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Therapeutic Ways with Words

Author : Kathleen Ferrara
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This is a linguistic analysis of the discourse between therapist and client in psychotherapy sessions. Ferrara emphasizes the interactive nature of the discourse, and shows how language is mutually constructed as the participants interweave bits and pieces of their own and others' sentences, metaphors, and narratives into the discussion.

Therapeutic By ways Being a Collection of Therapeutic Measures Not to be Found in the Text Books

Author : Edward Pollock Anshutz
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New Ways of Seeing

Author : Mark Tyrrell
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Meaning is at the heart of what it means to be human. The meaning we give something can terrify or elevate us, and in psychotherapy it's often the meaning our clients have given a life event that is as the root of their problems. Hence why the art of reframing - changing meaning - is central to effective therapy. In New Ways of Seeing, therapist of 20 years Mark Tyrrell gives transcripts of real cases where reframes have been used to release clients from restrictive perspectives. Clients with abusive childhoods who now feel they are damaged goods. Smokers who can't resist 'one more cigarette'. People with self esteem so low they believe they have failed at life. By reading the case studies and absorbing the theoretical framework around reframing, you can experience the shifts in meaning for yourself, enhancing your own ability to deliver carefully crafted reframes that will set your clients free.

Therapy and Beyond

Author : Martin Milton
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Therapy and Beyond: Counselling Psychology Contributions to Therapeutic and Social Issues presents an overview of the origins, current practices, and potential future of the discipline of counselling psychology. Presents an up-to-date review of the knowledge base behind the discipline of counselling psychology that addresses the notion of human wellbeing and critiques the concept of ‘psychopathology’ Includes an assessment of the contributions that counselling psychology makes to understanding people as individuals, in their working lives, and in wider social domains Offers an overview of counselling psychology's contributions beyond the consulting room, including practices in the domain of spirituality, the arts and creative media, and the environmental movement Critiques contemporary challenges facing research as well as the role that research methods have in responding to questions about humanity and individual experience

Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within

Author : Joyce C. Mills
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Winner of the 1988 Clark Vincent Award for an "outstanding contribution to the profession through a literary work" and translated into four languages, the original edition of Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within was considered a groundbreaking addition to the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy. The 1986 edition was the first—and to this day the only—book that solely intertwines the extraordinary foundational teachings and philosophies of Milton H. Erickson and creative healing approaches for children and adolescents. With resiliency at its core, this revision now brings forward important topics related to neurobiology and cultural value of metaphor and play, along with fresh case examples and creative activities to a new generation of mental health, education, and coaching professionals.

Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within

Author : Joyce Mills
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First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Ordeal Therapy

Author : Jay Haley
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Noted therapist Jay Haley reveals how ordeals work in therapy and offers numerous case histories to illustrate how ordeals can help individuals, couples, and families solve a wide range of problems, even in cases with a history of therapeutic failure.

New Ways in Psychoanalysis

Author : Karen Horney
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Therapeutic Nursing

Author : Dawn Freshwater
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'I found the book to be fascinating and so thought provoking that it made me consider more carefully the text and prose to really understand what the author said. It is skilfully written, very readable and has implications for a wide range of people such as the undergraduate, practitioner, lecturer and researcher' - Accident and Emergency Nursing Gaining self-awareness is a vital aspect of professional development for all who work in the caring professions. In nursing especially, the ability to evaluate oneself affects all areas of practice, including direct patient care, working relationships with colleagues and maintaining one's own well-being in the often pressured environment of health care. This is an innovative text which explores the ways in which self-awareness can be used as a practical tool for continuing professional development and practice improvement. Divided into three parts, the book examines the role of the nurse as therapeutic practitioner, reflective learner and reflexive researcher. For all those wishing to develop their skills as autonomous, reflective, accountable practitioners, this book will be an inspiring read. It will be of immense use to those who teach and supervise nurses at all levels.

Medicine Ways

Author : Clifford E. Trafzer
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This volume examines the ways people from a multitude of indigenous communities think about and practice health care, within historical and sociocultural contexts. It explores diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Nativeidentified problems, it also covers historical and cultural experiences such as assimilation, poverty and federal and state policies and initiatives. The book also looks at applied solutions that are based in community perogatives and worldviews, whether indigenous, Christian, biomedical or all three. --

Therapy Games

Author : Alanna Jones
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In this book, you will find 102 new and exciting ways to turn ordinary games into Therapy Games. Each game used in the book comes with five or more ways to make simple changes that create a new and unique therapeutic experience. In addition to the 102 game options, there's also a section on how playing the game itself without any changes can have therapeutic value. Turn the following games into various new Therapy Games: Apples to Apples; Operation; Taboo; Chutes and Ladders; Monopoly; Jenga; Let's Go Fishin; Jigsaw Puzzles; Cards and Dice; and more.

Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment

Author : Stephen E. Finn
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A guide to conducting Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment to promote client growth Mental health professionals are increasingly enthusiastic about and ready to use psychological test data, research, and theory in life-relevant ways to improve diagnosis, client care, and treatment outcomes. With Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment (C/TA), clients participate actively with the assessor in exploring how their test scores and patterns reflect who they are in their daily lives and how they can learn to help themselves cope with life's challenges. Using a case study approach to demonstrate how to apply C/TA in practice, Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment provides practitioners with a variety of flexible and adaptable case examples featuring adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families from different backgrounds in need of treatment for assorted concerns. Designed for both experienced and novice clinicians, the book begins with a brief history of C/TA, and provides clear definitions of the distinctions among many common approaches. It uniquely presents: Eighteen diverse C/TA assessments covering: depression, multiple suicide attempts, severe abuse, dissociation, an adolescent psychiatric ward, custody evaluation, a couple in crisis, and collaborative neuropsychology Guidance on how both client and clinician can agree on the best course of action through joint exploration of assessment procedures, results, and implications Closely related approaches to psychological testing, including Individualized Assessment, Collaborative Assessment, Therapeutic Model of Assessment, Collaborative/Therapeutic Neuropsychological Assessment, and Rorschach-based psychotherapy Clearly labeled Teaching Points in each chapter Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment provides psychologists in all areas of assessment, and at all levels of experience, with powerful C/TA examples that can dramatically illuminate and improve clients' lives.

300 Ways to Make the Best Christmas Ever

Author : Mimi Tribble
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Gather family and friends together to celebrate one of the most wonderful times of the year: the Christmas season. The weather outside may or may not be frightful, but there's no better place to be than home for the holidays. Guests arrive and notice the sweet scent of pine in the air and admire the beautiful decorations that deck the halls. Loved ones congregate in the living room, pulling chairs closer together so that conversation is easier. Carols are sung and stories are told to eager children. Delicious refreshments are served. Whether you want to handcraft pretty wreaths or prepare warm, aromatic mulled wine, here is where you'll find 300 ways to make this, and every Christmas, the best ever. Organized by region and historical era, these ideas from around the world celebrate a variety of cultural traditions and will appeal to children of all ages. Choose those that most appeal to y ou, incorporating them into your festivities. Reading the quintessential American Christmas story, "A Visit from Saint Nicholas," to youngsters on Christmas Eve heightens anticipation for the next morning. Exquisite Victorian-style "Glass Ball Ornaments" can provide a touch of magic on any holiday tree and are quick and easy to make. If you long for an old-fashioned country Christmas, create a gingerbread "Snow-Covered Cottage" that has storybook appeal. Don't forget to put out a plate of "Herbed Cheese" and glasses of "Baltimore Eggnog" for neighbors and friends to enjoy when they stop by to visit. Do you have roots in the South? Celebrate them by putting together an eye-catching "Corn Husk and Straw Wreath" to hang on your door. From "Pinecone Fire Starter" to a papiermache "Victorian Father Christmas," the ideas in this collection can help you make every Christmas merry and bright.

