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The World of Lore

Author : Aaron Mahnke
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Contains stories from the Lore podcast, as well as rare material.

The World of Lore Monstrous Creatures

Author : Aaron Mahnke
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A fascinating, beautifully illustrated guide to the monsters that are part of our collective psyche, featuring stories from the Lore podcast—now a streaming television series—including “They Made a Tonic,” “Passed Notes,” and “Unboxed,” as well as rare material. They live in shadows—deep in the forest, late in the night, in the dark recesses of our minds. They’re spoken of in stories and superstitions, relics of an unenlightened age, old wives’ tales, passed down through generations. Yet no matter how wary and jaded we have become, as individuals or as a society, a part of us remains vulnerable to them: werewolves and wendigos, poltergeists and vampires, angry elves and vengeful spirits. In this beautifully illustrated volume, the host of the hit podcast Lore serves as a guide on a fascinating journey through the history of these terrifying creatures, exploring not only the legends but what they tell us about ourselves. Aaron Mahnke invites us to the desolate Pine Barrens of New Jersey, where the notorious winged, red-eyed Jersey Devil dwells. He delves into harrowing accounts of cannibalism—some officially documented, others the stuff of speculation . . . perhaps. He visits the dimly lit rooms where séances take place, the European villages where gremlins make mischief, even Key West, Florida, home of a haunted doll named Robert. In a world of “emotional vampires” and “zombie malls,” the monsters of folklore have become both a part of our language and a part of our collective psyche. Whether these beasts and bogeymen are real or just a reflection of our primal fears, we know, on some level, that not every mystery has been explained and that the unknown still holds the power to strike fear deep in our hearts and souls. As Aaron Mahnke reminds us, sometimes the truth is even scarier than the lore. The World of Lore series includes: MONSTROUS CREATURES • WICKED MORTALS • DREADFUL PLACES

Monstrous Tales

Author :
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Monstrous Tales is a collection of traditional folktales about bewitching and bloodthirsty creatures. Translated and transcribed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these tales celebrate the diversity of—and surprising resonances among—folklore traditions around the world. Welcome to a world of magical adventure: a mysterious wolf pursues a bridegroom through a dark forest, a princess is trapped in a monster's body, and a dragon is coming with a storm in its wake. • The tales come alive alongside spellbinding contemporary art by Chinese illustrator Sija Hong. • Each story transports readers to a different enthralling world. • Part of the popular Tales series, featuring Tales of Japan, Celtic Tales, and Tales of India As readers roam from Japan to Nigeria and Ireland to Guyana, they'll witness deadly pacts, heroic feats, and otherworldly journeys. Features tales from Australia, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Sioux Nation, Guyana, Iceland, India, Inuit Nunangat, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Philippines, Pueblo of Isleta, Scotland, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine. • Perfect for fairy tale and folklore lovers, fans of monsters and creatures, collectors of illustrated classics, adults and teens alike, and bibliophiles • Great for those who enjoyed books like Through the Woods by Emily Carroll; The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures by Aaron Mahnke; and Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth by Carol Rose

The World of Lore Wicked Mortals

Author : Aaron Mahnke
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A chilling, lavishly illustrated who’s who of the most despicable people ever to walk the earth, featuring stories from the Lore podcast—now a streaming television series—including “Black Stockings,” “Half-Hanged,” and “The Castle,” as well as rare material. Some monsters are figments of our imagination. Others are as real as flesh and blood: humans who may look like us, who may walk among us, often unnoticed, occasionally even admired—but whose evil deeds and secret lives, once revealed, mark them as something utterly wicked. In this illustrated volume from the host of the hit podcast Lore, you’ll find tales of infamous characters whose veins ran with ice water and whose crimes remind us that truth can be more terrifying than fiction. Aaron Mahnke introduces us to William Brodie, a renowned Scottish cabinetmaker who used his professional expertise to prey on the citizens of Edinburgh and whose rampant criminality behind a veneer of social respectability inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Then there’s H. H. Holmes, a relentless and elusive con artist who became best known as the terror of Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair when unwitting guests were welcomed into his “hotel” of horrors . . . never to be seen again. And no rogues’ gallery could leave out Bela Kiss, the Hungarian tinsmith with a taste for the occult and a collection of gasoline drums with women’s bodies inside. Brimming with accounts of history’s most heinous real-life fiends, this riveting best-of-the-worst roundup will haunt your thoughts, chill your bones, and leave you wondering if there are mortal monsters lurking even closer than you think. The World of Lore series includes: MONSTROUS CREATURES • WICKED MORTALS • DREADFUL PLACES

The World of Lore Dreadful Places

Author : Aaron Mahnke
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Captivating stories of the places where human evil has left a nefarious mark, featuring stories from the podcast Lore—now a streaming television series—including “Echoes,” “Withering Heights,” and “Behind Closed Doors” as well as rare material. Sometimes you walk into a room, a building, or even a town, and you feel it. Something seems off—an atmosphere that leaves you oddly unsettled, with a sense of lingering darkness. Join Aaron Mahnke, the host of the popular podcast Lore, as he explores some of these dreadful places and the history that haunts them. Mahnke takes us to Colorado and the palatial Stanley Hotel, where wealthy guests enjoyed views of the Rocky Mountains at the turn of the twentieth century—and where, decades later, a restless author would awaken from a nightmare, inspired to write one of the most revered horror novels of all time. Mahnke also crosses land and sea to visit frightful sites—from New Orleans to Richmond, Virginia, to the brooding, ancient castles of England—each with its own echoes of dark deeds, horrible tragedies, and shocking evil still resounding. Filled with evocative illustrations, this eerie tour of lurid landmarks and doomed destinations is just the ticket to take armchair travelers with a taste for the macabre to places they never thought they’d visit in their wildest, scariest dreams. The World of Lore series includes: MONSTROUS CREATURES • WICKED MORTALS • DREADFUL PLACES Praise for World of Lore: Dreadful Places “Well-written, rooted in deep historical research, and ridiculously entertaining . . . Each chapter brings a creepy story from folklore to life. . . . Hair-raising stuff.”—SyFy Wire “Fans of the Lore podcast won’t want to miss this latest volume in the creator’s series, a collection of illustrated versions of both rare and well-known stories about ‘lurid landmarks and doomed destinations.’”—io9 “Dreadful Places is a delight for Lore fans and newbies alike. In the book, [Aaron] Mahnke visits places around the world that are steeped in a supernatural legacy.”—Refinery29

