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Tourism Globalization And Development

Author : Donald G. Reid
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Tourism is booming worldwide -- it makes up a massive part of the global economy. Donald G., Reid's book focuses on tourism in developing and less-developed countries. He examines its social and environmental impact and offers a timely critical analysis of the part it plays in globalization. Many of the world's poorest countries rely on the tourist trade for the major part of their income. However, all too often, the local communities involved do not reap the benefits of this trade. Developers often exclude local communities from the initial planning and decision-making process, viewing them either as a benign resource to be exploited, or as an impediment. Reid presents a rigourous critique of corporate-led tourism development and lays out alternatives that would give planning and control to the local communities involved. He argues that only in this way can the vastly differing requirments of each community be addressed, and social and environmental issues can be dealt with properly. The book includes a discussion of macro planning theory, and offers three case studies of locally controlled projects that show clearly how communities developing a tourist trade can benefit from it.

Handbook of Globalisation and Tourism

Author : Dallen J. Timothy
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Globalization entails the world becoming a smaller place through political, socio-cultural and economic processes. These processes have salient implications for tourism, and tourism itself is one of the driving forces behind globalization. This book is a collection of conceptual treatises by international scholars about the dynamics and reach of globalization and its relationships with tourism. It anatomizes and deconstructs the global forces, processes and challenges that face the world of tourism. It is international in scope, encyclopedic in its conceptual depth, empirically evocative, and contemporary in its coverage.

Tourism and Sustainability

Author : Martin Mowforth
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Increasingly it is argued that the growth of tourism offers a means for Third World countries to escape the confines of "underdevelopment". This text explores and challenges the notion of sustainability and its relationship to contemporary tourism in the developing world. Drawing on examples from throughout the area, particularly Central America and the Caribbean, the authors trace the inception of sustainability within environmentalism and its extension into the realism of socio-cultural and economic thinking, policy and practice. Developing the relationship between a number of critical themes, from tourists and their relationships with new social movements to the impact of tourism policies adopted by national governments, the text examines a number of alternatives for the development of tourism in the Third World to progress.

Tourism Tourism development and sustainability

Author : Stephen Williams
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This collection of key articles from the most influential journals and books in the field examines what social scientists mean by the term tourism, and what it means to be a tourist. Carefully selected and introduced by the editor, this material charts the sociological changes that have occurred in tourism, and the change from the upper-class grand tours of the late nineteenth-century to the mass tourism of the present day. The collection also assesses the economic impacts of tourism on local economies, environmental considerations, and whether the growth of tourism is sustainable in a post-September 11th world. "Tourism: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences" is an accessible and comprehensive resource designed for academics and scholars researching in tourism, globalization, and human geography.

Tourism and Economic Development in Nepal

Author : Manoj Kumar Agarwal
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This book has been prepared keeping in mind rapid changes taking place in the land-locked economy of Nepal seated in the lap of Great Himalaya where tourism is expected to contribute in a big way. Salient Features - Analyzes economic impact of tourism growth on various aspects of the Nepalese economy. - Explores the role of tourism on globalization of this backward economy. - Attempts to incorporate important studies undertaken in this context. - Incorporates opinions of leading experts on tourism promotion and economic development exclusively for this book. - Thoroughly reviews contours of changes in tourism policy. - Well documented in terms of source of tourism information, institutions and chronological highlights, etc. In view of the above, this piece of work would be of immense use to policy makers, planners, researchers, practioners and also to students for whom sufficient materials have been added.

Globalization and Development

Author :
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Globalization and Sustainable Tourism Development

Author : M.L. Narasaiah
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Globalization has become today s buzzword. It has also become a battle ground for two radically opposed groups. There are the antiglobalists, who fear globalization and stress only its downside, seeking therefore powerful intervention aimed at taming, if not (unwitting) crippling it. Then there are the globalists (a class to which I belong) who celebrate globalization instead, emphasize its upside, while seeking only to ensure that its few rough edges be handled through appropriate policies that serve to make globalization yet more attractive.

Sport and Tourism

Author : James Higham
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Sport and Tourism: Globalization, Mobility and Identity marks a new era in sport tourism texts. Written by global experts whose previous collaborations have been integral to the development of the field, the book applies key social science concepts and issues relevant to the academic study of sport and tourism. This is a ground-breaking text, which: Critically explores the wider manifestations of sport-related tourism and mobility Addresses key themes such as globalization, mobility and identity Explores the unique interrelationship that exists in a sport tourism context between activity, people and place Includes case studies written by a range of leading scholars from around the world Set to be the an essential text for any student or academic in the field, this book cements and advances previous studies by building upon existing literature, while extending the field by exploring avenues of study that are yet to be comprehensively addressed. The latest collaboration by internationally renowned authors applies new theoretical perspectives for the advancement of sport tourism.

Tourism Development and the Environment

Author : Richard Sharpley
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Tourism Development and the Environment: Beyond Sustainability? challenges the sustainable tourism development paradigm that has come to dominate both theoretical and practical approaches to tourism development over the last two decades. It extends the sustainable tourism debate beyond the arguably managerialist 'blueprint' and destination-focused approach that continues to characterise even the most recent 'sustainability' agenda within tourism development. Reviewing the evolution of the sustainable tourism development concept, its contemporary manifestations in academic literature and policy developments and processes, the author compares its limitations to prevailing political-economic, socio-cultural and environmental contexts. He then proposes alternative approaches to tourism development which, nevertheless, retain environmental sustainability as a prerequisite of tourism development. This book also acts as an introduction to the Earthscan series Tourism, Environment and Development. About the series: 'Tourism, Environment and Development' aims to explore, within a variety of contexts, the developmental role of tourism as it relates explicitly to its environmental consequences. Each book will review critically and challenge 'traditional' perspectives on (sustainable) tourism development, exploring new approaches that reflect contemporary economic, socio-cultural and political contexts.

