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Five Analogies for Fiction Writing

Author : Sam North
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This book is aimed at writers seeking to move beyond the initial stages of writing to the completion of stories and novels. It includes 18 writing exercises suitable for all styles of writing and for all levels of experience.

Writing Fiction

Author : Janet Burroway
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Explores the elements of fiction, providing practical writing techniques and examples. Written in a tone that is personal and non-prescriptive, this book encourages students to develop proficiency through each step of the writing process. It also integrates diverse, contemporary short stories in every chapter.

Elements of Fiction Writing Beginnings Middles Ends

Author : Nancy Kress
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Get Your Readers' Attention—And Keep It—From the First World to the Final Page Translating that initial flash of inspiration into a complete story requires careful crafting. So how do you keep your story from beginning slowly, floundering midway, and trailing off at the end? Nancy Kress shows you effective solutions for potential problems at each stage of your story—essential lessons for strong start-to-finish storytelling. Hook readers, agents, and editors in the first three paragraphs. Make and keep your story's implicit promise to the reader. Build drama and credibility by controlling your prose. Consider the price a writer pays for flashbacks. Reveal character effectively throughout your story. Get the tools you need to get your story off to an engaging start, keep the middle tight and compelling, and make your conclusion high impact. You'll also find dozens of exercises to help strengthen your short story or novel. Let this resource be your guide to successful stories—from the first word to the last.

Writing Talk

Author : Derek Neale
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"Writing Talk includes interviews with nineteen well-known contemporary writers, exploring the ways in which they research and find their original ideas and the way they interpret, hone and develop them. The conversations examine the roles of technique, craft, language, reading, memory, serendipity, habit and persistence. They offer technical detail about the creative process and give unique insights into the borderlands between genres as well as offering rich, personal insights and universal resonances. A thorough introduction surveys the reasons why we are intrigued by the mysteries of individual writing practice and how these illuminate critical attitudes to literature and performance. Interviewees: Alan Ayckbourn, Iain Banks, Helen Blakeman, Louis de Bernières, Sarah Butler, Andrew Cowan, Jenny Diski, Patricia Duncker, David Edgar, Tanika Gupta, Richard Holmes, Hanif Kureishi, Bryony Lavery, Toby Litt, Kareem Mortimer, Michèle Roberts, Jane Rogers, Willy Russell, Sally Wainwright"--

Writers on Writing

Author : Alysoun Owen
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Writers on Writing brings together a plethora of phrases, quotable lines, quips and putdowns about the writing process. Arranged in themes that follow the stages from idea to final publication and beyond, this little book of quotations brings together words of wisdom and withering wit from famous and infamous writers across the ages about their own work and that of fellow writers. Themes on the publishing process include: getting started, first drafts, agents, editing, publication day, book tours; and on different genres, forms and writing styles, such as plot, character, dialogue. Other topics covered are: rivals, censorship, writer's block, spelling, fame, money, plagiarism, and alcohol. The quotations are accompanied by their original source (where known), date and a short writer biographical note. ''A writer is a person who writes.'' John Braine ''Our book is found to be a drug, no man needs it or heeds it. In the space of a year our publisher has disposed but of two copies.'' Charlotte Brontë ''How rare, how precious is frivolity! How few writers can prostitute all their powers! They are always implying, 'I am capable of higher things'.'' E.M. Forster

About Writing

Author : Samuel R. Delany
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Essential reading for the creative writer.

Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular

Author : Rust Hills
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Wise advice on plot, character, and style from a legendary Esquire editor: “Every aspiring fiction writer ought to read this.” —Writer’s Digest Over the course of his long and colorful career as fiction editor for Esquire magazine, L. Rust Hills championed the early work of literary luminaries such as Norman Mailer, John Cheever, Don DeLillo, Raymond Carver, and E. Annie Proulx. His skill at identifying talent and understanding story made him a legend within the industry as an unparalleled editor of short fiction. Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular is a master class in writing—especially short story writing—from the master himself. Drawing on a lifetime of experience and success, this practical guide explains essential techniques of writing fiction—from developing character to crafting plots to effectively employing literary techniques. Clear and concise enough for any beginner but wise and powerful enough for any pro, Writing in General is a classic to be savored by both aspiring and seasoned writers.

