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This Young Monster

Author : Charlie Fox
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This Young Monster is a hallucinatory celebration of artists who raise hell, transform their bodies, anger their elders and show their audience dark, disturbing things. What does it mean to be a freak? Why might we be wise to think of the present as a time of monstrosity? And how does the concept of the monster irradiate our thinking about queerness, disability, children and adolescents? From Twin Peaks to Leigh Bowery, Harmony Korine to Alice in Wonderland, This Young Monster gets high on a whole range of riotous art as its voice and form shape-shift, all in the name of dealing with the strange wonders of what Nabokov once called 'monsterhood'. Ready or not, here they come...

Goodnight Little Monster

Author : Helen Ketteman
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Rhyming text describes a mother guiding her young monster through bedtime preparations, such as howling at the moon, snacking on worm juice and beetle bread, and choosing a bedtime story.


Author : Mark Arnold
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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the book that changed the world Monster: Publishing to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and a movie starring Elle Fanning as Mary Shelley, Monster is a brilliant fictionalized biography akin to The Other Boleyn Girl. Frankenstein Two centuries ago this year, the young woman who invented science fiction was only 20 when she wrote the book that became Frankenstein. Mary Shelley said, "People ask how I, then a young girl, could think of, and dilate upon, so hideous subject?" Gothic Romance: Her father gave her a far better education than any woman of the age could hope for and made her the victim of ongoing incest. At 15, she became involved with one of the greatest poets in England and made love to him on her mother's grave. When she was 16, she escaped from home by running away for a six week walking tour of Europe and formed a m�nage a trois with Shelley and her sister. Mary Shelley - Frankenstein: Her immediate influences were two of the greatest poets of the age. Her lover, Percy Shelley, coached her to expand her understanding of writing. Her mentor, Lord Byron, challenged her to prove she was as good a writer as the best poet-philosophers of the Enlightenment. Both men admired her mind, and both wanted more. By the time she was 20, she published the book that changed the world.

My Little Monster

Author : Robico
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THINGS CHANGE… BIT BY BIT The second year of high school is here, but Haru’s been moved to another class all by himself! At first, the former chronic truant refuses even to enter the strange classroom, but with Shizuku’s "encouragement," he slowly comes to terms with the change. Shizuku begins to feel she’s really reaching Haru, especially compared to how things used to be, but then the unexpected arrival of a new student throws things out of whack, and Yamaken finally begins to move… What could possibly come next?

The Monster

Author : Edgar Saltus
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Matt Archer Monster Hunter

Author : Kendra C. Highley
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Book 1 in the Matt Archer Series Fourteen-year-old Matt Archer spends his days studying Algebra, hanging out with his best friend and crushing on the Goddess of Greenhill High, Ella Mitchell. To be honest, he thinks his life is pretty lame until he discovers something terrifying on a weekend camping trip at the local state park. Monsters are real. And living in his backyard. But that's not the half of it. After Matt is forced to kill a strange creature to save his uncle, he finds out that the weird knife he took from his uncle's bag has a secret, one that will change Matt's life. The knife was designed with one purpose: to hunt monsters. And it's chosen Matt as its wielder. Now Matt's part of a world he didn't know existed, working with a covert military unit dedicated to eliminating walking nightmares. Faced with a prophecy about a looming dark war, Matt soon realizes his upcoming Algebra test is the least of his worries. His new double life leaves Matt wondering which is tougher: hunting monsters or asking Ella Mitchell for a date?

The red white blue monster song book ed by J Diprose

Author : John Diprose
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School for Little Monsters

Author : Michelle Robinson
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A little boy and a young monster accidentally switch schools on their first day, with hilarious results. At the School for Nice Boys and Girls, the monster is surprised to learn he must sit still, be quiet, and wait in line. Meanwhile, at Monster School, the bewildered boy finds himself launching a custard pie attack, counting bogies and sharing nasty smells. The child and the monster play by each other's rules, at first bewildered, soon horrified - and eventually getting into the swing of things. This madcap tale is perfect for little monsters everywhere!

The Molecule Men and the Monster of Loch Ness

Author : Fred Hoyle
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Dr John West, Cambridge don and private investigator, was present at the trial of an odd duck, R. A. Adcock, who was being most uncooperative in answering questions about a bank robbery. At length, Adcock had made a dash for it from the courtroom - through a glass window, and what should have been a three storey drop to the street. But suddenly, Adcock wasn't there, and at once a swarm of bees came into the courtroom. Thus begins The Molecule Men, which takes many fascinating and terrifying turns to its chilling conclusion. In the second story, the Monster of Loch Ness, Tom Cochrane, an independent scientist, determines to find out why the waters of Loch Ness are inexplicably warming up. What was it that caused the waters of the loch to pour up into the air like the worst rainstorm any of the observers had ever seen? What was at the bottom of the loch? These two short novels by a celebrated father and son team will hold the interest of the science fiction fan from page one on.

