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The Write Genre

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Writing Genre Fiction

Author : H. Thomas Milhorn
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Several years ago, after many years of writing nonfiction, I decided to write a novel-a medical thriller in the mold of Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, and Michael Palmer. The problem was that, although I knew how to write and had received a number of awards for nonfiction works, I didn't know the how to write fiction. So, before putting fingers to keyboard I did a thorough search of the literature, which included reading numerous books and hundreds of website articles. What I discovered was that there simply wasn't one good source from which to learn the craft of writing genre fiction. "Writing Genre Fiction: A Guide to the Craft" is the book I was looking for when I set out on my quest to learn how to write fiction. It is an attempt to share what I learned from my research. It covers the six key elements of genre fiction; the various genres and subgenres; a large number of genre-fiction writing techniques; plot, subplots, and parallel plots; structure; scene and sequel; characterization; dialogue; emotions; and body language. It also covers additional information about copyrighting and plagiarism, where to get ideas, manuscript formatting and revision, and query letters and synopses. In addition, an appendix covers a large number of grammar tips.

Science the write Way

Author : Jodi Wheeler-Toppen
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Writing skills are high on the list of real-world requirements for all studentsOCoincluding science students. Every scientific discipline needs professionals who can ably communicate in writing. Scientists must be able to describe their proposed studies for funding considerations, track their observations and results in their own notes, describe their experimental protocols for their peers to replicate, and synthesize their work to the wider world community."

The Write to Read

Author : Lesley Roessing
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Use reader response strategies to help students build understanding of complex literary and informational text, and provide supporting evidence in their writing—all goals of the Common Core.

Academic Writing

Author : Mary Kay Mulvaney
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This unique interdisciplinary text and reader introduces students to the multiple genres of academic writing across the curriculum. Academic Writing is the first text to offer a discussion of academic genres and writing-to-learn and learning-to-write in college; an explanation of genre practices and conventions across the disciplines; annotated examples of student papers across the disciplines written in response to actual college assignments; instruction in research, writing from sources, and documentation; and thematic clusters of professional readings as engaging examples of published academic writing. Academic Writing will prepare students in all academic disciplines to succeed in today¿s challenging world of writing?both in the classroom and in the workplace beyond.

Now Write Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror

Author : Laurie Lamson
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This fifth installment in the Now Write! writing-guide series presents speculative fiction-writing exercises from Harlan Ellison, Piers Anthony, Ramsey Campbell and others to help aspiring writers craft a horror, fantasy or science fiction novel that is anything but ordinary. Original.

Learning to Write Reading to Learn

Author : J. R. Martin
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Learning to Write, Reading to Learn presents the literacy theories developed in the Sydney School over the past 25 years - ground-breaking research embedded in classroom practice. These genre-based approaches to teaching writing are a unique collaboration between SFL language research and literacy educators. They share elements with current neo-Vygotskyan theory and Berstein's theory of pedagogic discourse, but have been developed through large-scale, long-term action research. Written for both practitioners and researchers, this book explains the pedagogic, linguistic and social theory step by step and illustrates it with teaching practice. The pedagogies described are used in all educational contexts, from primary through secondary to academic study, TESOL and vocational education. The volume also presents scaffolding methodologies for teaching reading and writing.

Twenty One Genres and How to Write Them

Author : Brock Dethier
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In this classroom-tested approach to writing, Brock Dethier teaches readers how to analyze and write twenty-one genres that students are likely to encounter in college and beyond. This practical, student-friendly, task-oriented text confidently guides writers through step-by-step processes, reducing the anxiety commonly associated with writing tasks. In the first section, Dethier efficiently presents each genre, providing models; a description of the genres’ purpose, context, and discourse; and suggestions for writing activities or “moves” that writers can use to get words on the page and accomplish their writing tasks. The second section explains these moves, over two hundred of them, in chapters ranging from “Solve Your Process Problems” and “Discover” to “Revise” and “Present.” Applicable to any writing task or genre, these moves help students overcome writing blocks and develop a piece of writing from the first glimmers of an idea to its presentation. This approach to managing the complexity and challenge of writing in college strives to be useful, flexible, eclectic, and brief—a valuable resource for students learning to negotiate unfamiliar writing situations.

Teaching Writing Genres Across the Curriculum

Author : Susan Lee Pasquarelli
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As you use the chapters in this book to enhance your teaching, feel free to experiment with the different teaching events presented in each chapter. Also, as your students begin their work producing writing genre by genre, be sure to keep exemplary essays to use as models for new students to read and examine. The chapter authors of this volume wrote the model essays, but all suggest that once you have generated student essays, use those to help other students conceptualize the genre. Also worthy of note is that all model essays included in this book are written using the Modern Language Association (Gibaldi, 2003) style. Real teachers using teaching events from real middle school classrooms collaborated on this book. We hope it inspires you to experiment with genre writing instruction in your own classroom.

Genre and Second Language Writing

Author : Ken Hyland
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Second language students not only need strategies for drafting and revising to write effectively, but also a clear understanding of genre so that they can appropriately structure their writing for various contexts. Over that last decade, increasing attention has been paid to the notion of genre and its central place in language teaching and learning. Genre and Second Language Writing enters into this important debate, providing an accessible introduction to current theory and research in the area of written genres-and applying these understandings to the practical concerns of today's EFL/ESL classroom. Each chapter includes discussion and review questions and small-scale practical research activities. Like the other texts in the popular Michigan Series on Teaching Multilingual Writers, this book will interest ESL teachers in training, teacher educators, current ESL instructors, and researchers and scholars in the area of ESL writing.

