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Theatre and The Visual

Author : Dominic Johnson
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An original, critical intervention into the interdisciplinary relationship between performance studies and visual culture

Performing Identity and Gender in Literature Theatre and the Visual Arts

Author : Panayiota Chrysochou
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This volume presents a compelling mélange of chapters focusing on the myriad ways in which performance and gender are inextricably bound to identity. It shows how gender, performance and identity play themselves out in various ways, contexts and genres, in order to illumine the very instability and fluidity of identity as a static category. As such, it is a must-read for anyone interested in gender studies, identity politics and literature in general.

Ruskin the Theatre and Victorian Visual Culture

Author : A. Heinrich
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This collection of essays sets out to challenge the dominant narrative about Victorian theatre by placing the practices and products of the Victorian theatre in relation to Victorian visual culture, through the lens of the concept of 'Ruskinian theatre', an approach to theatre which values its educative purpose as well as its aesthetic expression.

Shakespeare s Visual Theatre

Author : Frederick Kiefer
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Table of contents

Russian Literature Modernism and the Visual Arts

Author : Catriona Kelly
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This book, first published in 2000, gives an account of the interplay between literary and visual culture in the Russian modernist era.

The Visual Spectacle of Witchcraft in Jacobean Plays

Author : Shokhan Rasool Ahmed
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The Visual Spectacle of Witchcraft in Jacobean Plays: Blackfriars Theatre is an ideal reference for early modern scholars and lecturers who seek a thorough and practical guide to stage directions in print and performance, and paying particular attention to the early texts as evidence of performance practice. Stage directions here are re-thought in the light of early theatre practice, and the issues of stage directions as evidence of performance practice and later interpolations, in association with witchcraft, of several Jacobean plays can be found in this book. This book includes a general introduction to Blackfriars witchcraft plays and the Jacobean theatre, a chronology, suggestions for further reading and discussing performance options on both indoor and outdoor playhouses, and a commentary. The illuminating and informative general introduction and the short introductions to individual plays have been revised in the light of current scholarship.

The Theatre of Robert Wilson

Author : Arthur Holmberg
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The first comprehensive study of the leading American avant-garde theatre director Robert Wilson.

British Theatre and Performance 1900 1950

Author : Rebecca D'Monte
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British theatre from 1900 to 1950 has been subject to radical re-evaluation with plays from the period setting theatres alight and gaining critical acclaim once again; this book explains why, presenting a comprehensive survey of the theatre and how it shaped the work that followed. Rebecca D'Monte examines how the emphasis upon the working class, 'angry' drama from the 1950s has led to the neglect of much of the century's earlier drama, positioning the book as part of the current debate about the relationship between war and culture, the middlebrow, and historiography. In a comprehensive survey of the period, the book considers: - the Edwardian theatre; - the theatre of the First World War, including propaganda and musicals; -the interwar years, the rise of commercial theatre and influence of Modernism; - the theatre of the Second World War and post-war period. Essays from leading scholars Penny Farfan, Steve Nicholson and Claire Cochrane give further critical perspectives on the period's theatre and demonstrate its relevance to the drama of today. For anyone studying 20th-century British Drama this will prove one of the foundational texts.

Shakespeare and the Making of Theatre

Author : Stuart Hampton-Reeves
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A highly engaging text that approaches Shakespeare as a maker of theatre, as well as a writer of literature. Leading performance critics dismantle Shakespeare's texts, identifying theatrical cues in ways which develop understanding of the underlying theatricality of Shakespeare's plays and stimulate further performances.

British Theatre and the Other Arts 1660 1800

Author : Shirley Strum Kenny
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Fifteen outstanding scholars of theater, music, art, and literature explore the interrelations of eighteenth-century British theater and the various art forms that it incorporated into itself. The essays examine the theater's increasing reliance on set designers, costumers, musicians and composers, poets, dramatists, and librettists, focusing on the ways in which this dependence fundamentally changed the theater. Illustrated.

Art Theatre and Opera in Paris 1750 1850

Author : Professor Sarah Hibberd
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This book maps the interrelation between art, theatre, and opera in a time of dramatic historical change and political contestation in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Paris. Contributions to the volume trace the creative connections and clashes fostered by the sharing of new types of subject matter throughout the period. Scholars from art history, theatre studies and musicology take as their subjects a variety of protagonists from theatre, opera, literature and history in order to make visible the intimately interwoven and entangled world of Parisian arts.