The Writing Book

Author : Kate Grenville
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This book takes the reader through the process of writing fiction - Character - Voice - Dialogue - Description - Design - Revision - Submitting a manuscript.

The Jane Austen Writers Club

Author : Rebecca Smith
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Pretty much anything anyone needs to know about writing can be learned from Jane Austen. While creative writing manuals tend to use examples from twentieth- and twenty-first-century writers, The Jane Austen Writers' Club is the first to look at the methods and devices used by the world's most beloved novelist. Austen was a creator of immortal characters and a pioneer in her use of language and point of view; her advice continues to be relevant two centuries after her death. Here Rebecca Smith examines the major aspects of writing fiction--plotting, characterisation, openings and endings, dialogue, settings, and writing methods--sharing the advice Austen gave in letters to her aspiring novelist nieces and nephew, and providing many and varied exercises for writers to try, using examples from Austen's work.

The Writer

Author : William Henry Hills
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Truth About Fiction Writing

Author : William Appel
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Only one out of 2,000 novels written is ever published. The Truth About Fiction Writing gives aspiring writers of short stories and novels the information needed to defy the odds and get published. The Truth About Fiction Writing sets forth the simple guidelines essential for every novelist, including the nine major reasons short stories and novels suceed; what is writer's block?; techniques of style: what is effective and what isn't; what moves the reading audience and what doesn't; ethical issues in writing fiction; and how to market your manuscript to editors.

Better Critiquing for Better Writing

Author : Kelly Hart
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No Fluff, No Rambling. Just Valuable Book Writing Tips You Can Implement Today to Become a Better Writer (BONUS: Free Online Fiction Writing Course and Formatting Guide: See Below) Turn the fear of what others will think and say about your writing on its head and discover how to harness the power of critiquing and feedback to elevate your writing to the next level. Whether you're writing your first word or you're a first-time fiction author, Better Critiquing for Better Writing is the book that shows you how to implement one of the best-kept secrets to writing. Inside this ACTIONABLE guide you'll discover how to: Rapidly improve your fiction writing with the power of short critiques Harness the mechanics of critique to receive powerful writing feedback Find the right critiquing partner or group for you Give valuable feedback and have other writers and authors love you Find the best critique websites online - this book tells you what they are Take a bad critique and use it to improve as a writer This book is ideal for: Those who are writing fiction and want to leverage critiquing to elevate their writing skills quickly New writers who want better writing skills and critiquing experiences People who are writing a novel, novella or short story and want to know what to expect when getting feedback New writers who want to join a critiquing group Writers and authors who benefit from visual examples of what 'to do' and 'not to do' when identifying story structure flaws Writers who feel that their critiquing group is not as helpful as they expected. This book will show you why. BONUS: Free Online Fiction Writing Course and Formatting Guide Inside! From your initial idea to writing your first draft, this free step-by-step writing course will be the kick-start you need for better writing skills and to complete your manuscript.

Writing Fiction

Author : Janet Burroway
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Earlier. Topics include free-writing to revision, plot, style, characterization, dialogue, atmosphere, imagery, and point of view. An anthology of diverse and contemporary short stories followed by suggestions for discussion and writing exercises, illustrates concepts while offering variety in pacing and exposure to this increasingly popular form. The book also discusses key issues including writing workshops, using autobiography as a basis for fiction, using action in stories, using.

