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Author : Josh Abraham
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Contrary to popular legend, every dog does not have his day. Some dogs--i.e., musicians, actors, foodstuffs, sitcoms, beverages, albums, and movies--are perennially overlooked. This book will change all that. Using a highly scientific, unabashedly subjective, yet uncannily accurate formula, the brilliant comedic minds behind Yankee Pot Roast can help you determine with absolute confidence whether something or someone is underrated (George Harrison) or not (Paul McCartney). For example: Underrated Good Times Bubble Yum Snapple Not Underrated Diff'rent Strokes Big League Chew Dr. Pepper The UR (Underrated Rating) takes into account cultural, commercial, and critical appeal, as well as more nebulous but equally crucial factors like coolness and staying power. Admit it--you've suspected for years that NewsRadio is a criminally ignored masterpiece. Now you can prove it. Geoff Wolinetz, Nick Jezarian, and Josh Abraham are the founders and editors of Yankee Pot Roast. Their work has appeared in Maxim and Cracked and on the web at McSweeney's, The Black Table, DrinkatWork and more. They live in New York City.

Getting the Pizzas to the People

Author : Charles Neal
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It all started on July 30, 1983 when a twenty-two year old who had no idea what they were going to do with their life saw an add in the paper for a pizza delivery driver and at about 7:00 o'clock that same night I ran to my car with my first pizza delivery. Since that first night I have made in the neighborhood of 400,000 deliveries in thirty-one years and driven an estimated 1,000,000 miles of driving. Along the way I was robbed five times and two attempted that I know of and two car accidents one almost fatal. In thirty-one years I have delivered pizzas in every conceivable weather condition and have met and delivered pizzas to people from all over all world. I also met my best friend along the way along with several others who I consider life long friends and although the cities and stores my have changed along the way there was one consent and that is I loved what I did for thirty-one years. So come along on a wonderful and wild adventure though 31 years in the pizza delivery business.

Teacher Pizza Guy

Author : Jeff Kass
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Explores the emotional and physical labor necessary to work nights as a pizza delivery driver and days as a high school English teacher.

Cheese Pizza

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Getting Out of the Pizza Box Pattern

Author : Julia Wright
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Hey, Dad, we've got a big secret to share with you. It always seems that moms have all the answers. They can create a delicious dish with just about anything, even leftovers, in addition to getting the kids to school, soccer practice, or piano lessons on time. They even seem to handle those crazy holiday cooking days with ease. Guess what? It's easier than it looks, and you can do all this too! Julia Wright shares all the secrets to whipping up quick, simple, healthy meals that you and the kids will love. You'll learn the easy steps to making breakfast tacos, tortilla pizza, Hawaiian pasta, Christmas dinner, and much more. Along the way, Julia provides encouraging insights into the world of single-parenthood and shows that God is there to help with it all. The Man-ual is an awesome resource all single fathers should have. Being Super-Dad isn't so hard after all!

Who Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs

Author : Ann Treistman
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Collects recipes, histories, and trivia of American favorite foods, including chocolate chips, corn dogs, and steak.

Bianco Pizza Pasta and Other Food I Like

Author : Chris Bianco
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The ultimate pizza, pasta, bread and Italian recipe book from one of world’s leading chefs and co-owner of Union Jacks with Jamie Oliver.

The Way Men Act

Author : Elinor Lipman
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Melinda is a florist. She doesn't want to be. She never intended to come home to Harrow, Massachusetts and, if she did, she planned to be married with a great job, not single and designing her former classmates' wedding bouquets. What's worse, why does she care so much that her sort-of friend Libby has set her sights on a fellow shopkeeper? She doesn't have a crush on handsome, chivalrous Dennis herself. Does she?

The Insider s Story

Author : Bruce A. Sarte
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The Entity s Chosen

Author : Timothy J. O'Leary III
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Live the flying adventures of Shawn Crawford and J. Huner King as they go forward and backward in time to assist famous characters, such as Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., who is rescued just before his bomber explodes during World War II. Join Timothy O'Hara, F-35 Fighter Pilot as he partners with Crawford and King in overcoming enemy combatants, in the air and on the ground. Meet the Entity's Children, Christopher and Colette, given to Shawn and his Wife Christine for the purpose of watching over their earthly parents as one crisis after another unfolds. Experience Christopher's ability to bring individuals back to life so that they may continue their life's journey of realizing the greatness that will serve to benefit all mankind. Shawn Crawford serves as the Protector of the weak and those in need of saving from life's adversity. Fly with him in the ultra-modern fighter aircraft, such as the F-98A Stingray, never before seen by members of the United States Military, as he takes on King Charles of France during medieval times. And finally, watch how Shawn and Admiral King save the English Queen and her subjects from nefarious spies planning to employ a nuclear device. The Entity's Chosen is packed with excitement and action that will cause you to wonder what lies around the next adventurous corner. Enjoy the Moment!

