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Touched by Heaven s Light

Author : Brad Steiger
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An inspirational collection of true stories offers a life-affirming message of hope about the afterlife, presenting accounts of near-death experiences, dreams, prophetic visions, angel guides, heavenly memories, and messages from beyond. Original.

A Daily Poem touched by Heaven

Author : Cathy E. Hodgson
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A poem a day touched by Heaven Is an inspirational collection of poetry written by Cathy E. Hodgson. Each poem has a Bible reference taken from the Holy Bible There are three hundred and sixty five poems plus, put into twelve chapters. Making this a great choice for a daily devotional companion

Dante s Ten Heavens

Author : Edmund Garratt Gardner
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Touching Heaven

Author : Dr. Chauncey Crandall
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How a doctor's glimpses of eternity confirmed everything he believed about God, suffering, life on earth, and what happens after death.Dr. Chauncey Crandall knows his patients well. When they are dying, he sits at the bedside with them and holds their hands. He prays with them. Sometimes he can feel what they feel and see what they see. At other times his patients have near-death experiences and "come back" with astonishing descriptions of the afterlife. In TOUCHING HEAVEN, Dr. Crandall reveals how what he has seen and heard has convinced him that God is real, that we are created for a divine purpose, that death is not the end, that we will see our departed loved ones again, and that we are closer to the next world than we think.

Nature Displayed in the Heavens and on the Earth According to the Latest Observations and Discoveries

Author : Simeon Shaw
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The Pathos of Life Or Touching Incidents Illustrative of the Truth of the Gospel

Author : W. Poole Balfern
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The History of the Heavens

Author : Noël Antoine Pluche
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Touching the Edge of Heaven

Author : Sarah O'Malley
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This is my biography. I was a single, divorced parent, and after years of abuse which led to alcoholism, and going through a rape, I sunk into the deepest depths of society. On a misty November night, while riding on Highway 202 in a New England town, I was rear-ended by a Mack truck, flung thirty feet in the air, and landed on cement. With no life left in me, I had a near-death experience that changed my life forever. I believe, and it is my prayer, that anyone who has been through any kind of trauma, rape, abuse, or addiction of any kind will read this and find new hope in their lives. Through my relationship with Jesus Christ, I have a new lease on life that gives me security, wisdom, peace, joy, and the unconditional love of God my Father. Every day, my strength is renewed in Him, and no matter what storms may come my way, He has taught me how to overcome.

Correspondence touching the divine origin of the Christian religion between the Reverend John Fairfax Francklin and Evan Powell Meredith

Author : John Fairfax Francklin
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The Power of God

Author : Saint Thomas (Aquinas)
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On Power (De Potentia) is one of Aquinas's ''Disputed Questions'' (a systematic series of discussions of specific theological topics). It is a text which anyone with a serious interest in Aquinas's thinking will need to read. There is, however, no English translation of the De Potentia currently in print. Fr. Richard Regan has produced this abridgement, which passes over some of the full text while retaining what seems most important when it comes to following the flow of Aquinas's thought.

Touching Heaven

Author : Leanne Hadley
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Children have always been close to the heart of God. It is when children are sick, even dying, that they can suddenly bring us closer to God ourselves. Children's minister and former children's hospital chaplain Leanne Hadley has been ministering to hurting children for years. In Touching Heaven, she recounts the poignant stories and simple faith of the remarkable children she has been privileged to serve. She shares their encounters with God, Jesus, and angels. And with humor and tenderness, she offers their inspiring testimonies to the presence of God in our lives--even as earthly life is ending. Anyone who has lost a child or another loved one, or anyone who is currently supporting a dying person along the journey, will find in these stories comfort, inspiration, and hope of everlasting life.

Legend of Sword in Nine Heavens

Author : Yi ZhuXianCao
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A black fire lifted the mysterious veil of the Great Liang Mountain. An enormous, badly damaged sword that had cut through the ages of the Fiendgod continent. The young man who had lost his memory woke up in a daze. In that world where he could not see the light, he left countless breathtaking legends. Some people said that he was a demon, but he was only a swordsman, a lonely swordsman. 

Sapphire of the Fairies Sword of Heavens 1

Author : Richard S. Tuttle
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The sky is dark. Neither the sun nor the moon have been seen in decades. The land is fruitless, and the seas are barren. No law exists, only the rule of might is exerted over a hapless people by those who can wield it. In a land of darkness and despair, there is one shining light, an ancient prophecy that foretells of the coming king and his companion, the vanquisher of evil. Sapphire of the Fairies is the first of seven volumes of the epic fantasy series Sword of Heavens. Explore a vast continent where elves, dwarves, unicorns, fairies, demons, dragons, and man all exist. Sapphire of the Fairies begins the saga of five humans on the verge of adulthood. Living in a land where no one can be trusted, these five adventurers must restore the magical Sword of Heavens and defeat the Evil One, an evil sorcery whose minions roam the world in an attempt to defeat the ancient prophecy.

Dark Heavens

Author : Roger Levy
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DARK HEAVENS takes us back to Roger Levy's stunning vision of a world counting out its final years as it literally falls apart. London is awash with volcanic ash, the population fatalistically playing out their lives in VR. But ReGenesis, the radical movement who started Earth's death with a series of controlled nuclear explosions in the Marina's trench, have not finished with the planet yet. RECKLESS SLEEP was a supremely assured and visionary SF debut. DARK HEAVENS builds on that promise with flair and verve.

Beast Piercing The Heavens

Author : Yao Ye
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A destitute young master of an aristocratic family, a group of women with different tastes, and an unyielding battle history. A youth with a magical warbeast, unyielding to fate, stepping onto the peak step by step, winning over countless beauties and fighting against the heavens? What qualifications does the heavens have to compete with me?

Seynt Graal Or the Sank Ryal

Author : Frederick James Furnivall
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King of Nine Heavens

Author : Zhu LangXiaoFeiXia
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He was of illustrious birth, and was caught up in the adultery. He fell into the mortal world and became an orphan. Wintertime practice three times, summer practice three times. When encountering Buddha or Buddha, when encountering Devil Slayer, one would finally be able to look down on the Nine Heavens Purple Lord. Close]

Foothold in the Heavens

Author : Ben Evans
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Foothold in the Heavens, the second volume in the A History of Human Space Exploration series, focuses upon the 1970s, the decade in which humanity established real, longterm foothold in the heavens with the construction and operation of the first space stations. It marked a transitional phase between the heady, race-to-the-Moon days of the Sixties and efforts to make space travel more economical, more frequent and more 'routine.' Space exploration in the Seventies, although dominated by Soviet achievement, saw the first efforts of mankind to really 'live' and work in space, producing results of direct benefit to humans on Earth. The emphasis changed from the gung-ho, 'strap-it-on-and-go' pioneers of the Sixties to the more practical exploitation of space for science, medicine, and technology. This book focuses on each mission launched between April 1971 and April 1981: from the launch of the world's first space station to the end of operations of Salyut 6, and from the expanded, lengthy exploration of the Moon on Apollo 15 to the first flight of the Shuttle.

Eclectic Magazine

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The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature Science and Art

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