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There is No I in Team But There is a U In Cunt

Author : Workfreedom Press
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Perfect retirement /going away / leaving the job gift for your co-worker, boss, employee, manager. Show how much you appreciate them.

There Is No I in Team But There Is a U in Cunt

Author : Samson Love
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Spice up your office with this hilarious gift notebook journal with a funny saying. Be inspired to write in this notebook every day and give your workmates a laugh every time you think about teamwork. Start every day with a smile with this handy note book with generous wide ruled lines for noting meetings, to do lists, doodling, frustrating office events and gossiping about your coworkers. Working has never been so much fun. A great present idea for and employee, manager, co-worker or the big boss. This is the perfect notebook to gift to yourself or a loved one on birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Use the ruled pages for your favorite inspiring quotes and to record your goals and dreams. Handy to use at work, in your home office or sit on the beach and jot down all your achievements. Keep track of goals and record happy memories in this notebook. Perfect for all adults, men and women will love this inspirational motivational journal with a funny quote. Give it to your boss, employees, co-workers or supervisor. 104 blank lined pages Use it as a journal, to take notes, for creative writing, doodling, journaling or just vent your frustrations Handy note book features 6 inch by 9 inch pages This softcover notebook has a smooth glossy finish Beautifully designed to make the perfect present for a loved one - also makes a great work gift List all of your joys and gratitude daily in your journal to help enhance feelings of happiness and productivity or in silent protest!

There Is No I in Team But There s A U in Cunt Funny Gag Gift Lined Notebook Journal

Author : Sirius Publications
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Softcover. 6''x9''' perfect size to cary around with you. Professionally designed with a matte finish. Perfect binding soft cover; no need to worry about pages accidentally ripping. Suitable for taking notes, writing, organizing, goal setting, doodling, drawing, lists, journaling and brainstorming. Personalized notebooks and journals make a thoughtful gift for adults and kids as a functional gift for any occasion.


Author : Ishy Din
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Snookered probes into the lives of young Muslim men and their fragile masculinity, burdened by cultural expectations yet charged with personal dreams. In a volatile political climate, Ishy Din opens a timely window into a strand of British Muslim life that often remains unseen. The plot follows four friends who, every year, meet on the anniversary of their mate's death for a game of pool and a few drinks. As they excavate the past and measure their own lives, secrets are revealed and allegiances shift as quickly as the drinks are downed. Can they put to rest their guilt over the untimely death of their friend? And will their friendship survive the final betrayal? One of the very few plays written both by and about British Muslims, Snookered explores their camaraderie, life decisions, and their self identity within their close-knit Muslim community of extended families and network of friends. The sharp, pace-filled dialogue captures the Punjabi-English urban patois that is currently developing in northern towns but is rarely seen onstage. The result is that the characters are both alive and relevant, and moments of sharp wit collide with emotionally searing exchanges. Developed by the theatre company Tamasha, whose manifesto is to explore British Asian perspectives and identities, Snookered is unafraid to feature difficult and significant themes such as religion, drug addiction, misogyny, poverty and racism. Against this backdrop, Snookered is first and foremost a psychologically detailed but razor-sharp depiction of young men finding their paths in life, whilst navigating what it means to be young, British and Muslim.

Same Dog Different Shite

Author : Michael Riddell
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Michael Riddell suffered more than a mid-life crisis. Call it a complete life revision! At the age of forty-five, after changing his mind about life, career, and magic crystals, he embarked on a path he never knew was there. It brought him to Melinda, his soulmate and spiritual anchor, and let him gather his life back after almost losing it all. Turns out it was just the beginning. In his follow-up to Life, A Little Brown Dog, and Shite Like That, Michael learns that sometimes you have to face some tough truths, including those about yourself, and perhaps travel through darkness before reaching the light. That redemption can be fraught with danger, and may come at a hefty price.

Cambridge Advanced Learner s Dictionary

Author :
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If You Liked School You ll Love Work

Author : Irvine Welsh
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In 'Rattlesnakes', three young Americans find themselves lost in the desert, held captive by armed Mexicans; in 'The DOGS of Lincoln Park', a mysterious Korean chef may or may not have something to do with the disappearance of a socialite's pooch; an English bar owner battles to keep all his balls in the air on the Costa Brava; a film biographer becomes a piece of movie memorabilia himself in 'Miss Arizona'; and in the 'Kingdom of Fife'; an ex-jockey and table-football star of Cowdenbeath takes on the charms of Jenni Cahill and her remarkable jodhpurs...