True Stories of Gothic Macabre

Author : Stephen Young
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True Stories of Gothic Macabre: Monstrous Creatures, Monstrous Monsters: Our darkest history & lore. Monstrous Creatures & their Deeds. In this book we take a look at some true Stories, featuring The Real Frankenstein, The Jikininki, The Changelings, The Spy in the Bag, The Wax Head Woman, Tartarus, and many more disturbing, true-life characters & their deadly deeds, throughout our dark history and lore. Gruesome and horrifying, strange and mysterious, curious and intriguing; Here follows some True Stories of the strange, mysterious, and frightening. Here follows some mysterious tales of the Macabre....and the monstrous creatures who feature in them. Our darkest history and lore. True life scary stories which expose our darkest, deepest fears... Steph Young has appeared on national radio & podcasts including Coast to Coast AM. Steph is an avid researcher into occult unexplained mysteries, spiritual & esoteric enigmas, Lore and mythology, and the world of the unknown.... An independent researcher, addicted to researching all Supernatural, Paranormal, Esoteric and enigmatic Mysteries. Each book seems to lead her to further questions and searches for answers, as the Unexplained Mysteries inevitably deepen & develop into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the Unknown. You can also listen to 'Masquerade podcast with steph young, ' on iTunes. Join me in this book, for an exploration of these monstrous creatures & their deadly deeds of dark lore and history...


Author : Carlyn Beccia
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Bursting with blood, guts, history, and science, this book is a must-have for monster lovers of all ages Could Dr. Frankenstein's machine ever animate a body? Why should vampires drink from veins and not arteries? What body parts are best for zombies to eat? (It's not brains.) This fascinating encyclopedia of monsters delves into the history and science behind eight legendary creatures, from Bigfoot and the kraken to zombies and more. Find out each monster's origin story and the real-world history that informed it, and then explore the science of each creature in fun and surprising ways. Tips and infographics—including monster anatomy, how to survive a vampire attack, and real-life giant creatures of the deep sea—make this a highly visual and fun-to-browse book. "A fantastically researched, absolutely delectable approach to science education."—starred, Booklist "Informative and entertaining throughout for readers undead or otherwise."—starred, Kirkus Reviews

The History and Lore of Freaks

Author : Charles John Samuel Thompson
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Travel Legend and Lore

Author : Ronald H. Fritze
File Size : 60.61 MB
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Includes 284 entries for people, places, things, events, and concepts relating to the expectations of travelers to historical and mythical sites prior to the twentieth century

Encyclopedia of Beasts and Monsters in Myth Legend and Folklore

Author : Theresa Bane
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“Here there be dragons”—this notation was often made on ancient maps to indicate the edges of the known world and what lay beyond. Heroes who ventured there were only as great as the beasts they encountered. This encyclopedia contains more than 2,200 monsters of myth and folklore, who both made life difficult for humans and fought by their side. Entries describe the appearance, behavior, and cultural origin of mythic creatures well-known and obscure, collected from traditions around the world.

The Geographical Lore of the Time of the Crusades

Author : John Kirtland Wright
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Poet Lore

Author :
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Giants Monsters and Dragons

Author : Carol Rose
File Size : 33.56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presents short entries on creatures and legends from European, Celtic, and Norse mythology, as well as from African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Australian traditions.

Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics

Author : James Hastings
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Black Literature Criticism Marshall Young

Author : James P. Draper
File Size : 31.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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V.1 Achebe - Ellison -- V.2 Emecheta - Malcolm X. -- V.3 Marshall - Young, Indexes.

Mythical and Fabulous Creatures

Author : Malcolm South
File Size : 79.35 MB
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"[This] book provides thorough documentation of the best-known creatures of fantasy with a breadth of coverage that is both impressive and delightful." Choice

Japanese Demon Lore

Author : Noriko Reider
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Oni, ubiquitous supernatural figures in Japanese literature, lore, art, and religion, usually appear as demons or ogres. Characteristically threatening, monstrous creatures with ugly features and fearful habits, including cannibalism, they also can be harbingers of prosperity, beautiful and sexual, and especially in modern contexts, even cute and lovable. There has been much ambiguity in their character and identity over their long history. Usually male, their female manifestations convey distinctivly gendered social and cultural meanings. Oni appear frequently in various arts and media, from Noh theater and picture scrolls to modern fiction and political propaganda, They remain common figures in popular Japanese anime, manga, and film and are becoming embedded in American and international popular culture through such media. Noriko Reiderýs book is the first in English devoted to oni. Reider fully examines their cultural history, multifaceted roles, and complex significance as "others" to the Japanese.

Journal of American Folklore

Author :
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The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal

Author : Stephen Denison Peet
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Notes on the folk lore of the Northern countries of England and the borders

Author : William Henderson
File Size : 61.17 MB
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