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Their Meant to Be Baby

Author : Caroline Anderson
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Unexpectedly pregnant! Having discovered her night with surgeon Sam Ryder had unexpected consequences, Kate Ashton is left reeling when he walks into her emergency department. Now she'll have to tell this "emotionally broken" man she's been belatedly warned about that she's pregnant! Sam's feelings might be frozen, but he wants to be a dad. When Kate reveals she's afraid of becoming a mom, her heartrending story opens Sam's heart. He must convince Kate to give them a chance. This baby was meant to be—perhaps their love is, too…

Meant to Be Baby

Author : Lois Richer
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A soldier or a father?Maybe he can be both in this Rocky Mountain Haven story Pregnant and abandoned, Victoria Archer’s focused on helping with her aunts’ foster outreach program—not finding love. But there’s something undeniably charming about Major Ben Adams. Certain he’s not suited for fatherhood, Ben’s searching for a loving home for his recently orphaned nephew. But could he, Victoria and her unborn baby be the little boy’s perfect family?

Meant to Be

Author : Lisa Faulkner
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What happens when life doesn’t turn out as you expect? When Lisa Faulkner learned that she wouldn’t have biological children, her plans and expectations for her life were derailed. But, in the months and years that followed, she discovered that there was more than one way to build a family – and that there is a lot of joy to be found in life’s unexpected detours. In a raw and inspiring story of one woman’s journey through motherhood, family life and self-discovery, Lisa explores the many forms that family can take, and discovers the power of embracing your Plan B. For anyone who has ever found themselves facing the unexpected in life – whether that’s infertility, adoption, grief or any other personal challenge – this is an uplifting and honest account of finding love in unexpected places, and building your life on your own terms.

The Mom You re Meant to Be

Author : Cheri Fuller
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Through engaging short stories, inspirational reflections, Scripture, creative ideas and thought-provoking questions, the author encourages mothers to relax, embrace their children's individuality, and rely on God for the wisdom they need, while providing ideas for nurturing their kids' faith.

A Baby on the Way

Author : Debra Salonen
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Nathan Kent knows what he wants He and his wife, Casey, have moved back to California so he can take a shot at making partner in his prestigious law firm. Even if it means being closer to the family he doesn't quite fit into. It'll also give him a chance to get to know his father-in-law better. Best of all, the move will allow him to reconnect with Casey. Especially important now that she's given up her own law practice to see if they can finally get pregnant. He's just not sure he can handle what he gets What he finds is a law office in a mess, a family who needs him and a coworker who has her eye on him—and his job. And that's before Casey ends up on the opposite side of a legal battle….

Dr Spock s Baby and Child Care

Author : Benjamin Spock
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A revised and updated edition of the standard guide to baby and child care includes new material on computers and the Internet, nontraditional families, physical and moral development, disabilities, first aid and injury prevention, immunization and other challenges and responsibilities of modern parenting. Original.

The Cowboy and His Baby

Author : Sherryl Woods
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Revisit the Adams Dynasty in this heartfelt story of forgiveness and second chances from New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods. A year and a half ago, a tragic mistake cost single mother Melissa Horton her one true love—and a father for her baby girl. Now Texas rancher Cody Adams was back, shocked to discover he was a parent and determined to make Melissa his wife. But Melissa surprised herself—and him—with her newfound independence. She didn't want just a marriage of convenience. She wanted it all—true love and forever…

The GP s Meant To Be Bride

Author : Jennifer Taylor
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From practice nurse to doctor's bride! Since GP Ross Mackenzie learned that his wedding had been cancelled the devastatingly handsome doctor's heart has been well and truly guarded. However, Ross cannot ignore the sparks that flicker between him and practice nurse Gemma Craven--sparks that refuse to diminish... Shy Gemma has learned to hide the scars on her body--especially from powerfully attractive men like Ross. But gradually Ross's compassion wins the vulnerable nurse's trust, and when his lips touch hers Gemma feels beautiful for the first time. Before long Ross realises that it is Gemma he wants as his bride...and it seems there just might be a wedding in Dalverston after all!

Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation

Author : Evelina Weidman Sterling
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Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation is a helpful, authoritative guide to negotiating the complex and emotive issues that arise for those considering whether or not to pursue egg donation. It presents information clearly and with compassion, exploring the practical, financial, logistical, social and ethical questions that commonly arise. This fully updated second edition also includes recent developments in the field, including travelling for egg donation and the emerging field of epigenetics. This book will be valued by all those considering or undergoing donor conception, as well as the range of professionals who support them, including infertility counsellors, psychologists, therapists and social workers.

Meant to Be Family

Author : Marion Lennox
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Meant to be a daddy? When obstetrician Oliver Evans walked away from his wife, Emily, he hoped it would allow her the chance to be a mom—something he just couldn't give her. But now Emily has crashed back into his life, and Oliver knows that this time he can never let her go! Midwife Emily has pieced together her own little family, and Oliver's return changes everything. It's clear that what they once had isn't over, but if Oliver wants her back he'll have to believe that being a dad can finally heal his heart…

The Baby That Changed Her Life

Author : Louisa Heaton
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"You're pregnant." When midwife Callie Taylor agreed to be the surrogate mother for her best friend, Dr. Lucas Gold, she couldn't have predicted that his marriage would fall apart exactly when she became pregnant with his child… Suddenly her life has changed forever, and Callie's terrified of becoming a mom to the baby she never dreamed of keeping. Even more terrifying are the feelings she's starting to develop for Lucas—feelings that have nothing to do with her hormones…and absolutely everything to do with his scorching kiss!

A Marriage Meant To Be

Author : Josie Metcalfe
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Con and Callie Lowell have the perfect marriage…or so it seems. In reality, years of failed in vitro fertilization treatment have left them heartbroken and distant. Callie believes Con wants a woman who can give him a child, so she decides to run away—leaving behind nothing but a note and a bewildered husband. Con is determined they can make their marriage work, with or without children. As he sets off to find his wife, he realizes he must prove his love. Because he knows their marriage is meant to be!

Life Is Not Unfair It s Meant to Be

Author : Esther Kibunja
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If you are going through a painful situation, you may feel trapped, helpless, and powerless. Having been there myself, and wishing I could have found somebody or something to explain the reasons I was going through my painful situation, I found very little help in what I was searching for. This book is written to help you ease some of the pain you are experiencing. It is for those feeling lost, confused, and sorry for themselves, and those who think they’re the only ones going through a particular trial. In this book, you will find helpful guidance that helped me in my own struggles and which others have successfully used to alleviate their own pain. Life is about making choices. If you are hurting in any area of your life, you have two choices: you can choose to go on drowning in pain and misery, wishing for some magic to happen, or you can wake up and determine to do whatever it takes to find help.

The Unfinished Child

Author : Theresa Shea
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Marie finds herself unexpectedly pregnant at 39. Meanwhile, her best friend, Elizabeth, has never been able to conceive, despite years of fertility treatments. In a genetic test routinely offered to older mothers, Marie discovers that the child she is carrying has Down syndrome. Intertwined throughout the novel is the story of Margaret, a woman who gave birth to a daughter with Down syndrome in 1947, when such infants were considered to be “unfinished” children. As the novel shifts through the decades, the lives of the three women converge, and the story speeds to an unexpected conclusion. With skill and poise, debut novelist Theresa Shea dramatically explores society’s changing views of Down syndrome over the past 60 years. The story offers an unflinching and compassionate history of the treatment of people with Down syndrome and their struggle for basic human rights. Ultimately, The Unfinished Child is an unforgettable and inspiring tale about the mysterious and complex bonds of family, friendship and motherhood.

Myles Textbook for Midwives E Book

Author : Jayne E. Marshall
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The most-popular midwifery textbook in the world! The sixteenth edition of this seminal textbook, Myles Textbook for Midwives, has been extensively revised and restructured to ensure that it reflects current midwifery practice, with an increased focus on topics that are fundamental to midwifery practice today. Well illustrated to assist visual learning Boxes highlighting significant information to aid study Introduction, Aims of the chapter and Conclusion for each chapter References, Further Reading and Useful websites to promote further learning Glossary of terms and acronyms provide simple definition of more complex terminologies Additional online resources Over 500 multiple-choice questions enable students to test their knowledge Unlabelled illustrations help reinforce learning Full image bank of illustrations to make study more visual and assist with projects. Up-to-date guidance on professional regulation, midwifery supervision, legal and ethical issues, risk management and clinical governance Recognises that midwives increasingly care for women with complex health needs, in a multicultural society Increases confidence in empowering women to make appropriate choices Looks at the dilemmas involved in caring for women with a raised body mass index Chapter on optimising care of the perineum for women with perineal trauma, including those who have experienced female genital mutilation Additional coverage of basic neonatal resuscitation, to reflect the trend for midwives to carry out the neonatal physiological examination Streamlined chapters with similar themes and content, to facilitate learning Full colour illustrations now used throughout the book, in response to student feedback.

