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To Wee Or Not to Wee

Author : Pamela Butchart
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The Adventures of Wee Jim

Author : Captain Jim Currie
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In part one, we left a lovely wee Jim and his entirely world possessions, on a dessert quayside on South Wales. It was a miserable dark nights, and the rain was coming down in torrents. In part two, we rejoin him and share the initial moment of misery. From then on, the wee lad takes us on his adventures across the world up until he meets the love of his life. We may think life is hard... think again - then think again for the sense of humour.

The Adventures of Wee Jim

Author : Jim Currie
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The origin of the old Scottish expression "Heart was roasted" has long since been lost of the annals of time. However, let me assure everyone that we (and Wee) Scotts are not - and as far as I know - never have been cannibals. The famous Scotts actor Sir Billy Conolly is an expert in use of such permission. So those who wants to know more can ask him. The expression simply means that I was not, by any measurement, well-behave child. In fact, I was a positive horror. Having said that, I assure you that you will not find three sixes tattooed on my scalp. Although it has been suggested that I was the original model for the children's comic 'Dennis the Menace.'

Truth cleared of Calumnies wherein a book intituled A dialogue betwixt a Quaker and a stable Christian printed at Aberdeen and upon good ground judged to be writ by William Mitchell is examined and the disingenuity of the author in his representing the Quakers is discovered

Author : Robert BARCLAY (the Elder.)
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This Man s Wee Boy

Author : Tony Doherty
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A uniquely-crafted memoir of the author's early childhood (1967–1972), the third oldest in a working-class Catholic family from the Brandywell in Derry. Written with the authentic voice of a child, this snapshot of his young life unfolds in a series of stories evoking the innocence of childhood, family dynamics and tensions, street friendships and characters, the onset of civil strife, and a family protecting itself from conflict, with CS gas coming in through the door and tracer bullets flying past the windows. The book centres on Tony’s father, Patrick – a legend in his son's eyes and a man who struggles to raise a family through bitter years of economic inactivity. It beautifully and movingly portrays the relationship between Tony and the father he adores, yet slightly fears, as events, both within the family and on the streets, unfold and fuse together. The burgeoning chaos of conflict finds its way into his life through the death of a friend under an army truck and more horrifically, directly into the Doherty household. Described as 'a treasure', it draws the reader into a child's world, his innocent view of the harsh reality of life and the horrifying events unfolding around him. It has bags of humour and paints a picture of a lost world of children running wild in play, unsupervised by or worried over by adults. The book is also very moving, to the point of provoking tears at the end.

Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Author : Johns Hopkins Hospital
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Bound with v. 52-55, 1933-34, is the hospital's supplement: Bulletin of the Institute of the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, v. 1-2.

Chaucer Society

Author :
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William Stafford s Compendious Or Briefe Examination of Certayne Ordinary Complaints of Diuers of Our Countrymen in These Our Dayes A D 1581

Author : William Stafford
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The Voyage of Sir Henry Middleton to the Moluccas 1604 1606

Author : Sir William Foster
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A new and enlarged edition, with an Introduction and Notes. For the previous edition, see First Series 19 (1854). The additional material includes an account by Edmund Scott of events at Bantam, 1603-05, and his description of Java. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1943.

The Power of Words

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This volume comprises essays in lexicography, lexicology and semantics by leading international experts in these fields. The contributions cover Old, Middle and Present-Day English and Scots, and specific subjects include medical vocabulary, colour lexemes, and semantic and pragmatic meaning in terms for politeness, money and humour. In the area of Old English studies there are articles on kinship terminology and colour lexemes, and in Middle English a semantic and syntactic study of the overlapping of the verbs dreden and douten. Many of the essays make use of the Historical Thesaurus of English project at the University of Glasgow, and pay tribute to its Director, Professor Christian Kay; e.g., one article demonstrates how the HTE, a project which is at the interface between historical semantics and lexicography, may present a rich resource for information about the lexicalization of concepts within our culture, such as changing social attitudes in the area of will, consent and coercion. Other resources, such as The Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, and the Oxford English Dictionary provide a rich source for information on historical lexicography, semantics and editing. A number of essays concern the Scots language, such as an analysis of evaluative terms in modern Scots speech and writing, the rich potential of rhyme in Scots, and the role of lexicon in th- fronting in Glaswegian.