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Transatlantic at Last

Author : Helen Tew
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Helen Tew sailed across the Atlantic in a small boat at the age of 89. This is a remarkable book about a remarkable life, by a remarkable woman whose sense of adventure is both infectious and inspirational.

Transatlantic Wanderings Or A Last Look at the United States

Author : John W. Oldmixon
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Free at Last Reflections on Freedom and the Abolition of the British Transatlantic Slave Trade

Author : Cecily Jones
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The global commemorative events of 2007 that marked the bicentennial anniversary of the parliamentary abolition of the African slave trade provided opportunity for widespread discussion between politicians, community groups, museums and heritage organisations, the clergy, and scholars, as to the meanings of colonial and post-colonial freedom. As was evident from the tensions emerging from those debates, the subject of the transatlantic slave trade and slavery remains highly charged, as does the extent to which its legacy of racism, predicated on theoretical assumptions of European cultural, social, political and economic superiority, continues to maintain and reproduce complex systems of inequalities between peoples and societies. Free at Last? is an edited collection of interdisciplinary perspectives that critically reflects on the struggles of enslaved peoples and anti-slavery activists to effect the abolition of the British slave trade, as well as the post-abolition global legacies of those diverse struggles for equality. The chapters bring together multiple narratives and discourses about the British abolition to reflect critically and comparatively on: the boundaries between slavery and freedom; the contestations and championing of freedom; and the legacies of slavery and abolition in the contemporary context.

Transatlantic Packet Station Preliminary report on the south western harbours of Ireland and the practicability of connecting them by railway June 1852

Author : George Preston WHITE
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The Transatlantic Longitude as Determined by the Coast Survey Expedition in 1866

Author : Benjamin Apthorp Gould
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The Last Three Bishops Appointed by the Crown for the Anglican Church of Canada

Author : Fennings Taylor
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Atlantic and Transatlantic Sketches Afloat and Ashore

Author : Laughlan Bellingham Mackinnon
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Transatlantic Souvenirs

Author : Ingwood (of Westchester.)
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The Transatlantic Review

Author :
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Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries

Author : United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
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Transatlantic Encounters Multiculturism national identity and the uses of the past

Author : Reinhard Isensee
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Discussions about fundamental historical events of the past century have invaded the public domain; Public opinion and policy-makers ask framers of the public image of the past to provide guidance, reassurance, and legitimisation. Increasing social heterogeneity and cultural difference force us to revise our traditional concepts of culture and examine the public, social and pedagogical implications of multiculturalism in an explicitly comparative perspective. This book explores how history has been used to support or oppose the political orders of our century as well as its great themes, and how historians have dealt with issues of scholarly objectivity, personal beliefs, and public commitment.

Transatlantic Review

Author :
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The Woodenboat

Author :
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Transatlantic Tales

Author :
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Transatlantic Radicals and the Early American Republic

Author : Michael Durey
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In the transatlantic world of the late eighteenth century, easterly winds blew radical thought to America. Thomas Paine had already arrived on these shores in 1774 and made his mark as a radical pamphleteer during the Revolution. In his wake followed more than 200 other radical exiles—English Dissenters, Whigs, and Painites; Scottish "lads o'parts"; and Irish patriots—who became influential newspaper writers and editors and helped change the nature of political discourse in a young nation. Michael Durey has written the first full-scale analysis of these radicals, evaluating the long-term influence their ideas have had on American political thought. Transatlantic Radicals uncovers the roots of their radicalism in the Old World and tells the story of how these men came to be exiled, how they emigrated, and how they participated in the politics of their adopted country. Nearly all of these radicals looked to Paine as their spiritual leader and to Thomas Jefferson as their political champion. They held egalitarian, anti-federalist values and promoted an extreme form of participatory democracy that found a niche in the radical wing of Jefferson's Republican Party. Their divided views on slavery, however, reveal that democratic republicanism was unable to cope with the realities of that institution. As political activists during the 1790s, they proved crucial to Jefferson's 1800 presidential victory; then, after his views moderated and their influence waned, many repatriated, others drifted into anonymity, and a few managed to find success in the New World. Although many of these men are known to us through other histories, their influence as a group has never before been so closely examined. Durey persuasively demonstrates that the intellectual ferment in Britain did indeed have tremendous influence on American politics. His account of that influence sheds considerable light on transatlantic political history and differences in religious, political, and economic freedoms. Skillfully balancing a large cast of characters, Transatlantic Radicals depicts the diversity of their experiences and shows how crucial these reluctant émigrés were to shaping our republic in its formative years.

Transatlantic Romanticism

Author : Lance Newman
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"This anthology of Romantic literature features both central and new to the canon texts by American, British, and Canadian writers. Thematic groupings and companion readings illuminate the major literary, cultural, and historical events of the transatlantic Romantic era. Features: thematically related readings are collected into "Transatlantic Exchanges" that frame key debates about revolutionary republicanism, slavery and abolition, women's rights, and more; contemporary responses accompany key selections, showcasing their transatlantic influence; lively section introductions and author headnotes further contextualize the literature."--BOOK JACKET.

Teach Yourself Transatlantic

Author : Robert L. Hobbs
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Stories from the Transatlantic Review

Author : Joseph F. McCrindle
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Transatlantic Connections

Author : Rodica Mihăilă
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The Evolution of U S Turkish Relations in a Transatlantic Context

Author : Frances Gale Burwell
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The relationship between Turkey and the United States is complicated because of differing core purposes and somewhat differing memberships, i.e., NATO and the European Union. Current Turkey-U.S. diplomatic and military relations are strained, but both countries recognize how vital it is to address issues of mutual importance. In mid-2007 the Atlantic Council, Strategic Studies Institute, and German Marshall Fund of the United States jointly organized a conference to discuss the current state of U.S.-Turkish-EU ties and to consider how those relations might be repaired and enhanced. This conference report provides an overview of the enduring issues that must be addressed if Turkey-U.S. relations are to move beyond current roadblocks and begin to realize their full potential. Since this conference took place, the political environment in Turkey has changed, and several of the issues, such as the use of Iraq as a staging area by Kurdish insurgents, have continued to evolve. Such dynamics reveal the importance of the ideas surfaced in each of the conference presentations and the need to continue addressing the issues identified.