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Traditional Food Knowledge New Wine Into Old Wineskins

Author : Andrea Pieroni
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Rural Urban Migration and Agro Technological Change in Post Reform China

Author : Lena Kaufmann
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How do rural Chinese households deal with the conflicting pressures of migrating into cities to work as well as staying at home to preserve their fields? This is particularly challenging for rice farmers, because paddy fields have to be cultivated continuously to retain their soil quality and value. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork and written sources, this book describes farming households' strategic solutions to this predicament. It shows how, in light of rural-urban migration and agro-technological change, they manage to sustain both migration and farming. It innovatively conceives rural households as part of a larger farming community of practice that spans both staying and migrating household members and their material world. Focusing on one exemplary resource - paddy fields - it argues that socio-technical resources are key factors in understanding migration flows and migrant-home relations. Overall, this book provides rare insights into the rural side of migration and farmers' knowledge and agency.

Evolutionary Spatial Economics

Author : Miroslav N. Jovanović
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A crucial question in contemporary economics concerns where economic activities will locate and relocate themselves in the future. This comprehensive, innovative book applies an evolutionary framework to spatial economics, arguing against the prevailing neoclassical equilibrium model, providing important concrete and theoretical insights, and illuminating areas of future enquiry.

The New Jerusalem Magazine

Author :
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Includes Journal of the Massachusetts Association of the New Jerusalem Church.

Brahman and Dao

Author : Ithamar Theodor
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Brahman and Dao: Comparative Studies of Indian and Chinese Philosophy and Religion is a pioneering volume highlighting possible bridges between Indian and Chinese cultures and complex systems of thought, and it includes 17 chapters on various Indo-Chinese comparative topics. It looks into four such themes: 1) metaphysics and soteriology, 2) ethics, 3) body, health and spirituality, and 4) language and culture.

Innovation and Technological Catch Up

Author : Elisa Giuliani
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'This book overturns the old paradigm ideas about natural-resource-based activities. It sheds light on the new opportunities for technological dynamism and catching-up by using science to open novel directions in traditional sectors. It should become a classic in what I expect will be a very important academic debate and a new trend in development policy.' - Carlota Perez, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, Cambridge University and University of Sussex, UK 'This excellent book provides a deep understanding of why and how emerging countries are able to catch-up and enter international markets in an industry that once was considered as traditional, but which has now become a relatively articulated and sciencebased sectoral system.' - Franco Malerba, KITeS, Bocconi University, Italy 'This excellent book demonstrates better than any other I know the strengths and limits of the concept of a national system of innovation for understanding economic development today. Any careful student of innovation or development will want to read it.' - Charles Sabel, Columbia Law School, US 'In the New World, viticulture and wine production has had to develop with verve and enthusiasm, to be able to survive and to flourish. In countries like Chile and Argentina, the continuing decline of domestic wine consumption has forced technicians and entrepreneurs to conquer the world with innovation and technology, to produce wines of international taste and to attract potential buyers to these markets. This book is a very professional account of these phenomena, which have profoundly changed the marketing of wines in the past 20 years.' - Aurelio Montes, President of Viña Montes, Chile 'This book takes a fresh look at the innovations that have changed the global wine sector, presenting established thinking in a new light. Building on the world's knowledge base in wine production, the book encourages novel thinking for both Old World and New World producers. The content is topical, current and well written. This is a must-read for anyone with an interest in wine innovation.' - Sakkie Pretorius, The Australian Wine Research Institute

The Blackwell Guide to Plato s Republic

Author : Gerasimos Santas
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The Blackwell Guide to Plato’s Republic consists ofthirteen new essays written by both established scholars andyounger researchers with the specific aim of helping readers tounderstand Plato’s masterwork. This guide to Plato’s Republic is designed to helpreaders understand this foundational work of the Westerncanon. Sheds new light on many central features and themes of theRepublic. Covers the literary and philosophical style of theRepublic; Plato’s theories of justice and knowledge;his educational theories; and his treatment of the divine. Will be of interest to readers who are new to theRepublic, and those who already have some familiarity withthe book.

Agroecology and the Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas

Author : Avery Cohn
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World Englishes

Author : Kingsley Bolton
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The United Presbyterian Magazine

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