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Them Dark Days

Author : William Dusinberre
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Them Dark Days is a study of the callous, capitalistic nature of the vast rice plantations along the southeastern coast. It is essential reading for anyone whose view of slavery’s horrors might be softened by the current historical emphasis on slave community and family and slave autonomy and empowerment. Looking at Gowrie and Butler Island plantations in Georgia and Chicora Wood in South Carolina, William Dusinberre considers a wide range of issues related to daily life and work there: health, economics, politics, dissidence, coercion, discipline, paternalism, and privilege. Based on overseers’ letters, slave testimonies, and plantation records, Them Dark Days offers a vivid reconstruction of slavery in action and casts a sharp new light on slave history.

Enough to Keep Them Alive

Author : Hugh Shewell
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'Enough to Keep Them Alive' explores the history of the development and administration of social assistance policies on Indian reserves in Canada from confederation to the modern period, demonstrating a continuity of policy with roots in the pre-confederation practices of fur trading companies.

Big Eat Them

Author : Shadrack Gutto
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Designed for young children, Sunbird Readers tell stories in clear language to help improve the child's written and spoken English. This story tells of Big Eat Them, a huge fish who liked bullying and eating smaller and weaker fish.

Raise Them Up

Author : Sally Burke
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“When God fills a parent’s heart with His Word and then, out of the overflow of the heart, prayer flows, the very same earth-changing power is released into the lives of our children.” Jennifer Kennedy Dean, author and executive director of The Praying Life Foundation “Praying scriptures over your children is the key to raising up leaders.” Pam Farrell, bestselling author and international speaker “This book is a beautiful tool to encourage our souls to press on and continue to ask, seek, and knock for the lives of our children.” Wendy Palau, National Prayer Team With Raise Them Up you will learn effective strategies to lift your children up in prayer. You will discover the joy of interceding for your children as you pray specific scripture prayers. Through inspirational stories and thoughtful guidance, you’ll be motivated to… pray bold prayers to help your children in every situation experience the impact of powerful prayers to fulfill God’s purposes trust God more when you speak His Word over your children live out your purpose as you seek God’s will for your family When you pray Scripture over your children’s lives, you can trust that you are praying God’s will.

Do Them No Harm

Author : Zoa L. Swayne
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Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press In autumn 1805, a group of ragged strangers staggered into a camp of Nez Perce Indians on the Kooskooskee River in what is now northern Idaho. The natives discussed killing the starving newcomers and taking the treasures they carried. Instead, they heeded an old woman who said, "Do them no harm!", marking the beginning of a unique friendship between the Nez Perce and the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Exterminate Them

Author : Clifford E. Trafzer
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Popular media depict miners as a rough-and-tumble lot who diligently worked the placers along scenic rushing rivers while living in roaring mining camps in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Trafzer and Hyer destroy this mythic image by offering a collection of original newspaper articles that describe in detail the murder, rape, and enslavement perpetrated by those who participated in the infamous gold rush. "It is a mercy to the Red Devils," wrote an editor of the Chico Courier, "to exterminate them." Newspaper accounts of the era depict both the barbarity and the nobility in human nature, but while some protested the inhumane treatment of Native Americans, they were not able to end the violence. Native Americans fought back, resisting the invasion, but they could not stop the tide of white miners and settlers. They became "strangers in a stolen land."

Sing Them Home

Author : Pam Weaver
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With a song in your heart, soldier on... Sing Them Home is a gripping wartime saga from bestselling author Pam Weaver 1943. A German aircraft crashes into a house in Worthing, and causes complete devastation to the local community. Three strangers meet for the first time that day – Pip, Stella and Lillian. Lillian's little girl Flora has been hurt in the crash and is rushed to hospital. As she comes through her ordeal, she finds her mother and her two new ‘aunties’ by her bedside. The three new friends quickly bond over shared experiences; all their husbands are overseas in the fighting forces. They also have the same love of singing and soon form The Sussex Sisters, Worthing’s answer to the Andrews Sisters, to boost morale in in dance halls and canteens all over the south coast. When D-Day finally arrives, it’s the promise of a brighter future they have all been longing for. But the men that return home are altogether different from the husbands they waved off. How will they respond to their wives’ new-found fame? How will the women live alongside these distant, damaged men? With secrets, revelations and surprises on the horizon, the friends will need each other more than ever.

Leave Them Be

Author : Janae Mitchell
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Daisy Jones knows two things about her biological mother, Ivy Jordan: 1. She signed her rights away as soon as Daisy was born. 2. She has ‘issues’. After spending years wondering how bad Ivy’s issues really were, since her dad never talked about her, Daisy’s curiosity became nothing more than a passing thought. However, her curiosity becomes a harsh reality the day before her sixteenth birthday—the day Ivy abducts her.