Pop Up Activities to Teach Genre

Author : Tamara B. Miller
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Provides eighteen projects to motivate students to write in such diverse genres as science fiction, personal narrative, mystery, historical fiction, and fairy tales.

Action Story

Author : Shawn Coyne
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Action Stories speak to ancient human desires. Readers want to experience heart-stopping fear and excitement and learn lessons of survival. How can you write a story that satisfies those desires? In Action Story: The Primal Genre, Story Grid founder Shawn Coyne takes you on a journey deep into the meaning of the genre. Coyne boils down insights gained through more than 25 years as an editor and writer to teach you Action Story’s fundamental constraints and patterns. He explores subgenres and setting, and proposes a new way of understanding the traditional cast of characters to reveal their power as agents of light and darkness. In keeping with Story Grid Publishing’s goal of helping all writers level up their craft, Coyne provides a practical twenty-point game plan, showing how action stories move forward from beginning to end. Action stories are part of our DNA, fundamental to our humanity. Let’s learn to write them together.

Scenes of Writing

Author : Amy J. Devitt
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Based in current genre theory, this guide helps writers make more informed rhetorical choices and participate more effectively within academic, workplace and public contexts. This text illustrates how to use genres to assess, understand, and write within different scenes or writing situations. Discussions of writing for academic contexts cover writing analysis, argument, and research-based genres. Public and workplace writing is illustrated though discussions of other genres—letters, resumes, proposals, reports.

Screenwriting Secrets in Genre Film

Author : Sally J. Walker
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Are they absolutely necessary? No, but you will short-change your education by not analyzing them with Sally?s explanations. Exercises and assignments will allow the driven writer to step-by-step complete his or her own screenplay if committed to the assignments. By the conclusion of the book, readers will also understand the how?s and why?s of pulling elements from other genres to enrich a story for cross-genre appeal. What the Reviewers say ... ?Sally Walker?s Screenwriting Secrets in Genre Film is a comprehensive, valuable resource that can benefit writers of many different levels. There are useful tips, strategies, examples, and recommendations throughout.? ?Stephanie Palmer, former MGM executive and CEO of Good in a Room ?I wish that I had material like this for those hungry young minds who moved beyond screenwriting fundamentals in my previous years at UCLA.

Genre Frames and Writing in Research Settings

Author : Brian Paltridge
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This book presents a perspective on genre based on what it is that leads users of a language to recognise a communicative event as an instance of a particular genre. Key notions in this perspective are those of prototype, inheritance, and intertextuality; that is, the extent to which a text is typical of the particular genre, the qualities or properties that are inherited from other instances of the communicative event, and the ways in which a text is influenced by other texts of a similar kind. The texts which form the basis of this discussion are drawn from experimental research reporting in English. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Approaches to genre 3. Genre and frames 4. A sample analysis: Writing up research 5. Summary and conclusions.

Genre and Television

Author : Jason Mittell
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""Genre and Television" is an insightful, original, and well researched book and makes a significant and timely contribution to television studies." --Annette Hill, University of Westminster, UK)

The Book of Literary Terms

Author : Lewis Turco
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An expert's indispensable guide to English letters and the writing arts.

Genre and Institutions

Author : Frances Christie
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This book examines genres as instances of social processes, enacting a range of important institutional practices, hence also shaping people's subjectivities. Genres represent purposive and staged ways of building means in a culture. The book's particular claim to originality is that, using systemic functional grammar, it demonstrates how given genres build or enact social practice, how educational setting provide contexts in which some apprenticeship into such genres occurs, and how theorizing about such matters helps build a theory of social action, revealing how powerful is the systemic functional analysis in addressing questions concerning the social construction of reality. The discussion is built around extensive analysis of instances of texts collected in a number of worksites and school settings. While most are instances of written genres, some are spoken, most notably the chapter that is devoted to the discussion of the spoken classroom texts in which the teaching and learning of the written genres take place.

Genre Matters

Author : Garin Dowd
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This collection of new essays addresses a topic of established and expanding critical interest throughout the humanities. It demonstrates that genre matters in a manner not constrained by disciplinary boundaries and includes new work on Genre Theory and applications of thinking about genre from Aristotle to Derrida and beyond. The essays focus on economies of expectation and competency, genre as media form, recent developments in television broadcast genres, translation and genericity, the role played by genre in film publicity, gender and genre, genre in fiction, and the problematics of classification. An introductory essay places the contributions in the context of a wide range of thinking about genre in the arts, media and humanities. The volume will be of interest to both undergraduates and postgraduates, especially those following courses on Genre Theory and Genre Criticism, and to academics working in a range of subject areas such as Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Media Studies and Literary Studies.

Writing for Assessment

Author : Angela Goddard
File Size : 23.42 MB
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This text helps students to develop the writing skills they need to succeed in AS and A2 level English; offers a step-by-step guide to approaching writing tasks and structuring a response; looks at a range of writing tasks, from argumentative essays to data-based investigations; provides Personal Audit Sheets (PASS) to help students assess their own writing skills and make practical steps to develop them; can be used as preparation for both coursework and exams. Written by an experienced teacher, author and AS and A2 level examiner, Writing for Assessment is an essential resource for all students of AS and A2 level English Language, English Literature, and English Language and Literature