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Linguistic Structure in Language Processing

Author : G.N. Carlson
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The papers in this volume are intended to exemplify the state of experimental psycho linguistics in the middle to later 1980s. Our over riding impression is that the field has come a long way since the earlier work of the 1950s and 1960s, and that the field has emerged with a renewed strength from a difficult period in the 1970s. Not only are the theoretical issues more sharply defined and integrated with existing issues from other domains ("modularity" being one such example), but the experimental techniques employed are much more sophisticated, thanks to the work of numerous psychologists not necessarily interested in psycholinguistics, and thanks to improving technologies unavailable a few years ago (for instance, eye-trackers). We selected papers that provide a coherent, overall picture of existing techniques and issues. The volume is organized much as one might organize an introductory linguistics course - beginning with sound and working "up" to mean ing. Indeed, the first paper, Rebecca Treiman's, begins with considera tion of syllable structure, a phonological consideration, and the last, Alan Garnham's, exemplifies some work on the interpretation of pro nouns, a semantic matter. In between are found works concentrating on morphemes, lexical structures, and syntax. The cross-section represented in this volume is by necessity incom plete, since we focus only on experimental work directed at under standing how adults comprehend and produce language. We do not include any works on language acquisition, first or second.

Corpora and Cross linguistic Research

Author : Stig Johansson
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In recent years there has been increasing interest in the development and use of bilingual and multilingual corpora. As Karin Aijmer writes in this book, 'The contrastive or comparative perspective ... makes it possible to dig deeper and to ask new questions about the relationship between languages with the aim of sharpening our conceptions of cross-linguistic correspondences and adding to our knowledge of the languages compared.' The papers in this volume are a showcase of the great variety of purposes to which bilingual and multilingual corpora can be put. They do not only lend themselves to descriptive and applied approaches, but are also suitable for theory-oriented studies. The range of linguistic phenomena covered by the various approaches is very wide; the papers focus on fields of research like syntax, discourse, semantics, information structure, lexis, and translation studies. The range of languages studied comprises English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, and Portuguese. In addition to purely linguistic papers, there are contributions on computer programs developed for the compilation and use of bilingual and multilingual corpora.

Discourse and Pragmatics in Functional Grammar

Author : John H. Connolly
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The contents of this volume are a selection from the papers given at the Sixth Inter-national Conference on Functional Grammar (ICFG), which was held in York, at the University College of Ripon and York St John, from 18 to 22 August, 1994. Functional Grammar as understood in the ICFGs and in this volume is the linguistic model as proposed by Simon Dik, who died six months after the conference. The editors hope that this volume is a fitting tribute to his work. The chapters in this volume are presented in four groups. The first three offer an expansion of FG into a discourse-oriented model based on the existing layered structure. The second group discusses various existing discourse frameworks (Discourse Analysis, Rhetorical Structure Theory, and Accessibility Theory and Relevance) and their potential contribution to FG. The following chapters each discuss one or more pragmatic functions in specific languages (Dutch, Bulgarian, Spanish, and Hebrew). Finally, the final two chapters deal with connectivity.

Nineteenth Century Music

Author : Carl Dahlhaus
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This magnificent survey of the most popular period in music history is an extended essay embracing music, aesthetics, social history, and politics, by one of the keenest minds writing on music in the world today. Dahlhaus organizes his book around "watershed" years--for example, 1830, the year of the July Revolution in France, and around which coalesce the "demise of the age of art" proclaimed by Heine, the musical consequences of the deaths of Beethoven and Schubert, the simultaneous and dramatic appearance of Chopin and Liszt, Berlioz and Meyerbeer, and Schumann and Mendelssohn. But he keeps us constantly on guard against generalization and clich . Cherished concepts like Romanticism, tradition, nationalism vs. universality, the musical culture of the bourgeoisie, are put to pointed reevaluation. Always demonstrating the interest in socio-historical influences that is the hallmark of his work, Dahlhaus reminds us of the contradictions, interrelationships, psychological nuances, and riches of musical character and musical life. Nineteenth-Century Music contains 90 illustrations, the collected captions of which come close to providing a summary of the work and the author's methods. Technical language is kept to a minimum, but while remaining accessible, Dahlhaus challenges, braces, and excites. This is a landmark study that no one seriously interested in music and nineteenth-century European culture will be able to ignore.

Discourse and Communication

Author : Teun A. van Dijk
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The Pragmalinguistic Analysis of Narrative Texts

Author : Richard J. Watts
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Describing Morphosyntax

Author : Thomas E. Payne
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Of the 6000 languages now spoken throughout the world around 3000 may become extinct during the next century. This guide gives linguists the tools to describe them, syntactically and grammatically, for future reference.

Phenomenological Inquiry in Psychology

Author : Ron Valle
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This fine new book, the third in a series, brings psychologists up to date on the advances of phenomenological research methods in illuminating the nature of human awareness and ex periences. In the more congenial and welcoming intellectual climate of the 1990s, phe nomenological methods have moved to the forefront of discourse on research methods that support and advocate an expanding view of science. In Valle and King (1978), phenome nological methods were presented as alternatives to behavioral methods. In Valle and Halling (1989), phenomenological methods were advanced to perspectives in psychology. This new volume is even less cautious, indeed bolder, in relation to conventional methods and epistemologies. By now, people knowledgeable about psychology, and most psycholo gists, have digested the criticisms directed against methods that operationalize, quantify, and often minimize human behavior. In bringing us up to date on the growing power of phe nomenological methods, this volume brings welcome coherence and integrity to an in creasingly harried science attempting to reenchant itself with meaning and depth, an endeavor artfully exemplified by phenomenological inquiries of the last several decades.

The Christocentric Literary Structure of the Fourth Gospel

Author : Mlakuzhyil George
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Struttura cristocentrica drammatico-letteraria del vangelo di Giovanni. Studio di George Mlakuzhyil SJ. Il volume analizza l'unità e la composizione letteraria del quarto vangelo, sulla solida base di un'analisi obiettiva dei testi, nonché di una valutazione equilibrata critica della letteratura scientifica. The present study will certainly contribute greatly to allowing the literary merits and the inexhaustible spiritual riches of the Johannine Gospel to be ever more appreciated. Cardinal Albert VANHOYE SJ

Cognitive Models Of Speech Processing

Author : Gerry Altmann
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A comprehensive review for those interested in the range of theoretical concerns in speech and language processing.