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Throw Like a Girl Cheer Like a Boy

Author : Robyn Ryle
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This book uses the world of sports in order to reveal the complicated history of gender, sexuality, race, and social justice while connecting those stories to today’s athletes. It highlights the ways sports often contribute to inequalities, but also how they can help make the world more accepting. Have you ever wondered why most cheerleaders are girls? It didn’t used to be that way. Up until the early twentieth century, all cheerleaders were actually boys. And why do some athletes, like Caster Semenya, have to prove they’re women while there’s no testing for men? Why do athletes like Megan Rapinoe and Colin Kaepernick use sports as a platform for social justice, and should they? These questions and more are examined in Throw Like a Girl, Cheer Like a Boy: The Evolution of Gender, Identity, and Race in Sports. Robyn Ryle uses the world of sports to examine the history, controversy, and current conversations around sexuality, race, and social justice, bringing in the stories of today’s athletes to highlight where things stand in the present. Topics covered include gender segregation, gender testing, transgender athletes, sexuality, homophobia, globalization, race, and activism. Throw Like a Girl, Cheer Like a Boy shows the great strides that have been made in the sports world recently, but there are still questions that remain and work that needs to be done. This book brings to attention the ways in which sports can contribute to inequalities, while also demonstrating how sports can help create a more just world for everyone.

You Throw Like a Girl

Author : Don McPherson
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The former NFL quarterback examines the roots of masculinity gone awry and how it promotes violence against women. In You Throw Like a Girl, former Syracuse University quarterback and NFL veteran Don McPherson examines how the narrow definition of masculinity adversely impacts women and creates many “blind spots” that hinder the healthy development of men. Dissecting the strict set of beliefs and behaviors that underpin our understanding of masculinity, he contends that we don’t raise boys to be men, we raise them not to be women. Using examples from his own life, including his storied football career, McPherson passionately argues that viewing violence against women as a “women’s issue” not just ignores men’s culpability but conflates the toxicity of men’s violence with being male. In You Throw Like a Girl, McPherson leads us beyond the blind spots and toward solutions, analyzing how we can engage men in a sustained dialogue, with a new set of terms that are aspirational and more accurately representative of the emotional wholeness of men. “One of the most important books ever written by a former elite male athlete.” —Jackson Katz, author of The Macho Paradox “An essential exploration of what’s holding men and sports back—and how to overcome it.” —The Washington Post “Don McPherson is a quarterback for a wider community.” —Newsday “A crucial read for anyone interested in learning more about how sports culture informs limited definitions of masculinity, and how such definitions are destructive for boys and men, and dangerous to girls and women.” —The Undefeated (A Can’t Miss Book of 2019)

You Throw Like a Girl

Author : Rachele Alpine
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Staying at her grandmother's house while her father is deployed overseas, Gabby is disappointed when the girl's softball season is cancelled, a situation that forces her to choose between fighting to get on the boys' team and competing in a beauty pageant.

Girls Feminism and Grassroots Literacies

Author : Mary P. Sheridan-Rabideau
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Case study of the life of a feminist organization in a changing political and funding climate.

Throw Like a Girl

Author : Jennie Finch
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The evidence is overwhelming: sports help girls grow into strong women. Both scientific studies and anecdotal evidence confirm that athletic girls not only grow up to be healthier; they learn teamwork, gain inner confidence, and grow into society's leaders. Sports help preteen and teenage girls make the right choices in a society that is sending them incredibly mixed messages about who they are supposed to be. Yet no one is speaking directly to these girls. Jennie fills the role of girlfriend, big sister, team captain, and mentor. A smart, credible, and accomplished voice from an athlete who is strong and feminine, fiercely competitive, and fashionably cool, Jennie is someone young women will listen to and take to heart. Jennie's message: Believe in yourself. Go for it, girls.

The Dimensions of Physical Education

Author : Associate Professor Department of Kinesiology University of Rhode Island Lori E Ciccomascolo
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The Dimensions of Physical Education is an all-in-one reader that addresses important issues in physical, health, and sport education. The text assists students in learning the designated content by providing reader-friendly, scholarly articles and letters that discuss the real issues in the field. Instructors are encouraged to use the articles to challenge students to think about how all of the dimensions of physical and health education connect to each other. The format of the text allows instructors to select and teach the content of the chapters in any order that meets the needs of their students and courses. Topics Covered include: The significance of physical education Effective teaching methods Means of motivating students Character education Assessment measurements Technology Gender issues & diversity Professional development Service-learning Adapted PE

Preliminary Draft Report of the Second Circuit Task Force on Gender Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts

Author : United States. Court of Appeals (2nd Circuit). Task Force on Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts
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Athletic Intruders

Author : Anne Bolin
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Explores women's place in sport and exercise from a socioculture perspective.

Redeeming the Feminine Soul

Author : Julie Roys
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Popular national radio host Julie Roys rejects both fundamentalist caricature and feminist distortion to reveal God’s amazingly relevant and compelling vision for women, showing them how to redeem their feminine souls and become all God designed them to be. Christian women today feel torn between the demands of motherhood, career, and ministry—and by a church that gives them conflicting ideas of what it means to be a woman. In Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood, popular national radio host Julie Roys reveals the stunning truth that no one else is talking about: women are destroying themselves. Internalizing society’s devaluation of the feminine, some women are killing their own natural impulses to pursue a feminist ideal that bears no relation to God’s good design. Other women struggle to conform to a fundamentalist, feminine caricature, which requires denying their full humanity and gifting. Defying both feminists and fundamentalists, Julie Roys reveals God’s true, affirming, and compelling vision for women, showing them how to reclaim what is uniquely feminine, and become healthy, balanced women of God.

Real Knockouts

Author : Martha McCaughey
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Women's Studies: Essential Readings provides a wide range of readers with an entirely comprehensive selection of ever 140 readings on women's studies, representing the entire diversity of current feminist thinking. The book is a divided into fourteen sections that reflect primary topics within women's studies, covering theory and perspectives, including: feminist social theory; psychological and psychoanalytic theory; cross-cultural perspectives and historical perspectives, as well as themes such as: education and work; marriage and motherhood; sexuality; the law; crime and deviance; politics and the state; science, medicine and reproductive technology; language and gender; feminist literary criticism; and the media tool Features: Introductions to each section provide an overview of the main issues and debates. Commentaries on each extract locate the work of individual authors within wider debates and identify the perspective from which they are writing. Each section contains a guide to further reading.