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Time Travel

Author : John Yates
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For science to be what it should be, it should be allowed to survive in its own right, untrammeled by ancient dogma. This idea is applied to theories of time and the universe and the toxic idea that there is no free will. We deal particularly with the so-called 'specious present' which is not specious at all as anyone who cares to, can easily discover. This monograph uses modern physics, observational and psychological techniques, virtual reality, and science studies to examine the borderline problems of time and space. We have broken through the psychological barrier of ancient dogma, and we actually catalogue and describe experiences obtained whilst travelling through time, in an acceptable and scientific manner.

Science fiction Studies

Author :
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Modernist Time Ecology

Author : Jesse Matz
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Modernist Time Ecology is a deeply interdisciplinary book that changes what we think literature and the arts can do for the world at large.

Theory and Practice of Forest Fire Protection in the United States

Author : Alfred David Folweiler
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Social Theory and Practice

Author :
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General theory and practice

Author : Rupert Stanley
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The Theory and Practice of Public Health

Author : William Hobson
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Compensation Theory and Practice

Author : Marc J. Wallace
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The Theory and Practice of Neoclassicism in English Painting

Author : Ann M. Hope
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The Science of Michael Crichton

Author : Kevin Robert Grazier
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As each new Michael Crichton book grazes the cutting edge of scientific technology, this innovative guide serves to expose the plausibility behind the inventions of Crichton’s thrilling fiction. This fascinating analysis puts Crichton’s novels to the test, examining shocking developments—regarding dinosaur cloning, global warming, nanotechnology, time travel, animal behavior, and human genetics—and revealing the validity of the science behind them (or lack thereof). Exposing the truth behind the miracles and nightmares Crichton describes in his work, this tell-all resource dissects the science at the heart of each of his bestselling novels.

Twentieth century American Science fiction Writers

Author : David Cowart
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Profiles approximately one hundred American science fiction authors who began writing between 1900 and 1970, presenting primary and secondary bibliographies and illustrated biographical essays that chronicle each writer's career in detail; and includes eight essays on the genre and its fandom.

The Concept of Time Travel

Author : Herman Brandt
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Herman Brandt's book explores the theory and practice of time travel through the users perspective. A topic made popular by the science fiction genre, is in this landmark volume for the first time discussed in depth by one of the greatest minds of all time. Are we be able to travel back in time? How would it be possible? Can a low-end university be able to create their own time machine with the help of modern computers? In this book, Herman Brandt explains practical time travel in a way people who understand the most basic VX technology theories can understand. Brandt's whole research is based on the power of one single word. In this volume he explains just how and why "Singularity" is so important for the theory of time.

The long and short of mental time travel self projection over time scales large and small

Author : James M. Broadway
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Researchers working in many fields of psychology and neuroscience are interested in the temporal structure of experience, as well as the experience of time, at scales of a few milliseconds up to a few seconds as well as days, months, years, and beyond. This Research Topic supposes that broadly speaking, the field of "time psychology" can be organized by distinguishing between "perceptual" and "conceptual" time-scales. Dealing with conceptual time: "mental time travel," also called mental simulation, self-projection, episodic-semantic memory, prospection/foresight, allows humans (and perhaps other animals) to imagine and plan events and experiences in their personal futures, based in large part on memories of their personal pasts, as well as general knowledge. Moreover, contents of human language and thought are fundamentally organized by a temporal dimension, enmeshed with it so thoroughly that it is usually expressible only through spatial metaphors. But what might such notions have to do with experienced durations of events lasting milliseconds up to a few seconds, during the so-called "present moment" of perception-action cycle time? This Research Topic is organized around the general premise that, by considering how mental time travel might "scale down" to time perception (and vice-versa, no less), progress and integrative synthesis within- and across- scientific domains might be facilitated. Bipolar configurations of future- and past-orientations of the self may be repeated in parallel across conceptual and perceptual time-scales, subsumed by a general "Janus-like" feedforward-feedback system for goal-pursuit. As an example, it is notable that the duality of "prospection" and semantic-episodic memory operating at conceptual time-scales has an analogue in perception-action cycle time, namely the interplay of anticipatory attention and working memory. Authors from all areas of psychology and neuroscience are encouraged to submit articles of any format accepted by the journal (Original Research, Methods, Hypothesis & Theory, Reviews, etc.), which might speak to questions about time and temporal phenomena at long and/or short time-scales.

Flight of Time

Author : Paul Capon
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Time Travel in Anglo American Literature 1859 1900

Author : Catherine Elizabeth Yoes
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Human Computer Interaction

Author : Julie A. Jacko
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This four volume set provides the complete proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction held June, 2003 in Crete, Greece. A total of 2,986 individuals from industry, academia, research institutes, and governmental agencies from 59 countries submitted their work for presentation at the conference. The papers address the latest research and development efforts, as well as highlight the human aspects of design and use of computing systems. Those accepted for presentation thoroughly cover the entire field of human-computer interaction, including the cognitive, social, ergonomic, and health aspects of work with computers. The papers also address major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of diversified application areas, including offices, financial institutions, manufacturing, electronic publishing, construction, health care, and disabled and elderly people.

The Directory of Graduate Studies

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Film Posters Science Fiction

Author : Tony Nourmand
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With its unique ability to bring our wildest fantasies to life, the cinema has done more than any other medium to popularize the science fiction genre throughout the world. From Metropolis to Godzilla and from Invaders From Mars to Star Wars, science fiction movies have peopled our universe, and others, with some of the studios' coolest creations - including a vast range of aliens, robots, bug-eyed monsters and spaceships. Considering the visual richness of the subject matter, it is no wonder that successive generations of the most talented illustrators, painters, art directors and designers, all with imagination to spare, have signed on to produce posters for science fiction films. Their creations not only provide us with a record of how they and their contemporaries saw the future, they also serve as a visual running commentary on all that has happened in graphic design since Lumière invented motion pictures. The images in this book, representing the crème de la crème of science fiction posters from artists in different countries and cultures, show what has been luring audiences into the cinema from 1902 to the present day.

Philosophy of Time Travel

Author : Christine Y. Kim
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Physics Essays

Author :
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