Love You to Pieces Beautiful Monster

Author : J. K. Coy
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This tale is often described as the love child produced by the classic picture books: Love You Forever and Go the F**k to Sleep. But, unlike the book's Father, this story doesn't contain any curse words, so it's a ton of fun to read to little ones. Love You to Pieces, Beautiful Monster is a 34-page picture book that pulls the reader in to the emotional roller coaster ride that is lovingly referred to as: A Day in the Life of Parenting Young Children. "Every day you make me crazy, I love you to pieces, Beautiful Monster." From the moment this beautiful monster wakes, the rollercoaster ride begins. From the highest highs to the lowest lows - who is more emotional, the monster or the mother? This story continues to get five-star reviews on Amazon. During a time when parents feel like they are in survival mode, this story is a sweet and funny reminder that they are not alone. Little ones love the repetition and relatable illustrations from their everyday life, while parents gravitate toward the emotional truths of parenthood. Through the humor, this message of love shines through - our babies make us crazy, yet we can't help but love them like crazy. This is a fun read for every parent of babies and toddlers. It includes a touch of loving sarcasm and it's filled with illustrations that even the little monsters will enjoy. It makes a perfect baby shower gift; or a welcomed surprise, mailed to your spouse or friend that is navigating parenting and could use a laugh. But truthfully, the best way to gift it is to yourself and your little monster! It is time to snuggle up and enjoy the perfect children's book together. The book has been featured at Au Fudge (Celebrity Jessica Biel's) Children's Restaurant, and at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever Event alongside Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block. It has been part of multiple guest interviews on L.A.'s The Dad Podcast! **The clever To/From page makes a great space to personalize the book and include some parenting wisdom if giving as a gift.** What parents are saying..."A Bedtime Favorite: This book is such a sweet read, my son loves it! It is an honest look at parenthood done with kind humor and a sweet spirit!" - Ellen "Parents will love this clever book: My whole family loves this book! My little guys asks for it my name! It makes me smile, because it is sooooo true! I plan on gifting it to other new parents too! LOVE "Adorable, Relatable, Funny, Heart Warming!!!: The creative title and adorable cover illustration will draw you in, but the relatable/funny/heartwarming/tear jerking writing will make you want to read this incredible story over and over again. Perfect for new and veteran parents; this is a must-have gift for every baby shower. Thank you J. K. Coy for writing something honest and sweet- I will enjoy reading this to my daughter for years to come!!" - Hayley If you like - If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, I Love You Stinky Face, Go the F to Sleep, Love Monster, or Love You Forever, you will surely enjoy this book. Get one for you, and one for someone you love, today. For a Limited Time: Purchase the paperback copy and get the Kindle ebook FREE!


Author : Dave Zeltserman
File Size : 43.72 MB
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In this “ingenious interpretation of Shelley’s tale,” Dr. Frankenstein’s monster contends with vampyres, a Satanic cult, and the Marquis de Sade (Historical Novel Society). Framed for the murder of his fiancée, Friedrich Hoffmann is sentenced to death. Broken on the wheel in front of a jeering crowd, he awakens on a lab table, transformed into an abomination. Disoriented, he begins to piece together where he is, what’s become of him, and the identity of the unholy man responsible for his monstrous plight. Friedrich must go far to take his revenge—only to find his tormentor, Victor Frankenstein, in league with the Marquis de Sade, at work on an even more sinister creation deep in the mountains. Paranormal and gripping in the tradition of Stephen King and Justin Cronin, Monster is a gruesome parable of control and vengeance, and a tribute to one of literature’s greatest legends. “An impressive achievement . . . You don’t get much more gothic bang for your buck.” —Los Angles Times

Max Helsing Monster Hunter

Author : Curtis Jobling
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Slaying.... and playing. All part of a day's work for Max Helsing. Descended from a long line of monster hunters, Max Helsing does a pretty good job of being and eighth grader by day and keeping his town safe from demons, ghouls and the occasional mummy by night. That is, until he turns thriteen and discovers he's been cursed by an ancient vampire who wants him dead - at any cost. To save the world - and his life - Max must rely on his wise-cracking best friend, cantankerous monster, computer genius neighbour, and brand-new puppy. He'll need all their help and more to break the Thirteenth Curse!

The Monster Book of NSFW Jokes

Author : Editors of
File Size : 67.10 MB
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

MacCaulley s Monster

Author : Albert Bartlett
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On a dreary moonlight night in 1943, Malcolm Claussen patrolled the English Channel in his de Havilland W4052 Mosquito. His routine World War II patrol mission was disturbed when he encountered a roaring silver airplane larger than he'd seen before. With no insignia to identify the craft getting dangerously close to London, Claussen shot down this gargantuan airship just off the English shore. There were but two men in the U.K. who officially knew about the aircraft and its purpose: Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding and Winston Churchill. There was, however, one person who unofficially knew: Matt Jacobson. While Matt was sworn to secrecy, his son was not, and after Matt's passing young Bruce Jacobson embarks on a search for the truth of this mysterious plane. Who built this plane, why was it so large, and why was it kept secret?

