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Things the Grandchildren Should Know

Author : Mark Everett
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An acclaimed indie rocker from the Eels discusses his turbulent upbringing outside of the sphere of his absent acclaimed physicist father, the tragic losses of his family members, and his efforts to forge a career in the alternative music scene. 75,000 first printing.

25 Things Every New Dad Should Know

Author : Robert Sears
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Fatherhood doesn't come with instructions, but 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know is here to give some peace of mind. Learn what to expect on the lead up to the final big day when fatherhood starts! A baby brings great joy to a new father, but also, perhaps, some uncertainty. Don't let these preliminary nerves get to you and dampen what will no doubt be one of the most joyful day of your life. 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know provide information and encouragement to stave back the worry. A little fear is nothing to be ashamed of. For many men, fatherhood may seem like a new job for which they have had no training or experience. In these pages, pediatricians, and fathers themselves, Robert and James Sears offer reassuring, timeless adviceto help new dads prepare for and embrace their important role. In an encouraging and light-hearted tone they highlight 25 important facets of becoming a dad and emphasize the rewards and pure joy that come with parenthood. This inspiring read is the perfect gift for any new or expectant father!

The 11 Things Your Kids Should Know So They Can Save America

Author : Steve White
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Our country and our government have huge issues to deal with today. We have enormous debt, high unemployment, entitlement programs that are unsustainable, pornography, drug use, and skyrocketing divorce rates. We lack the honesty, integrity, and moral values of our forefathers. Our country isn't broken. People are broken. Author Steve White proposes a solution to these ever-increasing problems. In "The 11 Things Your Kids Should Know (So They Can Save America)," he discusses eleven important principles that should be the foundation of every child's upbringing. By focusing on these basic ideas that help young people form good moral compasses, White believes we can raise a generation that embodies the same values as the country's Founding Fathers, thereby bringing honesty, integrity, and moral values back to America. Some of the principles he discusses include teaching children to be nice, like themselves, make a difference, eat healthy and stay fit, never stop learning, and get to know God. Using real-life examples, White shows how we can equip today's children to make a difference, regain our value system, and save our nation.

Things You Should Know

Author : A.M. Homes
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Things You Should Know is a collection of dazzling stories by one of the most talented and daring young American writers, whose distinctive narratives demonstrate how extraordinary the ordinary can be. A woman pursues an unconventional strategy for getting pregnant; a former First Lady shows despair and courage in dealing with her husband's Alzheimer's; a teacher's list of 'things you already should know but maybe are a little dumb, so you don't' becomes an obsession for someone who wasn't at school the day it was given out; and adult tragedy intrudes into a childhood friendship. The stories are full of magic and strangeness and humour, but also demonstrate an uncanny emotional accuracy and compassion.

100 Things Arkansas Fans Should Know Do Before They Die

Author : Rick Schaeffer
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From famed moments such as the Razorbacks winning the 1994 NCAA Tournament to lesser known trivia, including which uniform configuration is considered a curse or knowing the animal that was the school's original mascot, 100 Things Arkansas Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die reveals the most critical moments and important facts about Arkansas football and basketball. With details on past and present players, coaches, and teams that are part of the university's storied history, this book contains everything Hogs fans should know, see, and do in their lifetime and encapsulates what being a Razorbacks fan is all about.

100 Things Clemson Fans Should Know Do Before They Die

Author : Lou Sahadi
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Most Clemson fans have attended a game at Memorial Stadium, seen highlights of a young Terry Kinard, and remember where they were when the Tigers won the 1981 national championship. But only real fans know who gave Frank Howard "Howard's Rock," can name the "Father of Clemson Football," or know all the words to the "Tiger Rag." 100 Things Clemson Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Lou Sahadi reveals the most critical moments and important facts about past and present players, coaches, and teams that are part of the storied history that is Clemson football. Whether you're a die-hard fan from the Danny Ford era or a new supporter of Dabo Swinney, this book contains everything Tigers fans should know, see, and do in their lifetime. If you bleed orange then this book is for you. It offers the chance to be certain you are knowledgeable about the most important facts about the team, the traditions, and what being a Tigers fan is all about.

100 Things Wildcats Fans Should Know Do Before They Die

Author : Ryan Clark
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The University of Kentucky men’s basketball program is the winningest in the history of the sport, and this book explores those wins along with the personalities, events, and facts that any and every Wildcats fan should know. Wildcats stars from more than a century of success are highlighted, including Louie Dampier, Pat Riley, Sam Bowie, Jamal Mashburn, Antoine Walker, Walter McCarty, Travis Ford, and Brandon Knight. The team’s colorful coaches are also profiled, including championship winners Adolph Rupp, Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, and Tubby Smith. It takes years of franchise history and highlights the absolute best and most compelling moments, identifying the personalities, events, and facts that have all come together to make Kentucky the powerhouse that it is. Wildcats fans will read about all of this and more, including some of the long-standing traditions that surround this storied club and the necessary mainstays to participate in, making this something that any Wildcats fan will enjoy.

