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The Xmas Files

Author : Stephen Law
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A philosophical but fun look at the meanings of Christmas myths and rituals, from carving the turkey to why Santa wears red. Picture the scene: Aunt Gertrude has just given you the most appalling Christmas tie, complete with snow-flecked kittens in a bowler hat. Do you smile, nod, and confine it to the bottom drawer? Or do you tell the truth and spare yourself future ties from hell? Kant would say that we must, at all costs, tell the truth - whilst Mill would insist that we should think of the consequences. THE XMAS FILES is a philosophical meander though the myths and rituals of Christmas today, asking such important questions as does Santa exist? What's wrong with Christmas kitsch? Is it all just a commercial racket? What was Augustine's attitude to 'peace on earth'? And what would David Hume have to say about the virgin birth? For underneath all the festive fun, the way we celebrate Christmas does raise serious questions about the beliefs that sustain us, and the ways in which we still value ritual and tradition as a means of coming together.

The X mas Files

Author : Pat Shand
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Find out what really happens behind the scenes at Santa’s workshop in a Christmas countdown book that reveals the secrets of the North Pole! An unauthorized tell-all penned by an ousted South Pole elf with an X-mas ax to grind exposes what really goes on at the North Pole in the 24 days leading up to Christmas. This hilarious, day-by-day accounting pulls back the red velvet curtain to reveal the truth behind Santa’s Christmas “magic” and delivers laugh-out-loud fun for the whole family with activities for 24 days plus added surprises hidden throughout. COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS: Packed with activities and ideas for family fun for every day from December 1st to 24th HOLIDAY HUMOR: Filled with funny lines and silly scenes that will keep kids laughing throughout the lead-up to Christmas BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Vibrant illustrations bring the ideas—and Santa’s secrets—to life START A NEW TRADITION: The X-mas Files is sure to become a treasured family tradition year after year PERFECT PRESENT: A great gift for kids and families

The Xmas Factor

Author : Jonathan Meres
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A hilarious collection stuffed with jokes, funny poems, weird and wonderful Christmas facts*,crazy lists, Brussels sprouts**, doodles and other Christmas craziness. A perfect stocking filler to keep the whole family giggling. * Some facts may not be entirely true. ** Like this one. There are no Brussels sprouts included with this book. Sorry.

The X mas Files

Author : Richard Antall
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Read at your own risk! A computer geek penetrated the deepest recesses of the Deep Web and got into Hell's corporate headquarters. He sold his soul to the Devil for crypto treasure and power beyond what can be imagined. Then, the nerdy Faust repented. Before he died, he decided to leak a dossier stolen from Hades' own command center. The documents, revealed here, give the extraordinary story of the birth of Christ from Satan's point of view. Talk about your Paradise Lost! The X-mas Files by Richard Antall is the secret files of hell. The Screwtape Letters gone cyber. The Pentagon Papers, Deep Throat, Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks, and now...The X-Mas Files.

The Christmas Files

Author : Alan Wilkinson
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The Christmas Files: Operation Snowstorm is a hugely entertaining comedy thriller that shows us Santa and his toymaking operation as we've never seen them before. The story centres around ruthless billionaire Luther Averus's plot to get rid of Santa and claim Christmas for himself. To further his evil ends he recruits a young elf and former thief called Genk Relbeck. Genk at first goes along with the plan but rebels when he realises the extent of Averus's wicked intentions. The action flits furiously back and forth between New York and the North Pole as Genk races against time to save the day. In the middle of it all is Santa, struggling to hold on to the spirit of Christmas as he faces the pressures of the modern world and a pushy marketing director who wants him to hit the chat show circuit.

The Xmas Files

Author : Patrick Harding
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This is a treasure chest full of fascinating facts surrounding the myths andagic of Christmas. The traditional nativity story we all know and loveonjures up images of the inn, the stable, shepherds and the three wise men.ut there is more to the history of Christmas than most people are aware.ere, Patrick Harding delves deep into the background of the Christmasituals we now take for granted: sending cards, singing carols, eating turkey and of course the arrival of Santa Claus. This is a festive read for thoseho want to know more about our traditions and those intrigued by folklorend history.

The Xmas Files

Author : Nicky Winder
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Rumours are rife - Father Christmas doesn't exist Bah humbug - it's time to reveal the truth about the Man in Red. No more doubts - this is indisputable proof.

Actors and Activists

Author : David Schlossman
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This scholarly work looks at the issue of politics and performance in America today with particular attention paid to performances produced by activists, the NEA Four, and "Miss Saigon".

The X Files X Mas Special 2016

Author : Joe Harris
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When a school holiday pageant takes an extraterrestrial turn, Mulder must contend with old ghosts, present dangers, and close encounters yet to come. But this is no cookie-cutter Christmas Carol. Together with Scully, and a host of holiday visitors and visitations, they’ll rediscover the spirit of the season... if they can only survive the night.

The Elementary IBM PCjr

Author : William B. Sanders
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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An Introduction to BASIC Programming on the Computer for High School through Adult Readers. Sample Programs Guide the Reader Through Difficult Topics. Glossaries, Tables & Illustrations