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They Don t Teach This

Author : Eniola Aluko
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Discover this powerful memoir from one of Britain’s most inspiring women **LONGLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2019** First class honours law degree. 102 appearances for England women’s national football team. First female pundit on Match of the Day. UN Women UK ambassador. Guardian columnist. All of these achievements belong to Eni Aluko, who, is keen to share her experiences, aiming to inspire readers to be the best possible versions of themselves. Aluko was appointed UN Women UK ambassador with a focus on promoting gender empowerment in 2016, and in October 2018 she was named by Marie Claire as one of ten Future Shapers Award Winners, recognising individuals who are changing women’s futures for the better. She is currently playing football for Juventus in Italy and writing a weekly column for the Guardian. They Don’t Teach This steps beyond the realms of memoir to explore themes of dual nationality and identity, race and institutional prejudice, success, failure and faith. It is an inspiring manifesto to change the way readers and the future generation choose to view the challenges that come in their life applying life lessons with raw truths of Eni’s own personal experience.

They Didn t Teach THIS in Worm School

Author : Simone Lia
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A hungry chicken (who thinks he’s a flamingo) and a quick-thinking worm set off on a madcap adventure — and forge an unlikely friendship. Marcus is a worm, and a bird named Laurence who looks very much like a chicken is about to eat him for breakfast. So what does Marcus do? He strikes up a conversation, of course! But even after talking his way out of being eaten, Marcus’s troubles are just beginning: soon he is clinging to Laurence’s neck as the designated navigator on an absurd journey to Kenya, where his feathered companion dreams of finding happiness with other flamingos like himself. Except Marcus can’t actually read a map, and this bird is clearly not a flamingo. Will Marcus be able to get them both to Africa — or even manage to survive the day? Peppered with kid-friendly illustrations, this is a buddy comedy that will have readers wriggling with laughter.

Adulting 101

Author : Erin Clark
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Why didn't anyone tell me this?" was something I said to myself over and over in my early and mid twenties. Despite going through a good school system and being college educated, I was frustrated time and time again because there were so many "adult" things that I simply didn't know how to do, or had to learn to do the hard way. I realized that I wasn't alone in this struggle. Most of my milenial friends didn't know how to save money, grocery shop properly, manage time or just be prepared for life as an adult. I realized though, that despite what older generations think, and despite what some media tells us, our generation is not lazy. We are not stupid, we were simply not taught many of those basic life skills. Many of us can tell you the pythagorean theorem, but are totally lost when it comes to filing our taxes. Or we can recite from memory "oh captain, my captain" but know nothing about insurance. So I took what I had learned, added in personal life lessons, asked some experts and the result is "Adulting 101: the things they don't teach you." You can use this as a tool for success, or simply learn what not to do from my experiences. Either way, enjoy the journey!

They Don t Teach Corporate in College Updated Edition

Author : Alexandra Levit
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"This book is loaded with solid information designed to demystify the business world." —Anne Fisher, Fortune They Don’t Teach Corporate in College has resonated with hundreds of thousands of readers and is currently used as a text in corporations and universities across the country. Streamlined and made more accessible for the current generation of twenty-somethings, this new edition is for those that want to make a difference right now but lack some of the core skills to make it happen. Learn how to: Make the smartest career move right out of college. Establish a strong reputation by encouraging others to like and cooperate with you. Navigate your organization’s social scene and practice cringe-free networking. Master skills that will take you anywhere, including goal setting and self-promotion. Combat negativity and cope with difficult personalities. Updated with fresh research, anecdotes, and resources, the book still maintains the no-nonsense perspective of a wise older sister who doesn’t want you to have to learn the hard way.

What They Didn t Teach You at Medical School

Author : Alan V. Parbhoo
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During medical training there are certain tasks that are not taught at medical school nor in the common reference books. There are some skills that medical students are expected to learn by ‘osmosis’. These skills are never officially taught or examined in medical school, but are, however, a fundamental part of being a safe, good and efficient doctor. This book includes ‘golden rules’ or important points to remember and case examples, both of which are given as displayed extracts. This book will help the junior doctor unlock their potential and improve their performance, cutting the time it takes to achieve certain medical objectives. It is meant to fill in the gaps where the medical school and clinical guides stop. It gives the reader the information needed to organise themselves so that they can hit the ground running. It is not intended as a clinical survival guide, but more a friendly hand to allow the reader to get ahead in medicine and how to keep on track and develop a career path.

What They Don t Teach You in Sales School

Author : Tony Rea
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If you're a salesperson struggling to close sales when you think you've done everything right, you could very well be taking missteps without knowing it. In order to help you avoid those mistakes, Tony Rea, a veteran salesperson, explains the basics of selling in this guidebook that can help you exceed expectations. Rea offers guidance on: Sales fundamentals Effectively managing the sales environment Honing your perceptive skills Communicating to infl uence The mechanics of selling to close While selling might seem straightforward, it's really a complicated mix of politics, techniques, and psychology all mixed together. Figuring out how each one of those things works requires learning the craft and keeping at it. This guide can be your go-to reference for advice on fi nding creative ideas, responding to objections, and making a great fi rst impression. The techniques you learn won't just help you close more sales; they can serve to improve other areas of your life as well. Whether you're a newbie salesperson or high-level closer, you can start selling more by learning "What They Don't Teach You in Sales School."

Summary What They Don t Teach You at Harvard Business School

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
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The must-read summary of Mark H. McCormack's book: “What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School and Why They Can’t Make You Street Smart”. This complete summary of the ideas from Mark H. McCormack's book "What They don't Teach You at Harvard Business School" demonstrates that a business school can’t teach you how to be street smart. This summary highlights what you need to learn and how you can get the necessary experience to be at the cutting edge of your industry. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your business knowledge To learn more read "What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School" and discover why street smart is the new smart!

What They Don t Teach You at B school

Author : Meenakshi Radhakrishnan-Swami
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Catapulted onto the world stage by a daring reform agenda, present-day China is the manifestation of an experiment unique in human history. Its astonishing economic ascent and rapidly expanding consumer market has captured the world's attention. Bristling

What They Don t Teach You in Library School

Author : Elisabeth Doucett
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Elisabeth Doucett gives new librarians a full dose of practical advice and wisdom that remains between the lines of most library curriculum, while also teaching seasoned professionals a thing or two.

What They Don t Teach You in Broadcasting

Author : Orji, Orji Ogbonnaya
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One of the many problems the media in Nigeria and developing nations contend with is the absence of current books and journals written by practitioners working within relevant contexts, existing regulations, and local environments. This Book, What They Don't Teach You in Broadcasting, is an experience-based knowledge sharing initiative with practical examples aimed at bridging the increasing gap between theory and practice in Nigeria. The book contains those issues, experiences and realities that journalists must encounter in the practice of the profession which we were not taught in school. It is a contribution to the efforts of our institutions and the media industry in building a functional bridge between the classroom and the field.