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Theosophical Path Magazine July to December 1916

Author : Katherine Tingley
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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1916 Edition.

D N Dunlop A Man of Our Time

Author : T. H. Meyer
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D.N. Dunlop (1868-1935) combined remarkable practical and organizational abilities in industry and commerce with gifted spiritual and esoteric capacities. A personal friend of W.B. Yeats and Rudolf Steiner, Dunlop was responsible for founding the World Power Conference (today the World Energy Council), and played leading roles in the Theosophical Society and later the Anthroposophical Society. In his business life he pioneered a cooperative approach towards the emerging global economy. Meyer’s compelling narrative of Dunlop’s life begins on the Isle of Arran, where the motherless boy is brought up by his grandfather. In a landscape rich with prehistoric standing stones, the young Dunlop has formative spiritual experiences. When his grandfather dies, he struggles for material survival, but devotedly studies occult literature. The scene moves to Dublin, where Dunlop becomes a friend of W.B. Yeats and the poet-seer A.E., and develops an active interest in Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy. Arriving in London via New York, Dunlop is now a lecturer, writer and the editor of a monthly journal – but alongside his esoteric interests he rises to a foremost position in the British electrical industry, masterminding the first World Power Conference. Dunlop’s life is to change forever through his meeting with Rudolf Steiner, which ‘...brought instant recognition’. He was immediately convinced that Steiner was ‘...the Knower, the Initiate, the bearer of the Spirit to his age’. Dunlop’s close involvement with anthroposophy, leading to his eventual position as Chair of the British Society, is described in detail: from the momentous conferences in Penmaenmawr and Torquay to his transformative relationships with Eleanor Merry, W.J. Stein, Ita Wegman and Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz. Meyer features important material on the Anthroposophical Society’s tragic split, that allows for a true evaluation of this difficult period in the organization’s history. This second, enlarged edition features substantial additions of new material and an Afterword by Owen Barfield.

Art Across America The Far Midwest the Rocky Mountain West the Southwest the Pacific

Author : William H. Gerdts
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Collection of three volumes. Vol 1 : New England, New York, Mid-Atlantic. Vol 2 : The South, Near Midwest. Vol 3 : The Far Midwest, Rocky Mountain West, Southwest, Pacific.

Madame Blavatsky

Author : Marion Meade
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The life and times of Helena Blavatsky, the controversial religious guru who cofounded the Theosophical Society and kick-started the New Age movement. Recklessly brilliant, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky scandalized her 19th century world with a controversial new religion that tried to synthesize Eastern and Western philosophies. If her contemporaries saw her as a freak, a charlatan, and a snake oil salesman, she viewed herself as a special person born for great things. She firmly believed that it was her destiny to enlighten the world. Rebelliously breaking conventions, she was the antithesis of a pious religious leader. She cursed, smoked, overate, and needed to airbrush out certain inconvenient facts, like husbands, lovers, and a child. Marion Meade digs deep into Madame Blavatsky’s life from her birth in Russia among the aristocracy to a penniless exile in Europe, across the Atlantic to New York where she became the first Russian woman naturalized as an American citizen, and finally moving on to India where she established the international headquarters of the Theosophical Society in 1882. As she chased from continent to continent, she left in her aftermath a trail of enthralled followers and the ideas of Theosophy that endure to this day. While dismissed as a female messiah, her efforts laid the groundwork for the New Age movement, which sought to reconcile Eastern traditions with Western occultism. Her teachings entered the mainstream by creating new respect for the cultures and religions of the East—for Buddhism and Hinduism—and interest in meditation, yoga, gurus, and reincarnation. Madame Blavatsky was one of a kind. Here is her richly bizarre story told with compassion, insight, and an attempt to plumb the truth behind those astonishing accomplishments.

Second Nature

Author : Martin E. Petersen
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Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism

Author :
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Enchanted by Lohans

Author : Minna Törmä
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Finnish-Swedish art historian Osvald Sirén (1879–1966) was one of the pioneers of Chinese art scholarship in the West. This biography focuses on his four major voyages to East Asia: 1918, 1921–23, 1929–30 and 1935. This was a pivotal period in Chinese archaeology, art studies and formation of Western collections of Chinese art. Sirén gained international renown as a scholar of Italian art, particularly with his books on Leonardo da Vinci and Giotto. But when he was almost 40 years old, he was captivated by Chinese art (paintings of Lohans in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston) to such an extent that he decided to start his career anew, in a way. He has left his mark in several fi elds in Chinese art studies: architecture, sculpture, painting and garden art. The study charts Sirén’s itineraries during his travels in Japan, Korea and China; it introduces the various people in those countries as well as in Europe and North America who defined the field in its early stages and were influential as collectors and dealers. It also explores the impact of theosophical ideas in his work.

Books Added 1911 15

Author : Chicago Public Library
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Masters of Light

Author : Jean Stern
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With Ananda K Coomaraswamy at a Study table

Author : S. Durai Raja Singam
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Controversial New Religions

Author : Associate Professor of Religion James R Lewis
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Featuring the new religious movements (NRMs) that have attracted the most scholarly attention over the past few years, this text includes groups such as the Branch Davidians, Heaven's Gate and Falun Gong, explaining their ethos and beliefs, as well as examining more controversial accusations.

A Guide to Serial Publications Founded Prior to 1918 and Now Or Recently Current in Boston Cambridge and Vicinity

Author : Thomas J. Homer
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Talbot Mundy Messenger of Destiny

Author :
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Mundy's writings, including Tros of Samothrace, Purple Pirate and Om, remain as classics in the fantasy genre. And yet, there is a mystery about Talbot Mundy that parallels the marvelous writing that he produced.Talbot Mundy: Messenger of Destiny is a bio-bibliography that provides new information about the author, while providing bibliographical material for the collector-enthusiast. The book contains biographical essays by Dawn Mundy and Peter Ellis, appreciations by Fritz Leiber and Darrel Crombie, and detailed book and magazine information on Mundy's stories, including his long and exciting association with Adventure magazine. Also included are personal photographs, book cover reproductions, and a wealth of associational material.

Union List of Serials in Libraries of the United States and Canada

Author :
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Lloyd Alexander Evangeline Walton Ensley Kenneth Morris

Author : Kenneth J. Zahorski
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Claude Bragdon the Beautiful Necessity

Author : Claude Fayette Bragdon
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Claude Bragdon (1866-1946) was a first-generation modernist architect, as well as an illustrator, critic, theorist and theater designer. He practiced architecture in Rochester, New York throughout the Progressive Era. Although his masterpiece, the New York Central Railroad Station, was demolished in the 1960s-70s, the First Universalist Church, the Bevier Memorial Building, the Peterborough Bridge near Toronto, and nearly 100 residences remain today. A prolific writer, Bragdon published more than twenty books and hundreds of articles. He was nationally known for his graphic art, his writing on the fourth dimension, his Song & Light Festivals of 1915-1918, and his role in theater's New Stagecraft. He had technical and artistic expertise in many disciplines, making it difficult to categorize his work into a specific stylistic trend. His work as an early modernist is important both in its own right and as a key to other 20th century architects' work.

The Papers of Lucullus Virgil McWhorter

Author : Nelson A. Ault
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Research Studies of the State College of Washington

Author : State College of Washington
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Vols. 8- include the Proceedings of the Pacific Sociological Society, 1940- .

Research Studies

Author : Washington State University
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Author :
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