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Together and by Ourselves

Author : Alex Dimitrov
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A wry, haunting search for connection in snippets of conversations, faded memories, and snapshots of LA and New York.

Happy Together

Author : Bill Cloke, PhD
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No matter how much passion there is at the beginning of a relationship, for love to last it must be actively created. Dr. Bill Cloke, an innovative and successful couples’ therapist, has been helping couples create lasting connection, commitment, and intimacy by learning the essential relationship skills he now reveals in Happy Together. With sensitivity and practicality, Happy Together pinpoints the issues and actions that can make or break our relationships. Step by step, it will show you: • How to identify and overcome personal barriers to meaningful and satisfying connections • The defensive ways we unknowingly kill love and how to learn from conflict to create deeper intimacy • The role of passion and sexuality in our relationships • How to understand & deal with issues of shame and rage that can impact our ability to love • Why deeply held myths about family, marriage, and idealized romance can create expectations that damage our connection with each other • How to become partners in problem-solving • How to effectively use the tools of compassionate communication and “constructive complaining.” Rich with practical tips and techniques, including sample dialogues to help you make meaningful changes, Happy Together will guide you in perfecting the skills you need to create a positive vision for your relationship and a road map for happiness.

Giving Birth to Ourselves

Author : Oriana Haddad
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To change our life lies in a disarming experience of our own body. This book sets out on a journey to revolutionise the understanding of what our body is and does, so as to reorient our approach to life. It is a return-journey to an original awareness, that acknowledges the ability of the body to co-create reality, the evidence of which has been disclosed from the ancient times to the present day. We let go of our body as a given and bounded object, in order to experience ourselves as embodiment: the process through which we become our own body, along with the World that we experience and make sense of. We are not given a body, but we become one, just as reality is not given, but becomes, along with our biological, emotional, and cognitive responsiveness to it. We are asked to sense our own body, to feel it, to listen to its innate intelligence, which breaks through the illusions of separateness between inner and outer. Awareness of embodiment is now an intimate and collective urgency. There is no possibility for a free World until we become a free body. We are all a human body; therefore, each of us has the ability to harness our innate process of embodiment, and unlock the potential for regenerating our own becoming along with a World through which we can survive and thrive.

A practical exposition of the Church catechism several discourses Together with two discourses one on confessing Christ before men The other the great sin of denying him

Author : Matthew Hole
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Getting Your Emotional ACT Together

Author : Maggie Allison
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Ourselves Our Lives Wilthorpe the World

Author :
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Beyond Ourselves A course which explores the wider meaning of our lives

Author : Roger Morgan
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'Beyond Ourselves' is the first part of a three part practical discipleship programme, 'The God Who is There.' Designed to be accessible to those with no church background, Beyond Ourselves invites participants, Christian and not yet Christian, to discover together what it means to develop a living relationship with God. Topics covered include creation, suffering, life after death, the life and resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. 'The God Who is There' is a response to the increasingly voiced need for simple, interactive and relational discipleship material. It is commended by the Anglican Communion.

The Book of Common Prayer Together with the Psalter Or Psalms of David

Author :
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Walking Together as One

Author : Ray C. Van Tassell Jr
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Isaiah 28:9-10 informs us as to whom the real teacher is, "Whom shall He teach knowledge? And whom shall He make to understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little..." This is how we will grow in spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding of our KINGS completed work of the cross we are to walk by. This understanding the Holy Spirit will make alive to our level of understanding to do His will if we are diligently seeking His face for spiritual truth only the Holy Spirit can reveal truth from the written seed word He makes alive to us. This written word is the seed of GOD the Father's truths, but the Spirit must make it alive to our level of understanding or it is dead letter understanding, carnality, we try to keep and cannot. His spiritual truths can only come to us at our level of understanding as the Spirit works in us to complete our growth He started in us as we learn to be patient and obedient sons to His voice. Galatians 3:2-3, "This only would I learn of you, received you the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now made perfect by the flesh?" Philippians 1:6, "Being confident of this very thing, that He which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Chris..." Galatians 6:9, "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

