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Total Tractor

Author : DK
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Let your young tractor-lover get up close to these mighty machines! Filled with exciting vintage tractors, powerful farming machines and the latest state-of-the-art John Deere, this tractor book for kids shows all kinds of big and noisy farm vehicles at work. Hop inside the cab and get a drivers-eye view! This children's book about tractors includes: - Brand-new photography shows galleries of colourful tractors and all their amazing attachments - Important and interesting tractors are highlighted, with all parts clearly labelled - Covers a wide range of tractor attachments, from ploughs to bulldozer blades, and explains all the parts and how they work - Also includes weird and wonderful tractors, ploughing competitions, and tractor restoration Explore the wonderful world of farming and see tractors big and small in action! DPS spreads and stunning images show tractors and machinery hard at work - from ploughing and harvesting to carrying heavy loads and building or breaking. Total Tractor! is the perfect way to engage children aged 6-11 years with fun facts and essential stats about tractors including pulling power, tyre size, and much more! Travel through time with the pictures of tractors through the ages. Discover historic steam engines in incredible detail and follow their development right up to the present day. Children will also get to explore all the different types of tractors, such as the bulldozers and diggers in the city and the giant saw-wielding forestry tractors. This is a must-have farm book for any child who is passionate about tractors and machinery!

Cost of Using Horses Tractors and Combines on Wheat Farms in Sherman County Oreg

Author : Raymond Secord Washburn
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Estimating the least cost combinaion of cable yarding and tractor skidding for a timber sale area

Author : Dennis M. Donnelly
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Total Tractor

Author : DK Publishing
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"Tractors--from the oldest steam engines to the latest monster machines"--

Australian Tractors

Author : Graeme R. Quick
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Australia has some of the world's largest and most labor-efficient farms, and tractors are an essential part of their operations. The average Australian farm has three or more tractors. In this historical overview, the author documents the development of the indigenous tractor industry, from the McDonald Imperial of 1909 to more recent cane, olive, and grape harvesters. Australian Tractors puts the industry in an economic and social history context.

Use of Farm Tractors in Minnesota

Author : Truman R. Nodland
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Cost and policy determinants of features of tractor markets in Nigeria Case studies of tractor sellers in Kaduna state and tractor owners in Benue state

Author : Hatzenbuehler, Patrick L.
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In this study, we contribute to such efforts to enhance the use of tractors in Africa by describing the key characteristics of markets for tractors in Nigeria. Nigeria is among a set of countries in Africa that has both low agricultural productivity and low agricultural mechanization growth (Malabo Montpellier Panel 2018). Current understanding of the tractor market in Nigeria mainly highlights only specific aspects of mechanization issues or only delves into the application of specific emergent mechanization technologies. Consequently, many stakeholders do not have sufficient understanding of how tractor markets in Nigeria are organized both in vertical and in geographic terms.

Market imperfections for tractor service provision in Nigeria

Author : Takeshima, Hiroyuki
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In Nigeria, despite the scarcity of tractors, average horsepower and prices of tractors appear high. These patterns are different from the experiences in other parts of the world where initially tractor horsepower was often smaller, such as Asia, or farmers were better endowed with land and wealth, such as Latin America. In Nigeria, joint ownership of tractors is rare, and formal loans are often unavailable due to high transactions costs. IFPRI’s survey in Kaduna and Nasarawa states in 2013 suggested that the spatial mobility of tractors is generally low and the use of tractors is highly seasonal. There do not seem to be plausible explanations for the seeming dominance of large tractor use based on available information on prices and soils. Nevertheless, these patterns seem driven by the own initiative of the private sector rather than by government policies. Indivisibility of large tractors and limited mobility of supplies may cause imperfections in the custom tractor hiring market. In order to distinguish the impacts of technology adoption at the extensive margin from those at the intensive margin, in the empirical analyses for the research presented here we tested these hypotheses focusing on the differences among marginal adopters of tractor hiring services and non-adopters with similar characteristics. The results are three-fold: (1) adoptions patterns of tractor services are partly explained by basic factor endowments, suggesting that the market for custom hiring is in some way functioning efficiently in response to economic conditions; (2) adoptions are, however, affected by supply-side factors, including the presence of large farm households (and thus potential tractor owners) within the district, and (3) per capita household expenditure level differs significantly between the marginal adopters and non-adopters with similar characteristics. This difference seems to arise from adoption per se, rather than the intensity of adoption, which is consistent with the hypothesis of imperfection in the custom tractor hiring market.

Tractors and Horses in the Winter Wheat Belt Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska

Author : Howard Ross Tolley
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Classic Farm Tractors

Author : Randy Leffingwell
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The farm tractor brought the Industrial Revolution to the farm. It lifted the burden from the horse power to horsepower and brought mechanized power into the hands of all farmers. This book tells the fascinating story of the development of the farm tractor with more than 250 color photos of tractors from across the United States.