Teddy Suhren Ace of Aces

Author : Teddy Shuren
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Reinhard ‘Teddy’ Suhren fired more successful torpedo shots than any other man during the war, many before he even became a U-boat commander. He was also the U-boat service’s most irreverent and rebellious commander; his lack of a military bearing was a constant source of friction with higher authority. Valued for his good humour and ability to lead, his nickname was acquired because he marched like a teddy-bear. Despite his refusal to conform to the rigid thought-patterns of National Socialism, his operational successes protected him, and he found himself accepted in the highest circles of power in Germany. He was one of the lucky third of all U-boat crewmen who survived the war, largely because his abilities led to a senior land-based command. He was also one of the first to publish his reminiscences, his account being typically forthright – its German title, Nasses Eichenlaub, suggesting that although he was decorated with the Oak Leaves, he was always in hot water. He died in 1984 but interest in his career was revitalized by the discovery of photographs documenting one of his operations in U 564, published with great success in 2004 as U-Boat War Patrol by Lawrence Patterson.

Now s The Time

Author : John Harvey
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With his highly-praised sequence of novels featuring Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick, John Harvey created not only an unforgettable character of great depth and complexity, but a realistic and richly-peopled inner-city world of struggling heroes and feckless villains. Gathered together in Now's The Time are twelve short stories featuring Resnick. From old foes to upstart pretenders, the city and the jazz-soaked, night-time world of Charlie Resnick come vividly to life.

No Home Training

Author : Ms. Michel Moore
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Identical twins Kenya and London return in the highly addictive Essence bestselling Say U Promise series, and now things have gone from bad to worse for the tragically troubled sisters. They are caught in the middle of a deadly drug war that was started by one of them, and the streets run red as lives are drastically changed forever. With an illegitimate baby on the way and a price on her head, one twin fights to avoid the dangers of the game she despises, while facing the vindictive wrath of her sister for what is deemed to be the ultimate betrayal. This time around, no one is safe when it comes to revenge--not even an innocent child.

Mrs Slocombe s Pussy

Author : Stuart Jeffries
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For most of us, sitting in our living rooms looking for an excuse not to talk to each other of a Thursday night, a million million miles away from moon landings and Cold War tension and Third World famine, it is the addiction to a little flickering box in the corner that has shaped our lives since the late 1950s.

The Beatles Digest

Author : Krause Publications
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Nostalgic and exciting, this book features articles on and interviews with members of the most influential band in the history of rock Tn' roll. The impact of The Beatles is illustrated through everything from the collectiblesQsuch as concert tickets, autographs, and bobble head dollsQto the extensive price guide to recordings that can be found in this guide.

Galignani s Messenger

Author :
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WRC Bulletin

Author : Welding Research Council (U.S.)
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New Abacus

Author : Ruth Merttens
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Covering the background and philosophy of the New Abacus programme, this book shows how it delivers UK curricula requirements, offering examples of good practice in planning, and record-keeping and assessment.

Career in Crisis

Author : John David Briley
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The 1971 season saw many changes for the University of Alabama football team, within the context of the social and political changes of the Civil Rights Movement, examining in detail, with probing interviews and extant manuscript sources, the internal process of cultural changes at Alabama that helped produce the team's and Coach Paul W. "Bear" Bryant's resurgence.

Tha Wreck n Crew

Author : Low Life
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I’m guilty of everything they say I do Dear ma.... These are things you didn’t know: I’m sorry; I let the streets take your baby from you. Ma, I know I do dirt... But it ain’t because I am dirty But since I was a little one...I never felt worthy I know I got skills...But I’d rather smoke and chill And I wish I could tell you how I really feel About what I wanted...But turned out to be I went from being your little angel...To acting like a complete stranger I use to come home every night Now when I leave ain’t no telling when I am coming back At the age of twelve, I joined a gang And since then my life ain’t been the same I been shot at, so I bought a pistol and shot back I got robbed once, and since then I robbed three I never have, but rode in stolen cars Been in a high speed chase, wreaked it and got away When I was sixteen, I got locked up four times I ain’t been seventeen six months and I am already on number two I know this is not the life you planned for me Ma, but life is full of choices...I just chose the wrong one...I guess See to me time is precious, and since I don’t know how much longer I got I plan to live my life to the fullest...Before it is too late Yes...I do wonder 24/7 how you feel about me deeply to have ambition And slowly see it slipping away, wanting to help, but not knowing wat to say What I turn out to be Ma, you did your job And I am sorry, I let the streets take your baby from you............. Poem by” Low Life: Loyalty Over Wants.....

The Oxford English Dictionary

Author : J. A. Simpson
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Provides definitions of approximately 290,500 English words, arranged alphabetically in twenty volumes, with cross-references, etymologies, and pronunciation keys, and includes a bibliography.

A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary O Scz

Author : R. W. Burchfield
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Harper s Young People

Author :
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