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Those Were the Days My Friend I Thought They D Never End

Author : Sally Sober
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This is the story of a little girl born on the Lower East Side, in New York City, of immigrant parents from Austria and Germany. An artistically talented woman who overcame her losses at an early age and developed her talents with her tenacity and determination. How and why she became known as "Sally". The celebrities and political figures she met and interacted with during the course of her career; her travels abroad with the dazzling experiences and humorous incidents no one else could have experienced. A fascinating career in the fashion world of 7th Avenue in New York City at the height of its fame. The partnership which developed into a lasting friendship; creating the very successful manufacturing company of women' s one of a kind gowns "Amoureuse Couture"; started on her living room floor with just $2000, and its eventual demise as a result of the garment worker's union. Experience it all with the exciting, picturesque and emotional overtones that can only be told by Sara Beatrice Sober.

Those were the days

Author : Gordon Grindstaff
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Those were the days' is the third book in the `Travels with Susie' series. Like the first two, this book is a collection of essays, some of which first saw the light of day as the author's newspaper columns. The topics will appeal to almost everyone; containing a bit of fact, a little geography, some enjoyable history and of course, travel stories with a brand of quirky humor not found anywhere else. The topics will appeal to almost everyone beginning with a bit of nostalgia. We'll go back in time for a couple of tales, then learn how to cope with a 60 year old teenage love interest and finally, more of what living with Susie is really like. In the travel tales, we will ride along with Susie and the author as they spend a winter in Texas working on a National Wildlife Refuge, devote a wonderful summer to a National Historic Site in Washington State's San Juan Islands and enjoy with them their experiences in many of the other favorite places the author and his wife have visited. For those of you approaching retirement, there is a section that the author dubbed `Getting old; not for Sissies.' Here are stories with light hearted looks at the aging process that will strike a chord of familiarity and stories that guarantee both laughter and tears. Learn right along with the author what needs to be done when debilitating illness strikes. We all find ourselves in this sometimes frustrating but mostly enjoyable reality that we call life. For lovers of literary humor, `Those were the days' will reinforce the belief that there's never ending humor to be found in almost every situation we find ourselves in. All you have to do is hang in there. Thanks again for stopping by.

Those Were the Days

Author : Bill & Elin Walker
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In 2016, on observing the 55th anniversary of their whirlwind courtship and marriage in 1961, Bill & Elin Walker reflected on how the first half of the 1960s, impacted and molded their world view, as they became witnesses to history in the making in what turned into a long ride with the military. This book tries to capture some essence of those times through recollections, letters, and stories from 1961 through 1965.

Those were the days of my life

Author : P.R. Beaudoin
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"Those were the days of my life" is a book that relates stories to the reader, in a thoughtful, humorous and conversational way. The author colorfully communicates his life's adventures from a boy to a pilot, firefighter, father, entrepreneur and more. This book encompasses his life's tales, both good and bad. Some of his stories are not unlike those which you or your friends may have experienced. The author has written this book so as to offer you a different outlook on life. By reading this book, you may find alternative ways to deal with life's journey.

Those Were the Days

Author : Archibald Rutledge
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Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Those Were the Days Tovarish

Author : George Oscar Lee
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MAKSIM ZIEMTSOV is in a privileged position at the Soviet Union in 1980s. Son of a high ranking Red Army officer, Hero of the Soviet Union he holds the position of Assistant Curator of Moscows prestigious Ostankino Museum. Yet, he is chaffing at the bit .Depended on the chain of command of the Communist system, he is subject to the whim of every link. Series of apparatchiks from his immediate superior to the Secretary of the Communist Party control his life. A chance meeting with a Swiss diplomat and a subsequent trip to his country open his eyes to a different world. After inhaling the breath of freedom he steals, smuggles, illegally crosses borders and winds up in Canada. The other characters in the book, his Jewish mother, his sister in law a concert pianist, her husband Yefim and a touring American dentist exert some influence on him but ultimately it is his own drive for a better life which determines his decisions. A murder and rape attempt are also part of spellbinding story.