I Quit Monster Business

Author : Theodore Kinget Quinn
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Silencing the Monster

Author : Jennifer Hatton
File Size : 68.87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Imagine that your worst nightmare has come true, when fantasy and reality collide. The moment you finally realize that you have a chronic and, more often, fatal disease that attacks your mind, and no one truly cares. Words without actions are simply just words. All because a diagnosis of any metal illness, either mild or severe, is still considered in today’s society to be a “dirty secret best kept locked in a box buried in a dark place,” you find yourself wondering what crime against humanity had you committed that you contracted a disease that will ultimately cost you everything and everyone? The truth you find is that you did not make a choice to get it, that you are not a bad person, and that it simply chose you! Quickly you come to the devastating realization that the ones you loved and trusted the most and that you thought would stand by you, comfort you, and see you through your battles with any illness start dropping like flies one by one until they are all gone. The best part is that on their way out of your life, most of them stab you in the back or directly in your face, betray you, and slander your name and credibility, leaving you with the feeling of worthlessness that morphs into self-medicating that then turns into full-blown addiction, which gives those same people even more ammunition to be used against you and to justify why you are no longer worthy or allowed to be a part of basic family living. No more happy holidays, no more phone calls, no more visits, you have now just become invisible, like your life never even existed. Only you have photographs to prove different. It is now only you, your disease (“The Monster” inside your mind), and the dark place you hide; so that you no longer have to see or hear your own internal death and crucifixion from the ones that said they loved you the most. Does justice ever prevail? Is there a happily ever after at the end of the rainbow? Or is suicide really the only answer to end our pain and suffering from not being allowed to be a part of the elite, “normal society”?

Daisy Weal and the Monster

Author : Robert A.V. Jacobs
File Size : 28.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Daisy Weal was gifted with extraordinary powers. Her early years were spent learning how to control them, learning how to fit in and learning how to be Human. But now Daisy is ten and as her knowledge of the universe expands, she discovers a monstrous being from another reality that is a serious threat to Humanity. Can her understanding of it be enough to prevent disaster? Would she have enough time to deal with this threat, before a second emerges that was trapped in another dimension. How can she know that the gateway has been inadvertently opened by a curious scientist and that the fate of the entire universe now hangs in the balance? Despite all of her efforts to maintain a front of normality against these impossible odds, she was eventually noticed and recruited into a secret service specifically for her special talents. Would those talents be enough to enable her to deal with one monstrous being, one dimensional horror and at the same time stop a madman from destroying London.

The Monster Hunters

Author : Larry Correia
File Size : 86.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Three titles in this series together for the first time in one huge volume. Monster Hunter International: With the clock ticking towards Armageddon, Monster Hunter Owen Pitt must face down legions of undead minions¾and the cursed family of the woman he loves. Monster Hunter Vendetta: Accountant turned monster hunter Owen made himself the enemy of the most powerful beings in the universe. Now an evil death cult is after Owen for revenge. Monster Hunter Alpha: Earl Harbinger, leader of Monster Hunter International, is also a werewolf. Now Earl's greatest foe, an ex-KGB werewolf, has surfaced. But Harbinger is an alpha wolf for a reason, and he's not about to roll over and play dead. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The Morals of Monster Stories

Author : Leslie Ormandy
File Size : 26.84 MB
Format : PDF
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The simplicity of children's picture books--stories told with illustrations and a few well chosen words or none at all--makes them powerful tools for teaching morals and personal integrity. Children follow the story and see the characters' behaviors on the page and interpret them in the context of their own lives. But unlike many picture books, most children's lives don't feature monsters. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Times New Roman'} This collection of new essays explores the societally sanctioned behaviors imparted to children through the use of monsters and supernatural characters. Topics include monsters as instructors, the normalization of strangers or the "other," fostering gender norms, and therapeutic monsters, among others.

ROSE WEST The Making of a Monster

Author : Jane Carter Woodrow
File Size : 81.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hard to believe it looking at her now, but Rose West was an exceptionally beautiful little girl, with a Maltese mother and English father. Strangers would stop and stare at her in the street and she could entrance people from a very early age. But looking back at photos of Rose as a child, you struggle to accept that she grew up to one of the country's most notorious female criminals. In ROSE, Jane Carter Woodrow goes right back to the start in her life to try and piece together what happened to turn Rose West into the violent monster she became. Jane has gained unprecedented access to the family and has revealed a fascinating story of how there was always something 'not quite right' about Rose... And perhaps that's not too surprising... Rose's childhood reads like one of the most grim misery memoirs. Her father was a violent schizophrenic and her mother received electric shock therapy for severe clinical depression, the whole way through her pregnancy with Rose. Jane has uncovered a horrific hidden story of a twisted family and how her upbringing made her a perfect partner for Fred West when they met when Rose had just turned 16. She was to kill for the first time a few months later. This is a gripping, unputdownable read that sheds light for the first time on the story behind what turned Rose West into one of the country's most vicious and deadly serial killers.