Writing Animals

Author : Timothy C. Baker
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This book surveys a broad range of contemporary texts to show how representations of human-animal relations challenge the anthropocentric nature of fiction. By looking at the relation between language and suffering in twenty-first-century fiction and drawing on a wide range of theoretical approaches, Baker suggests new opportunities for exploring the centrality of nonhuman animals in recent fiction: writing animal lives leads to new narrative structures and forms of expression. These novels destabilise assumptions about the nature of pain and vulnerability, the burden of literary inheritance, the challenge of writing the Anthropocene, and the relation between text and image. Including both well-known authors and emerging talents, from J.M. Coetzee and Karen Joy Fowler to Sarah Hall, Alexis Wright, and Max Porter, and texts from experimental fiction to work for children, Writing Animals offers an original perspective on both contemporary fiction and the field of literary animal studies.

Fiction Writer s Handbook

Author : Hallie Burnett
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This book offers practical advice on every aspect of writing novels and short stories: plotting and narrative development, characterization and dialogue, sources of material, how to plan an opening, how to rough out chapters of a novel, how to use suspense and emotional color, how to rewrite and highlight, and much more. - Back cover.


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The Art of Writing Fiction

Author : Andrew Cowan
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The Art of Writing Fiction guides the reader through the processes of creative writing from journal-keeping to editing, offering techniques for stimulating creativity and making language vivid. Readers will master key aspects of fiction such as structure, character, voice and setting. Andrew Cowan provides an insightful introduction that brings his own well-crafted prose style to bear on the processes and pleasures of writing fiction, offering practical and personal advice culled from his own experience and that of other published writers. He lays open to the reader his own notes, his writing, and the experiences from his own life that he has drawn on in his fiction allowing the reader to develop their own writing project alongside the author as they go through the book.

The Art of War for Writers

Author : James Scott Bell
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Drawing inspiration from Sun Tzu's The Art of War, the author offers tactics and exercises on idea generation and development, character building, plotting, drafting, querying and submitting, dealing with rejection, coping with envy and unrealistic expectations and much more. Original.

Writers 750 Emerald Workbook

Author : Heather Schuldt
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The basic goal in this workbook is for the writer to write at least one new story each month for twelve months. The writer is in charge of writing more or less. The suggested word count for each story is 750-1,000 words, a 3-minute story. However, writers can write a novella or a full length novel if led to do so. This workbook can be used by individual writers, a writing group, a book club, or writing classes. In twelve chapters, the writer will have an opportunity to explore themes, settings, story conflicts, and complete a story each month. The writer will have an opportunity to develop writing skills and use his or her talent to exercise the craft of writing a good story in twelve chapters that coincide with twelve months. Over the course of one year, the writer will be encouraged to write a new pitch each month and attend a writing conference. At the beginning of the workbook, the writer can take a motivation test to see the level of awareness he or she has for writing stories and the level of awareness for writing for the benefit of others. The purpose of the motivation test is to see progress over one year. By taking the test before and after the workbook is complete, the writer can see real development in commitment to writing stories. This workbook is a place where writers will be motivated by seeing a compilation of stories over the course of one year.

The Lie That Tells a Truth A Guide to Writing Fiction

Author : John Dufresne
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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"This is the most practical, hard-nosed, generous, direct, and useful guide to writing fiction." —Brad Watson Finally, a truly creative—and hilarious—guide to creative writing, full of encouragement and sound advice. Provocative and reassuring, nurturing and wise, The Lie That Tells a Truth is essential to writers in general, fiction writers in particular, beginning writers, serious writers, and anyone facing a blank page. John Dufresne, teacher and the acclaimed author of Love Warps the Mind a Little and Deep in the Shade of Paradise, demystifies the writing process. Drawing upon the wisdom of literature's great craftsmen, Dufresne's lucid essays and diverse exercises initiate the reader into the tools, processes, and techniques of writing: inventing compelling characters, developing a voice, creating a sense of place, editing your own words. Where do great ideas come from? How do we recognize them? How can language capture them? In his signature comic voice, Dufresne answers these questions and more in chapters such as "Writing Around the Block," "Plottery," and "The Art of Abbreviation." Dufresne demystifies the writing process, showing that while the idea of writing may be overwhelming, the act of writing is simplicity itself.