Those Were the Days My Arse

Author : Richard Wilson
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Richard Wilson is like the naughty kid poking the ant's nest with a stick.'-Times Online Kids these days are all fat, lazy and thick and their parents dont know how to bring them up properly any more. Theyre glued to their phones, play too many violent computer games, communicate only in text-speak and as a result have no imagination or any proper old-fashioned fun like we did when we were children. But is that really true? Were conkers, hopscotch and the hoop and stick really as stimulating as we remember? And were our childhoods as safe and carefree as the nostalgia-addicts would have us believe? Richard Wilson takes a cynical peek through times rose-tinted spectacles at 101 good old fashioned childhood activities. From skimming stones to starting fires, he remind us of the harsh and often high-risk, homemade games of our wild youth, and leaves us wondering how we ever survived.

Those Were the Days

Author : Neal Murphy
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You are invited to return to the 1940s and 1950s with the author for a look at humorous events that happened in his life. Born and reared in San Augustine, Texas, life was truly in the slow lane. The Early Years – read about his first experience with chewing tobacco, and shooting his grandfather’s shotgun, raising a pet chicken, owning his first dog, and landing his first job. School Days – true stories of attacks by a goose, fishing with his coaches, and his initiation into high school, and a fight at school. College Years – working at a funeral home, a runaway cot, and experience with “white lightning”. Early Married Life – Burning his marriage license twice, a diddler on his roof, and go along on a lost weekend, read about the ditch nurse. Long Arm of The Law – Humorous incidents that happened while working as a police officer. Read about an embarrassing moment for the author, Baptist foxes, and dueling cops. A mail box in a cemetery causes questions. Home Town – Reminisce about a drive-in movie, a mystery drink, and catching a huge fish in a small pond. Finally, selling the old family house.

You can do it

Author : Heléna Kurçab
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You Can Do It! es el resultado de la observación, durante numerosos años, de los fallos más frecuentes fundamentalmente en el ámbito de la pronunciación- que cometen los españoles cuando hablan en inglés. Su autora, Helena Kurçab, bajo el sello de The English Coach (Jacci), ha dedicado años a la identificación de estos errores y a la plasmación de trucos para que las personas hispanohablantes adquieran la soltura que necesitan para hablar y pronunciar bien en inglés. El libro incluye un CD con audio grabado por la propia autora. En You Can Do It!, la profesora y coach- ofrece una serie de sencillas reglas que ilustra con frases llamativas y fáciles de recordar. La palabra umbrella (paraguas) es una de las que más se vale la autora para enseñar su método. Casi todas las personas la dicen bien. Sin embargo, cuando utilizan la letra u en otros contextos la pronuncian mal. ¿Por qué? Según la autora, porque nunca han dedicado tiempo a pensar y extrapolar los sonidos de las vocales. Todo estudiante de inglés y así lo plasma y explica la autora en el primer capítulo de su libro (y primer paso de su método)- debe estar animado para conseguir su objetivo y asegurarse de: -Conocerse a sí mismo y ser capaz de verbalizar el auténtico objetivo y motivo por el que quiere aprender inglés. -Creerse y autoconvencerse de que lo puede conseguir. -Conocer lo que realmente va a necesitar para alcanzar el objetivo marcado. Teniendo en cuenta criterios siempre claros y específicos. El segundo capítulo del libro se centra en los trucos para aprender a pronunciar bien. El tercer paso del método se centra en las claves para identificar nuestros errores, asimilarlos y poder subsanarlos.

Those Were the Days

Author : Gary Diehl
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Those Were the Days: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and ... captures the very essence of line in the 1950s Detroit at that pivotal time in every boy's childhood when comic books, tree houses, and ballgames give way to chemistry sets, young love, and earning money.

