of the professional development leader and the importance of social capital in schools, and examines its potential to impact large scale, system-wide, reform projects. The text presents a range of international examples and theories from renowned researchers and educationists, which illustrate the challenge of raising the prominence of education social capital in schools. Considering crucial research that informs effective adult learning interventions, underlying themes supporting constructivist and transformative interventions are identified and woven into the narrative. Factors and variables needed to encourage and implement initiatives are examined, and each section is accompanied by case studies from around the world. The book is split into five sections and twelve parts which include: -The Lesson of Large Scale Reform for Leadership Development -Assessment of Wide Scale Educational Reform Initiatives -Developing Social Capital through National Education Reform -System Improvement through Professional Learning Communities Large Scale School Reform and Social Capital Building will be of interest to policy makers and system reform leaders, along with researchers and postgraduate students with a focus on continuous professional development, educational reform and school leadership.

Transformative Education

Author : Antonio A. Tujan
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Towards a Transformative Political Economy of Adult Education

Author : Paul Wangoola
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The Economist

Author :
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Delivering Educational Change in Higher Education

Author : Jackie Potter
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Presenting leadership of educational change in higher education as a dynamic, collaborative, and evolving area, Delivering Educational Change in Higher Education provides rich examples of how new ways of working are being adopted and adapted. It brings together leaders and practitioners, as authors and readers, to share their experiences of whole organisational change. Across the chapters, common threads highlight the importance of organisational context, of shared or distributed leadership, and the critical need for continuous learning in and on action by reflective readers. Linking case studies to a range of practical models and theories, this book: Explores established paradigms and models of change management and leadership. Offers examples from a diverse range of institutional contexts. Models critical reflective practice in the leadership of educational change. Addresses the future of educational developers working collaboratively with an increasingly diverse higher education workforce. Providing rare insights into ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ of change management and leadership, this book will be of interest to senior managers, educators, programme leaders, and educational developers who are all working in collaborative ways to enact positive change for student learning and experience.