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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management

Author : Chris Cooper
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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management is a critical, state-of-the-art and authoritative review of tourism management, written by leading international thinkers and academics in the field. With a strong focus on applications of theories and concepts to tourism, the chapters in this volume are framed as critical synoptic pieces covering key developments, current issues and debates, and emerging trends and future considerations for the field. Part One: Approaching Tourism Part Two: Destination Applications Part Three: Marketing Applications Part Four: Tourism Product Markets Part Five: Technological Applications Part Six: Environmental Applications This handbook offers a fresh, contemporary and definitive look at tourism management, making it an essential resource for academics, researchers and students.

Theory and Practice in Hospitality and Tourism Research

Author : Salleh Mohd Radzi
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Theory and Practice in Hospitality and Tourism Research includes 111 contributions from the 2nd International Hospitality and Tourism Conference 2014 (Penang, Malaysia, 2-4 September 2014), and covers a comprehensive range of topics, including: - Hospitality management - Hospitality & tourism marketing - Tourism management - Technology & innovation in hospitality & tourism - Foodservice & food safety - Gastronomy The book will be of interest to postgraduate students, academics and professionals involved in the fields of hospitality and tourism.

Managing Tourism and Hospitality Services

Author : B. Prideaux
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The aim of this book is to enhance theoretical and practical understanding of quality management in tourism and hospitality. It provides a benchmark of current knowledge, and examines the range of research methods being applied to further develop tourism and hospitality service management research. It is hoped that this book will stimulate new research questions by highlighting tensions and challenges in the area.

Theory of Tourism and Tourism Management

Author : Tadeusz Chudoba
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This book is the first one in the world which contains anatomy of the whole tourism phenomen - a basic as well as managerial. It contains cultivating touring, organization touring, rendering services and creating material base for tourism, as well as four functionally different managerial phenomena. This dissertation shows which elements of tourism reality decide about existence of all above mentioned tourism phenomena. In this book tourism reality's phenomena are seen from many sides: as processes, as defined elements of the tourism reality, as showing the essence of culture or artistry of tourism management, as well as the world of definitions showing the essence of the results in every element of tourism phenomena. The main subject of dr. Tadeusz Chudoba educational activity has been anatomy of tourism phenomena, tourism marketing and tourism management. Currently he works in College of Tourism and Foreign Languages, but also in Tourism and Recreation Institute within Warsaw Marie Curie University. Living in Sweden he was lecturer in tourism marketing. He had guest lectures in four universities in the USA; Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, East Lansing and Logan as well as in Lillehammer in Norway and in Breda in the Netherlands. The Author of this book has been working as a lecturer or researcher in Tourism Institute and in several other schools of higher education since 1967

Sustainable tourism management and monitoring Destination Business and Stakeholder Perspectives

Author : Patrizia Modica
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Wine Tourism Destination Management and Marketing

Author : Marianna Sigala
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The book provides a holistic approach to wine destination management and marketing by bringing together wine tourism research with research in wine and destination management. Chapters are contributed by numerous international authors offering an international and multidisciplinary perspective. The book combines fresh research approaches with international industry examples and case studies in the following key topics: understanding demand of wine destinations; New approaches and practices of wine destination marketing; innovation and design of wine destination experiences and wine routes; planning and development of wine destinations. The book analyses wine destination management and marketing issues from the perspectives of the various stakeholders of wine destinations (e.g. tourists, cellar doors, wine tourism firms, destination managers, wine associations and networks). The book is equally valuable to researchers and industry professionals alike.

Management Science in Hospitality and Tourism

Author : Muzaffer Uysal
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Management Science in Hospitality and Tourism is a timely and unique book focusing on management science applications. The first section of the book introduces the concept of management science application in hospitality and tourism and related issues to set the stage for subsequent sections. Section II focuses on management science applications with conceptual pieces, empirical applications, and best practices with examples coming from different parts of the world and settings. The last section ends with a chapter focusing on challenges and future research directions. This book goes beyond revenue management topics and presents a broad range of topics in management science applications as they relate to hospitality and tourism cases. Researchers and students in hospitality and tourism will find this book very useful since it contains chapters on data analytics, e-commerce and technology, revenue and yield management, optimization methods, resource allocation, goal programming, dynamic programming, Markov chain models, trends analysis and detection, measuring potential and attractiveness in tourism development, performance measures and use of indices in hospitality and tourism, and more. There is a heightened interest in these areas of business applications in today’s data-driven business environment, and this book addresses that interest. This book is the only comprehensive text on management science applications in hospitality and tourism. It will help managers and hospitality and tourism students as future managers to develop an in-depth understanding of the importance of data analysis, interpretation, and generating information, and intelligence for decision making. It covers a broad range of applications representing different geographic regions of the world.