Those WERE the Days

Author : Barrie C. Woods
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A fascinating tale of a young school boy's exploits in his quest to spot every steam locomotive in the UK during the 1950s & 1960s, until steam finished on British Railways on 4th August 1968. at the time I lived in North Hertfordshire, so my trainspotting days began mainly at Hitchin on the ECML. I later moved to Guildford and carried on from there. I was fortunate in that I recorded virtually all my activities and furthermore have retained those records to this day. In those days before computers and mobile phones Trainspotting was one of the most popular hobbies in the country. My travels covered virtually the whole of the UK over a 10 year period. During that time along with my friends we had lots of interesting and sometimes amusing incidents; such as the Castleford 'Snow' occurrence; contretemps with a herd of Bullocks; run-ins with the law and shed foremen; sleeping rough on many occasions; a scary walk over Crumlin viaduct; our coach catching fire on the M1; plus many more. we visited locomotive sheds over 600 times during which I recorded in excess of 21,000 engines! We travelled by any means available; coach; bus; mini-bus; bicycle; car; motorbike; train; ferry; and a lot of hitchhiking! The latter including one such ride on a 9F which took me right into the shed I was about to bunk! We would take every opportunity to be by our beloved steam engines, daily on the way to & from school, then again in the evenings and every 2-3 weeks off an a tour somewhere in the UK some of these lasted 4 -5 days, often with rather dubious overnight accommodation! these tours were to all parts of the UK, from South Wales to Aberdeen, the Northwest, Northeast, Midlands, North Wales, south to Brighton, Southampton, Isle of Wight, West country and dozens of other locations The book has full colour card covers, is A4 portrait style of 185 pages and over 100 B & W photos. At the end of the text are two appendices, the first lists every shed visited and the relevant dates, the second lists in chronological order every locomotive seen, its shed and date. Barrie

Those Were the Days

Author : Peter Stursberg
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Elegance and gentility still reigned in Victoria when Peter Stursberg was a young reporter for Victoria's Daily Times. Life will never be the same again, but those were the days!

Those Were the Days

Author : Jim Cullen
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Between 1971 and 1979, All in the Family was more than just a wildly popular television sitcom that routinely drew 50 million viewers weekly. It was also a touchstone of American life, so much so that the living room chairs of the two main characters have spent the last 40 years on display at the Smithsonian. How did a show this controversial and boundary-breaking manage to become so widely beloved? Those Were the Days is the first full-length study of this remarkable television program. Created by Norman Lear and produced by Bud Yorkin, All in the Family dared to address such taboo topics as rape, abortion, menopause, homosexuality, and racial prejudice in a way that no other sitcom had before. Through a close analysis of the sitcom’s four main characters—boorish bigot Archie Bunker, his devoted wife Edith, their feminist daughter Gloria, and her outspoken liberal husband Mike—Jim Cullen demonstrates how All in the Family was able to bridge the generation gap and appeal to a broad spectrum of American viewers in an age when a network broadcast model of television created a shared national culture. Locating All in the Family within the larger history of American television, this book shows how it transformed the medium, not only spawning spinoffs like Maude and The Jeffersons, but also helping to inspire programs like Roseanne, Married... with Children, and The Simpsons. And it raises the question: could a show this edgy ever air on broadcast television today?

From Psychotherapy to Psychopoetry

Author : Pierre Bonnet
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The book is intended to challenge and is aimed at the curious reader who wants to think about what—and how—he or she thinks about things like choice, human nature, life, and so on.

Fractured Reality

Author : Jeanne Henderson
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We are each individually and collectively creating the reality we currently find ourselves in. Is it working for most people This book is my personal story on how I ended up where I did. From my exploration you can also see why you have ended up where you have. Our societal systems are fractured and outdated. A crisis in consciousness is our problem. Free yourself from your limited reality and really be free to explore more expansive solutions.

