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Timed Petri nets

Author : International Workshop on Timed Petri Nets
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Time and Petri Nets

Author : Louchka Popova-Zeugmann
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At first glance the concepts of time and of Petri nets are quite contrary: while time determines the occurrences of events in a system, classic Petri nets consider their causal relationships and they represent events as concurrent systems. But if we take a closer look at how time and causality are intertwined we realize that there are many possible ways in which time and Petri nets interact. This book takes a closer look at three time-dependent Petri nets: Time Petri nets, Timed Petri nets, and Petri nets with time windows. The author first explains classic Petri nets and their fundamental properties. Then the pivotal contribution of the book is the introduction of different algorithms that allow us to analyze time-dependent Petri nets. For Time Petri nets, the author presents an algorithm that proves the behavioral equivalence of a net where time is designed once with real and once with natural numbers, so we can reduce the state space and consider the integer states exclusively. For Timed Petri nets, the author introduces two time-dependent state equations, providing a sufficient condition for the non-reachability of states, and she also defines a local transformation for converting these nets into Time Petri nets. Finally, she shows that Petri nets with time-windows have the ability to realize every transition sequence fired in the net omitting time restrictions. These classes of time-dependent Petri nets show that time alone does not change the power of a Petri net, in fact time may or may not be used to force firing. For Time Petri nets and Timed Petri nets we can say that they are Turing-powerful, and thus more powerful than classic Petri nets, because there is a compulsion to fire at some point in time. By contrast, Petri nets with time-windows have no compulsion to fire, their expressiveness power is less than that of Turing-machines. This book derives from advanced lectures, and the text is supported throughout with examples and exercises. It is suitable for graduate courses in computer science, mathematics, engineering, and related disciplines, and as a reference for researchers.

International Workshop on Timed Petri Nets Torino Italy July 1 3 1985

Author :
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Timed Petri Nets

Author : Jiacun Wang
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Driven by the request for increased productivity, flexibility, and competitiveness, modern civilization increasingly has created high-performance discrete event dynamic systems (DEDSs). These systems exhibit concurrent, sequential, competitive activities among their components. They are often complex and large in scale, and necessarily flexible and thus highly capital-intensive. Examples of systems are manufacturing systems, communication networks, traffic and logistic systems, and military command and control systems. Modeling and performance evaluation play a vital role in the design and operation of such high-performance DEDSs and thus have received widespread attention from researchers over the past two decades. One methodology resulting from this effort is based on timed Petri nets and related graphical and mathematical tools. The popularity that Petri nets have been gaining in modeling of DEDSs is due to their powerful representational ability of concurrency and synchronization; however these properties of DEDSs cannot be expressed easily in traditional formalisms developed for analysis of `classical' systems with sequential behaviors. This book introduces the theories and applications of timed Petri nets systematically. Moreover, it also presents many practical applications in addition to theoretical developments, together with the latest research results and industrial applications of timed Petri nets. Timed Petri Nets: Theory and Application is intended for use by researchers and practitioners in the area of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems.

Automated Parallelization of Timed Petri net Simulations

Author : David M. Nicol
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Abstract: "Timed Petri-nets are used to model numerous types of large complex systems, especially computer architectures and communication networks. While formal analysis of such models is sometimes possible, discrete-event simulation remains the most general technique available for assessing the model's behavior. However, simulation's computational requirements can be massive, especially on the large complex models that defeat analytic methods. One way of meeting these requirements is by executing the simulation on a parallel machine. This paper describes simple techniques for the automated parallelization of timed Petri-net simulations. We address both the issue of processor synchronization, as well as the automated mapping, static and dynamic, of the Petri-net to the parallel architecture. As part of this effort we describe a new mapping algorithm, one that also applies to more general parallel computations. We establish analytic properties of the solution produced by the algorithm, including optimality on some regular topologies. The viability of our integrated approach is demonstrated empirically on the Intel iPSC/860 and Delta architectures using many processors. Excellent performance is observed on models of parallel architectures."

