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This Is a Picture and Not the World

Author : Joseph Natoli
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Uses satirical parodies of screenplays and political blogs to reveal the cracks in our post-9/11 American psyche.

My Country is the World

Author : Garry Davis
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Secrets of the World s Worst Matchmaker

Author : Piper Rayne
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Colton is Juno’s best friend. He’d usually be the one she goes to for advice on what do you do when you fall in love with your best Imagine you’re a matchmaker and you realize too late you’re in love with your childhood best friend. You only have yourself to blame—you’re the one who matched him and now he’s engaged to be married. When you find yourself in this position there’s a few secrets you’re going to need to keep… Secret #1 – Smile when he tells you the happy news, even if your heart cracks in half. Secret #2 – Don’t compare yourself to his beautiful French fiancée. You’re just as beautiful. Secret #3 – Don’t tag along to the tux fitting with him alone. Just no. Secret #4 – Don’t help him learn to dance to his wedding song. Secret #5 – Erase all memories of the two of you through the years when lines blurred for even the briefest of moments. And the one you never saw coming… Secret #6 – Definitely, don’t stand and object—someone else might just do it for you.

By Whom is the World to be Converted

Author : Thomas Smyth
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What in the World Is Going On

Author : Penny Gill
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Do you worry about our planet, with its environmental crises, global warming, widespread violence, and global poverty? Do you feel powerless to change your life and impact your world? What in the World Is Going On reframes these crises as an invitation to open our minds and hearts to a new awareness of our fundamental interdependence with all beings. With breathtaking optimism, it offers courage and hope to all who hold the world in their hearts and grieve. Crises bring opportunities. We are poised to vastly expand our consciousness, allowing us to address our deep fears and create communities which embrace and serve all of us. The rich conversation between Manjushri, the Tibetan teacher, and the student probes the roots of our fears and challenges our common assumptions about the roles of science and markets in our world. It rejects the inflated claims of our ego-selves and the stifling confines of materialism. The Teacher assures us everything can be changed. We can escape our isolation, celebrate our interdependence with all beings, and heal our communities. The worldwide web allows us to connect with like-minded people around the world. This epochal shift in energy and consciousness is well underway. The Teacher encourages all of us to trust our emerging visions, dissolve the fears shrouding our best selves, and allow our natural compassion to flow out into the world.

Is China Buying the World

Author : Peter Nolan
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China has become the world's second biggest economy and its largest exporter. It possesses the world's largest foreign exchange reserves and has 29 companies in the FT 500 list of the world's largest companies. ‘China's Rise' preoccupies the global media, which regularly carry articles suggesting that it is using its financial resources to ‘buy the world'. Is there any truth to this idea? Or is this just scaremongering by Western commentators who have little interest in a balanced presentation of China's role in the global political economy? In this short book Peter Nolan - one of the leading international experts on China and the global economy - probes behind the media rhetoric and shows that the idea that China is buying the world is a myth. Since the 1970s the global business revolution has resulted in an unprecedented degree of industrial concentration. Giant firms from high income countries with leading technologies and brands have greatly increased their investments in developing countries, with China at the forefront. Multinational companies account for over two-thirds of China's high technology output and over ninety percent of its high technology exports. Global firms are deep inside the Chinese business system and are pressing China hard to be permitted to increase their presence without restraints. By contrast, Chinese firms have a negligible presence in the high-income countries - in other words, we are ‘inside them' but they are not yet ‘inside us'. China's 70-odd ‘national champion' firms are protected by the government through state ownership and other support measures. They are in industries such as banking, metals, mining, oil, power, construction, transport, and telecommunications, which tend to make use of high technology products rather than produce these products themselves. Their growth has been based on the rapidly growing home market. China has been unsuccessful so far in its efforts to nurture a group of globally competitive firms with leading global technologies and brands. Whether it will be successful in the future is an open question. This balanced analysis replaces rhetoric with evidence and argument. It provides a much-needed perspective on current debates about China's growing power and it will contribute to a constructive dialogue between China and the West.

The World Is at Your Door

Author : Phil Watlington
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Understanding and responding to globalization's intoxicating economic, political, and social challenges (and opportunities) -- with creativity, imagination and "new-age innovation"

Geography Around the World

Author : Margaret Parrish
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Geography Around the World is a series of individual units that examine these continents and regions throughout the world: Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East, Asia, Europe. Commonwealth of Independent States, North America, Latin America,and the Pacific. All teaching strategies and activities were developed around the five themes of geography. Each unit includes background information and instructions on how teachers should use the material.Reproducible activity sheets that explore each of the continents or regions follow. A complete answer key is included for teacher convenience.

The Third World Where Is It

Author : Unity Elias Yang
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A new civilisation focused on correcting the destructive errors of the present civilisation needs to be cultivated and implemented in the third world. This new civilisation will entail preserving current moral and environmental levels existing in the third world. Unity Elias Yang, also the author of A Global State. vLike the Third Estate in France, the Third World has nothing, but wants to be something, for both have been exploited. Alfred Sauvy, French Demographer 1952. No new light has been thrown on the reason why poor countries are poor and rich countries are rich. Paul Samuelson, 1976 Does the Third World Point to the Future? Trevor Burrowes, Author 1990. The black race shall prevail. Mouammar Kadhafi, President of Libya, July 1999. They go naked as the day they were born; the women as the men. We Christians said they were remarkably beautiful men and women. This beauty was moral as well as physical. . . . They are the most pleasant and peaceful people in the world. Christopher Columbus, Spanish Explorer comments on American Indians 1492 Born on 20th May 1974, Unity Elias Yang is the first African member of the Board of the Organization Vote World Parliament (VWP) in Quebec-Canada. He is also the Author of a Global State through Democratic Federal World Government.

The New World Order Whether It Is Attainable How It Can Be Attained and What Sort of World a World at Peace Will Have to Be

Author : H. G. Wells
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Hesperides Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.