Destination Marketing and Management

Author : Youcheng Wang
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This book offers a comprehensive understanding of the concept and scope of the tourism industry in general and of destination marketing and management in particular. Taking an integrated and comprehensive approach, it focuses on both the macro and micro aspects of destination marketing and management. The book consists of 27 chapters presented in seven parts with the following themes: concept, scope and structure of destination marketing and management, destination planning and policy, consumer decision-making processes, destination marketing research, destination branding and positioning, destination product development and distribution, the role of emerging technologies in destination marketing, destination stakeholder management, destination safety, disaster and crisis management, destination competitiveness and sustainability, and challenges and opportunities for destination marketing and management.

Network Analysis and Tourism

Author : Noel Scott
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This book aims to provide a comprehensive review of the contribution of network analysis to the understanding of tourism destinations and organizations. Theoretical and methodological aspects are discussed along with a series of applications. While this is a relatively new approach in the tourism literature, in other social and natural sciences network analysis has a long tradition and has provided important insights for the knowledge of the structure and the dynamics of many complex systems. The study of network structures, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, can deliver a number of useful outcomes also for the analysis of tourism destinations and organizations.

Demystifying Theories in Tourism Research

Author : Kelly Bricker
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It often seems that there is more confusion than consensus regarding tourism theory. Does tourism have theories it can truly own, or does it just borrow from other academic disciplines? It can be difficult to understand the theories and conceptual frameworks available, and how to apply these ideas to a research endeavour. This book reviews theoretical perspectives on tourism from planning and management, through marketing and host communities to the tourism consumers themselves. Covering issues such as tour guiding, rural tourism development and destination image, it provides a complete guide to the industry. Including pedagogical features throughout, this book is an accessible approach to a controversial subject.

Tourism Security and Safety

Author : Yoel Mansfeld
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"The subject of safety and security is quickly becoming a must for students and practitioners in tourism and hospitality. In recent years, and mainly after the events of 9/11, both academics and practitioners have started to look into crisis management issues seeking workable solutions in order to mitigate the negative impacts of safety and security incidences on the tourism industry and affected destinations. [The book] brings together the writings of leading international academics and practitioners in this field to discuss prevention measures and crisis management options relevant to tourism. [The] editors bring together the work of worldwide experts in the field and offer managerial strategies and tactics that address an array of safety and security problems, such as terrorism, health crises, crime and political upheaval. Divided into four sections, the book addresses an array of issues: tourism and security, including the impact of terror in the hotel market in Israel; tourism and crime, including premises liability, drug trafficking, theft and street robbery; tourism and safety: including the impact of SARS in Asia and Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK; tourism crisis management, including the 9/11 crisis, public relations, and the aftermath of the Bali bombings". -Back cover.

Tourist Destination Governance

Author : Eric Laws
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Managing and co-ordinating tourism in a destination requires the organisation and co-operation of a large number of sectors, businesses, local authorities and individuals. Since tourism is an important driver in many economies, destination governance in tourist destinations needs to be done well, to achieve economic aims and maintain sufficient infrastructure. This book provides a guide to the theoretical and methodological understanding of how to implement best practice governance procedures, with case studies illustrating good performance. It is suitable for researchers and students in touri.

Tourism Management Philosophies Principles and Practices

Author : Jayaprakashnarayana Gade
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Tourism Management Philosophies, Principles and Practices was contributed in the year 2016 to cater the needs of tourism students and industrial professionals. However, from the couple of years, important academic advances are going on and teaching professional are trying to capture them. On the other side, tourism industry environment is also rapidly changing due to G.D.S. Global Position system changed the face of tourism industry at worldwide, India is no exception in this context keeping in mind these challenges and the requirements of tourism industry. ‘Tourism Management Philosophies, Principles and Practices is meant for the students of Tourism and travel agency management, Marketing for Tourism, Travel Agency Services, Tour Operation, Tour Interpretation, Transportation, Accommodation, Hospitality services, Impacts of Tourism, Tourism Policy and Planning, Human Resources Management, MICE Tourism, Tourism Trends, classes in universities, colleges and tourism and hotel management institutions. We believe that you have enrolled yourself in a subject that has the potential to be one of the most interesting stimulating in your educational career. Travel trade is a complex world of changing features, products, services and entertainment that makes our life more comfortable and enjoyable. The travel and tourism entrepreneurs similarly maybe interested in understanding how tourism markets and tourism professionals are the driving forces in the development and expansion of tourism industry. All the new or old tour planners, tour executives or managers need to understand different aspects of travel agency business to match the present as well as future requirements. The author has tried to make harmonious blend of theory and practice, which hopefully will make the book more useful to the students, teachers and practicing tourism professionals. The author would appreciate constructive comments and suggestions from the students, teachers, practicing tour planners and executives in the improvements of this book.