Finding Ourselves at the Movies

Author : Paul W. Kahn
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Academic philosophy may have lost its audience, but the traditional subjects of philosophy—love, death, justice, knowledge, and faith—remain as compelling as ever. To reach a new generation, Paul W. Kahn argues that philosophy must take up these fundamental concerns as we find them in contemporary culture. He demonstrates how this can be achieved through a turn to popular film. Discussing such well-known movies as Forrest Gump (1994), The American President (1995), The Matrix (1999), Memento (2000), The History of Violence (2005), Gran Torino (2008), The Dark Knight (2008), The Road (2009), and Avatar (2009), Kahn explores powerful archetypes and their hold on us. His inquiry proceeds in two parts. First, he uses film to explore the nature of action and interpretation, arguing that narrative is the critical concept for understanding both. Second, he explores the narratives of politics, family, and faith as they appear in popular films. Engaging with genres as diverse as romantic comedy, slasher film, and pornography, Kahn explores the social imaginary through which we create and maintain a meaningful world. He finds in popular films a new setting for a philosophical inquiry into the timeless themes of sacrifice, innocence, rebirth, law, and love.

Speaking for Ourselves

Author : Julian Agyeman
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The concept of environmental justice has offered a new direction for social movements and public policy in recent decades, and researchers worldwide now position social equity as a prerequisite for sustainability. Yet the relationship between social equity and environmental sustainability has been little studied in Canada. Speaking for Ourselves draws together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal scholars and activists who bring equity issues to the forefront by considering environmental justice from multiple perspectives and in specifically Canadian contexts.

Teachers And Assistants Working Together

Author : Vincett, Karen
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This book is for teachers and teaching assistants seeking to improve the ways in which they work together to meet the needs of children in their classes. It outlines the thinking behind the employment of teaching assistants in the classroom and spells out some of the teamworking opportunities and problems that can arise.

Humble Pie

Author : Carol Bonomo
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Take a quick look around – politicians, entertainers, sports figures, and even our own circles of family and friends: Humble pie is not on the menu. It’s a me-first society that turns pride into a virtue and humility into a vice. But Christians – especially those who follow the Rule of St. Benedict – are encouraged to embrace humility as a virtue that leads them closer to Christ. And in this upside-down Benedictine world, we reach humility not by descending to the depths but by climbing, joyfully, to the top of a ladder. In this honest, funny, touching book, Carol Bonomo, a Benedictine oblate – a person vowed to live according to the fourth-century Rule – reconciles the conflict between the world’s call and Benedict’s more gentle admonition as she examines the twelve rungs on Benedict’s ladder against the backdrop of the liturgical year. From the first rung, obedience, during Advent, to the twelfth, constancy, during the feast of All Saints, Bonomo studies what it means for a contemporary Christian to climb the ladder of humility that leads to perfect, fearless love. Bonomo, with a light hand and a sense of humor, takes readers along on her down-to-earth spiritual adventure.

Helping Ourselves

Author : Ruth Evans
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Report investigates programmes and sites in developing and transitional countries which were regarded by international authorities as "high coverage sites" i.e. where more than 50% of injecting drug users had been reached by one or more HIV prevention programmes. Each case study includes a description of the development of the programme and features of the services provided, an estimation of programme coverage, factors that led to high coverage, and a discussion of ways to maintain and expand coverage.

Teens Together Grief Support Group Curriculum

Author : Linda Lehmann
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The texts focus on preschool-aged children, children in kindergarten through grade two, children in grades three through six, and teenagers.Each curriculum contains ten ninety-minute sessions that should be implemented over a period of ten weeks. By employing age-appropriate themes to engage the child and provide continuity throughout the sessions, the division of material within the curricula assures that the activities reflect the developmental level of the grieving child or adolescent. Each person grieves differently, and Grief Support Group Curriculum addresses the issues related to mourning while recognizing the importance of individuality in grieving.

Holy Living and Dying Together with Prayers

Author : Jeremy Taylor
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The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments Together with the Psalter Pointed as They are to be Sung Or Said in Churches

Author : Church of England
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Parenting Together

Author : Diane Ehrensaft
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Keeping Families Together

