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The Majesty of an Eagle

Author : Dr M A Monareng
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Dr Monareng holds the eagle in high regard. Integrity and positive attitude are the values required to overcome the storms of life as eagles do. With his great attitude, the eagle adapts to change, is patient and is able to focus to his prey due to his determination and sense of purpose. Like eagles, man can leave his comfort zone, work hard and finish what he started. Moral degeneration has stolen man s glory. He must respect his family and die being in the hands of God as do eagles which die facing the sun with their talons on the rock which symbolises Christ.

The Eagle Owl

Author : Vincenzo Penteriani
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The Eagle Owl is one of the biggest owls in the world and is considered the most eclectic in terms of habitat, nest site and diet. An undisputed top predator, it can prey on a range of mammals up to the size of foxes, and almost every species of bird, reptile, amphibian and fish, as well as a large spectrum of invertebrates. Surprisingly, it can also breed almost anywhere, laying its eggs on a variety of natural and artificial structures over an array of altitudes. Yet, despite being so adaptable, it is still a vulnerable species and has suffered widely from persecution as well as other threats including electrocution on power lines, decreasing prey availability, the effects of pesticides and pollutants, and habitat alteration. Vincenzo Penteriani and María del Mar Delgado have studied this fascinating bird extensively across its vast Eurasian range. In this book, they detail its remarkable ecology: distribution, breeding behaviour, foraging ecology, interspecific interactions, dispersal and conservation issues are all addressed, while the final two chapters provide a remarkable insight into vocal and visual communication. Scientists have long believed that owls and other crepuscular and nocturnal birds forgo the visual signals found in other avian species, but research on the Eagle Owl has indicated otherwise.

The Seven Sevens and the Jubilee

Author : Chiwena Kabanje
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Hundreds touched by the preaching ministry of Evangelist Kabanje have consistently encouraged him to immortalize God's Word in book form. This devotional and inspirational work supplements the Bible in soul edification.


Author : Maggie Davis
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A thrilling novel of military lives—and loves—as USAF pilots ignite the engines of their F-15 Eagles and take to the skies. They are intoxicating seductresses willing to do anything—absolutely anything—for love; however, these women can't rival the military aspirations of their men. The women try to fill the holes left in their hearts, but how much longer can they survive loneliness and rejection? How do they take possession of their men's hearts, hearts that only have room for the liberating expanse of the sky? The only way they can reach their stuck-in-the-clouds men is to use illicit affairs, sinful seduction, and murder—to fly like EAGLES.

Eagles of the RAF

Author : Philip D. Caine
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U.S. citizens fought and died in WW II long before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Among them were the pilots of the Eagle Squadrons, three fighter squadrons of Britain's Royal Air Force manned by young U.S. flyers. This book tells how the Eagle squadrons were formed and summarizes the history of the units and evaluates their deeds, motivations, and contributions. Draws on interviews from more than 35 surviving Eagles, their letters and memoirs, and official records. Depicts their daily lives along with special heroes and amazing sacrifices. "An important contribution to the study of American involvement in WWII. Highly recommended."

The Threat From Within

Author : Gilbert Lewis
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The Threat From Within By: Gilbert Lewis The ISIS high command is angry that the hostage operation has failed. They conclude that their main obstacle is the MI6 operative, Estella “Rose” Mathews. Rose and a combined team of British and French Special Forces successfully rescued the six hostages from England, France, and the United States. After the hostages were successfully rescued, ISIS now plans an attack using their western fighters. Again, these attacks are prevented by western intelligence agencies. ISIS has now moved its attack to the America Homefront. MI6 assigns Rose to the CIA. The CIA, in turn, assigned Rose to work covertly with the American company White Mountain Analytics (WMA). ISIS develops a fool-proof-plan to kill Rose. They have posted a “kill contract” on the darknet to assassinate Rose. The posting of the “kill contract” is answered by Adolf Wolfgang (Wolf) Schneider. Wolf was in the Marines and was given a dishonorable discharge. He blames his being booted from the Marines on a black captain. Wolf grew up in Kentucky with a father who blamed all of his failures on the “blacks.” Wolf grew up in an environment of “White Supremacy” thus, him being booted from the Marines only strengthen his hatred for Negros, slant eyes and beaners. Upon being booted from the Marines, Wolf found his way to KKK camps in Montana and Tennessee. Within two years he was the top dog. The KKK camp sells drugs brought in illegally from Mexico. Wolf quickly spreads the KKK enterprise to gun running and prostitution. Wolf’s expertise is “sniper” kills. His motto is “One Shot, One Kill.” He learned the trade in the Marines. When Wolf answered the post to kill Rose, he already had completed kills on mafia rats, crooked politicians, and police officers who have not honored their contract to the mafia. So far, he finds it easy money. Each kill brings in an average of $100K. Wolf checks on the darknet monthly for easy kills. His contract to kill Rose is $600K. The story unfolds as Rose is tipped off that there is a kill contract on her life. Rose and members of WMA determine that the assassin is a member of a White Nationalist camp in Tennessee. The WMA team discovers that the camp is involved in illicit drugs, opioids, gun-running, and forced prostitution. When the prostitutes are no longer needed, they use them in snuff movies. Rose and her team of experienced special operations personnel and the FBI engage in a long siege. As the siege continues, President Trout in his rallies is bad-mouthing the FBI. The crowd surrounding the White Nationalist camp is turning against Rose and the FBI. They must quickly and carefully attack and turn the general public against the tide of support for these domestic terrorists.

A Family of Eagles

Author : Dan True
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The author shares his discoveries and insights into the life of America's symbol by providing information on the courtship, mating, parenting, hunting, and feeding patterns of a family of eagles.

F 15 Eagle at War

Author : Tyson Rininger
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The F-15A entered service in 1972 as "the first dedicated USAF air superiority fighter since the F-86 Sabre." More than three decades and myriad models and variants later, the F-15 is still the U.S. Air Force's premiere air superiority weapon, a veteran of U.S. conflicts as recent as Operation Desert Storm and presently serving in the air forces of U.S. allies around the world. F-15 Eagle at War, featuring the spectacular aerial photography of author Tyson V. Rininger, follows the design, manufacture, and performance of the F-15 from its first appearance through its service in various Cold War and contemporary conflicts. The book profiles each model and upgrade in technology up to the F-15C, D, and E models that served in the Persian Gulf, where they claimed 36 of 39 Air Force victories in air-to-air combat. It is a fitting and thoroughly fascinating tribute to this celebrated aircraft and icon of the U.S. Air Force.

The Case Eagle

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Migration Strategies of Birds of Prey in Western Palearctic

Author : Michele Panuccio
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Given their roles in the ecosystem, raptors are widely considered the flagship or umbrella species among birds. Most species undertake a seasonal journey that is impressive because of the length, and the imposing natural barriers such as deserts and seas that they fly over. The migration of birds of prey has unique characteristics in the animal world because of their morphology and flight style. The flying path of Afro-Palearctic migrants between breeding and wintering grounds is determined by several factors such as morphology of the birds, geography, behavioural adaptations. The book analyses the migration patterns of raptors along the Afro-Palearctic migratory system, and summarizes the recent research on these top predator species. Behavioural adaptations such as the importance of social interactions and the modulation of the different flight styles as well as ecological interactions with the encountered environment and weather conditions en route are described in the book. Moreover, the impact of climate change on the migratory behaviour and key conservation issues are discussed. The book provides an overview of the migratory characteristics and flyway patterns of all European raptors species and also some Asian ones. These chapters have been written by some of the most important raptor specialists, giving a complete picture of the different migration strategies on the basis of both traditional methods and new technologies.