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Tigers of the Snow

Author : Jonathan Neale
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The true story of the tragedy and survival on one of the world's most dangerous mountains. In 1922 Himalayan climbers were British gentlemen, and their Sherpa and Tibetan porters were "coolies," unskilled and inexperienced casual laborers. By 1953 Sherpa Tenzing Norgay stood on the summit of Everest, and the coolies had become the "Tigers of the Snow." Jonathan Neale's absorbing new book is both a compelling history of the oft-forgotten heroes of mountaineering and a gripping account of the expedition that transformed the Sherpas into climbing legends. In 1934 a German-led team set off to climb the Himalayan peak of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain on earth. After a disastrous assault in 1895, no attempt had been made to conquer the mountain for thirty-nine years. The new Nazi government was determined to prove German physical superiority to the rest of the world. A heavily funded expedition was under pressure to deliver results. Like all climbers of the time, they did not really understand what altitude did to the human body. When a hurricane hit the leading party just short of the summit, the strongest German climbers headed down and left the weaker Germans and the Sherpas to die on the ridge. What happened in the next few days of death and fear changed forever how the Sherpa climbers thought of themselves. From that point on, they knew they were the decent and responsible people of the mountain. Jonathan Neale interviewed many old Sherpa men and women, including Ang Tsering, the last man off Nanga Parbat alive in 1934. Impeccably researched and superbly written, Tigers of the Snow is the compelling narrative of a climb gone wrong, set against the mountaineering history of the early twentieth century, the haunting background of German politics in the 1930s, and the hardship and passion of life in the Sherpa valleys.

Tigers in the Snow

Author : Peter Matthiessen
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The tiger is an endangered species. There are now only a few thousand tigers surviving in Asia in their natural habitat. The largest of the species, the Siberian tiger, is now confined almost entirely to the thinly-populated Russian Far East where it is increasingly under threat from intensified poaching and the destruction of its habitat. Peter Matthiessen, in addition to being a distinguished novelist, has written classic accounts of his observation of wildlife around the world and his study of the Siberian tiger displays his deep knowledge of, and feeling for, the natural world. He tells the story of the tiger's origin and evolution and describes its role in the mythology and culture of the peoples amongst whom it lived and by whom it was hunted. His illuminating text is accompanied by Maurice Hornocker's magnificent photographs of this fabulous animal.

Tigers of the Snow

Author : Jonathan Neale
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The Sherpas were not born climbers. When the British went to Everest in 1921, they hired porters. Yet by 1953 these Porters had become the famous Tigers of the Snow. This book describes the decisive moment in the transformation of coolies (porters and labourers) into the Sherpas as climbing legends: the German expedition to Nanga Parbat in 1934. During that disastrous climb, the Europeans unroped from their inexperienced porters and fled to safety leaving them to stay on the mountain and help each other as best they could. After this tragedy the Sherpas, with their keen understanding of and respect for the mountains as well as their instinct to save lives, knew they were the most responsible men on the mountains.

Snow Tiger

Author : Nina Boal
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A historical work of fiction with a bit of fantasy. Set in feudal Japan in the 18th century. In feudal Japan, it has been said that ""The Sword is the Soul of the Samurai."" Fujii Yukitora is an impoverished ronin who struggles to raise his two children after the death of his wife. Tange Sakura is a lone swordswoman who has engaged in the warriors' path to seek to better her skills. Hidemasa is a young samurai, orphaned and seeking guidance. Chief Retainer Saito Banzaemon seeks to be kind to commoners of his domain, but he has secret lusts within him. What happens when these four warriors seek to learn the true nature of a sword's soul?

Carnivore Ecology and Conservation

Author : Luigi Boitani
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Animals that must hunt and kill for at least part of their living are inherently interesting to many people and the role that carnivores play in biological communities attract interest from ecologists and conservation biologists. Conflicts with human activities stimulate continual debates about the management of carnivore populations, and throughout the world people seek workable solutions for human/carnivore coexistence. This concise yet authoritative handbook describes research methods and techniques for the study and conservation of all terrestrial carnivore species. Particular attention is paid to techniques for managing the human/carnivore interface. Descriptions of the latest methodologies are supported by references to case studies, whilst dedicated boxes are used to illustrate how a technique is applied to a specific land cover type, species, or particular socio-economic context. The book describes the most recent advances in modelling the patterns of animal distributions, movements, and use of land cover types, as well as including the most efficient methods to trap, handle, and mark carnivores. Carnivores are biogeographically diverse and whilst extensive scientific research has investigated many aspects of carnivore biology, not all species have been equally covered. This book is unique in its intention to provide practical guidance for carrying out research and conservation of carnivores across all species and areas of the world.

Space Place and Religious Landscapes

Author : Darrelyn Gunzburg
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Exploring sacred mountains around the world, this book examines whether bonding and reverence to a mountain is intrinsic to the mountain, constructed by people, or a mutual encounter. Chapters explore mountains in England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Ireland, the Himalaya, Japan, Greece, USA, Asia and South America, and embrace the union of sky, landscape and people to examine the religious dynamics between human and non-human entities. This book takes as its starting point the fact that mountains physically mediate between land and sky and act as metaphors for bridges from one realm to another, recognising that mountains are relational and that landscapes form personal and group cosmologies. The book fuses ideas of space, place and material religion with cultural environmentalism and takes an interconnected approach to material religio-landscapes. In this way it fills the gap between lived religious traditions, personal reflection, phenomenology, historical context, environmental philosophy, myths and performativity. In defining material religion as active engagement with mountain-forming and humanshaping landscapes, the research and ideas presented here provide theories that are widely applicable to other forms of material religion.

White Tiger on Snow Mountain

Author : David Gordon
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Presents a collection of thirteen short stories which explores themes of art, the supernatural, madness, and the extremes of sexuality.


Author : Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain)
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Chronicles the history of Everest exploration throughout the twentieth century, from early surveys and reconnaissance expeditions, through the first successful ascent, to contemporary attempts.

The Annihilation of Nature

Author : Gerardo Ceballos
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"This book shows us the face of Earth’s sixth great mass extinction, revealing that this century is a time of darkness for the world’s birds and mammals. In The Annihilation of Nature, three of today’s most distinguished conservationists tell the stories of the birds and mammals we have lost and those that are now on the road to extinction. These tragic tales, coupled with eighty-three color photographs from the world’s leading nature photographers, display the beauty and biodiversity that humans are squandering."--Book jacket.

Paw Prints in the Snow

Author : Sally Grindley
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Two children accompany their parents as they travel the world helping animals on the verge of extinction. As their parents work alongside international agencies, the children have their own thrilling adventures. Paw Prints in the Snow is written with the assistance and guidance of London Zoo's conservation team. All information is accurate and the stories are full of excitement and tension. Sally Grindley is the author of bestselling and award-winning fiction for young readers. Here she brings to life a story of hope set in Russia. When Joe and Aesha's mother is given an assignment to train young vets, the Brook family visits an important nature reserve near Lazovsky in eastern Russia. In this spectacular snow-bound landscape, Joe is thrilled by the prospect of glimpsing a rare Amur tiger in the wild. Alongside the fieldworkers, the Brooks get involved in tracking local species, such as the Asiatic black bear and the raccoon dog. However, the tigers prove elusive - until Joe's interest in wildlife photography leads him to make an unexpected discovery that puts his very life in danger.