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Traditional Foods

Author : Mohammed Al-Khusaibi
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This work provides comprehensive coverage of the preparation, processing, marketing, safety and nutritional aspects of traditional foods across the globe. Individual chapters focus on the traditional foods of different cultures, with further chapters discussing the consumer acceptability of traditional foods as well as the laws and regulations and the sensorial factors driving the success of these foods. In addition, the integration of traditional food into tourism development plans is discussed at length. As the first publication to focus on a wide scale variety of traditional foods, including their histories and unique preparatory aspects, this is an important book for any researcher looking for a single reference work covering all of the important processing information for each major traditional food category. From traditional Arab foods to traditional Indian, European, African, Australian and Native American foods, Traditional Foods: History, Preparation, Processing and Safety covers the full spectrum of cultural foods, dedicating extensive information to each traditional food type. A full overview of current trends in traditional foods is included, as is a comprehensive history of each type of traditional food. Specific regulations are discussed, as are marketing factors and issues with consumer acceptability. With the recent trends in consumer interest for traditional foods which can not only bring great sensory satisfaction but also fulfill dimensions of culture and tradition, this is a well-timed and singular work that fulfills a great current need for researchers and promises to be an important source for years to come.

Traditional Foods

Author : Kristberg Kristbergsson
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This first volume of the Trilogy of Traditional Foods, part of the ISEKI Food Series, covers general and consumer aspects of traditional foods. It offers numerous recipes of traditional foods from across the world, with some chapters providing detailed descriptions on how to mix, cook, bake or store a particular food item in order to produce the desired effect. Traditional Foods; General and Consumer Aspects is divided into six sections. The first section focuses on general aspects of traditional foods and covers the perception of traditional foods and some general descriptions of traditional foods in different countries. This is followed by sections on Traditional Dairy Products, Traditional Cereal Based Products, Traditional Meat and Fish Products, Traditional Beverages and Traditional Deserts, Side Dishes and Oil products from various countries. The international List of Contributors, which includes authors from China, Bulgaria, Portugal, France, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, and Brazil, to name a few, shows its truly international perspective. The volume caters to the practicing food professional as well as the interested reader.

Innovations in Traditional Foods

Author : Charis Michel Galanakis
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Innovations in Traditional Foods addresses the most relevant topics of traditional foods while placing emphasis on the introduction of innovations and consumer preferences. Certain food categories, such as fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes, vegetables, mushrooms, roots and tubers, table olives and olive oil, wine, fermented foods and beverages, fish, meat, milk and dairy products are addressed. Intended for food scientists, technologists, engineers and chemists working in food science, product developers, SMEs, researchers, academics and professionals, this book provides a reference supporting technological advances, product development improvements and potential positioning in the traditional food market. Addresses the most relevant topics of traditional foods while placing emphasis on the introduction of innovations and consumer preferences Provides a reference supporting technological advances, product development improvements, and potential positioning in the traditional food market Contains coverage of various food categories, including fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes, vegetables, mushrooms, roots and tubers, table olives and olive oil, wine, fermented foods and beverages, fish, meat, and milk and dairy products

Traditional and Non traditional Foods

Author : Raymond Ferrando
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Microorganisms and Fermentation of Traditional Foods

Author : Ramesh C. Ray
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The first volume in a series covering the latest information in microbiology, biotechnology, and food safety aspects, this book is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on fermentation of traditional foods and beverages, such as cereal and milk products from the Orient, Africa, Latin America, and other areas. Part two addresses fermentation biolog

Functional Properties of Traditional Foods

Author : Kristberg Kristbergsson
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This third book in the Trilogy of Traditional Foods, part of the ISEKI Food Series, covers the beneficial properties of functional foods from across the world. The volume is divided into four sections that address different key topics in the area of study. Part I provides a general overview of the material, with chapters on functional aspects of antioxidants and probiotics in traditional food. This section also includes chapters on the potential health benefits of Thai, Slovak and Turkish traditional foods. Part II contains eight chapters on cereal-based foods, including chapters on Carob flour, products from Mexican Chia, and the ancient grain Cañahua. Part III is devoted to plant based foods and includes chapters on dates from Israel, medical properties of cactus products from Mexico, beneficial properties of Mastic gum from the Greek island Chios, and the properties of Argan oil from Morocco. Part IV focuses on Honey and Beverages, with chapters on functional and nutritional properties of honey and the properties of Camellia tea, as well as the Spanish drink Horchata De Chufa. The purpose of the book is to describe and sometimes evaluate properties of foods that native consumers have believed to be beneficial. All chaptersare written by practicing Food Scientists or Engineers but are written with the interested general public in mind.The book should cater to the practicing food professional as well as all who are interested in beneficial properties of traditional foods.

Traditional Foods Can be Healthy

Author :
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Pamphlet on how healthy traditional native foods are.

Eating Traditional Food

Author : Brigitte Sebastia
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Due to its centrality in human activities, food is a meaningful object that necessarily participates in any cultural, social and ideological construction and its qualification as 'traditional' is a politically laden value. This book demonstrates that traditionality as attributed to foods goes beyond the notions of heritage and authenticity under which it is commonly formulated. Through a series of case studies from a global range of cultural and geographical areas, the book explores a variety of contexts to reveal the complexity behind the attribution of the term 'traditional' to food. In particular, the volume demonstrates that the definitions put forward by programmes such as TRUEFOOD and EuroFIR (and subsequently adopted by organisations including FAO), which have analysed the perception of traditional foods by individuals, do not adequately reflect this complexity. The concept of tradition being deeply ingrained culturally, socially, politically and ideologically, traditional foods resist any single definition. Chapters analyse the processes of valorisation, instrumentalisation and reinvention at stake in the construction and representation of a food as traditional. Overall the book offers fresh perspectives on topics including definition and regulation, nationalism and identity, and health and nutrition, and will be of interest to students and researchers of many disciplines including anthropology, sociology, politics and cultural studies.

Ethnic Foods of Hawai i

Author :
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Revised bestseller which includes foods, cooking, and celebrations of Hawai'i's predominant ethnic groups.

Social Ecological Diversity and Traditional Food Systems

Author : Ranjay Kumar Singh
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This book draws on world-wide experiences and valuable lessons to highlight community-ecosystem interactions and the role of traditional knowledge in sustaining biocultural resources through community-based adaptations. The book targets different audiences including researchers working on human-environment interactions and climate adaptation practices, biodiversity conservators, non-government organizations and policy makers involved in revitalizing traditional foods and community-based conservation and adaptation in diverse ecosystems. This volume is also a source book for educators advocating for and collaborating with indigenous and local peoples to promote location-specific adaptations to overcome the impacts of multiple biotic and abiotic stresses. Note: T&F does not sell or distribute the hardback in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This title is co-published with NIPA.