Author : Jill Kinney
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When a family's problems become so severe that traditional community resources are unable to help them effectively, caseworkers are usually advised to place children outside the home. Family preservation services such as Homebuilders are designed to give caseworkers and families another option: services that are more intensive, accessible, flexible, and goal-oriented than conventional supports. Instead of relieving family pressure by removing a child, the approach described here adds resources to alleviate pressure and to facilitate the development of a nurturing environment for children within the context of the family. Whereas crisis intervention attempts to resolve immediate problems their approach enables the family to function better after the crisis than before. In addition to their obvious social benefits, family preservation services are cost effective. Straightforward and practice-oriented, Keeping Families Together profiles the kinds of families that are assisted by prevention services such as this, tracing the salient features of its innovative approach to crisis intervention, its organizational features, and its knowledge and research base. Rich in actual examples drawn from family practice, this book will be of great interest to beginning students as well as practitioners in family and children's services. The book is also intended for those who are considering beginning their own Family Preservation Services to evaluate whether or not the approach will be a good fit for them, to become aware of some of the complexities of program design and training so that they can make informed decisions. When the book first appeared, Contemporary Psychology said that it "speaks for itself as a wonderful description of how to be of help to families in crisis." Jill Kinney is executive director of Home, Safe, a private Seattle, Washington nonprofit corporation begun in 1992 to develop and implement innovative approaches to helping families throughout the United States. David Haapala co-founded the Homebuilders program with Jill Kinney, and has provided consultation to such diverse groups as Universal Studios, Hollywood, California; Ute Indian Nation, Ute Mountain, Towaoc, Colorado; and Community Services of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Charlotte Booth is executive director of Homebuilders and executive director of the Institute for Family Development.

Peacing the World Together

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A small refrigerator magnet has adorned our kitchen for more years than I can remember. It bears the image of a dove with the words, Let there be peace, at least between you and me. The three square inches it has displaced is opposite in proportion to its magnitude in the lives of family and friends. It is a mantra, a goal, a challenge. Because for so many, peace does not come easily or naturally! Archeological evidence substantiates human irascibility. Indeed, Homo sapiens were endowed with tendencies toward turbulence. Bones shattered by instruments of humanoids are not uncommon to ancient skeletons. Written documents confirm the same: Cain and Able, David and Goliath, dozens of bloody wars and holocausts are recorded in biblical and pre-biblical documents that manifest mankinds snarling, crotchety predisposition to conflict and violence. Discouraged by that disturbing legacy, we recognize exceptions. Though peace is an intentional accord, it is made easier for some who luckily avoid the ancestral consequence of contentiousness. Through genetic good fortune, they are endowed with intrinsic tranquility and a special quiet devoid of malevolence. Gladly, they accept the gift of unsolicited good genes. Acknowledging a quarrelsome nature, then, we embark on this journey of peace, the road made smoother through relevant prayer, prose and poetry. Each step is an encounter with a peace borne naturally or achieved the hard way. In either case, the following pages are channels of peace . . . at least between you and me. And so we reach out together, striving to influence families and cities, states and nations . . . peacefully. After all, the leaders of mighty and minute countries alike agree that the key to peace between all lands is that it begins within individual hearts, homes and families. For only then can it infect every place on a precious earth we will someday call . . . peaceful. Of all the arboreal wonders on earth, none is more amazingly self-propagating than Ficus Benghalensis, the banyan tree. A massive, improbable sight to behold, the banyan puts down feelers from its branches; the feelers grow into the ground and become roots; and the new roots pump sap up and act as support struts for the tree. In this way, the tree grows outward. Equally as amazing, banyans count their days in hundreds of years as they create the widest natural canopies in the world. A single tree can provide shade for an entire village. It is said that Alexander the Great camped with an army of 7,000 soldiers under the shade of one banyan. In more recent years, an imposing banyan tree has spread its arms and roots over one full acre of land in the city of Fort Myers, Florida. Its notoriety and location are the result of a friendship between two of Americas early business pioneers, men who were close, personal friends. The time was 1925. One of the men visited the county of Andhra Pradesh in India and came upon the largest banyan tree in the world, having since reached 570 years in age and covering the breath of 14 acres with 1,650 roots. At the time of his visit, the entrepreneur had a vested interest in the tree, suspecting it might prove valuable as a source of natural rubber. He brought a seedling back to his friend who had a Winter residence in Fort Myers. The friend was delighted with the gift and planted it on his estate. It grew well and still delights guests. Harvey Firestone was the purveyor of the seedling. His friend, Thomas Edison was the recipient. To this day, seedlings of Edisons great tree are sold at his estate, one of them growing in fine health on this writers property. Similarly, admirers from around the world have procured seedlings and carried them back to faraway lands. Hence, the legacy of the giant tree of India is proliferated by the tree of Thomas Edison, now renowned as the third lar