Healing with Stories

Your Casebook Collection for Using Therapeutic Metaphors


Author: George W. Burns

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470118412

Category: Psychology

Page: 304

View: 8867

An invitation to observe and learn the therapeutic art of storytelling Healing with Stories brings together a stellar collection of some of the world's most prominent practitioners, taking you inside their thinking and processes for working with metaphors. They represent the panorama of metaphor practice in psychotherapy today with considered, humorous, and compassionate case examples that step you through the intricacies for replicating their work in your own. This is a book for family therapists who work with children, adults, and families, as well as for hypnotherapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, narrative therapists, dynamic therapists, solution-focused therapists, and child therapists. In fact, all therapists who wish to communicate their therapeutic messages with the greatest effectiveness will find this book to be an essential and useful clinical tool. Contributors include: * Richard Kopp * Julie H. Linden * Mikaela J. Hildebrandt * Lindsay B. Fletcher * Steven C. Hayes * Michael D. Yapko * Valerie E. Lewis * Gregory Smit * Joy Nel * Christine Perry * Joyce C. Mills * Rubin Battino * Carol A Hicks-Lankton * Wendel A. Ray * Jana P. Sutton * Robert McNeilly * Roxanna Erickson-Klein * Angela Ebert * Hasham Al Musawi * Teresa Garcia-Sanchez * George W. Burns Praise for Healing with Stories "George Burns has done an expert job of compiling a definitive work that demystifies the ever-versatile metaphor. Whether you are a novice or an expert clinician, you will find a treasury of story interventions along with the 'inside scoop' on how each was created and applied to bring success in nineteen unforgettable case chapters. Better yet, you'll be able to create your own healing metaphors thanks to the expert guidance of a wide range of talented storytellers. Don't miss out on this one!" --Maggie Phillips, PhD, author of Finding the Energy to Heal and coauthor of Healing the Divided Self "If you want to be inspired, entertained, and enlightened, Healing with Stories is the book to read. George Burns, a master storyteller, has assembled a creative, diverse group of clinicians to share their ideas about how metaphor can be used with a variety of problems and clients. The result is a fascinating array of insights into metaphor's role in the healing process." --Richard G. Whiteside, MSW, author of Becoming Dragon

Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within


Author: Joyce C. Mills,Richard J. Crowley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134611056

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

View: 4646

Winner of the 1988 Clark Vincent Award for an "outstanding contribution to the profession through a literary work" and translated into four languages, the original edition of Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within was considered a groundbreaking addition to the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy. The 1986 edition was the first—and to this day the only—book that solely intertwines the extraordinary foundational teachings and philosophies of Milton H. Erickson and creative healing approaches for children and adolescents. With resiliency at its core, this revision now brings forward important topics related to neurobiology and cultural value of metaphor and play, along with fresh case examples and creative activities to a new generation of mental health, education, and coaching professionals.

Therapeutic Metaphors

Helping Others Through the Looking Glass


Author: David Cole Gordon

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medical

Page: 261

View: 5152

Psychotherapeutic Metaphors: A Guide To Theory And Practice


Author: Philip Barker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135063486

Category: Psychology

Page: 176

View: 2006

Provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the use of metaphors in therapy, outlining which clinical situations lend themselves to the use of metaphorical strategies and how to use metaphors to develop rapport between therapist and client.

Metaphor: Its Therapeutic Use and Construction

A Professional Guide to Using Metaphor in Psychotherapy and Counseling


Author: Martin Cohen

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 153264471X

Category: Psychology

Page: 102

View: 7625

This book helps counselors/therapists in all treatment modalities effectively use the extended metaphor as a therapeutic tool. It is a needed addition to every therapist’s tool kit. The book will show you how to create a personalized and carefully constructed metaphor to reach a resistant client. This is especially important when we consider that each client is an individual and requires treatment specific to his or her needs. You will find a detailed description of the components used to create original therapeutic metaphors in a step-by-step fashion along with a rich and varied collection of metaphor examples. Two full-length annotated metaphors are provided to help you effect positive change in your clients. This book is a must for all mental health professionals.

Metaphorical Stories for Child Therapy

Of Magic and Miracles


Author: Pat Pernicano

Publisher: Jason Aronson

ISBN: 9780765707833

Category: Psychology

Page: 136

View: 5431

Metaphorical Stories for Child Therapy: Of Magic and Miracles is a book of creative, memorable metaphorical stories for use in a variety of child treatments, including play therapy, cognitive behavioral interventions, narrative therapy, hypnotherapy, and expressive therapy. The author translates central child therapy issues into metaphorical stories designed to reduce client defensiveness and provide an 'aha' that springboards the client toward insight and change.

Play Therapy Techniques


Author: Charles E. Schaefer,Donna M. Cangelosi

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0765703602

Category: Psychology

Page: 383

View: 8576

The second edition of Play Therapy Techniques includes seven new chapters in addition to the original twenty-four. These lively chapters expand the comprehensive scope of the book by describing issues involved in beginning and ending therapy, using metaphors, playing music and ball, and applying the renowned "Color Your Life" technique. The extensive selection of play techniques described in this book will add to the clinical repertoire of students and practitioners of child therapy and counseling. When used in combination with formal education and clinical supervision, Play Therapy Techniques, Second Edition, can be especially useful for developing treatment plans to address the specific needs of various clinical populations. Students and practitioners of child therapy and counseling, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and child life specialists will find this second of Play Therapy Techniques informative and clinically useful.

The Role of Metaphor in Art Therapy

Theory, Method, and Experience


Author: Bruce L. Moon

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher

ISBN: 0398077525

Category: Medical

Page: 137

View: 7717

"Pragmatic and poetic, this book is a tribute to the complexities and mysteries of working with people who are suffering and striving to tell their stories through expressive artistic processes. Its roots lay deep in encounters with children, adolescents, and adults who have come to the author for help over the last three decades. It is grounded in interactions with graduate art therapy students and encounters with important themes in life. This book makes no effort to affix particular meanings to the metaphors discussed in the clinical vignettes, but rather suggests ways to listen and respond to metaphoric communications. In the methodology described in this book, ways to respond to clients' metaphors are demonstrated by creating stories, poems, and visual artworks. Art therapy sessions are described, engaging in dialogues with clients and their artworks in an effort to invite both to share stories. The studio-based approach, where artists and art therapists work side-by-side making art, exploring issues of transition, and listening metaphorically, is examined. In addition, the relevance of esthetics and empathy in looking at client artwork without judgment and responding to the client through art making is discussed. This excellent resource describes how to look at, listen to, and respond to the metaphors that artworks divulge."--BOOK JACKET.

Metaphors for Living

Stories and Related Experiential Exercises for Individual, Group and Family Growth


Author: Jackie Gerstein

Publisher: Wood 'N' Barnes Publishing

ISBN: 9781885473370

Category: Psychology

Page: 176

View: 9815