Your Forces And How To Use Them

Author : Prentice Mulford
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This edition contains all essays that Prentice Mulford published before in six different volumes. That makes more than seventy valuable and extremely useful writings on how results may be obtained in Art, Business, and Health through the force of thought and silent power of mind.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety How to Beat Them

Author : Richard Hathaway
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#Number One Bestseller# Are you naturally anxious or suffer from panic attacks? In this revised edition, Richard takes you on a path of self discovery, revealing all the techniques he used to combat his own personal anxiety. He not only explains what panic is all about, but leads the reader through complimentary therapies and mind training to banish this disorder forever. ‘Panic Attacks and Anxiety’ is the must have stress buster for the 21st century. ‘Make this day one of the rest of your life’ Praise for ‘Panic Attacks and Anxiety –How to Beat Them’ 'A very useful contribution to human wellbeing.’ – Barry 'I can honestly say I can see a difference in my life so far...’ - Carly ‘Self help books should be easy to read, and this succeeds in that arena.’ - Abi ‘Well done and sorely needed in this day and age when people are so stressed or in economic frenzy.’ – Amy ‘A very important book for the Panic Attack sufferer.’ - Carl ‘Why was this book not available to me many years ago.’ - Tom

Knowing You Knowing Them

Author : Justin Collinge
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A practical workbook explaining why people react the way they do. Ever wondered why you get on with some and not others? This will book explain why. It will also show you how to get the best out of yourself and those you work with.

A Baby Between Them

Author : Winnie Griggs
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For two months, Nora Murphy has cared for the abandoned infant she found on their Boston-bound ship. Settled now in Faith Glen, Nora tells herself she's happy. She has little Grace, and a good job as housekeeper to Sheriff Cameron Long. She doesn't need anything more—not the big family she always wanted, or Cam's love…. A traumatic childhood closed Cam off to any dreams of family life. Yet somehow his lovely housekeeper and her child have opened his heart again. When the unthinkable occurs, it will take all their faith to reach a new future together.

Those Funny Little sticks and what to do with them

Author :
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I d Walk with My Friends If I Could Find Them

Author : Jesse Goolsby
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A “powerful” novel of young soldiers in Afghanistan and on the home front (Esquire). A Florida Book Awards Gold Medalist Longlisted for the Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize Winner of the Military Writers Association of America Bronze Medal Wintric Ellis joins the army as soon as he graduates from high school, saying goodbye to his girlfriend, Kristen, and to the backwoods California town whose borders have always been the limits of his horizon. Deployed for two years in Afghanistan in a directionless war, he struggles to find his bearings in a place where allies could at any second turn out to be foes. Two career soldiers, Dax and Torres, take Wintric under their wing. Together, these three men will face an impossible choice: risk death or commit a harrowing act of war. The aftershocks echo long after each returns home to a transfigured world, where a veteran’s own children may fear to touch him and his nightmares still hold sway. Moving backward and forward in time to track these unforgettable characters from childhood to parenthood, from redwood forests to open desert roads to the streets of Kabul, I’d Walk with My Friends If I Could Find Them is a work of disarming eloquence and heart-wrenching wisdom from “one of the very rare authors who writes with authoritative insight into the warfare of the twenty-first century” (Robert Olen Butler). “Bracing, riveting.” —Siobhan Fallon, author of You Know When the Men Are Gone “Add Jesse Goolsby to the list of promising military-experienced writers including Phil Klay.” —Military Times “One of the best works of literature to come from these wars.” —storySouth

Squashes How to grow them A practical treatise on squash culture etc

Author : James John Howard Gregory
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Cases How To Write And Use Them

Author :
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And You Thought You Read Them All

Author : Dean
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This is a book of well-written short stories with unusual endings.

Total Solar Eclipses and How to Observe Them

Author : Martin Mobberley
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This is the ultimate, easy-to-read guide for "eclipse-chasers" which includes everything an eclipse chaser needs. There are some important eclipses coming up in the years ahead and the technology available to amateur astronomers is improving fast. The book provides "eclipse virgins" with a good feeling for what a trip abroad to an eclipse is like – including a humorous look at all the things that can and have gone wrong. Travel details are included, essential in these days of high-security. And of course the first part of the book contains a wealth of information about solar eclipses and what can be observed only during a total eclipse.

Us Against Them

Author : Randy Bobbitt
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Why do people choose to listen to political talk instead of music on the radio? Randy Bobbitt addresses this and other crucial questions as he closely examines the phenomenon of talk radio and the role that it plays in the American political process and popular culture.--[book cover]

The Secrets Between Them

Author : Nikki Benjamin
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Garden of Secrets… Evan Graham's assignment was simple: pose as a live-in gardener in order to prove Hannah James an unfit mother to help her father-in-law gain custody of her five-year-old son, Will. But the quietly beautiful widow was nothing like he'd been led to believe. She awoke emotions Evan had never felt, and before long, his uncercover case took on a more personal angle….