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Time to Listen to Children

Author : Birgit Carolin
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Time to Listen to Children is a practical guide to effective communication with children. Professionals working with children in a variety of settings examine the skills required to help children articulate their problems and feelings. They discuss issues such as training, cultural background and religion and give accounts of their work in the following settings: * education * social services * voluntary organizations * medical settings * law Contributors practice a variety of therapeutic techniques, including play, music and art therapy. Time to Listen to Children will be a valuable resource for social workers, teachers and counsellors in training and for all professionals who wish to adopt a skilled, reflective and active approach to their work with children.

It s Time to Listen

Author : Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi
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This programme helps teach students, aged 7-11 years, the behaviours and strategies necessary for fast and effective listening in large group settings. It provides carryover activities for parents and teachers, and contains reproducible materials.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen Listen So Kids Will Talk

Author : Adele Faber
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Details a program for improving communication between parents and children, providing sample dialogues and role-playing exercises.

Learning to Listen Learning to Care

Author : Lawrence E. Shapiro
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A workbook with forty activities designed to help children learn self-control and empathy.

Listening Time

Author : Elizabeth Verdick
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“Put away the wiggles. Put away the giggles. Listening works better when your body’s calm and still.” When it’s time for young children to listen closely, this book sets the tone. They discover that it’s important to open their eyes and ears but to close their mouths (“zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket”) so good listening can begin. An award-winning author/illustrator team offers a fresh look at the times and transitions all toddlers face daily, giving young children the tools to handle routines with confidence and cooperation. Part of the Toddler Tools series, Listening Time can be shared before (or during) the desired “time,” or whenever toddlers need encouragement with routines. Includes tips for parents and caregivers.

Next Steps Toward Teaching the Reggio Way

Author : Joanne Hendrick
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More than a presentation of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, yet not a "how to do it" volume, this book is a progress report of the steps American and Canadian teachers have taken in the last six years toward teaching the Reggio Emilia way. Comprising chapters by the leading advocates of the Reggio Emilia approach, it examines how real teachers in real classrooms are applying the principles of Reggio Emilia on an everyday basis. By combining discussion of Reggio Emilia concepts with examples of their application in American schools, it explores this emergent curriculum and helps future teachers see how to advocate for it in their own school or program.Discusses the Reggio system's support for the rights of the very young; Multicultural coverage guides readers to an understanding of the delicate balance between school and community—gives them practical strategies for building strong community bonds; Two chapters on working with parents examine the role of parents in children's educational development and the interplay between them and their children's teachers. Illustrates through examples the Reggio Emilia approach as it happens in American schools—highlights similarities and differences between the Italian curriculum and the American, as well as between American and Italian attitudes on education, children, parents, community, and other topics.For teachers or future teachers interested in learning more about the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Beyond Listening

Author : Clark, Alison
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This book is the first of its kind to focus on listening to young children, both from an international perspective and through combining theory, practice and reflection. With contributions and examples from researchers and practitioners it examines how listening to young children in early childhood services is understood and practiced.

Stop Look Listen Up

Author : R. William Pike
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Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey

Author : Catherine Stonehouse
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Two children's spirituality experts draw on over a decade of field research to show how adults can effectively work with children to nurture their faith.

Children of the Church Lessons on the Collects

Author : Eleanor Grace O'Reilly
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Time out for Toddlers

Author : James W. Varni
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Presents a step-by-step program that combines communication, discipline, love, and positive reinforcement to solve repeated misbehavior in children from two to six years old