Pizza Today

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God the Devil and the Perfect Pizza

Author : Trudy Govier
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Can God’s existence be proven by logic? Are computers smart enough to follow rules—or to cheat? What is an out-of-body experience? How can tables be solid when physicists say they’re made of subatomic particles that are only probability functions? Does science depend on trust? What is conscience? Does it come from God? From religious teaching? Social training? Is it rational to pursue your own self-interest? Can we all survive if we do this? In this collection of stories and dialogues Trudy Govier shows how these old and new philosophical questions arise, and offers imaginative and striking depictions of some of the theories and arguments they have inspired.

The Great Pizza Race

Author : Jeffrey Klayman
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Hospitality Foodservice

Author :
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The Faithful Couple

Author : A. D. Miller
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Turn a betrayal inside out and you found its opposite, a secret and a bond. Perhaps that was what friendship came down to: a lifelong, affectionate mutual blackmail. Neil and Adam, two young men on the cusp of adulthood, meet one golden summer in California and, despite their different backgrounds, soon become best friends. Buton a camping trip in Yosemite they lead each other into wrongdoing that, years later, both will desperately regret. Their connection holds through love affairs, fatherhood, the wild successes and unforeseen failures of booming London, as power and guilt ebb between them. Then the truth of that long-ago night emerges. What happens when you discover that the friendship you can't live without was always built on a lie?

The Official Guide to Pizza Food Delivery

Author : Luke Maduako
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This book introduces you to the art of pizza and food delivery. It sets you up for success by teaching you the basics of preparation, appearance, productivity, customer service and security regarding the necessary steps required to deal with potential problems that you might encounter while delivering pizza.


Author : Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S.
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Dandelion Summer

Author : Lisa Wingate
File Size : 70.77 MB
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“A story beautifully told, with richly drawn characters that will...make you want to laugh and cry”* from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Lost Friends and Before We Were Yours. All her life, Epiphany Salerno has been tossed like a dandelion seed on the wind. Now, at sixteen, she must move to the low-rent side of Blue Sky Hill and work where she's not wanted: in an upscale home on The Hill. J. Norman Alvord's daughter has hired a teenager to stay with him in the afternoons. Widowed and suffering from heart trouble, Norman wants to be left alone. But in Epie's presence, Norman discovers a mystery. Deep in his mind lie memories of another house, another life, and a woman who saved him. As summer comes to Blue Sky Hill, two residents from different worlds will journey through a turbulent past, and find that with an unexpected road trip through sleepy Southern towns comes life-changing friendship...and clues to a family secret hidden for a lifetime. Winner of the 2012 Carol Award for Women's Fiction from the American Christian Fiction Writers

Pizza Anytime

Author : JoAnna M. Lund
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America's all-time favorite food made easy, delicious-and healthy. Pizza Anytime serves up more than 200 recipes, from appetizers to main courses, and even desserts, of America's favorite food, pizza! Now pizza lovers can enjoy this treat any time of the day. From Tex-Mex Appetizer Pizzas to filling meals of Irish Potato Crust Pizzas, and such dazzling desserts as the Caramel Apple Pizza Pie, JoAnna's tasty pies are quick to create-and healthy to consume.

BlackBerry All in One For Dummies

Author : Dante Sarigumba
File Size : 26.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Go beyond BlackBerry basics and get everything your BlackBerry can deliver BlackBerry is the leading smartphone for business users, and its popularity continues to explode. When you discover the amazing array of BlackBerry possibilities in this fun and friendly guide, you'll be even happier with your choice of smartphones. BlackBerry All-in-One For Dummies explores every feature and application common to all BlackBerry devices. It explains the topics in depth, with tips, tricks, workarounds, and includes detailed information about cool new third-party applications, accessories, and downloads that can't be missed. With several models available, the BlackBerry is the most popular smartphone for business users and that market continues to grow This guide covers the basics common to all models and explores individual features in depth Examines social networking applications, navigation, organizing contacts and the calendar, and synchronization issues Delves into multimedia, including e-mail, photos, and the media player Explores GPS, the internet and connectivity, great downloads, how to maximize third-party applications, and application development Uses graphs, tables, and images to fully explain the features of each model Author team is directly involved with BlackBerry application development BlackBerry All-in-One For Dummies helps you take full advantage of everything your BlackBerry device can do for you.