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Thinking Together

Author : Rozlynn Dance
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Want students to understand-really understand-and retain the math they're learning? Focus on building your classroom community first. In Thinking Together, veteran teachers Rozlynn Dance and Tessa Kaplan explore nine beliefs that lead to a powerful community of learners. When students are part of a classroom where they feel valued and included, they are more likely to take risks, ask questions, and grow exponentially as mathematicians. Rozlynn and Tessa tell us, "We must create a kind, caring, trusting community of learners who feel comfortable tackling the unknown, taking risks, and making mistakes." This book doesn't pretend teaching is simple-instead, it celebrates the potential in the everyday messiness of learning together. Each chapter includes: opportunities to reflect on your practice through an exploration of beliefs such as "Mistakes are great!" and "It's not just about the answer" practical guidance for building your classroom community through student-centered strategies and classroom examples "When Things Don't Seem to be Working" sections for troubleshooting common challenges and adapting to teaching that doesn't go as planned. An environment fine-tuned for learning creates conditions in which your students can thrive as mathematical thinkers. Thinking Together will help shape your beliefs about what it means to be a learning community and provide support for building those beliefs into your classroom.

Thinking Together

Author : Angela G. Ray
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Changes to the landscape of higher education in the United States over the past decades have urged scholars grappling with issues of privilege, inequality, and social immobility to think differently about how we learn and deliberate. Thinking Together is a multidisciplinary conversation about how people approached similar questions of learning and difference in the nineteenth century. In the open air, in homes, in public halls, and even in prisons, people pondered recurring issues: justice, equality, careers, entertainment, war and peace, life and death, heaven and hell, the role of education, and the nature of humanity itself. Paying special attention to the dynamics of race and gender in intellectual settings, the contributors to this volume consider how myriad groups and individuals—many of whom lived on the margins of society and had limited access to formal education—developed and deployed knowledge useful for public participation and public advocacy around these concerns. Essays examine examples such as the women and men who engaged lecture culture during the Civil War; Irish immigrants who gathered to assess their relationship to the politics and society of the New World; African American women and men who used music and theater to challenge the white gaze; and settler-colonists in Liberia who created forums for envisioning a new existence in Africa and their relationship to a U.S. homeland. Taken together, this interdisciplinary exploration shows how learning functioned not only as an instrument for public action but also as a way to forge meaningful ties with others and to affirm the value of an intellectual life. By highlighting people, places, and purposes that diversified public discourse, Thinking Together offers scholars across the humanities new insights and perspectives on how difference enhances the human project of thinking together.

Thinking Together with Children

Author : Jeanette Kroese Thomson
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Your child is asking Why? and seeking meaning. Listening and responding encourages refl ective thought. Now that our children are spending more and more time in virtual reality, making connections with their minds is becoming even more important. Thinking requires an individual to formulate an idea into a conceptual thought that can be recalled and analyzed. A parent can help their child think clearly by actively participating in their learning. Listening to your child means your child will listen as well. The child is seeking meaning.

Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together

Author : William Isaacs
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Emphasizes the importance of a successful dialogue to successful business operations, explaining how the "art of thinking together" can be used to create a communication bridge in organizations and communities.

Dialogic Education

Author : Neil Phillipson
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Dialogue has long been used in primary classrooms to stimulate thinking, but it is not always easy to unite the creative thinking of good dialogue with the need for children to understand the core concepts behind knowledge-rich subjects. A sound understanding of key concepts is essential to progress through the national curriculum, and assessment of this understanding along with effective feedback is central to good practice. Dialogic Education builds upon decades of practical classroom research to offer a method of teaching that applies the power of dialogue to achieving conceptual mastery. Easy-to-follow template lesson plans and activity ideas are provided, each of which has been tried and tested in classrooms and is known to succeed. Providing a structure for engaging children and creating an environment in which dialogue can flourish, this book is separated into three parts: Establishing a classroom culture of learning; Core concepts across the curriculum; Wider dialogues: Educational adventures in the conversation of mankind. Written to support all those in the field of primary education, this book will be an essential resource for student, trainee and qualified primary teachers interested in the educational importance of dialogue.

Critical Dialogues

Author : John Clarke
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In this engaging and original book, John Clarke is in conversation with twelve leading scholars about the collaborative and dialogical processes of critical thinking in the social sciences. The conversations range across many fields and explore the problems and possibilities of doing critical intellectual work in ways that are responsive to changing conditions. By emphasising the many voices in play, in conversation with, as well as against, others, Clarke challenges the individualising myth of the heroic intellectual. He underlines the value of thinking criticall, collabortively and dialogically. The book also provides access to a sound archive of the original conversations.

Thinking Together

Author : Philip Cam
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Thinking Together shows how story-based material can be used to help children raise philosophical puzzles and problems that will set them thinking. It shows how to build a community of inquiry in the classroom, and how to use questioning techniques, group discussion and other activities to develop thinking skills and concepts that can be applied across the curriculum.