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

Author : Joanna Faber
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A must-have resource for anyone who lives or works with young kids, with an introduction by Adele Faber, coauthor of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, the international mega-bestseller The Boston Globe dubbed “The Parenting Bible.” For over thirty-five years, parents have turned to How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk for its respectful and effective solutions to the unending challenges of raising children. Now, in response to growing demand, Adele’s daughter, Joanna Faber, along with Julie King, tailor How to Talk’s powerful communication skills to children ages two to seven. Faber and King, each a parenting expert in her own right, share their wisdom accumulated over years of conducting How To Talk workshops with parents and a broad variety of professionals. With a lively combination of storytelling, cartoons, and fly-on-the-wall discussions from their workshops, they provide concrete tools and tips that will transform your relationship with the young kids in your life. What do you do with a little kid who…won’t brush her teeth…screams in his car seat…pinches the baby...refuses to eat vegetables…throws books in the library...runs rampant in the supermarket? Organized according to common challenges and conflicts, this book is an essential emergency first-aid manual of communication strategies, including a chapter that addresses the special needs of children with sensory processing and autism spectrum disorders. This user-friendly guide will empower parents and caregivers of young children to forge rewarding, joyful relationships with terrible two-year-olds, truculent three-year-olds, ferocious four-year-olds, foolhardy five-year-olds, self-centered six-year-olds, and the occasional semi-civilized seven-year-old. And, it will help little kids grow into self-reliant big kids who are cooperative and connected to their parents, teachers, siblings, and peers.

Collaborative Learning in Staffrooms and Classrooms

Author : Colin Biott
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This work concentrates on the child as an "active learner" and on teaching as "reflective action". It raises questions about the way that the active learning of both teachers and children can be achieved collaboratively. Evidence from staffrooms and classrooms is used to support the authors' case.

Parenting a Child with a Learning Disability

Author : Cheryl Gerson Tuttle
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Describes learning disabilities, including hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, and dyslexia, and explains how parents, teachers, and schools can help

Child Development Physical and Psychologic Growth Through the School Years

Author : Marian Edgar Breckenridge
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The Children Shall Lead

Author : Kapri Mcgloster
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This story of a child who is magically transported to the worlds of 5 talented children of different countries and beliefs is an eye-opening experience on compassion, faith, love and courage. The time is NOW for a book like this! An awesome multicultural story that brilliantly Inspires, Entertains, and Educates all ages/generations on how we are different but divinely connected.

How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen Large Print 16pt

Author : H. Norman Wright
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From Toddlers to Teenagers; Connecting with Your Children at Every Age H. Norman Wright provides practical advice and encouragement to parents on how they can learn their child's emotional language, unlocking the door to their child's heart and vastly improved relationships! Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to talk so that both children and teens will listen. This book will take the frustration out of parents' interactions with their kids when they master Child speak and Teen speak. All it takes is learning to package words in such a manner that kids and teens want to listen. These principles of parent-child communication are time-tested and proven approaches that will change and improve family communication.

Supporting Young Learners 3

Author : High
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The High/Scope Curriculum is a developmentally based approach to early childhood education. This curriculum's "Extensions" newsletter, in which the articles in this collection first appeared, informs curriculum users about new development, relating to the High/Scope "open framework" curriculum. This collection divides the articles into eight chapters. Chapter 1, "Supportive Adult-Child Interaction," includes articles on encouraging group problem solving, rules and limits, persona dolls as discussion starters, and superhero play. Chapter 2, "Materials and Environments for Active Learners," considers computer use, materials for infants and toddlers, and gardening. Chapter 3, "Learning and Exploring throughout the Daily Routine," presents articles on arrivals and departures for infants and toddlers, reading throughout routines, small group interaction strategies, and pretend play. Chapter 4, "Key Experiences in the Preschool Classroom," contains articles on reading, message boards, promoting outdoor experiences, children's art, dramatic arts, and movement. Chapter 5, "Meeting the Needs of All Children," presents articles on supporting children's home language, classroom adaptations for children with special needs, and High/Scope strategies for specific disabilities. Chapter 6, "Active Learning in the Elementary Grades," focuses on hands-on materials, children's interests, drama, art, and parent-teacher conferences. Chapter 7, "Collaborating with Parents," includes articles on parent involvement opportunities, parent conferences, and involving parents in curriculum planning. Chapter 8, "Team Planning, Assessment, and Staff Development," contains articles on planning around children's interests, assessing program quality through classroom observations, and mentoring. Appended is a list of books and audiovisual material published by the High/Scope Press. (KB)

The Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
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The Language Arts in Childhood Education

Author : Paul Clay Burns
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