Discrete Continuous and Hybrid Petri Nets

Author : René David
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This monograph presents a well written and clearly organized introduction in the standard methods of discrete, continuous and hybrid Petri Nets. Starting from the basics of Petri Nets the book imparts an accurate understanding of continuous and hybrid Petri Nets. Preserving the consistency of basic concepts throughout the text it introduces a unified framework for all the models presented. The book is a scientific monograph as well as a didactic tutorial which is easy to understand due to many exercises with solutions, detailed figures and several case studies. It demonstrates that Petri nets are a deep, practical and alive field important for researchers, engineers and graduate students in engineering and computer science.

Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1993

Author : Marco Ajmone Marsan
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This volume contains the proceedings of the 14th International Conference onApplication and Theory of Petri Nets. The aim of the Petri net conferences is to create a forum for discussing progress in the application and theory of Petri nets. Typically, the conferences have 150-200 participants, one third of whom come from industry, while the rest are from universities and research institutes. The volume includes three invited papers, "Modeling and enactment of workflow systems" (C.A. Ellis, G.J. Nutt), "Interleaving functional and performance structural analysis of net models" (M. Silva), and "FSPNs: fluid stochastic Petri nets" (K.S. Trivedi, V.G. Kulkarni), together with 26 full papers (selected from 102 submissions) and 6 project papers.

Hardware Design and Petri Nets

Author : Alex Yakovlev
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Hardware Design and Petri Nets presents a summary of the state of the art in the applications of Petri nets to designing digital systems and circuits. The area of hardware design has traditionally been a fertile field for research in concurrency and Petri nets. Many new ideas about modelling and analysis of concurrent systems, and Petri nets in particular, originated in theory of asynchronous digital circuits. Similarly, the theory and practice of digital circuit design have always recognized Petri nets as a powerful and easy-to-understand modelling tool. The ever-growing demand in the electronic industry for design automation to build various types of computer-based systems creates many opportunities for Petri nets to establish their role of a formal backbone in future tools for constructing systems that are increasingly becoming distributed, concurrent and asynchronous. Petri nets have already proved very effective in supporting algorithms for solving key problems in synthesis of hardware control circuits. However, since the front end to any realistic design flow in the future is likely to rely on more pragmatic Hardware Description Languages (HDLs), such as VHDL and Verilog, it is crucial that Petri nets are well interfaced to such languages. Hardware Design and Petri Nets is divided into five parts, which cover aspects of behavioral modelling, analysis and verification, synthesis from Petri nets and STGs, design environments based on high-level Petri nets and HDLs, and finally performance analysis using Petri nets. Hardware Design and Petri Nets serves as an excellent reference source and may be used as a text for advanced courses on the subject.

Application and Theory of Petri Nets 2000

Author : Mogens Nielsen
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 6th Congress of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, AI*IA 99, held in Bologna, Italy, in September 1999. The 33 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book from a total of 64 congress submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on knowledge representation; automated reasoning; temporal and qualitative reasoning; machine learning, data mining, and theory revision; natural language processing and web interfaces; multi-agent systems; perception and robotics; and planning and scheduling.

A Linear Logic Based Approach to Timed Petri Nets

Author : Norihiro Kamide
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A Linear Logic Based Approach to Timed Petri Nets.

Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1995

Author : Giorgio DeMichelis
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, held in Torino, Italy in June 1995 The 26 revised refereed papers presented were selected from 73 submissions from 22 countries; in addition there are abstracts or full papers of the three invited talks. All theoretical and applicational aspects are addressed by the contributors coming from industry and academia. This volume representatively documents the progress achieved in this application-oriented area of research and development since the predecessor conference held one year earlier.

Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency

Author : Ryszard Janicki
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Application of Petri Nets to Communication Networks

Author : Jonathan Billington
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Petri nets offer a mathematically defined technique for the specification, design, analysis, verification and performance evaluation of concurrent distributed systems. Communications networks, ranging from traditional telecommunication systems to advanced Internet-based information services, are inherently distributed and comprise systems with concurrently operating components. This volume presents a selection of the latest advances in the use of Petri nets for the modeling, analysis and management of communication networks and systems in the broadest sense of these terms.