Feminist Therapy Theory and Practice

Author : Mary Ballou, PhD, ABPP
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"In this latest volume to emerge from the work of the Feminist Therapy Institute, Ballou, Hill, West, and their contributors have done a powerful job of explicating current themes in feminist therapy practice, with a lovely balance of theory and application. The careful attention to the economic and social demands of the current political climate and their impact on feminist practice is particularly valuable for advancing feminist analysis of the role of psychotherapy in social transformation." --Laura S. Brown, Ph.D. ABPP, Director, Fremont Community Therapy Project Seattle, WA "In the twenty-plus years since the original Handbook of Feminist Therapy was published, members of the Feminist Therapy Institute and other forward-thinking professionals have continued to push and prod-both themselves and mainstream therapists-to examine the underpinnings of the psychotherapy endeavor. In this volume, the editors and contributors present an organized overview of the most up-to-date thinking about feminist therapy and draw attention to the alliance between feminist therapy and multicultural counseling, critical theory, and liberation psychology. Whereas most mainstream therapy models have progressed beyond a view of the therapist as an objective agent, they generally do not provide a model for understanding the therapist's and, for that matter, the client's beliefs, experiences, and world view. The contextual ecological feminist model explicated here articulates a means of examining the contextual and ecological elements of person's worlds. "The authors of this volume have nicely illustrated feminist therapy's key tenets-to illuminate the multiple spheres of influence in clients' lives, to empower clients as well as ameliorate their distress, to appreciate the linkages among sociostructural, cultural and relational influences, and to work for social justice-in well-drawn theoretical explanations and carefully detailed case examples that bring us to the cutting edge of contemporary feminist therapy." --Maryka Biaggio, PhD Psychologist, Consultant, and Writer, Portland, Oregon

Ways to Successful Strategies in Drug Research and Development

Author : H.-Harald Sedlacek
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Strategic planning is a critical subject, central to the success of any scientific and economical enterprise. Not only is the scientific knowledge of many persons needed, but also an assessment of what may occur in the future - which approach may be competitive, which option can be achieved, and how can this be accomplished. With a focus on the various ethical obligations to patients, animals and the environment, this book offers hands-on help on how to develop successful R&D strategies, taking special account of the needs of scientists and managers in the pharmaceutical industry. Key topics include: - evaluation and selection of projects - measures to reduce risks - project management - corporate and technology strategy - managing for innovation The reader will learn the methods needed to elaborate strategies so that he or she will become aware of the numerous managerial, organizational, social and political parameters and forces, the consideration of which is essential for the successful realization of a formulated strategy.

Recovery the Native Way

Author : Dr. Alf H. Walle
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In recent years, there has been a growing awareness that Native clients who suffer from substance abuse often face challenges that are distinct from those experienced by the mainstream population. For a number of years, I have been involved in research involving Native alcoholism and I have recently published a book on the subject titled The Path of Handsome Lake: A Model of Recovery for Native People. My book argues that many different Native cultures (in America and elsewhere) face similar challenges and disruptions because their cultures are often under great stress and/or because people are alienated from their heritage. The dyfunctional responses of many different Native people are similar because they are subjected to similar pressures. In a nutshell, due to contact with the outside world, Native cultures often experience disruptive transitions, and (in some instances) entire cultures or ways of life may face extinction. Under such circumstances, the culture loses the ability to support people and help them cope with the pressures of life. Cultural decline itself often causes additional trauma. Combined, these pressures can trigger dysfunction within the Native community. The obvious antidote for such maladies is to help Native substance abusers to reconnect with their heritage in positive and constructive ways. My earlier book and this one are inspired by the life and work of nineteenth century Iroquois leader Handsome Lake who developed a method to help Native people embrace their heritage as they recovered from substance abuse. Because my earlier book was scholarly and not focused on practitioner issues, using it within a therapeutic context may be difficult. Here, I adapt my ideas so they can be applied to therapy in a systematic and productive manner. The total program of therapy is presented in three volumes. The first is a short overview of the program that has been written at about a 10thgrade reading level. My goal is to provide a wide range of clients (as well as those who pursue selfhelp work) with an easily understood description of the program. The second document is a consumable workbook designed to be used with the reader. The workbook can be used both within the context of therapy and by those seeking strategies of selfhelp. The volume you are reading is a guide for therapists to consult when using this method to help Native clients. It is hoped that all three of these texts will play a significant role in the therapy and recovery of Native substance abusers.

Therapeutic Gazette

Author :
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Cognitive Therapy

Author : Diana Sanders
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"Diana Sanders and Frank Wills explain the central concepts on which cognitive therapy is based and describe how the model can effectively be put into practice. They take the reader through the stages of the therapeutic process, emphasizing the practical skills involved and providing examples to illustrate each stage in the process."--Publisher's website.

The Therapeutic Gazette

Author : William Brodie
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Theatre and Therapy

Author : Fintan Walsh
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Walsh argues that there are many links between theatre and therapy when considering actor training, theatre in therapeutic contexts, and contemporary theatre and performance. He draws on a range of examples that include the drama of Sarah Kane, the method acting of Daniel Day Lewis and performances by Ruby Wax and David Hoyle.