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Time Bandit

Author : Andy Hillstrand
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The story of two brothers, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, who are maverick fisherman on the Bering Sea. They share the skippering duties on board their family-operated vessel, the Time Bandit. They are totally outrageous characters, taking on what is known to be the most dangerous job in the world. The Bering Sea is dangerous and mercurial and can steal years from a fisherman's life and Time Bandit is the name of the fishing vessel the brothers use to hook the alaskan King Crabs. In pursuit of their daily catch, the brothers brave ice floes and heaving waves 60ft high, the perils of 1000lb steel crab traps thrown about by the wind and the constant menace of open water. The details of their childhood make you wonder how they ever lived past the age of ten! This amazing story, co-written with Malcolm MacPherson, brings to life the heart-in-your-throat existence of the Hillstrand brothers.

The Time Bandit Solution

Author : Edward G. Brown
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You may not realize you are at the mercy of Time Bandits - people who steal your precious time, not with malice or intention, but with crippling effect on your own pursuits. They steal 40-60% of your time. And because your worst Time Bandits are probably your family, colleagues, clients, bosses, and friends, we can't just say no - we would risk offending them, or worse, losing clients or getting fired. Thus, The Time Bandit Solution is a step-by-step lesson on how to recover stolen time you never knew you had. It is designed to teach you the arts and skills for graciously negotiating with the Time Bandits to prevent interruptions from sapping your productivity and satisfaction. The Time Bandit Solution also explains how the damage they cause lingers well beyond the interruption itself, how the stress of interruptions subtracts joy from your most important endeavors, and how to redeploy the time you recover. Do you often think or say, ''I have too much to do, and not enough time to do it''? If so, this book is for you. If you find yourself frustrated by too many interruptions and feel powerless to prevent them, you want to read this book. With The Time Bandit Solution, you will free yourself from the distress of unwanted, unnecessary and unproductive interruptions, and recapture the time to do what you must and what you dream of doing.

The Time Bandit

Author : Barry Cole
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The story follows the adventures of two eleven year old children Lizzie and Sam when they discover a one-arm-bandit in an scrap yard where they had gone to hide from PC Goodrich. Eager to see if the machine worked, Sam pulls on the lever and, in the blink of an eye they are transported back in time to the burial of a Saxon King at Sutton Hoo. Relieved to find themselves safely returned to the scrap yard. their joy is short lived when they find PC Goodrich waiting there to apprehend them. But when the policeman spots the one arm bandit, unable to resist the temptation, PC Goodrich pulls down the handle. Instantly the trio are transported back in time to the banks of the Little Bighorn River in Montana at the very time that General Custer is making his famous last stand. With the seventh cavalry and the Indians locked in battle as it reaches its climax, before PC Goodrich can stop her, Lizzie suddenly rushes onto the battle-field, and without a thought for her own safety, she saves the life of a cavalry officers horse. Safely back in the scrap yard, thanks to the policeman's knowledge of American history, Lizzie learns that because of her bravery, the horse who's life she saved, would turn out to be the only survivor of the battle. But sadly there were to be no more time travel adventures, as a few weeks later the scrap yard was demolished, burying the one arm bandit under mounds of rubble. At least that's what Lizzie and Sam thought. But they were wrong. Thanks to a canny Scot named Hamish McGregor and his trusty old Transit van, the one arm bandit was in fact on its way up the A1 to Scotland.

Beating the Time Bandits How to Transform Time Into Success Wealth Happiness

Author : Robert Hartung
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Learn how to get the most out of every day and achieve more in less time by doing only the things most important to you. This book will teach you how to arrest the top 10 "Time Bandits" that prevent you from achieving real success, wealth & happiness.

Time Bandits

Author : Stuart Briscoe
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Who Is Stealing Your Time? Each day, there are things you know you have to do. Then there are things you really ought to do, plus things you desperately want to do. But how do we find time for it all? Stuart Briscoe, former senior pastor of Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, presents an outstanding commentary on evaluating our priorities so that the concerns of this world do not rob us of our valuable time. Prioritizing our lives isn’t easy, particularly when we consider the conflict that can arise between doing what is good and being comfortable, popular, and profitable. But Briscoe calls Christians to boldly address any areas of selfishness and to begin to see life through kingdom eyes. When we do, our priorities will change to focus on goodness, righteousness, and truth. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.” —Jesus (Matthew 6:33 ) It sounds great in theory to seek God’s kingdom first, but is it really feasible? So many things rob your precious time that you wonder if you can afford to bump everything else in your life to secondary status. But this is not about prioritizing. This is a matter of heart. While you long for harmony in your harried schedule and significance amidst the busyness, God yearns to give them to you. Stuart Briscoe’s insights will guide you to the focused, fulfilling life you long for. Because once you begin seeking the Lord before all else, all else simply falls into place. What are you waiting for? You have no time to waste. Story Behind the Book Stu Briscoe travels more than he is home, so time is a premium for him and his wife, Jill. He has found that the only way to stay focused on his life and ministry is to put first things first and not allow those things that attempt to steal his time to succeed. Upon further study, he has discovered that the right approach to managing his time and priorities is really to put the right things first. By putting God’s kingdom first and seeking His will, everything else falls naturally into place.

Organizational Skills Training for Children with ADHD

Author : Richard Gallagher
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This indispensable manual presents an easy-to-implement intervention with proven effectiveness for children with ADHD in grades 3 to 5. Organizational skills training helps kids develop essential skill sets for organizing school materials, tracking assignments, and completing homework and other tasks successfully. Clinicians are provided with detailed session-by-session instructions and all of the tools needed to implement the program in collaboration with parents and teachers. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the book includes nearly 100 reproducible handouts and forms. Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.

Fallen Stars

Author : Julian Upton
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Fallen Stars probes the underside of fame to reveal a host of glittering careers stunted by ill-health, alcoholism, drug addiction and egomania. Twenty-one tales of stardom turned sour, these are the tragic final years of some of the world's best-loved actors and comedians, a latter-day Hollywood Babylon that includes Benny Hill, Diana Dors, Peter Sellers, Carry On legends and many others.

The Case of the Time Capsule Bandit

Author : Octavia Spencer
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Twelve-year-old Randi, unhappy about moving from Brooklyn to Deer Creek, Tennessee, after her mother's death, soon finds new friends and a case to solve surrounding a stolen time capsule and rumors of a centuries-old treasure.

That s Good Advice from Bandit

Author : Bonnie Bresalier
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This is the second book in the Bandit series. Bandit introduces different family pets and friends pets who tell their own stories and offer advice on different situations.

Bandits in Republican China

Author : Phil Billingsley
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A study of banditry in Republican China, describing the cycles whereby banditry spread from the impoverished margins (geographically and socially) of late Qing society into entire provinces by the 1920s.