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Thirty Life Crisis

Author : Lisa Schwartz
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A hilarious essay collection perfect for anyone dealing with the challenges, indignities, and celebrations that come with being a thirty-something by actor and YouTube star Lisa Schwartz (Lisbug). Lisa Schwartz's stories and musings are all about watching her friends adult like pros, while she tries to understand why she doesn't want or can't seem to find all the things they have for herself. Like a big sister who's already seen it all, Lisa will take readers through her own life experiences to say that one thing we all need to hear: you are so not alone. Unabashed and unfiltered, Schwartz's voice and candor will appeal to anyone in their thirties who just can't deal with the never-ending Facebook feed of friends' engagement photos and baby pictures, the trials of figuring out where their passion meets their career, and everything in between. So, if you've ever had to figure out... Parenting Your Parents (Yikes) Gender Reveal Parties (It's an actual thing.) Discovering That Your Boyfriend Likes Boys (Surprise!) Online Shopping Away Your Anxiety (Don't) or Gender Reveal Parties (Seriously. It's an actual thing.) This book is your new best friend.

Thirty As F

Author : Sarah Ordo
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A lot of people treat aging like it's the freakin' plague. Young women dread thirty like it's a death sentence. It's a little bit dramatic, a little bit crazy, and a whole lot of unnecessary. Cue the quarter-life crisis. I've decided to flip the script on this attitude instead. Thirty has brought me more knowledge, growth, and happiness than I ever could have imagined was possible. Thirty is JUST the beginning.Thirty as F*** is the kinda hilarious yet oddly profound journal of my quarter-life crisis. In the book, I'm sharing the thirty things I learned about life before turning thirty. Packed full of personal realizations, hilarious experiences, and a bunch of hella good truth bombs, this book will have every woman out there laughing, grabbing the tissues, and saying "YES!" whether she is eighteen years old, thirty years old, or eighty years old. We're gonna cover everything from cellulite to eyelash extensions to realizing you are becoming your mother. But we're also gonna talk about more important things like being okay alone, getting past your biggest disappointments, realizing the kind of love you deserve as a woman, and learning how to say "NO." We're gonna cover ALL the f*cking things.

Starry Eyed

Author : Mandy Arioto
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Being a mom is all of it: light and dark, highs and lows, fever pitch frustration and all-consuming love. By now, you already know that with great love comes great joy . . . and great pain. It can be crazy-making! But it doesn’t have to be. In Starry-Eyed, MOPS director of marketing Mandy Arioto reveals how the brightest and darkest moments of motherhood alike can become a sacred—and sanity-saving— opportunity to encounter God. There is a way to flourish in the midst of it all, and it starts with embracing the light and darkness in life with expectation and awe. Heartening, enchanting, and always unflinchingly honest, Starry-Eyed will show you how to find the unexpected grace in your life as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Consider this your heart-to-heart sit-down with a woman who’s been there, and can help you find fresh eyes to see how beauty and pain can mingle with purpose.

German Villages in Crisis

Author : John Theibault
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This is a study of German villages during the Thirty Years' War. It shows how diverse interests interested in the village, and how those interests were transformed between 1570 and 1720.

The Millennials Quarter Life Crisis A Generation at a Revolutionary Crossroads

Author : TaraElla
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Defending Hannah

Author : Jennifer Becker
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"Non stop action, drama, passion, betrayal, you name it... Excellent read!" - BookAddictStudio Ben “Midas” Gates is the leader of his Delta Force team and is leading a mission to shut down a known terrorist working out of Panama and rescue hostages. When he arrives he discovers the mission is anything but easy and becomes even more complicated because he knows one of the hostages. It was a woman he had been in love with growing up and ran away from thirteen years ago. The mission becomes even more dangerous when the team discovers someone set them up to fail and they don’t take failure as an option. With the aid of Hannah who has inside information on their terrorist and who may know who set them up, Ben does all in his power not to fall for the only woman he has ever loved... If you liked this book, pre-order Guarding Cora, the upcoming new novel in the Delta Force Defenders Series. Readers' reviews "This is the second book I've read by this author and once again I've been totally blown away!" - ***** Goodreads review "My first by this author and happy to say will not be my last! Great characters, lots of unexpected twists. Looking forward to next book!" - ***** Goodreads review "Another great story from Jennifer Becker! I loved how this story was told, it captured me from the beginning and I look forward to another book from this author." - ***** Goodreads review

Midlife Crisis at 30

Author : Lia Macko
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A guide for professional women struggling with burnout analyzes the social and psychological factors that affect a woman's career and relationships, and offers strategies for achieving a healthy personal and professional balance.

The Good Life Crisis

Author : Nick Shelton
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The Good Life Crisis is a project that seeks to find the best answers to the question “What is the Good Life?” After traveling around the world and interviewing hundreds of inspiring people, Nick Shelton has compiled a book based on the best advice he's received. Comprised of humorous stories and practical advice, it provides you a glimpse of how to lead an ideal life in the 21st century.Containing just over 40 chapters, the book provides stories, real-life examples, and practical advice on how each of us can improve our lives and we appreciate each day. For more visit,

Quarter Life Crisis A Novel

Author : Patrick Anderson Jr.
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Sean Easton is a twenty-five year old disenchanted college grad who just rediscovered his love for video games, which is only exceeded by his love for weed and alcohol. Lauren Gallo's a twenty-four year old college dropout turned working mother, who's just walked in on her husband (and the father of her two year old son) having sex with another woman in their apartment. Sean meets Lauren. Lauren meets Sean. Then their real stories begin. Together, Sean and Lauren represent a large portion of our society, a generation of individuals entering their mid- and late-twenties in the new millennium. Many of them have been told to dream big and aim high, that the next four years will be the best of their lives (a depressing thought). A few of them fulfill these dreams. Most don't, and in a time when acquiring a college degree has become more an expectation than an accomplishment, Sean Easton and Lauren Gallo must break the mold society's set in front of them if they ever hope to achieve true happiness.

The Male Mid Life Crisis

Author : Nancy Mayer
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