Religious Conversion

Author : Shanta Premawardhana
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Religious Conversion: Religion Scholars Thinking Together explores various issues relating to the nature, methods, and effects of religious conversion in the major world faiths. Presents the results of an innovative ten-year project initiated the World Council of Churches Features contributions from religious scholars and leaders of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim traditions Considers myriad issues relating to the nature, methods, and effects of religious conversion in the major world faiths Addresses questions on religious freedom, legal considerations, and the future for religious conversion

Another Way

Author : Jeremy Garber
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How can theologians, philosophers, and ordinary people think about the Holy Spirit in the twenty-first century? This volume offers one model: the pneumatology of minoritarian communal interpretation, the alternative creation of meaning within an oppressive majority context. Garber looks at the stories of Saul, Ezekiel, and Jesus in the Gospels; the Radical Reformers of the sixteenth century; and a contemporary group of “spiritual but not religious” artists to see how they understand the Spirit working in their lives. He weaves together the theories of John Howard Yoder, Deleuze and Guattari, and media theorists like Stanley Fish, Jeremy Stolow, and Thomas Lindlof as a theological and philosophical background to those stories. In the end, the Holy Spirit is “being weird like Jesus together”—and Garber offers some observations on what that might look like, throughout history and today.


Author : Thomas W. Malone
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From the founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence comes a fascinating look at the remarkable capacity for intelligence exhibited by groups of people and computers working together. If you're like most people, you probably believe that humans are the most intelligent animals on our planet. But there's another kind of entity that can be far smarter: groups of people. In this groundbreaking book, Thomas Malone, the founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, shows how groups of people working together in superminds -- like hierarchies, markets, democracies, and communities -- have been responsible for almost all human achievements in business, government, science, and beyond. And these collectively intelligent human groups are about to get much smarter. Using dozens of striking examples and case studies, Malone shows how computers can help create more intelligent superminds simply by connecting humans to one another in a variety of rich, new ways. And although it will probably happen more gradually than many people expect, artificially intelligent computers will amplify the power of these superminds by doing increasingly complex kinds of thinking. Together, these changes will have far-reaching implications for everything from the way we buy groceries and plan business strategies to how we respond to climate change, and even for democracy itself. By understanding how these collectively intelligent groups work, we can learn how to harness their genius to achieve our human goals. Drawing on cutting-edge science and insights from a remarkable range of disciplines, Superminds articulates a bold -- and utterly fascinating -- picture of the future that will change the ways you work and live, both with other people and with computers.

Learning Together Through Inquiry

Author : Kathy Gnagey Short
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Describes a collaborative project in which six K-5 teachers and their students built a curriculum based on student inquiry, studying such topics as Christopher Columbus, personal and family history, slavery, human rights, space, and nature.


Author : Krishnamurti Foundation
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Dialogic Readers

Author : Fiona Maine
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A Dialogic Approach to Understanding Reading celebrates the sophisticated and dynamic discussions that primary-aged children have as they talk together to make meaning from a variety of texts, and it highlights the potential for talk between readers as a tool for critical and creative thinking. It proposes a new dialogic theory of reading comprehension which incorporates multi-modal media , and adds further weight to the argument that talk as a tool for learning should form a central part of primary classroom learning and teaching. The book explores: The language of co-construction - how children build meanings together Thinking together - children's creative response to text The dialogic transaction between text and readers The use of language as a tool for creating a social harmony between readers This significant work is aimed at educational lecturers, researchers and students who want to explore an expanded notion of reading comprehension in the 21st century realising how opportunities for children thinking creatively together might transform the potential for learning in the classroom. It provides a framework for analysing co-constructive talk with suggestions for promoting children's critical and creative thinking.

Patterns of Thinking

Author : John H. Clarke
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Working Together for Children and Their Families

Author : Great Britain. Social Work Service. Development Group
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Thinking and Speaking

Author : Otis M. Walter
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Christian Thinking and Social Order

Author : Marjorie Reeves
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Endeavours to map out a piece of the intellectual history of this century which once almost faded from memory. In 1941 William Temple, then Archbishop of York, called for a Christian social philosophy and in so doing voiced a concern that had been gathering momentum all through the 30s, sharpened by the challenge of authoritarian regimes, left and right, and had formed the focus of the Oxford Conference of Church, Community and State in 1937.

McLuhan for Managers

Author : Mark Federman
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Helping Young Children Grow

Author : Erna Furman
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"Furman leads us step-by-step from the first emotionally dependent crucial relationship between the mother and her baby through the maturing child's need and ability to form new and different relationships. This work is valuable reading for prospective parents, those who are already parents, and anyone working with children." --Robert D. Gillman, M.D.

Thinking Together

Author : Lyn Dawes
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Thinking Together has been specifically designed to develop language and reasoning skills across the curriculum in Key Stage 2. The book is presented as a series of structured lesson plans to help teachers initiate and build on an adaptable programme that can be used in every subject area.