The Effects of Autism on the Family

Author : Eric Schopler
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As the oldest statewide program serving autistic people in the United States, North Carolina's Division TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildren) has had a major impact on ser vices for these people and their families. As we move into our second decade, we are frequently questioned about all aspects of our procedures, techniques, and program. Of all the questions that are asked, however, the one that comes up most frequently and seems to set our program apart from others concerns the ways in which we work with families. To help answer this question we identified what we have found to be the major components in our parent-professional relationships, and we elaborate on these with the most current research informa tion, clinical insights, and community knowledge available through the expertise of our distinguished contributors. Our purpose was to collect the most recent information and to organize the resulting volume along the outlines of the par ent-professional relationship found most important in the TEACCH program. Thus, the four main sections of the book include these four major ways profes sionals work with parents: as their advocates, their trainers, their trainees, and their reciprocal emotional support source. To the extent this effort was success ful, we acknowledge that it is easier to organize book chapters along these dimensions than it is to provide their implementation in the field.

Baby Meets World

Author : Nicholas Day
File Size : 71.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A dynamic new story about how babies make their way in the world—and how grown-ups have tried to make sense of these tiny inscrutable beings. As a new parent, Nicholas Day had some basic but confounding questions: Why does my son find the straitjacket of his swaddling blanket comforting and not terrifying? How can he never meet a developmental norm and still be OK? And when will he stop sucking my finger? So he went digging for answers. They were not what he expected. Drawing on a wealth of perspectives—scientific, historical, cross-cultural, personal—Baby Meets World is organized around the mundane activities that dominate the life of an infant: sucking, smiling, touching, toddling. From these everyday activities, Day weaves together an account that is anything but ordinary: a fresh, surprising story, both weird and wondrous, about our first experience of the world. Part hidden history of parenthood, part secret lives of babies, Baby Meets World steps back from the moment-to-moment chaos of babydom. It allows readers to see infancy anew in all its strangeness and splendor.

The Baby Bond

Author : Lilian Darcy
File Size : 27.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Bundles of Joy A DOUBLE BUNDLE OF JOY! Surrogate mother Julie Gregory was suddenly the only mother for the beloved baby she was carrying. And the baby's handsome father wasn't even aware she or the baby existed! Yet millionaire businessman Tom Callahan didn't intend to give up parental rights to his sudden heir. He insisted on an ice-cold marriage of convenience…. But the red-hot love Julie felt for her new husband wasn't the biggest surprise of all. They were expecting two bundles of joy—twins! Still, the pregnant bride knew her heart would always be empty without the most precious gift of all…Tom's love. Sometimes small packages can lead to the biggest surprises!

My Baby Rides the Short Bus

Author : Yantra Bertelli
File Size : 77.68 MB
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An assortment of authentic, shared experiences from parents at the fringes is a partial antidote to the stories that misrepresent, ridicule and objectify disabled kids and their parents.

Your Baby and Child

Author : Penelope Leach
File Size : 42.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Penelope Leach's classic childcare manual - updated for 21st century parents In the 21st century we know a child's psychological development and well-being is just as important as any physical need. Here Penelope Leach brings together key new scientific evidence about the way infants think and react to their parents and the outside world. Find guidance on sleeping, feeding, playing and washing as well as stage-by-stage advice on your baby's physical, intellectual and emotional development from birth to five. You'll learn how to respond to your child and achieve a happier, more harmonious family life. More than a guide to childcare - this insight from Penelope Leach into your child's needs, thoughts and behaviours - will help you to really communicate together. You'll get support and learn to trust your parenting instincts and gain the confidence to live by your baby and child, not by the book.