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Thoroughly Modern Dresden

Author : Anelie Belden
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Not Your Grandmother's Dresden Plate Quilts! 13 lively new Dresden Plate quilts serve up a visual feast of contemporary colors and clever designs for all skill levels. Change up the look of your quilts with lots of variations on the basic Dresden Plate block and settings. Use breakthrough piecing techniques to put together a whole quilt of perfect blocks in a day. Check out the gallery of quilts to see how much fun Dresden Plates can be. Includes a complete set of templates for successful cutting, pressing, and placement. Forget everything you thought you knew about Dresden Plate quilts. The new Dresdens are colorful, clever, and fun-nothing stodgy or old-fashioned here! They're easy to make, too, with Anelie Belden's new stitch-and-flip technique. Try this fresh take on an old favorite.

Amish Quilts The Adventure Continues

Author : Lynn Koolish
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This volume features 21 Amish-inspired quilts by some of today's top quilt designers—with simple patterns showing off beautiful solid fabrics. Thirty years after Roberta Horton’s classic, An Amish Adventure, introduced quilters to the joys of Amish quilting, the editors at C&T Publishing are proud to bring you the adventure's next chapter. Along with the 21 featured quilt projects, this volume includes a gallery of 17 more beautiful quilts and an introduction by Roberta herself on what makes a quilt Amish. Some of the quilt projects in this volume use traditional 19th-century patterns. Others offer distinctly modern takes on Amish ideas. They all celebrate the simplicity, the bold geometry, and the rich dark fabrics that give Amish quilts their ageless appeal.

Bradt City Guide Dresden

Author : Tim Burford
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Dresden is arguably the finest Baroque city in Europe, now fully rebuilt after the devastation of World War II. The city is fast becoming one of Germany's highlights and the riverside terraces are on UNESCO's World Heritage List. In Bradt's new guide, the author delves into the city's musical heritage (many of Richard Strauss's operas were premiered here) and its art treasures (including some of the greatest works of the Italian Renaissance).

Modern German Grammar

Author : Ruth Whittle
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Announcing an innovative, new, practical reference grammar, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. It is the ideal reference grammar at advanced secondary level and above.

Designing Modern Germany

Author : Jeremy Aynsley
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German design and architecture reflects the country’s rich and fraught political history in its structure and aesthetic philosophy. Jeremy Aynsley now offers an in-depth study of this relationship between German history and design since 1870 and the complex principles underlying it. Designing Modern Germany reveals how German attitudes toward national identity, modernity and technology are crucial to understanding German design. Aynsley traces the historical development of German design, beginning in the 1870s with the first dedicated Arts and Crafts schools and stretching through to the famous institutions of the Bauhaus and the Ulm Hochschule für Gestaltung. He analyses the works of leading figures such as Peter Behrens and Hannes Meyer, through to Ingo Maurer and Jil Sander, and many others in design specialties including graphics, industrial and furniture design, fashion and architecture. He also offers the first consideration of the contrasting design traditions of East and West Germany between 1949 and 1989. Whether examining the pre-First World War department store, the National Socialist fashion system or East Germany’s official design culture, Designing Modern Germany reveals that German design significantly affected citizens’ daily lives. An essential read for designers and scholars of German design and history, Designing Modern Germany is a key text for understanding Germany’s major contribution to twentieth-century design.

Literature in the First Media Age

Author : David Trotter
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The period between the World Wars was one of the richest and most inventive in the long history of British literature. Interwar literature stood apart by virtue of the sheer intelligence of the enquiries it undertook into the technological mediation of experience. After around 1925, literary works began to examine the sorts of behavior made possible for the first time by virtual interaction. And they began to fill up, too, with the look, sound, smell, taste, and feel of the new synthetic and semi-synthetic materials that were reshaping everyday modern life. New media and new materials gave writers a fresh opportunity to reimagine both how lives might be lived and how literature might be written. Today, such material and immaterial mediations have become even more decisive. Communications technology is an attitude before it is a machine or a set of codes. It is an idea about the prosthetic enhancement of our capacity to communicate. The writers who first woke up to this fact were not postwar, postmodern, or post-anything else: some of the best of them lived and wrote in the British Isles in the period between the World Wars.

Rachmaninoff and His World

Author : Philip Ross Bullock
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A biography of composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, published in collaboration with the Bard Music Festival. One of the most popular classical composers of all time, Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873–1943) has often been dismissed by critics as a conservative, nostalgic holdover of the nineteenth century and a composer fundamentally hostile to musical modernism. The original essays collected here show how he was more responsive to aspects of contemporary musical life than is often thought, and how his deeply felt sense of Russianness coexisted with an appreciation of American and European culture. In particular, the essays document his involvement with intellectual and artistic circles in prerevolutionary Moscow and how the form of modernity they promoted shaped his early output. This volume represents one of the first serious explorations of Rachmaninoff’s successful career as a composer, pianist, and conductor, first in late Imperial Russia, and then after emigration in both the United States and interwar Europe. Shedding light on some unfamiliar works, especially his three operas and his many songs, the book also includes a substantial number of new documents illustrating Rachmaninoff’s celebrity status in America.

Time and the Dancing Image

Author : Deborah Jowitt
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"If dance itself is a way of making ideas both visual and visceral, Deborah Jowitt has discovered a literary voice in Time and the Dancing Image in which nineteenth- and twentieth-century thought, in its relation to theatrical dancing, becomes sensuous."--Sally Banes, Cornell University "The most vivid and immediately accessible serious dance book ever written. Anyone from a neophyte to an aficionado will be challenged, enlightened and delighted by Jowitt's clever juxtapositions."--Allen Robertson, Dance Editor, Time Out, London "In this brilliant book Deborah Jowitt has given us a fresh approach to dance history and criticism. Instead of seeing dance in the usual way--isolated in a windowless room, with mirrored walls--she looks to the society in which dance evolved. Using the ideas of contemporary artists and thinkers, she illuminates changing tastes--from the elegant, ethereal sylphs of the 1830s to the agonized characters in the dances today. For her reader, Ms. Jowitt opens both the eyes and the mind to the wonders of a many-faceted art."--Selma Jeanne Cohen, Editor, International Encyclopedia of Dance

Visions and Blueprints

Author : Edward Timms
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The Outlook

Author :
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