Handbook of Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Management

Author : Robin Nunkoo
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As research in tourism and hospitality reaches maturity, a growing number of methodological approaches are being utilized and, in addition, this knowledge is dispersed across a wide range of journals. Consequently there is a broad and multidisciplinary community of tourism and hospitality researchers whom, at present, need to look widely for support on methods. In this volume, researchers fulfil a pressing need by clearly presenting methodological issues within tourism and hospitality research alongside particular methods and share their experiences of what works, what does not work and where challenges and innovations lie.

Tourism Management Dynamics

Author : Dimitrios Buhalis
File Size : 57.32 MB
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As the global tourism industry continues to expand and to become more complex, it is vital that those in the industry identify trends early and design proactive strategies to gain competitive advantage. Tourism Futures: dynamics, challenges and tools provides the readers with a comprehensive insight of the changes in the external business environment, and equips them with new managerial techniques and tools in order to adapt and profit from these changes and into the future. Written by a team of globally renowned thinkers and researchers, it provides the manager of tomorrow with the ability to look beyond normal planning horizons and identify potential opportunities from change. Tourism Futures: dynamics, challenges and tools is part of a two part set with its companion text, Tourism Futures: the emerging business which takes the reader on a logical progression to look at new products, new consumers and new industry. Both texts thereby provide the reader with a complete set of tools and knowledge to enable them to recognise the key areas of growth and change, and the ability to use the new tools and technologies available to develop them and maximise business potential.

The Business of Tourism Management

Author : John G. Beech
File Size : 75.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Its key features include an internationally and business-focused textbook that meets the needs of tourism management students around the world; many original case studies and examples encourage and enable students to apply theory to real-world scenarios; extensive coverage of electronic commerce, reflecting the fast-paced development and realities of the industry; learning outcomes, case studies, guided questions, discussion points and ideas for further research help students structure their progress. John Beech is Head of the Department of Strategy and Applied Management at Coventry Business School, Coventry University. Simon Chadwick is Programme Director for the MSc in Sport Management and the Business of Football at Birkbeck College, the University of London.

The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management

Author : Chris Cooper
File Size : 61.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management is a critical, state-of-the-art and authoritative review of tourism management, written by leading international thinkers and academics in the field. With a strong focus on theories, concepts and disciplinary approaches to tourism studies, the chapters in this volume are framed as critical synoptic pieces covering key developments, current issues and debates, and emerging trends and future considerations for the field. Part One: Researching Tourism Part Two: Social Analysis Part Three: Economic Analysis Part Four: Technological Analysis Part Five: Environmental Analysis Part Six: Political Analysis This handbook offers a fresh, contemporary and definitive look at tourism management, making it an essential resource for academics, researchers and students.

Tourism Theory

Author : Guilherme Lohmann
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Theories within tourism can be difficult, even confusing areas to understand. Developed from the successful Portuguese textbook Teoria do Turismo, Tourism Theory provides clear and thorough coverage of all aspects of tourism theory for students and researchers of tourism. Consisting of five sections and over fifty entries, this book covers nine of the most important models in tourism study. The first three sections examine general concepts in tourism; disciplines and topics; and the tourist, which includes areas such as demand, gaze, psychology and typologies. A fourth section covers intermediation, distribution and travel, reviewing aspects such as travel agencies, tourist flows and multi-destination travel patterns. The final section encapsulates the tourism destination itself, covering organizations, the destination image, supply, seasonality and more. Encyclopedic cross-referencing between entries makes navigation easy, while in-depth analysis, exercises and further reading suggestions for each of the selected areas provide the context and detail needed for understanding. Entries can be used individually as a reference, or as part of the whole for a complete introduction to tourism theory.

Knowledge Management in Tourism

Author : Eduardo Fayos-Sola
File Size : 31.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Knowledge Management in Tourism: Policy and Governance Applications is an indispensable instrument for everyone interested in the theory and practice of the quest for effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of tourism activities in helping build the future of mankind.

Handbook of Research on Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

Author : Camillo, Angelo A.
File Size : 43.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with more people from all cultures and nationalities choosing to spend their leisure time traveling and visiting new locations. To exploit this burgeoning market, tourism agencies must carefully consider the desires and goals of travelers from around the world. The Handbook of Research on Global Hospitality and Tourism Management contributes to the body of knowledge on travel and tourism by presenting a global view of the hospitality industry, including theoretical research into industry trends as well as case studies from around the world. This handbook provides travel agents, owner-operators, and students and researchers in the hospitality industry with the latest research, findings, and developments in the field. Within this handbook of cutting-edge research, readers will find chapters and cases on topics such as travel and tourism in a global economy; local, glocal, and international hospitality; challenges in environmental management; cultural cuisine; and destination management, among others.