1001 Things Everyone Over 55 Should Know

Author : Constance Schrader
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Covers such essential subjects as how to program a VCR, how to stick with a volunteer job, what to do with leftover fabric, and social security

365 Things Every Woman Should Know

Author : Emilie Barnes
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Emilie Barnes, bestselling and beloved author, offers women practical advice, innovative suggestions for organizing, and biblical wisdom in this pocket-sized gem. Readers will love the simple suggestions that can make such a difference in daily life. Topics include a wonderful mix of spiritual insights and helpful suggestions: spending time with the Lordpraying for words to comfort someoneloving your partnermaking your home user friendlycreating beautiful yet inexpensive giftscrafting unique cards for all occasionsestablishing family traditions Drawn from her popular, nationally syndicated radio spots "Keep It Simple," these quick readings make it easy to fit uplifting and encouraging moments into busy schedules.

Grandchildren Our Hopes and Dreams

Author : Sally Kabak
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Todays grandparents have many roles with their grandchildren. Some grandparents provide care on a regular basis when the childs parents arent available; others are great playmates with their grandchildren or what many may think of as traditional grandparents. An emerging role that some grandparents find themselves in is raising their grandchildren. Grandchildren, Our Hopes and Dreams provides practical help, encouragement and a wealth of knowledge and understanding to grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

Simple Secrets Couples Should Know

Author : Emilie Barnes
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Things You Should Know by Now

Author : Jason Boyett
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This instruction book on how to live and actually enjoy life guides the millennial generation young adults in what to do now that they are out of college and living in the real world. It addresses such topics as avoiding debt, mastering job interviews, changing a tire, staying in shape, and maintaining a home.


Author : Kathy Kemp
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Visionary folk art is typified by an artist's ability to create without training or traditional materials. These vivid, fresh, primitive and spiritually inspired works have collectors flocking to drink from the wellspring of visionary folk works. Revelations covers Alabama's key visionary folk artists such as Howard Finster, Thornton Dial, Bill Taylor, and Lonnie Holley.

Twenty Things for Grandparents of Interfaith Grandchildren to Do and Not Do to Nurture Jewish Identity in Their Grandchildren

Author : Kerry M. Olitzky
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It isnt easy being a grandparent, but grandparents are pivotal in the identity development of grandchildren. This book provides punchy, pithy, practical and often provocative wisdom for grandparents of grandchildren who live in an interfaith family.

10 Things You Should Know about God and Life

Author : Greg Laurie
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Understanding = Life "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) God has gone on record....what you don't know can hurt you. When it comes to matters of life, death, and eternal destiny, what you know and what you do with that knowledge means everything. Drawing from his top 10 most-requested messages, Greg Laurie shines the light of God's Word on the issues that will touch and shape every single day of your life.... and beyond. Things like your direction in life, your marriage, your children, your faith, your relationship with the living God and your defense against a relentless enemy who desires your destruction are among the topics covered.

Inner Wealth

Author : Allen Rubin
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A Boy Should Know How to Tie a Tie

Author : Antwone Fisher
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LIFE LESSONS AND HARD-EARNED ADVICE THAT EVERY BOY NEEDS TO BECOME A MAN—AND EVERY MAN NEEDS TO BECOME A RESPECTED CITIZEN ANTWONE FISHER ALWAYS ADMIRED his foster father’s crisp sartorial style. It wasn’t until Fisher was a navy recruit that he realized this smartly dressed man had never taken the time to teach him how to be well-groomed—to reflect on the outside the man he was becoming on the inside. "A boy ought to know how to tie a tie," he thought angrily, as he struggled to master the navy’s required half-Windsor knot. Filled with inspiring stories, wisdom, and practical know-how, A Boy Should Know How to Tie a Tie teaches: Basics of personal style and hygiene: why cleaning, trimming, and polishing are essential daily habits Key components of self-improvement: how to develop a routine for success and organize your personal space The importance of identity: why reinventing oneself is a necessary part of growing up With additional information about healthy eating, making smart financial decisions, and finding role models, Antwone Fisher offers a book filled with accessible life lessons.

The Essential Rock Discography

Author : Martin Charles Strong
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Covers British and American artists and groups, including a biography or history and chronological discographical listings in each entry.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Indian Why Stories

Author : Frank B. Linderman
File Size : 83.43 MB
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Delightful fables offer explanations of "Why the Chipmunk's Back is Striped," "How the Otter Skin Became Great Medicine," "How the Man Found His Mate," and "Why Blackfeet Never Kill Mice," more. 32 illustrations.