Theatre and Adaptation

Author : Margherita Laera
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Contemporary theatrical productions as diverse in form as experimental performance, new writing, West End drama, musicals and live art demonstrate a recurring fascination with adapting existing works by other artists, writers, filmmakers and stage practitioners. Featuring seventeen interviews with internationally-renowned theatre and performance artists, Theatre and Adaptation provides an exceptionally rich study of the variety of work developed in recent years. First-hand accounts illuminate a diverse range of approaches to stage adaptation, ranging from playwriting to directing, Javanese puppetry to British children's theatre, and feminist performance to Japanese Noh. The transition of an existing source to the stage is not a smooth one: this collection examines the practices and the complex set of negotiations each work of transition and appropriation involves. Including interviews with Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Handspring Puppet Company, Katie Mitchell, Rimini Protokoll, Elevator Repair Service, Simon Stephens, Ong Keng Sen and Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the volume reveals performance's enduring desire to return, rewrite and repeat.

A Sourcebook of Feminist Theatre and Performance

Author : Carol Martin
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Divided into the categories of "history," "theory," "interviews," and "text," the materials in this collection allow the reader to consider the developments of feminist theatre through a variety of perspectives.

Menander New Comedy and the Visual

Author : Antonis K. Petrides
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This book argues that New Comedy has a far richer performance texture than has previously been recognised. Offering close readings of all the major plays of Menander, it shows how intertextuality - the sustained dialogue of New Comedy performance with the diverse ideological, philosophical, literary and theatrical discourses of contemporary polis culture - is crucial in creating semantic depth and thus offsetting the impression that the plots are simplistic love stories with no political or ideological resonances. It also explores how the visual aspect of the plays ('opsis') is just as important as any verbal means of signification - a phenomenon termed 'intervisuality', examining in particular depth the ways in which the mask can infuse various systems of reference into the play. Masks like the panchrēstos neaniskos (the 'all-perfect youth'), for example, are now full of meaning; thus, with their ideologically marked physiognomies, they can be strong instigators of literary and cultural allusion.

The Visual Story

Author : Bruce Block
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If you can't make it to one of Bruce Block's legendary visual storytelling seminars, then you need his book! Now in full color for the first time, this best-seller offers a clear view of the relationship between the story/script structure and the visual structure of a film, video, animated piece, or video game. You'll learn how to structure your visuals as carefully as a writer structures a story or a composer structures music. Understanding visual structure allows you to communicate moods and emotions, and most importantly, reveals the critical relationship between story structure and visual structure. The concepts in this book will benefit writers, directors, photographers, production designers, art directors, and editors who are always confronted by the same visual problems that have faced every picture maker in the past, present, and future.

The Voice of the Visual

Author : L. M. Witteveen
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The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance

Author : Paul Allain
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What is theatre? What is performance? What connects them and how are they different? What events, people, practices and ideas have shaped theatre and performance in the twentieth and twenty-first century? The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance offers some answers to these big questions. It provides an analytical, informative and engaging introduction to important people, companies, events, concepts and practices that have defined the complementary fields of theatre and performance studies. This fully updated second edition contains three easy to use alphabetized sections including over 120 revised entries on topics and people ranging from performance artist Ron Athey, to directors Vsevold Meyerhold and Robert Wilson, megamusicals , postdramatic theatre and documentation. Each entry includes crucial historical and contextual information, extensive cross-referencing, detailed analysis and an annotated bibliography. The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance is a perfect reference guide for the keen student.

Art Into Theatre

Author : Nick Kaye
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Art Into Theatre investigates the processes of hybrid forms of performance developed between 1952 and 1994 through a series of interviews with key practitioners and over 80 pieces of documentation, many previously unpublished, of the works under discussion. Ranging from the austerity of Cage's 4'33" through the inter-species communication of Schneeman's Cat Scanand the experimental theatre work of Schechner, Foreman, and Kirby, to the recent performances of Abramovic, Forced Entertainment and the Wooster Group, Art Into Theatre offers a fascinating collection of perspectives on the destabilizing of conventional ideas of the art "object" and the theatrical "text". Nick Kaye's introductory essay to the volume offers a useful context for the reader and each interview is preceded by an informative biographical sketch.

British Avant Garde Theatre

Author : C. Warden
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This book explores an under-researched body of work from the early decades of the twentieth century, connecting plays, performances and practitioners together in dynamic dialogues. Moving across national, generational and social borders, the book reads experiments in Britain during this period alongside theatrical innovations overseas.

Research Methods in Theatre and Performance

Author : Baz Kershaw
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How have theatre and performance research methods and methodologies engaged the expanding diversity of performing arts practices? How can students best combine performance/theatre research approaches in their projects? This book's 29 contributors provide