Rural Tourism Development

Author : Prof. E. Wanda George
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Rural tourism represents a merging of perhaps two of the most influential yet contradictory features of modern life. Not only are the forces of economic, social, cultural, environmental and political change working to redefine rural spaces the world over, but broad global transformations in consumption and transportation patterns are reshaping leisure behaviour and travel. For those concerned with both the nature of change in rural areas and tourism development, the dynamics and impacts of integrating these two dramatic shifts are not well known but yet are becoming increasingly provocative discourses for study. This book links changes at the local, rural community level to broader, more structural considerations of globalization and allows for a deeper, more theoretically sophisticated consideration of the various forces and features of rural tourism development. While Canadian in content, the cases and discussions presented in this book can be considered generally relevant to any rural region, continentally and globally, that has undertaken or is considering rural tourism development.

Cultural Tourism

Author : Department of Leisure Studies Greg Richards
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For many nations around the world, cultural tourism is not only a major industry but also a support for national identity and a means for preserving heritage. Cultural Tourism: Global and Local Perspectives brings together in one volume interdisciplinary explorations of cultural tourism from leading international authorities in different locations around the world. Experts from the Cultural Tourism Research Group of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS) discuss major issues that have emerged from the ATLAS research program over the past decade. Students and practitioners can examine important global and local issues such as authenticity, 'placelessness', the changing relationships between local communities and tourists, the changing meaning of religious heritage, festivals, and special events. 72 figures and tables make complex information easy to access and understand.

Tourism Development

Author : Peter M. Burns
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Making an empirical contribution to the understanding of tourism as a development mechanism in poor regions and countries, this book looks at the successes and paradoxes of tourism in this role and considers why tourism as a catalyst for economic development can be a controversial device. It offers a perspective on theoretical frameworks and uses international case studies covering both social and economic aspects. The book is relevant to both tourism practitioners and academics. It consists of 16 chapters, in addition to an introduction, and has a subject index.

Tourism Culture Communication

Author :
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Tourism in the Age of Globalisation

Author : Chris Cooper
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The revolutionary progress achieved in information and communication technology is gradually transforming the world into a global village. This volume, edited by an eminent board of international specialists, evaluates the nature and resilience of the emerging global economy and its implications for tourism.

Tourism and Development in the Developing World

Author : David J. Telfer
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Tourism is widely considered as an effective contributor to socio-economic development, particularly in less developed countries. However, despite the almost universal adoption of tourism as a developmental option, the extent to which economic and social development inevitably follows the introduction and promotion of a tourism sector remains the subject of intense debate. This book provides an introduction to the tourism-development process. Focusing specifically on the less developed world and drawing on contemporary case studies, it questions many assumptions about the role of tourism in development and, in particular, highlights the dilemmas faced by destinations seeking to achieve development through tourism. Combining an overview of essential concepts, theories and knowledge related to tourism and development with an analysis of contemporary issues and debates, Tourism and Development in the Developing World is a valuable resource for those investigating tourism issues in developing countries. It is also useful for students studying related subjects, including development studies, geography, international relations, politics, sociology and area studies.

Indian Anthropologist

Author :
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Development and Globalization

Author :
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Sport Tourism

Author : Ricardo Melo
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This volume provides important theoretical and applied insights into sport tourism. A collective work written by specialists in the field of sport tourism, it provides new insights into this rapidly expanding field, which is in constant change and challenged by globalization. The book is composed of four parts, each enclosing three chapters, including an initial introductory chapter. The first part of the book (re)thinks sport tourism in the globalized world; the second explores new challenges for global and local event sport tourism; the third section addresses issues related to sport tourism development in a globalized world; and the fourth part is dedicated to understanding participation in sport tourism activities. Altogether these chapters investigate some of the most important current research interests about sport tourism, and some of the challenges faced in a globalized world. As such, it represents a valuable reference for researchers, professors and professionals and an instructive text for students, providing an important understanding into this dynamic field. This book will interest academics dedicated to the study of sport tourism, events, management, and development, and will also be useful for professionals of public and private sector organizations operating within the field of sport tourism.

The Globalization of Tourism and Hospitality

Author : Tim Knowles
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The concept of the Tourism Area Life Cycle or TALC (the idea that there is a fixed pattern in the fortunes of tourist destinations: they're born, they grow, they mature, they stagnate and die) first surfaced in 1980. This work sets out reasons why the TALC need not be as fatalistic as it sounds.

The Business of Tourism

Author : J. Christopher Holloway
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"This book is a matchless guide to the operations and structures of the contemporary tourism industry. Holloway's accessible text has long been a classic and continues to be essential student reading."Dr Nigel MorganReader in Tourism StudiesUniversity of Wales Institute, Cardiff The Business of Tourism is a well established and popular text, providing an accessible introduction to the study of travel and tourism, from its historical roots to the present-day state and likely future direction.This 7th edition provides an up-to-date account of the development, impacts and major players in this fast-moving industry as well as the significant changes in the wake of world events such as 9/11 and the Asian Tsunami of 2004. The text contains a wealth of examples to set the theory in context and a number of longer cases at the end of the book have been chosen to represent the diversity of the industry from small-scale local attractions to the world-wide appeal of major destinations.Among the key topics covered in the book are:- the global economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism- technological change and its impact on the industry- the historical and future developments of the industry- the structure and sectors of travel and tourism- further reading and references for more extensive study Chris Holloway is Former Professor of Tourism Management at Bristol Business School, University of West of EnglandNeil Taylor is a former director of specialist tour operator Regent Holidays and currently editor of Bradt's Guides to Estonia, the Baltic Capitals and Tallinn