Coloured Petri Nets

Author : Kurt Jensen
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"Unlike most books on Petri nets, which try to illustrate all aspects of the formalism, this volume focuses on a specific subject: the analysis of CP-nets. - The style, exercises, and bibliographical remarks makes this book useful as a textbook for an advanced course on CP-nets, which should follow a course based on the first volume." (M. Pezzé in Computing Reviews, August 1996)

Modeling and Control of Discrete event Dynamic Systems

Author : Branislav Hrúz
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Discrete-event dynamic systems (DEDs) permeate our world. They are of great importance in modern manufacturing processes, transportation and various forms of computer and communications networking. This book begins with the mathematical basics required for the study of DEDs and moves on to present various tools used in their modeling and control. Industrial examples illustrate the concepts and methods discussed, making this book an invaluable aid for students embarking on further courses in control, manufacturing engineering or computer studies.

Advances in Verification of Time Petri Nets and Timed Automata

Author : Wojciech Penczek
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This monograph presents a comprehensive introduction to timed automata (TA) and time Petri nets (TPNs) which belong to the most widely used models of real-time systems. Some of the existing methods of translating time Petri nets to timed automata are presented, with a focus on the translations that correspond to the semantics of time Petri nets, associating clocks with various components of the nets.

Advances in Petri Nets 1993

Author : Grzegorz Rozenberg
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The main aims of the series of volumes "Advances in Petri Nets" are: - to present to the "outside" scientific community a fair picture of recent advances in the area of Petri nets, and - to encourage those interested in the applications and the theory of concurrent systems to take a closer look at Petri nets and then join the group of researchers working in this fascinating and challenging area. This volume is based on the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets, held in Gjern, Denmark, in June 1991. It contains 18 selected and revised papers covering all aspects of recent Petri net research.

Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models

Author :
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The proceedings of the June 1996 workshop contain 24 papers selected according to a special review process. Papers are organized in 8 sessions, covering the topics of solution techniques, simulation, queueing systems, process algebra and applications. Specific topics include petri nets for modeling and evaluating deterministic and stochastic manufacturing systems; modeling of hybrid systems using continuous and hybrid petri nets; analysis of large GSPN models; timed petri net models of multithreaded multiprocessor architectures; discrete-event simulation of fluid stochastic petri nets; and GSPN analysis of ABR in ATM LANs. No index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

Petri Nets and Performance Models

Author : IEEE Computer Society Press
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The proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on [title], December 1991, Melbourne, Australia. Twenty-six papers, four "research briefs," and two keynote addresses present research results and directions in the areas of Petri nets and their timed and stochastic extensions and in their application to a wide variety of systems, including computing, communication, and manufacturing. No subject index. Acidic paper. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

Control of Discrete Event Systems

Author : Carla Seatzu
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Control of Discrete-event Systems provides a survey of the most important topics in the discrete-event systems theory with particular focus on finite-state automata, Petri nets and max-plus algebra. Coverage ranges from introductory material on the basic notions and definitions of discrete-event systems to more recent results. Special attention is given to results on supervisory control, state estimation and fault diagnosis of both centralized and distributed/decentralized systems developed in the framework of the Distributed Supervisory Control of Large Plants (DISC) project. Later parts of the text are devoted to the study of congested systems though fluidization, an over approximation allowing a much more efficient study of observation and control problems of timed Petri nets. Finally, the max-plus algebraic approach to the analysis and control of choice-free systems is also considered. Control of Discrete-event Systems provides an introduction to discrete-event systems for readers that are not familiar with this class of systems, but also provides an introduction to research problems and open issues of current interest to readers already familiar with them. Most of the material in this book has been presented during a Ph.D. school held in Cagliari, Italy, in June 2011.