Young Love Part 1 A School Yard Love Story

Author : Dean Amory
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The hero Sean is only seventeen-years-old, but the serious issues he faces when he falls in love with his new class mate, Katherine, resonate also with older readers. Theirs is a complicated relationship from the start. Readers will appreciate the realistic depiction of the tortured hero's psychological struggle after the heroine ends the relationship, especially when it becomes clear that both young people remain drawn to each other anyway and struggle to regain their balance during the rest of the school year. A refreshing high school romance set in Europe, Flanders, in the early seventies of the previous century with a total lack of stereotyping, that has it all: it's witty, bittersweet, touching and rich in culture and history. The story depicts all the uncertainties and overpowering emotions that come with true young love in a most original and genuine way.

Young Love Boxset

Author : Dean Amory
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Dean Amory chronicles the hero's life through the thrills, heartbreaks, joy and despair of the final years in high school and the consecutive transition to a labour environment. Sean and Katherine fall in love the day they first meet. When the relationship becomes too serious, Katherine decides to put studies before love and breaks up. But she promises Sean she will return to him after they graduate. Sean doesn't believe this is possible. After the traumatic end of the school year, Sean tries to move on with his life, but once back in school, both young people discover that it isn't easy to be in the same class with your ex. After some time, Katherine invites him to reunite. Are second chances really possible? Can recreating the past help the young couple to create a different future? And is Sean even willing to accept Katherine's terms?

The Pussycat Ball

Author : Kev Pickering
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As the Pussycat Gang start to prepare for the upcoming year, many things are on their minds. Supporting Abigail de Ros, her friends and fellow debs... What to get the Sweet Sixteens for presents... Choosing colleges... Preparing to rob a secure storeroom full of furs or a very full bank vault... and helping a friend facing a deadly threat. And underlying all of this is growing rumours of a second gang using their name, leading to a far more deadly dance. Other books by Kev Pickering and Jennifer Jay: - The Pussycat Gang The Walrus and the Pussycats The Pussycat and the Prince Pussycats at Play Pussycats at War

Living Intersections Transnational Migrant Identifications in Asia

Author : Caroline Plüss
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This book presents ground-breaking theoretical, and empirical knowledge to produce a fine-grained and encompassing understanding of the costs and benefits that different groups of Asian migrants, moving between different countries in Asia and in the West, experience. The contributors—all specialist scholars in anthropology, geography, history, political science, social psychology, and sociology—present new approaches to intersectionality analysis, focusing on the migrants’ performance of their identities as the core indicator to unravel the mutual constituitivity of cultural, social, political, and economic characteristics rooted in different places, which characterizes transnational lifestyles. The book answers one key question: What happens to people, communities, and societies under globalization, which is, among others, characterized by increasing cultural disidentification?

The Best Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook

Author : Wise Publications
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The Best Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook serves over 100 acoustic classics from the Sixties to the present day, arranged with Guitar chord boxes and full lyrics. Perfect for any aspiring guitarist, ideal for group singalongs, a spot of busking or simply to bolster your repertoire with some fantastic new material. This book includes: - All My Loving [The Beatles] - Always On My Mind [Willie Nelson] - Bohemian Like You [The Dandy Warhols] - Brown Eyed Girl [Van Morrison] - Days [Kirsty MacColl] - Every Breath You Take [The Police] - Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen] - Mr Writer [Stereophonics] - Mrs Robinson [Simon & Garfunkel] - Run [Snow Patrol] - Sing [Travis] - So Young [The Corrs] - Somewhere Only We Know [Keane] - Starman [David Bowie] - Stop Crying Your Heart Out [Oasis] - Streets Of Your Town [The Go-betweens] - Thank You For Loving Me [Bon Jovi] - The Closest Thing To Crazy [Katie Melua] - The First Cut Is The Deepest [Cat Stevens] - Things Have Changed [Bob Dylan] - Try A Little Tenderness [Otis Redding] - Waltzing Back [The Cranberries] - Wouldn't It Be Nice [The Beach Boys] And many more!